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50 Incredible Photography Techniques and Photo Tutorials

Over the recent months we’ve been presenting various showcases of photography – while many readers hated the showcases, most readers found them inspirational and perfect for a lousy workday’s morning. However, what we should have done in the inspirational posts is not just provide you with some inspiration for your work, but also present useful photography techniques and photo tutorials which can help you to achieve optimal pictures for your designs. And as requested by many of you, now it’s time to correct our mistake. [Content Care Oct/28/2016]

In this post we present useful photographic techniques, tutorials and resources for various kinds of photography. You’ll learn how to set up the perfect environment and what techniques, principles and rules of thumbs you should consider when shooting your next perfect photo. This round-up isn’t supposed to be the ultimate one – please feel free to suggest more useful articles in the comments to this post.

You may want to take a look at the following related posts:

Among other things, we cover high-speed photography, tilt-shift photography, black and white photography, motion blur, infrared, night, smoke photography, macro photography, HDR, panoramic photography, RAW processing and others. Hopefully, you’ll find many of the listed tutorials and how-tos useful for your regular work.

1. High Speed Photography Link

Celebration Of High-Speed Photography5
This post is supposed to provide you with some inspiration of what can be done with high-speed photography. It also showcases some truly stunning slow-motion videos.

Home-Made High Speed Photography6 (PDF)
Pictures of high-speed events such as popping balloons, breaking glass, and splashing liquids reveal interesting structures not visible to the naked eye. With this guide you can take your own high-speed photos to captures these ephemeral events. A very detailed tutorial.

photography techniques7

2. Tilt-Shift Photography Link

Tilt-shift photography8 refers to the use of camera movements on small- and medium-format cameras; it usually requires the use of special lenses.

Tilt-shift actually encompasses two different types of movements: rotation of the lens relative to the image plane, called tilt, and movement of the lens parallel to the image plane, called shift. Tilt is used to control the orientation of the plane of focus (PoF), and hence the part of an image that appears sharp; it makes use of the Scheimpflug principle. Shift is used to change the line of sight while avoiding the convergence of parallel lines, as when photographing tall buildings.

Another, less cost-intensive technique called tilt-shift miniature faking9 is a process in which a photograph of a life-sized location or object is manipulated so that it looks like a photograph of a miniature-scale model.

50 Beautiful Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography10

Tilt-Shift Photography Photoshop Tutorial11
This tutorial was produced using Photoshop CS2 on a PC.

photography techniques12

3. Black and White Photography Link

Beautiful Black and White Photography13
One of the most beautiful inspirational posts on Smashing Magazine, featuring over 50 brilliant works from photographers across the globe.

Black and White Photography Techniques14

5 Black and White Photography Tips15
A short, but useful article by by Darren Rowse, featuring shoot in RAW, low ISO and other techniques. You may also consider reading the articles Key Ingredients for Black and White Images16


Black and White Photography Guide18
This photography technique starts before the shot is even taken. In this article you’ll find some quick tips on what to look for to ensure the perfect black and white landscape – e.g. camera settings for black and white photography and what filters are good for black and white landscapes.


Digital Black and White20
This site features professional photography articles written by Keith Cooper. It covers black/white-photography-techniques, image manipulation techniques, tools, articles and camera reviews.

The Top 5 Black & White Photography Tips21
Five handy tips to get you going in the right direction: practice, focus on contrast, focus on texture, use color filters and more. If you want to learn more about the actual black and white conversion process in Photoshop, see the article 12 Ways to Make a Black & White Photo22 as well.

4. Motion Blur Photography Link

45 Beautiful Motion Blur Photos23
A showcase of motion blur photos. Motion blur is frequently used to show a sense of speed. You can artificially achieve this effect in a usual scene using cameras with a slow shutter speed. Also Adobe Photoshop can be used for this purpose, though sometimes images may look unnatural and unprofessional.

Motion Blur24

How to Capture Motion Blur in Photography25
Capturing movement in images is something that many photographers only need to do when photographing sports or other fast-moving events.


Photoshop Tutorials: Create Silky Smooth Waterfalls27
In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, we’re going to look at how to give waterfalls a silky smooth appearance, as if the photo were taken with a longer exposure, which would normally require the use of a neutral density filter.


Long Exposure Photos29
Long exposure can be used to create very interesting photographs. It can be used, for example, to create a bright photo in low-light conditions or to create motion blur for moving elements in a photograph.

5. Infrared Photography Link

40 Incredible Near-Infrared Photos30
A showcase of near-infrared photography. Near-infrared images straight out of the camera do not always look good and are usually not as dramatic and beautiful as normally captured images. Hence, a lot of post-processing is done to enhance these images.

Infrared Photography with a Digital Camera 31
Thanks to digital photography, we can take infrared pictures whenever we please, mix them with “normal” ones and see the results on the spot, tweaking the settings to our heart’s desire.


Beyond Visible33
Website about IR, UV and luminescence photography. Here you can found plenty of theory and useful information about IR adaptors for flashlights. Among the resources is a huge collection of links34 related to invisible light photography.

Infrared photography35
Huge article with a number of useful links. Nearly complete list of IR filters and digital cameras that can be updated for IR shooting.

6. Night Photography Link

60 Beautiful Examples Of Night Photography36
60 amazing examples of night photography, created by some hard-working and dedicated photographers. Take a look at their websites and portfolios.

The Nocturnes37
The Nocturnes is an organization dedicated to night photography. Founded by Tim Baskerville in San Francisco in 1991, it has grown to become the premier source of information and education on night photography, as well as an international community for night photographers.


Lost America night photography39
Wandering the deserted backroads of the American Southwest, Troy Paiva has explored the abandoned underbelly of America since the 1970s. Since 1989 he’s been taking pictures of it… at night, by the light of the full moon.


Learn Night Photography41
Quick and dirty guide to defining exposure time for typical night subjects.


7. Smoke Art Photography Link

Smoke Photography and Smoke Art43
A round-up of some of the best examples of photos and artworks where smoke dominates.

Smoke Art Photography – An Introduction44
This articles features smoke art photography tips from Stoffel De Roover; it describes the typical setup, important techniques and necessary adjustments for a perfect smoke art photo.

Smoke photography video tutorial45
Video tutorial on smoke photography.

8. Macro Photography Link

25 Beautiful Macro Photography Shots46
A round-up of some truly revealing and inspiring macro photographs which are sure to have you marveling at the world around you.

Spider macro47

Macro Photography
How to take close-up pictures of small things, by Philip Greenspun.

Reversing Lenses for Macro Photography48
A guide to building a lens for extreme macro shooting.


Macro photography50
A round-up of gadgets that will help you move really close to your subject.

Captain’s European Butterfly Guide51
Engaging guide for this special kind of hunting (of course, you can use it outside of Europe, too).

Macro Photography Tips for Point and Shoot Digital Cameras52
Most of the articles here are geared to DSLR owners. But they are also useful for macro photography with compact cameras, too.

Macrophoto Journal on deviantART53
A number of excellent photos, forums and technical articles.


Macro Photography Tutorial55
Short review on insect shooting, and amazing photos by M. Plonsky, PhD.


9. HDR Link

If you don’t like these kinds of photos, please move along. No complaints will be accepted.

35 Fantastic HDR Pictures57
This post covers 35 beautiful and perfectly executed HDR pictures. Some of them may look surreal, too colorful, even magic or fake, but they are not. Keep in mind that they’ve all been developed from normal photos; not a single image is an illustration.


HDR Tutorial59
HDR how-to guide, mostly related to Mac users.


HDR: High Dynamic Range Photography61
HDR how-to guide with Photoshop CS2

HDR tutorial62
Tutorial on HDR with free-of-charge software GIMP and Qtpfsgui


10. RAW Processing Link

A raw image file contains minimally processed data from the image sensor. Raw image files are sometimes called digital negatives, because they serve the same role as negatives in film photography. But unlike negatives, these files need much more processing.

RAW Processing Workflow Using Phase One’s Capture One 464
Capture One 4 is more than just a rewritten version of Phase One’s Capture One LE. It offers improved speed and quality of RAW conversion, and it builds on its strengths as a RAW-processing workflow tool.

Aperture, Lightroom and Capture One review:

A full-range review of three of the most popular and powerful tools for RAW processing

Lightroom Presets: The Ultimate Free List70
“The biggest, most updated list of free Adobe Lightroom presets. It’s true you can have too many, but this is the best jumping-off point for finding new presets. Taste as many as you like, then tell us your favorites.” Note that the presets don’t work with RAW and JPEG files the same.

11. Panoramic Photography Link

A panorama — or panoramic photo — is usually made by stitching several pictures taken with the same camera into one.

How To: Panoramic Photography71
Making a panoramic photo really is only taking the pictures, stitching them together on your computer. The more effort and attention you put into the first step, the easier the second step will be and the more realistic your final photo will look.


Digital Photography Tutorial – Panorama Stitching73
Many digital cameras, even some budget-priced pocket compacts, have a feature known as “Panorama Stitching” mode. If you haven’t experimented with it yet, it is designed to help with a particular type of photograph, or rather series of photographs, in which successive shots are taken as the camera is panned across a scene.

Building Panoramic Images in The GIMP74
Panoramic landscapes make for some amazing photos. There’s nothing like the relaxation and tranquility felt when gazing over the sweeping wilderness, save for the hassle of actually getting there. Using a digital camera, it’s possible to stitch photos together to simulate the expensive effects of a landscape filter.

12. Special Photography Techniques Link

Architecture photography, a beginners’ guide75
Insightful tips for photography of stationary subjects by Michael Jenkins. You may also want to learn how to shoot statues76, buildings77 and piers78.


Guide To Architectural Photography80
Despite architecture’s diversity there are a number of simple rules that apply in most situations, or will at least get you thinking more deeply about how you can best portray a particular piece of architecture.


DIY Lighting Hacks for Digital Photographers82
“Lighting can be the difference between a good shot and a great one. Walk into most professional photographers’ studios, and you’ll be confronted with truckloads of lighting equipment. To the average hobby photographer, it’s enough to make your mind boggle — and make your stomach turn as you think about the cost of it all.

10 Top Photography Composition Rules83
This post reviews important rules of good photography, such as Rules of Thirds, balancing elements, leading lines, symmetry and patterns, viewpoint, background, depth, framing, cropping and experimentation.


Footnotes Link

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    #2: Use Night Program or Scene Mode
    No! There is the manual mode and nothing else.

    #3: Look for Bridges
    Look for bridges on Flickr. There are millions.

    #4: Don’t Always Rely on Flash
    Flash does not belong to night photography. As a night photographer you will never use it.

    #5: Increase Your ISO
    For heavens sake! There is 100 (or 50 if you have). If your photo gets too dark, the exposure must be longer. If you can’t focus, take a pocket lamp with you: Switch the lamp on – focus – hold – switch lamp off – shoot.

    And please, do not label yellow flat snapshots as “night photography”.

    (SM) Thanks, after careful consideration it was removed from the post.

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