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Morbid and Mystic Horror Art Pictures

It is true that art communicates what words can not and art is the language that communicates with the soul. Morbid art stands for works that illustrate a very deathly and deathlike mood. It has many variations starting from its gore scenes to its dark and depressed atmosphere – and sometimes its daydreams, night screams, corpses and horrifying imagery.

As such, it has some similarties with the mystic art that is also quite “charismatic” in terms of its themes and motifs. The beauty of mystic art is the simple fact that it captures your attention at the very first glance, provides you with the imagery of something that doesn’t exist, looks surreal or even bizarre and hence impresses you in a very mystifying way.

In this post we present some amazing examples of morbid and mystic art. Hopefully, you’ll love some of them or at least will find them creative or inspirational. Please explore the further works of the artists linked below and also feel free to suggest other artworks in the comments to this post.

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Horror Art


Horror Art Pic

Free with the Wind




Love Is Dead In Metropolis7


The Collector9




The Amended13


A Lack of Confidence15


One dead for one survive


Voices of the Dead17


Feeling Morbid19


Could I Please Come With You 21


The Brighter Side of Suffering23


Sometimes even angels feel worthless…25


Morbid ECCENTRIC Beauty


Dead Tree


The Morbid Machine27


Morbid World29


Til Death




Morbid Desire33


Down The Drain35


I will play for you, a last lullaby37


Sea Monster39




Death is an Angel
Death is an angel with two faces: To us he turns / A face of terror, blighting all things fair; / The other burns / With glory of the stars, and love is there.


Mystic Art Link







Mystic Serenity45


Mystic Calamity47


The Amethyst Mystic


Mystic Cave




The dragons maid 49


Faith of the Heart51


This is not my Way53


Shining Moon, Mystic Island


The Mysterious Disappearance55


Mysterious Moon


Stairway to Heaven


Queen of wind


As if the life


Bread of Shame57


Mystic Sorceress


The Mystic


Mystic wood 59


Into the Mystic


Spirit of the Mist




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Aquil Akhter is a web graphic designer and has been working in this field for 8 years. He also runs the blog, which focuses on free web resources and inspiration for designers and developers.

  1. 1

    Dan Almaral

    April 5, 2009 3:39 pm

    SCARY!!!! But brilliant!
    Nice list, indeed!

    • 2

      hey guys, those pictures were gorgeous. i love them. i have never seen so many emotions in one image, some of those pictures just made me happy as hell because now i know im not that only one with those intrests. but i have too go to class now. so thanks

  2. 3


    I hate these pointless “gallery” posts where all you do is find a shitload of vaguely related JPG’s, slap three vague adjectives to the front, and call it content. Who do you think you’re helping with this? You don’t actually post any tutorials with it, so it’s not helping anyone become a better designer/illustrator. The worst part is, some of these are just fucking AWFUL.

    What happened to this site? It’s just “inspiration” post after “inspiration” post. That’s not what SM is supposed to be; there are a lot of other websites that designers use for inspiration like FFFFOUND and DYT, and they all do a much better job than just posting shit they found on Deviant Art. This site was about supplying you with resources and information to “make your life easier”, not supplying us with lousy lookbooks.

    Please, take this site back to the days when it was about helping people become better designers and developers instead of these lazy, horse shit gallery posts.

  3. 4

    You guys above need to seriously relax. Let’s see you guys maintain a site of this magnitude. I am sure that you wouldn’t find it that easy to do everything the public expects. After all though, smashing magazine is also known for its inspiration posts. If you don’t want to become inspired by dark imagery then you have no business wasting your time in this post and complaining about it.

    Who cares if its two inspirational posts in a row…honestly…

  4. 5

    Agreed. This is really not up to par with even mediocre posts of the past. The majority of these samples are cliche and hardly thought provoking or inspirational.

    This post might have been salvageable if some time and work had gone into picking the handful of pieces that were passable and explaining why they might be considered inspirational or at least worth noting/not flipping by.

    On whether or not this is laziness… It sure seems like it. I speculate that it’s merely an idea for a semi-regular installment that just doesn’t fit with the overall concept/focus of the site. I hope it either gets tightened up or discarded. As some of the other other new additions (Ask Smashing Magazine) are great additions. Thanks for the great work otherwise everyone. I do love hitting this site up for the great tutorials, tips, and inspiration.

  5. 6

    In an evil world, evil is attractive. Attractive enough to grace the pages of the mainstream SM. This is just an example of how complacent the world is with evil. It is so irresistible isn’t it? So was the fruit which Eve ate in the Garden.

  6. 7

    Awesome post.
    Hey UGH (post 5) Get out of here you wuss!

  7. 8

    Jasper Kennis

    April 5, 2009 11:00 pm

    Worst smashing post ever!

    99 % Cheap photoshop effects used to create corny images… Most suck horribly… Get back to the quality Smashing had one year ago; do one great great great post a weak instead of three of these horrible posts a day!

  8. 9

    warts republic

    April 6, 2009 12:41 am

    Nice subject !!!
    For mystic art, i have a reference…
    Do you Know “Boris Vallejo” ?


  9. 10

    Leland Clemmons

    April 5, 2009 4:27 pm

    Meh. Some of them are truly outstanding, but the majority seems to follow the usual pattern of “horror” art.

  10. 11

    I think that the art is both macabre and beautiful. People that have the ability to express their emotions with this kind of work are lucky and gifted. Some very poignant works.

  11. 12

    Aquí faltan Dave McKean y Sergey Belov.

  12. 13

    I pretty much agree with the guy above I’m afraid… some of the art is good, granted, but some of it’s really weak and cliched, and these posts do come across as lazy.

  13. 14

    Bread of Shame that’s a nice one I like it. I like them all

  14. 15

    Someone needs to flip-horizontal that “Last Lullaby” picture. The violin is in the wrong hand.

  15. 16

    Love it! some cool stuff on here

  16. 17

    honestly, i’m also agree with UGH

    most of the content this time is not that impressive.
    Instead why don’t you post horror style website such as corpse bride, gothica, hellboy and so on.

  17. 18

    One word, “LAZY”.

  18. 19

    Anyone with any sense of creativity or imagination will find this gallery of images inspirational or at least thought provoking in some manner. If you don’t feel that this kind of post is to your liking, fine, but at least say so in a manner that is constructive and foregoes all of the negativity and disparaging language. If you can’t manage that, why bother visiting the site at all or spending the time to make such a post? This is obviously aimed at the “Ugh” post – I can relate to disliking something or being frustrated with a lack of content, but take what you can and move on, allowing others to enjoy such things.

  19. 20

    I like to go to websites that I usually frequent and complain when they do not tell me how to better my life, even though I will only use that knowledge to try and impress people at parties who will most certainly go unimpressed if I am not present. I am a designer and need a website to tell me how to become a better designer because I am terrible. When you guys don’t tell me these things, it makes me look awful and it is all your fault. I hate smashing magazine and any website that brings peoples awesome looking art (but not as good as mine) to a wider audience so they can be appreciated. Where’s my appreciation?! HUH?! LOOK AT ME! somebody….please…

  20. 21

    Repeat of comment #5, more or less. Please stop these kinds of posts. Once a month maybe.

  21. 22

    yeah, unfortunately very weak !!! Would be better if you put a bit effort and look for related artist portfolios – not just deviantart links

  22. 23

    1. Nick (post 16) you are impolite, it is not good.
    2. The content of the post has two sides (fmy personal opinion): how it was done – it is wonderful in most of works and I wish I could make such the works and the second side is the themes of presented works – for those who deal, for example with black metal and gothic music, it may look pretty boring , because I did not notice very fresh themes. I have a collection of about 4 thousand black metal and gothic bands CDs and saw these motives thousands times, and nothing changes – same gothic castles, graves, mist, violins, nice long haired girls, blood, skulls… But for the people who are not involved too much into black metal/gothic scene it may look awesome, intriguing, fresh and beautiful. May be, somebody saw just for the first time such a big collection of horror art, presented in this post and got the whole bunch of great emotions and inspiration and ideas… Do not judge so that you will not be judged… you know…

  23. 24

    Sergio Ordoñez

    April 5, 2009 8:55 pm

    I partialy agree with the comments above , the issue is not the gallery post but the content. Im my opinion some of the artwork are quite weak.

    The thing is, if you want to do gallery posts, please do a good research and impress us as usual.

  24. 25

    Liked it!
    Good post.

  25. 26

    Hey, if you’re going to post something, make it useful — or at the very least uplifting. This is just negative nihilism. Just the thing for a Sunday. And a waste of bandwidth too. Smashing is better than this, much better. Did you let some tatted pierced intern have the password or what?

  26. 27

    You know, you might want to remember that “If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything.”

  27. 28

    Maza nahi aya

  28. 29

    I am going with krishna “MAZA NAHI AYA” means its not what i am looking from SM guys :(

  29. 30

    Not really my kind of subject, its a little to gory. On the other side, It was nice seeing something Different though.

    I did find myself wishing for maybe a tutorial or 2 out of the post, but hey its Sunday, I am off and don’t have to practice!


  30. 31

    These are really stunning photos i have ever seen specially “Could I Please Come With You” and “Till death” are very conceptual artworks,

    thanx for sharing

  31. 32

    First of all there’s no reason to get all up in arms and use profanity to express your opinion.

    Secondly, much of this post does indeed seem lazily created and compiled, and very much cliched.

    Thirdly, I come to SM to learn. I think posts like this should be reduced to once every week or two at the most – more often if you can fin truly advanced artwork, but for mediocre stuff like this, much less often.

    But that’s just imo.

  32. 33


    April 5, 2009 10:54 pm

    Hi, Your posts are rocking –
    Also i am Addicted to your blog.

    Cool , keep it up.

  33. 34

    good showcase … but in monday morning …

  34. 35

    Niels Matthijs

    April 5, 2009 11:22 pm

    As for things you guys missed out on, try some Natalie Shau

  35. 36

    sorry guys, I agree with #29, this was really weak… In such a fucking violent world like ours, why do we need more bad images like these? and on Monday morning…


  36. 37

    Anes Sabitovic

    April 5, 2009 11:41 pm

    Nice dead list!

  37. 38

    This is a matter of taste I guess and it is not my taste.

  38. 39

    look for more dark art:

  39. 40

    I think you’ve missed someone here. Linda Bergkvist is one the current greats. Spoiled is a great example of her work.

  40. 41

    Nice work (if you like it) but is not my style. Dark art.

  41. 42

    Personnaly, I am not over keen on this style of work, however I am sure there are some that are….

    To me it is all a bit WOW fantasy rubbish or just mentalists having a bad day and not that interesting…

    However each to there own.

    SM you have done many better articles.

  42. 43

    SM should be careful with this gallery etc. most viewers here are designers. this for example. not inspiration as for me. other “horror” “morbid” looks kinda lame…

    i just got one fav though- Into the Mystic

  43. 44

    Massimo Nastasi

    April 6, 2009 12:59 am

    Very nice gallery, thank you

  44. 45

    Cool Art.. I liked the Horror and Mystic ones..
    Nice Smashing Post :P

  45. 46

    If You are posting thematic works, You should at least pick the best ones, not just some crap. Some of this pictures are above average, the rest is shit.

  46. 47

    +1 for post #19 & 42
    Not talking about SM, which i like and will continue reading despite this kind of posts, most of those pics are definitely poor, non horrific, non morbid… not even talking about the “mystic” ones, for it is essentially a matter of taste (I really HATE those).
    Remember me of teenage photoshop fan art you can find on loads of RPG forums.

  47. 48

    April 6, 2009 1:53 am

    Most of them are not particularly impressive. Looks like a 5′ Google/Deviantart search job instead of digging deeper to find some true gems. An inspirational post should be, er … inspirational. Some additional links to tuts would make these post much more valuable.

  48. 49

    Crap in 90%: Naive, lame in work, cheap thrills. I’m pretty sure most of Smashing readers can do better.
    Shame on You S’mag…

  49. 50

    These are highschool, emo, retarded shit pieces of shit. Seriously, this artwork has no real emotion it’s trying to hard. I imagine a pimply faced teenager with dyed black hair over one eye and too much eye makeup creating most of these crapular fucking things. The only good ones are the “brighter side of suffering” and “one dead for one survive”.

  50. 51

    Full of shit.

    Mainly crappy and naïve “arworks”. I’m disappointed :(

  51. 52

    They are really mindblowing artworks, and some of them are best pieces of art, its very smashing post!

  52. 53


    Either unsubscribe or contribute. Simple innit!

    Keep it up SM

  53. 54

    I am against on many of the comments above… I am a regular visitor of SmashingMagazine because I love the diversified content that they bring for us everyday…What I understand that they have to cater a very large audience and to make them feel happy and satisfied SM has to really work hard and to find an amazing and mindblowing topic every time. I still appreciate the SM for this post because these are the truly inspirational art work.

    If you guys don’t like anything, this does not mean it is not good. This is art and SM is all about ARTS and Designs and all of these pictures has been created and painted by any digital artist. I appreciate them all to create something different and specially give credit to SM that they give a chance to these artist to featured here. SM, please keep posting all types of arts that can give us an idea and inspire us.

    ************ YOU GUYS ARE DOING WONDERFUL ************

  54. 55

    I love the “the collector” and “shaman” very inspirational and artistic post

  55. 56

    No more of this rubbish please, there’s enough of this teenage, goth claptrap all over the web without you indulging in it. What next glittery angels or poems stating “no-one understands me..”?

    Spare me!

    Smashing is usually a great design magazine, a pearl amongst swine, please strive to keep it that way!

  56. 57

    Justin Floyd

    April 6, 2009 4:45 am

    This style of artwork doesn’t really interest me. We live in a society that is desensitized to violence and disturbing imagery. To be effective this art needs to shock us into the the emotions of fear, anxiety, repulsion and sadness. This stuff just fails to really to cross the threshold in to imagery that is truly disturbing and demented.

    That being said the comments have been very entertaining.

    Keep up the good work SM. But, I hope to see posts on relevant and useful design in the future.

  57. 58

    I don’t really know what to think of this post. It is more deviant art than design if that makes sense. I guess it could be inspiring to some people.

    Thanks SM…cheers!

  58. 59

    I agree that SM is big on inspiration, but when I looked at this list, I was thinking how many better images i have seen on DA that fits this exact topic, some of these are terrible. It would be one thing to have a awesome collection of this “Horror, Morbid and Mystic” art, but what i shown here, is average at best.

  59. 60

    thank u very much

  60. 61

    I like these galleries you usually post here for inspiration, but I thought this one is weak. Most of the pictures are not well-done, far from beeing professional.
    I hope next galleries are better than this. :-)

  61. 62

    a couple of good ones, but mostly cheesy.

  62. 63

    Well…. as someone who LOVES anything dark, be it books, movies, paintings etc… these pretty much suck. I have a hard drive full of images that I have taken from the internets since the day I could, and boy… these are horrible (mostly). The problem is that most of this art is really tough to take seriously, as it’s some 14 year old girl who is using Photoshop to make herself look like a vampire, or the whole broken heart thing.

    Hence a lot of these look very amateurish, and are FAR from inspiring.

    How about Friedrich’s “Cloister Graveyard in the Snow”, anything by Royo (or other Heavy Metal style artists who use PS to enhance some of their newer artwork), or focusing on websites?

    I love you guys, and I think a lot of the above posters were out of line, but seriously…. it looks like someone was told “find dark art, you might check on Deviant Art” and came up with this.


  63. 64


    April 6, 2009 6:57 am

    To the complainers above who say that SM is all inspirational posts lately and we need more tutorials or articles that show us tips, etc. Do you mean posts like “8 Simple Ways to Improve Typography In Your Designs”, “Handy Tweaks To Make GIMP Replace Photoshop”, or “10 Simple and Impressive Design Techniques” ? Just wondering, I could find more examples but I was lazy and just went to the homepage…

    Seriously, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. Nobody is forcing you to visit this site, and the occasional inspirational post shouldn’t drive you to post a foul-mouthed comment telling other people how to run their website, *especially* when it’s just because the content of the post isn’t based on your personal preference. Really you should be out finding a way to relieve some of that built up stress.

  64. 65

    “Queen of wind” reminds me Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation.


  65. 66

    sama creation

    April 6, 2009 7:28 am

    Nice subject !!!
    great collection tank you

  66. 67

    its about time you got a little goth!
    Nice post, the effects on the photos themselves arent that great, but a photo is meant to convey a message and evoke an emotion and these photos certainly do that.

  67. 68

    I really like some of those.

    You should have included some of this guys stuff too:

    should both be looked at using DAs full view.

  68. 69

    Inquiring Mind

    April 6, 2009 8:08 am

    I know this sounds terribly uninformed, but, as I’m no artists (not even by a long shot!), how are these done? Is this something that is usually hand-drawn then altered in photoshop or is it 100% digitally created artwork?

  69. 70

    So pretty much all of these feel like they were made by some angsty college freshmen who took his first design course and just learned photoshop. I concur with many of the previous negative reviews posted here. Almost none of this could be considered groundbreaking in any way and I’m more upset than inspired.

    It seems you are trying to update very frequently to keep people interested. However in trying to do so alot of bad tuts and images have made there way onto this site.

    Quality over quantity.

  70. 71

    Aurore Bourgeois

    April 6, 2009 9:41 am

    I love Smashing Magazine but in first time this post is not good for me. This pictures are not always good quality…

    (sorry if i don’t write english very well)

  71. 72


    April 6, 2009 10:41 am

    Well, not my kind of art nor Post, but I know that I am very capable of find some inspiration in this pix. And that’s kinda the point…

  72. 73

    I love all the pictures here. Great selection!

  73. 74

    I’mlosing faith in smashingmagazine. Looks like they are not even trying anymore and are just browsing the whats new section over at deviantart. Half of those pictures are not impressive at all. I could name several artists from the top of my head that deserve more recognition than these guys.

  74. 75

    Hate to say it but most of these are pretty cheesy. Love Smashing though.

  75. 76

    Love it. As a web designer and horror fan, I fully appreciate the posting.

  76. 77

    Ehhhhh. Contrived and cliched at best. Beksinski puts every one of these to shame with just one of his illustrations.

  77. 78

    Woops, double post.

  78. 79

    Wow, look, a bunch of awful Photoshop “art”! God I hate this stuff. It reminds me of middle school.

  79. 80

    If you really want to see some dark art, just search for some Seth Siro Anton gallery. He’s probably the best artist in this area.

  80. 81

    DeviantART Anime drawings? Really? 3-4 pics are great but the weakly drawn anime and cheap photoshop layer meshups embarass this Article.

    And I’m dissapointed that there is no beksinski on the list.

  81. 82

    I agree with UGH. Lame post. Not relevant to what this site is supposed to be about. I don’t come here for this kind of art, and a lot of it i can’t even call art, its just so bad.

  82. 83

    lucky larouge

    April 6, 2009 1:46 pm

    anybody remember It’s coming back.

  83. 84

    The few really nice pieces shown here are completely lost in all the pure mediocrity. I’m fine with collection/gallery posts, I really like them usually, but too much of this one is just BAD. Poor execution + high school cliches. No thanks!

  84. 85

    Uuuhm. Yes.

    This was cool.

    Cynicism is an ugly disease, people. This isn’t your site. This isn’t digg. So fuck off or enjoy it!

  85. 86

    Awesome gallery! i love it when you post some great illustration, i find it inspiring. Please keep on doing it!!! :)

  86. 87

    Thang Nguyen

    April 6, 2009 6:58 pm

    “One dead for one survive” reminds me of “secret window”, a small window open to a small garden below where he buried her body…

  87. 88


  88. 89

    Why do you keep filtering negative comments about this gallery … ??

  89. 90

    This is not my Way” the best one, I have been much inspired by it, realy very conceptual & awesome artwork
    One of the great post of SM!

  90. 91

    or This is pehle bhi ” he use bhi lagado
    “This is not my Way” the best one, I have been much inspired by it, realy very conceptual & awesome artwork
    One of the great post of SM!

  91. 92

    “This is not my Way” the best one, I have been much inspired by it, realy very conceptual & awesome artwork One of the great post of SM!

  92. 93

    Probably the worst, most pointless post Smashing have ever published.

    Keep this up and you’ll lose a reader.

    I thought this was a web design blog?

  93. 94

    Danish Refai

    April 7, 2009 7:59 am

    The First Half of the Article is amazing !!!!
    Kuddos to Smashing !

  94. 95


    April 7, 2009 8:48 am

    Fuckin awesome, love em. But as usual, more negative criticizm from people who apperently created the universe.

  95. 96

    Kreative Geeks

    April 7, 2009 9:00 am

    Simply beautiful artworks, Tiago Duarte’s artworks and best of one, i am big fan of him…

  96. 97

    I like “Free with the Wind”, “The Mysterious Disappearance” and “Love” the love one looks very much like HR GIGER, But the rest are really bad

  97. 98

    Quite a collection… Some of them are bad, some are excellent. It seems to me this is more “Weird, Confusing and Irritating Photography” than the original. :)

  98. 99

    Jonnathan Moore

    April 8, 2009 3:33 am

    It looks very creative and exquisite to me. Although, it could be horrifying for someone but still contains a very vivid message wrapped delicately in art and creativity. I appreciate the working and selection of such unseen images and ideas.

  99. 100

    I will take look in this list if a new amok happens ;-) … people who like this kind of pseudo-art have mostly not even seen once a dead body.

    I would send them all to Irak or to rescue dead bodies after an earthquake, or a tsunami, and see how “amazing”, “inspiring”, or whatever the whole thing is.

    I picture this guys as a whole bunch of nerds with a lot pickles and black garments.

  100. 101

    lame pics.

  101. 102

    I too am a designer, and not very good at it. But I want to be better, which is why I am here.

    I agree with the critique going around, hope you’re not offended. Anyone can do an inspiration posts: just type in the adjectives, and your search engine of choice will be able to provide the fix. I could suggest maybe a more proactive approach. Instead of showing us a gallery, why not present how these were done instead? Or a group of sites dedicated to “so and so topic/adjective/line of thinking” with “chockful of details on how/why/what/where so and so” was done/used. It’s like playing billiards – thinking three balls ahead instead of focusing on just hitting one.

    While I am glad that these were brought to my attention, some of these artworks (can kiss Dave McKean’s ass, that’s for sure) make me tick. Blood and Death does not a pretty “OMG-fucking-brilliant-horror!” picture make. I’d appreciate it more if it were an expert on the subject who’s doing this post (no offense, Aquil — I speak to all inspiration post authors. ESPECIALLY THAT ONE WHO POSTED THE COMIC/CARTOON POST).

    Thank you.

  102. 103

    So hell awesome, that red color is so mysterious in shaman, appealing but precarious at the same time, it feels like real troubled, thanx for beautiful sharing

    One of from mine!

  103. 104

    its very nice………..perfect………

  104. 105

    D.Dinesh Kumar

    April 21, 2009 12:13 am

    Itis was great thing to such expression in morbid.
    Some times angels feel worthless.

  105. 106


    June 1, 2009 1:04 am

    Art as we art know raises the soul and brightens our lives but as in live there is also a dark side and art is no different.


  106. 107

    Chris Young

    June 17, 2009 5:27 pm

    I really like the piece titled Bloodbath. I am looking for CD cover art for my band’s new release. Will you sell this piece or possibly sell other artwork? Do you do custom work?
    Please let me know where you stand. Thank you
    Chris Young

  107. 108

    Raj Jaiswal

    July 25, 2009 1:40 am


  108. 109

    yeah nice images some images are really scaring me……..

  109. 110


    August 4, 2009 1:30 pm

    Hmm…I think…fuck…yeah…good art..some of the chicks..are kinda hot…that one magic dude…wearing the purple…I think he is gay…no…im pretty sure…and several of them..should see the doctor…blood loss is bad for…I learned myself…lost my penis…to my ex…girlfriend’s…mom’s…grandmother’s….cat.

  110. 111


  111. 112

    very nice ,some of them are scary in a funny way,and some are beautiful…..

  112. 113

    more pic please,+i love all of your pic.

  113. 114

    Neftali Morales

    February 14, 2010 6:50 am

    simpemente hermoso
    la conciencia humana tiene tantas formas de comunicarse con el exterior, que es casi imposible reconocer donde está la realidad de la fantasia

  114. 115

    these pics suck

  115. 116


    March 30, 2010 7:56 am

    Post 31, I was literally JUST looking through her site.
    I seriously loved the majority of her work.
    Definitely a lot of sexual and feminist views in her work, which I love.
    And if y’all like that, y’all would definitely love Chelsea Lewyta’s work.
    But, I really didn’t fancy the majority of these.

  116. 117

    hey.. a gr8 terror cllction i like it…….these were mch tchin…good job!!! i want more pics… these pics create a fantastic emotions… simply nice… pics!!!! tnx.. sims…

  117. 118

    I realy like ur pics. Fantastic gallery
    please make more. thnks

  118. 119

    All very amateur quality work. It’s good enough to impress teenagers and twilight vampire fanboys, but none of this is going to impress any serious art collector, gallery, or critic.

  119. 120

    Awesome snaps

  120. 121

    Great Image

  121. 122

    vikram singh

    July 16, 2011 8:19 am

    just superbbbb…………………………..

  122. 123

    Awesome snaps

  123. 124

    WOW SCARY :)

  124. 125

    I think the pic are nice and anyone who does not like them need not look at them Chill out

  125. 127

    Brilliant!!! now thats what art should be!!! the combination of horror and mystic arts led to a truely exciting experience, appreciating the macabre and disturbing!!! hooro freaks like me have had a blast!!!…

  126. 128

    welcome to the dark side of art (*macabre laughter*)…

  127. 129

    Men i like horrific movies and with those picture i have just gone through, you are good in designing.

  128. 130

    Beware of artists – they mix with all classes of society and therefore are most dangerous.

    Quote from Queen Victoria

  129. 131

    Omg!!! I love these scary wallpaper! They go perfectly on my iPod touch 4. Lol.

  130. 132

    These are all pretty rad ! had one of em’ as my wall paper.

  131. 133

    i really can say that they were the pictures that i always wanted to see!beautiful and some of them by the scary appearance..but any way good..

  132. 134

    Amazing art .. Inpired me to start with my pencils… :P

  133. 135

    Chris Lunetta

    May 30, 2013 5:52 pm

    Please take a peak at my photography, specifically the folder “Why you should sleep with the lights on”. I believe my work would make a perfect contribution to your page and I would love the exposure. Thank you!


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