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Flash enabled designers and developers to deliver rich content over the browsers, creating motion, interactivity and an impressive visual experience. Good Flash-sites do not require too much bandwidth, load fast and allow for a smooth interaction; besides, beautiful Flash-based sites are Photoshop masterpieces, transporting some kind of reality and fantasy to the Flash movie.

In the showcase below we present 50 colorful, creative, interactive and beautiful Flash-based web-sites. Hopefully they will serve you as an inspiration for your future works or just entertain you on a lousy, boring Sunday.

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Drinks Sites

Martini Asti This Martini site is a nice example of giving a fresh image of a drink. The navigation is made simple, the graphics have superior quality, it loads fast and runs smoothly. What else does a Flash site need? Note due to the law on alcoholic drinks, you need to enter an e-mail address, a password of your choice and accept their terms.

Martini Asti

Glacéau - Vitaminwater The vitamin water site is full of motion and small details like the top menu, with a colored wave effect, the mouse movement, the masks effects and swirls which make it great.

Glacéau - Vitaminwater

Bacardi - Original Mojito (currently offline) The motion graphics and the water effects in slow motion give a unique style to this site. A fresh site, with a colored menu with a drag option, makes it functional and simple. Note: due to the law on alcoholic drinks, you need to enter an e-mail address, a password of your choice and accept their terms.

Bacardi - Original Mojito


v5 Design Beautiful landscape with some nice details such us the sun and butterflies. The old paper effect when opening from the menu, and the mask effect over the green plants give it a special touch.

v5 Design

Sensisoft The Sensisoft site offers a nice interaction for users. The vortex effect while changing from path, the motion graphics in the background, the high quality and details of the graphics make it a great design agency site.


Mauricio Guimarães Portfolio Mauricio portfolio is a good example of creativity. Instead of the ordinary menu, he uses a kind of parallax movieclip, where the user must interact with the stage to explore the site.

Mauricio Guimarães Portfolio

Colorchakra - Portfolio of Srinath Rangamani A colored background with high quality graphics.

Colorchakra - Portfolio of Srinath Rangamani

Magnivate Interactive Boutique Agency A nice animated site. One particular feature on this site is that you need to set a character to explore the site.

Magnivate Interactive Boutique Agency

e-Content Solutions This studio portfolio starts with a nice and unusual preloader, a kind of puzzle which interacts on mouse rollover. Another kind of interaction is user’s ability to explode the balloons.

e-Content Solutions

Ari´s Labs. The Digital Home of Graphic Designer Ari Hirvonen The high quality of motion graphics, conception and the functional layout makes this site a good example of what a Flash portfolio should look like.

Ari´s Labs. The Digital Home of Graphic Designer Ari Hirvonen

Edwin Murat Ganter Portfolio A simple and creative layout. Not common, but still practical and easy to use.

Edwin Murat Ganter Portfolio

Vegaone Color effects and 3D layout on this site are remarkable. However, it could be improved with some motion graphics and page transition effects.


Infinit Colours This site gives the user the option to change the background between beautiful high quality designs. The menu is also a creative alternative to deliver some interactivity.

Infographiste indépendant

Infographiste Indépendant Another creative portfolio, full of interactivity and motion graphics. The background image is great.

Infographiste indépendant

Sonacom A great Generative Art example which requires the user to interact with the stage.

Sonacom, agence de création avec 5 studios d'enregistrement et 1 plateau de tournage TV intégrés.

CloudRaker On this site you can use the character to move along. The graphic element is great and the concept it unusual.


Prismgirl A great creative portfolio, using an unusual layout.


Agence Secondlife At a first glance this site needs the user to interact with it in order to move forward. Rather than the graphics quality, this site creates a 3D globe, full of color which is a creative option to move around the site.

Agence Secondlife

Digaworks Corporation

Digaworks Corporation

Zign Marketing Digital

Zign Marketing Digital



Elipse Agency

Elipse Agency

Matt Wiggins Portfolio

Matt Wiggins

Lilia Planet

Lilia Planet




Privado Seguros (currently offline) The Privado Seguros site has wonderful graphics, with many rich details. A good example to get inspired from.

Privado Seguros

Let Your Worries Go Another parallax site, with beautiful graphics, with funny interactions like dragging the characters – each of them represents one specific topic.

Let Your Worries Go


Sometimes designers and developers create awesome works, but these works never go online, because the client hasn’t chosen them. The following projects are great examples which will inspire you for sure on your future projects.

Imagine Air - Flash Site School project

Imagine Air - Flash Site School project

Project: Coca-Cola Light - Tastes of the World

roject: Coca-Cola Light - Tastes of the World

Saizenmedia - Keepersgame

Saizenmedia - Keepersgame

On Toyota’s mind

On Toyota’s mind

Get the Glass This site is a 3D board game, with animated characters, full of action. The graphics, animations, concept are all awesome.

Get the GlassfigureBioShock A Playstation game related, this site offers a nice navigation through the site, and has cool details like the tv and cinema camera. The graphics are another great aspect of this site.
Leven Thumps
Leven Thumps


Bebiko A nice colored design, with motion graphics and integrated video content.

Nokia Trends Lab This site is full of color which changes depending on the path the user has chosen. You can see some great details like the video images in the bubbles. Motion, multimedia content and color define this site.
Nokia Trends Lab
Hewlett-Packard - Wake up your feelings with the power of touch Another site with great graphics and an extraordinary concept. The navigation is just remarkable. A good place to get inspired.
Hewlett-Packard - Wake up your feelings with the power of touch
Theologos House of Jewellery The simplicity of the site navigation and the beauty of flowers are hard to overlook.
Theologos House of Jewellery
Real Casual Another site with great graphics and a nice concept.
Real Casual
Pirogov A simple site, with great details, like the light at the left, the sea and the castle at the right.
White Gold Do you like music? And interact with a movie-clip? Well, here you are able to have both. Great graphics, and the video integration is impressive.
White Gold
Pantagonia Another nice and interactive interface example.
Infinite OZ | Tin Man | SCIFI.COM The graphics are exceptional, and the continuous movement between scenes is great.
Infinite OZ | Tin Man | SCIFI.COM
Zube A simple layout with quality graphics and great transitions.
Häagen-Dazs - Help the Honey Bees Another example of a great user interactivity, with great graphics.
Häagen-Dazs - Help the Honey Bees
Got Milk?
Got Milk?


GE | Plug Into the Smart Grid Maybe the majority of you have heard about this site, and even visited it due to the Augment Reality feature. But I still wanted to feature it, due to the high quality of the graphics, concept and design.

GE | Plug Into the Smart Grid
DirectGov - Act On CO2 Calculator Another environment-related site, with an educational and informational purpose. You will find nice graphics, continuous motion and an easy navigation. A good example of delivering global topics.
DirectGov - Act On CO2 Calculator
WWF Brasil
WWF Brasil