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30 Beautiful Real Estate Websites

Real estate is a valuable and often expensive purchase. Copious research is done by home buyers before venturing out to acquire real estate. In this day and age, gathering information about a property is typically done online, and an effective and captivating website design can make or break a home sale.

In this showcase, we’ll explore some great designs of real estate websites. We’ll also discuss some commonalities between them to tease out current trends in real estate websites.

1. Traditional/Sophisticated Themes Versus Modern/Contemporary Themes Link

Property realtors want to convey the message that they’re reliable and well-established. They want home buyers to feel that they will be purchasing property from a company that’s dependable, steadfast and time-tested. That’s why most of them opt for a classic and sophisticated theme for their websites, rather than a sleek, modern theme.

Stone Coast Properties1

2. Image-Heavy Designs Link

Home buyers want to see what they’re potentially buying without having to take the time to travel to a property. Real estate websites typically contain a lot of images for this very purpose.


3. Photo Galleries Link

Again, photo galleries allow website visitors to see what properties look like without having to leave their computer. That is why you’ll often find image galleries that feature properties that realtors currently have available.

4. Property Locator Feature Link

Many real estate websites provide a property locator feature for home buyers to find properties for sale in areas they are interested in.

Real estate property locator features are usually a Web form with various input fields — such as property type, property features, price range, zip code, etc. — so that you can easily narrow down your search to the exact type of property you’re looking for.

Many realtors use a third-party service or application (such as Google Maps8) to enable this feature on their websites.

Showcase Link

Ranchline is an excellent example of a real estate website that embodies the trends discussed above: clean and sophisticated design, image-heavy and graphic-centric, with a property search feature conveniently located in the left-hand column.


Cantera Real Estate12
Cantera Real Estate has a clean, captivating traditional design and presents a housing locator to visitors in the top half of the home page.

Cantera Real Estate13

Naples Real Estate14
Naples Real Estate features a property for sale on the home page to highlight a piece of real estate that they’re currently promoting.

Naples Real Estate15

MacAllan Ridge16
MacAllan Ridge’s beautiful design uses an illustrated background as its defining feature.

MacAllan Ridge17

Broadview Homes18
Broadview Homes ventures out of the box with a dark and very modern theme.

Broadview Homes19

Hillwood Residential
Hillwood Residential uses family photos in frames to give off a feeling of traditionalism and family values.

Hillwood Residential

Riverside View
Riverside View uses a light-blue color palette that evokes a feeling of modernity coupled with sophistication.

Riverside View

Under the Roman Sun20
Under the Roman Sun captivates viewers with its large beautiful images of Rome in the top half of the home page.

Under the roman sun21

Monica Ruggieri Real Estate22
Monica Ruggieri’s design is a great example of using classic and sophisticated themes on a real estate website.

Monica Ruggieri Real Estate23

Lanikai Properties24
Lanikai Properties uses a bold and colorful theme to portray the nature of its properties in Hawaii.

Lanikai Properties25

Stone Coast Properties26
Stone Coast Properties has a dark background with classic and vintage design elements.

Stone Coast27

Signature Properties28
Signature Properties has a clean and sophisticated design.

Signature Properties29

The Meadows at Historic Castle Rock30
On the home page of The Meadows at Historic Castle Rock, you’ll see an image-heavy, Flash-based slideshow.

The Meadows at Historic Castle Rock31

Coldwell Banker Real Estate32
This well-established real estate agency, Coldwell Banker, has a clean Web form at the center of its design.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate33

Belvedere Inc.34
Belvedere Inc. uses a dark-brown textured page background and green leaf elements to evoke a feeling of nature and environmental friendliness.

Belvedere Inc35

Woolshed Grove36
Woolshed Grove has images of families in the header.

Woolshed Grove37

Bluegrass Commons38
Bluegrass Commons captures the viewer’s attention with the promise that, “This is the one.”

Bluegrass Commons39

The Real Estate Concierge40
The Real Estate Concierge’s website has a dark theme to create a sense of sophistication and affluence.

The Real Estate Concierge41

Marin Real Estate42
Marin Real Estate relies on the slideshow on its home page to captivate viewers.

Marin Real Estate43

Bellingham Real Estate44
Bellingham Real Estate has an engaging image of a mountain range in the header section.

Bellingham Real Estate45

San Clemente Real Estate46
“Clean” best describes the design of the San Clemente Real Estate website.

San Clemente Real Estate47

BATICO has a dark theme and image-heavy home page.


Oypro, which deals with commercial real estate, has a very clean design.


Travis Marshall Realtor52
Travis Marshall has a clean and sophisticated Web design.

Travis Marshall Realtor53

REALTOR.com54 focuses on the content by using light, unobtrusive colors in its website design.


Best Plots56
Best Plots couples a dark theme with a clean and uncluttered design.

Best Plots57

Mike Gagne Realtor Services58
Mike Gagne includes a photo of himself to create a personal, rather than corporate, touch for his website.

Mike Gagne Realtor Services59

Kensington Lakes60
Kensington Lakes’ dark-themed design makes the images really pop out.

Kensington Lakes61


Footnotes Link

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Jacob Gube is the Founder and Chief Editor of Six Revisions, a web publication for web developers and designers, and the Deputy Editor of Design Instruct, a web magazine for designers and digital artists. He has over seven years of experience as professional web developer and web designer and has written a book on JavaScript.

  1. 1

    Stop it with the stupid buzzwords, getting so ridiculous how nearly every post on every design blog either has “Beautiful”, “Fantastic”, or “Inspiring” etc etc.. in their headlines.

    …and these real estate sites are only “Beautiful” to women and homosexuals.

  2. 2

    My site didn’t make it :-(

  3. 3


  4. 4

    @Gary Simon chill dude, if you don’t like it don’t view it. I for one think they are (for the most part) beautiful sites, and I’m a straight male designer.

    Great article, needed some good motivation as we regularly have been building realtors websites here in Florida. Thx

  5. 5

    Any idea on how many, if any, were WordPress or other open source templates?

  6. 6

    Thanks for this great list!

  7. 7

    We do a lot of Home Builder websites and I’m always looking for new ideas. Good list, thanks.

  8. 8

    many of these looks like free templates

  9. 9

    hartanovteam is a complete rip of a 2Advanced site so remove this cheapass immediately.
    Nice list of sites, none really are comprehensive in the way of presenting information and property listings, most are too designy with too many design elements dominating the page.

  10. 10

    Stop reading my mind Smashing Magazine…. lol
    I’m actually working on a real estate website now… freaky :P

  11. 11

    Excellent resource of real estate sites. the work and the motivation behind this post is appreciable.

    Just surprised you don’t list BlueRoof in your list… it’s one of the best real estate sites available on web. they also won the W3 Web Award Silver medal for their service.

    Still it’s a good list. thanks Jacob for sharing !!

    DKumar M.

  12. 12

    Matt Cassarino

    April 23, 2009 2:12 pm

    Great collection of designs here, thanks for putting this together. Plenty enough to inspire!

  13. 13

    David Desjardins

    April 23, 2009 3:02 pm

    It’s a great list, but sadly most realtors lack the foresight and willingness to embrace quality design. The vast majority like to pay $50 per month for a rented template site.

    Oh – And if I see one more realty web site using the ‘LIVE, WORK, PLAY’ tagline, I think I will vomit.

  14. 14

    As a former real estate web marketer, virtual tour, and site developer….this post was right up my alley. I had the pleasure of being employed by the top producing real estate team in the US (2005) and I can tell you personally that we spent thousands of dollars every year on our sites design to reach out to our target audience.

    In real estate buyers are really all about virtual tours and the web before a call is even generated so having a great site with emphasis on UI is crucial. Even after having contact with a Realtor most correspondence is done on the web by sending virtual tour links and property listings to buyers. I still consult with Realtor’s on site design and UI and I feel that there will be a huge resurgence of real estate projects when the housing marketing comes around. Great Article!

  15. 15

    Klaye Morrison

    April 23, 2009 3:48 pm

    Great post Smashing Magazine, and thanks for featuring Coconut Grove :)

  16. 16

    Awesome reference. Love this post.

  17. 17

    Yes! Love it Smashing Magazine. Now, please, post an article about Tourism websites, something like the official tourism website from states, countries etc. I really need some good motivations and looking for new ideas.

  18. 18

    Thank you everyone for all the valuable comments!

    @A00A1: That’s one thing I wanted to mention as well – virtual tours are very popular (or at least, they used to be popular). Thanks for adding your thoughts and giving us an insight about your experience!

    @Kris Themstrup: Completely agree with you – it was hard to find individual agent sites, glad I somehow stumbled upon Mike Gagne, Travis Marshall, and Monica Ruggieri. People who take the time to make their web presence unique make me more confident to make an investment with them (in any field, even outside real estate).

    @Nadia: I really enjoy reading comments because you guys have such great ideas! I’ll have to talk to the editorial team here on Smashing to see if I can work on this.

    @Cyril: That’s actually not a bad idea!

  19. 19

    They didn’t get my site either, because it’s newer and different than all of these typical real estate sites.These are great for finding properties and whatnot, but what about finding the agents? Most of these are for higher end, and yeah theyre pretty too look at, but not applicable to most of us! Link

  20. 20

    excellent , thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much


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