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Fantastic Typography Blogs For Your Inspiration

Some say that web design without typography is like an orange without its peel, it just isn’t complete. Typography encompasses the reality of effective web design and achieves success in creating web page identity, eye-catching sites, and the enhancement of visual appearance1.

Typography is much more than the “art of text”, it’s the evolution of creativity within simple to intricate web designs. One can say that a good architecture needs great support, the same concept can be applied to web design in the sense that a good blog could do without the use of typography, but an astounding one could use the creative support.

Typography leaves you with the option of bringing together simple creativity with unique and effective communication in order to get your blog or sites main focus across. Now, with all of this information at hand here are 40 fantastic typography-related blogs that will allow you to expand your knowledge base of what typography really is.

You may want to take a look at the following related posts:

Stunning Typography Blogs Link

Typography Served6
A growing gallery of fresh typographic works from leading creative professionals.


Nice Web Type is dedicated to collecting and expanding their knowledge base on typographic styles in practice. Offtopic: such a lovely web design!


Use Typography10
Use Typography is mainly focused on showcasing websites that have good typography. Its purpose is to inspire and encourage good typography principles in web design.


Type Directors Club12
The international organization for all people who are devoted to excellence in typography has a lot of publications and articles related to typography, but also information about upcoming events, competitions and awards.


The Ministry of Type
A beautiful and interesting weblog about lettering, typography and found type.


TypeNeu lets you access informative typography information that ranges from the best fonts to tips on how to design top fonts.


Once you enter the Typophile site you will be able to access active discussion boards equipped with sections that focus on font identification and type design. Interviews with typographers14 and news will also be available.


I Love Typography15
This blog is focused and devoted towards anything and everything that is Typography, type, fonts, and typefaces.


Type for You17
Hosted by BlogSpot this blog provides insight on articles, font reviews, events and interviews tied to typography.


Typesites is a showcase blog that sets out to inform you on sites that have great typographic design on a weekly basis.


The Font Feed19
On a daily basis FontFeed finds recommended fonts, typographic techniques, and digital type at work in the real world for real life examples on how to put typography in use.


Typographer21 brings up-to-date news on typography related topics from David22 and Yves23 as an evolving project.


A privte blog of an independent type foundry. By reading the blog, you can get some really useful insights into how professionals do their magic (via wittevrongel25 on Twitter).


A journal of contemporary typography featuring news, views, reviews and interviews – an informative blog on typography that covers both the history of type, typographic news, observations and resources. Useful! By Ty Wilkins (via JameDeAngelis28, bojanjanjanin29 and _Tristan30 on Twitter).


TypeForYou.org32 is the sister blog of TypeForYou.Blogspot.com33, it’s a blog aimed towards typography news and resources.


Swiss Legacy35
This is a great typography site full of resources and information such as videos, book reviews, type contests to test your skills and more.


Upscale Typography
This is a typography blog managed by an independent typefoundry. This site offers useful tips, new font releases, trends, and up-to-date news on fonts.


This typography blog is written in German, however it is a great source for inspiration and useful sources and resources. German-speaking readers will certainly appreciate the magazine. Another German typography-related blogs are Spatium38, Fontwerk39 and DerSven.de40.


Le Typographe42
This is another informational typography blog that isn’t written in English, its translation can be found here43. If you don’t know the language used on this site then you can utilize it as a sort of “picture book” or for resources as well, since you won’t be able to participate in forums.


Design & Typo45
Yet another non-English written blog that offers great resources and tips on typography, I’ve included the translated version of the site here46 so that you can benefit from the wide range of categories and galleries.


FontLover gives you insight to recent news in all sorts of font categories, font updates, typography product reviews, and resources.


This is a project managed by a group of Russian type designers. They create, examine, and then post original typefaces along with their results on a daily basis.


Mark Simonson52
This site is the personal blog of Mark Simonson; he is a font designer who brings creativity not only to his blog but to the typography projects he takes part in as well. He broadcasts all of his font type knowledge and resources right on his site.


Microsoft Typography54
Surprisingly Microsoft over the years has dedicated a section of its site solely to the defining of all that typography can offer, you will be able to find resources on how to develop fonts, links, news, complete list of type foundries, free font tools and more.


This blog is rather a collection of interesting and useful links related to typography.


Simon Pascal’s tumblog on typography; unfortunately, not updated recently.


Erik Spiekermann’s private blog on typography, always insightful and always worth reading.


Yet another extraordinary Blogspot’s blog on typography. Most articles are related to the history of type.


Graham Smith’s tumblog with fresh links to excellent resources related to typography.


Popular Calligraphy
A Russian blog on the beauty of handwriting and calligraphy. Often updated, by Artemy Lebedev.


for the love of type

Screenshot blog

Screenshot blog (via typographica64)


Conclusion Link

Within this article you’ve been able to find all sorts of blogs that offer insightful information, resources, and tips on typography. This compilation of blogs enables you to seek, find, and absorb information that will help you learn, create, develop, and share anything and all-about fonts. Experience the thin line and creative correlation between typography and web design.

Further Resources Link

101 Typography Resources For Web Designers65


iPhone and desktop wallpapers for font freaks and typenuts.


RSS-Feeds Of 140 Typography Blogs


Thinking with Type
Thinking with type is a blog that focuses on several typography resources that will aid you in font design, you will be able to read articles on Line Spacing, Kerning, Text Alignment, and more.


This is the journal section of P22.com69, it gives you a reasonable amount of information on anything that has to do with Typography, through this site you will find access to type foundries, type tools, and organizations whose main focus entails typography.


Web Typography70
This resource is considered to be an informative guide to web typography along with the element of fonts applied to web design.


This site contains the content of a book on web styles in blog format, once you click the link to visit this site you will land on the section regarding typography.


Footnotes Link

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