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50 Free Resources That Will Improve Your Photography Skills


Photography is a wonderful hobby enjoyed by lots of people all over the world. It’s a very enjoyable passtime, but also a very technical one. There’s a bewildering range of cameras, lenses and accessories, and photographers also have to get to grips with computers and image editing software packages. It can get very confusing, especially for newcomers to the hobby, and there always seems to be something to new to learn, even for experienced photographers.

With this in mind we’ve put together a list of over 50 free resources that will be useful to anyone involved in photography. We’ve compiled a list of the best and most comprehensive websites that will help you get the most out of your photography equipment. You’ll find a gold mine of articles on equipment and technique, plus advice from some of the most active and well-known professional photographers practising today.

We’ve divided these websites into categories for easy reference, but please bear in mind that many of these websites deal with more than topic. Many talk about both photography techniques and camera equipment, for example. We’ve categorised them according to how we think you will find them most useful. The resources section at the bottom of the article has links to more articles about photography websites, so check them out.

Editor’s note: Links checked January, 14th 2016.

Beginner’s Zone Link

These websites are an excellent place to start for beginners. They have content for more advanced users too.

Digital Photography School1
Very comprehensive photography resource. Lots of inspirational and informative articles.

Free Photography Resource2

Click on the Photography 101 link for an excellent set of articles for beginners.

Free Photography Resource4 Photography5
Photography articles and techniques from the team at

Inspiration Link

The EOScars [Offline]
More and more digital SLRs are coming with a movie recording mode. The highest spec models rival the quality of high end movie recording equipment and have been used to shoot music videos and movie trailers. The EOScars compiles the best movies recorded with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Free Photography Resource

Photography Now6
Portfolios from past masters and contemporary greats.

Free Photography Resource7

World Press Photo8
Anyone interested in photojournalism needs to check out this website. You can look at the winning images from the annual World Press Photo Contest and read interviews with professional photojournalists.

Free Photography Resource9

National Geographic Photography10
Beautiful showcases of inspirational photography plus tips and advice from National Geographic photojournalists.

Exposure Compensation11
Focusing on the work of inspirational photographers from around the world.

Technical Stuff Link

Cambridge in Colour12
A series of very technical tutorials about aspects of digital photography such as camera sensors, histograms, colour management and autofocus.

Luminous Landscape13
Another website with a comprehensive series of technical articles. One of the oldest and most prestigious photography websites around.

Depth of Field Master14
Depth of field is commonly misunderstood. This website explains depth of field very well. You can also print out depth of field tables for your lenses – a must for landscape and architecture photographers.

Free Photography Resource15

Ken Rockwell16
Straightforward technical advice from a pro photographer.

Canon Professional Network17
Lots of technical advice for Canon users and inspiration from Canon’s Ambassadors – pro photographers using Canon equipment.

Free Photography Resource18

Canon Digital Learning Centre19
More technical advice and tutorials for Canon users.

Nikon Digitutor20
Camera specific tutorials for Nikon users.

Pentax User Magazine21
The website of Pentax User Magazine, brought to you by the publishes of ePhotozine22 (another great photography resource), lots of useful info for Pentax camera owners.

Photo Notes23
Technical articles. Some excellent summaries of camera specs – click the Lookup link to see them.

Photography Equipment Link

It’s stating the obvious but photography is impossible without the basic equipment of a camera or camera body and lens. There are hundreds of pieces of equipment and many brands to choose from. These websites will help you make sense of the choices.

Digital Photography Review24
Comprehensive reviews on just about every new piece of digital photography equipment released over the last few years. The first stop for anyone interested in purchasing new gear or understanding more about the features of what they already own.

Radiant Lite25
Lots of equipment reviews.

Photography and Photoshop Technique Link

Photo Answers26
The official website of UK photography magazines Practical Photography and Digital Photo. Lots of news and technique to complement the magazines.

Free Photography Resource27

All the information you need to use your camera’s portable flash unit to its full advantage.

Free Photography Resource29

Joe NcNally30
Joe McNally built his reputation as a commercial photographer specialising in the use of Nikon’s portable flashes. He passes on his knowledge in his blog.

Free Photography Resource31

Photoshop Daily32
Photoshop tutorials from the publishers of UK magazine Photoshop Creative.

Free Photography Resource33

Apogee Photo Magazine34
Articles, tips, techniques and portfolios.

Technique and creative ideas.

Free Photography Resource36

Photography Blogs Link

Discussion about the topics and techniques that matter most to contemporary photographers.

The Online Photographer37
Lots of articles about equipment, technique and the concepts behind photography.

Free Photography Resource38

Epic Edits39
Lots of techniques and advice. The recent series about making fine art prints is very useful.

Free Photography Resource40

All Day I Dream of Photography41
Lots of interesting photography articles.

Toy Cameras Link

Toy cameras have become very popular over the last few years. Learn all about them at these websites:

Holga Blog [Offline]
All about holgas.

Free Photography Resource42

Light Leaks43
Print magazine featuring the best toy camera photography from around the web.

Free Photography Resource44

Square Frog [Offline]
Life through a plastic lens – techniques and tips.

Free Photography Resource45

Four Corners Dark46

Free Photography Resource47

Professional Photographers Link

One of the best ways to learn about photography is to study the work and ideas of professional photographers. Luckily, the trend for pros to blog about their work has created some priceless educational resources. Here are some of the best:

Chase Jarvis48
Professional commercial photographer Chase Jarvis on the latest developments in the industry.

The Digital Trekker49
Travel photographer Matt Brandon talks about his work and the ideas behind his photos.

Free Photography Resource50

David duChemin51
Humanitarian photography David duChemin discusses his career and work.

Free Photography Resource52

Syl Arena’s photography web magazine. Includes the excellent ‘Lessons I didn’t learn in photo school’ series.

Free Photography Resource54

Photo Smudger55
London based snapper Tom Miles shares his real world experience. Essential reading for any student or photographer aspiring to work in London.

Free Photography Resource56

Digital Pro Talk57
Social photographer David Ziser blogs about making a living in the competetive world of social photography.

Free Photography Resource58

Articles for photographers, by photographers. A wealth of information and insights from some of the world’s best pro photographers.

Interviews by Crash Taylor60
Social and wedding photographer Crash Taylor interviews some of the best known names in the business. Essential reading for anyone who wants to break into wedding or social photography.

Free Photography Resource61

Other Useful Resources Link

Photo Compete62
Once you’ve polished up your photography skills no doubt you’ll be tempted to enter a few photography competitions. Photo Compete has a listing of current photography competitions.

Photo Competitions63
Even more photography competitions including the big name competitions from companies like Sony and National Geographic.

Pro-Imaging Photo Competitions [Not available anymore]
But make sure you read this before entering a photography competition. There are competitions that take away your copyright – this website lists the competitions that don’t.

A ton of ideas for making money from your photos.

Photo Netcast65
Photography podcasts bought to you by a team of passionate photographers.

Free Photography Resource66

Photographers who photograph need models, stylists and make-up artists. You can search for them at Model Mayhem67 and Purestorm6968. You can also search by geographical area there.


Free Photography Resource70

In light reports of photographers being harassed by security guards and police, it’s a good idea to know your rights. These websites have the information that you need:

Photographers’ legal rights – UK71

Photographers’ legal rights – United States72

Photographers’ legal rights – Australia73

Last Click Link

JPG Mag74The magazine that publishes your photos and your articles.

Free Photography Resource75

Resources Link

Footnotes Link

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Andrew Gibson is a photographer and writer. He runs Magical Places Fine Art, an online photography magazine and another great photography resource.

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    John (Human3rror)

    August 30, 2009 4:32 am

    Freaking awesome. tahnks so much!

  2. 2

    WOW THANK YOU FOR THESE. These help a lot. I actually bought mine last June 10, 2009 and I do not even take any lessons. :| So… really, these are awesome. :)

  3. 3

    Nice list of resources, maybe you should remove the typo from the title :)

  4. 4

    Great list! Scott Kelby’s blog is also a great place for photography & Adobe Photoshop-related things –

  5. 5

    Great Article!

    Please also post

    They have weekly broadcast on photoshop and photography!

  6. 6

    The best photography site (at least for me) with lots of reviews/tutorials and very good forums covering various aspects of photography as well as equipment is

    It is so good so it would be helpful to put it in the main article here…

  7. 7

    Nice list of resources. I can probably spend a whole day going through them all. The Photography Now site is important because you can’t really be a good photographer without knowing something about the history of photography.

  8. 8

    Awesome Article!!
    I think is also a good site. People can review your images and you can connect with other photographers and learn from them. It’s also a super way to get your stuff noticed even if your just a little guy :)

  9. 9

    Sad to see Scot Kelby wasn’t on there.

    Also, Ken Rockwell…. really?

  10. 10

    belle sélection, merci ;)

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    I’m sad to see This Week in Photography (TWIP) – was not on there. Great podcast about photography.

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    Nice and useful list, thx.

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    thank you for the very useful and great Collection

    Cheers, Danke Sehr,

    Great photos from extraordinary Photographers
    Your News Source for DFX (Digital Effects), VFX (Visual Effects), Photos, Food and Travel

  14. 14

    Something on Food photography would be nice!

  15. 15

    I think what most “photographers” out there need is not a bunch of Photoshop guides and stuff. What they need is a basic understanding of what makes a good picture, as goes for colors, composition, etc. Also a lot of dudes must understand to limit themselves – instead of posting a gazillion shitty pics, limiting to a few really good ones is key. ALSO many must just stay the f away from Photoshop altogether – I’ve seen soooo many Photoshop murders done to good pictures that should just have been left untouched.

  16. 16

    I’d recommend Joey Lawrence. A prodigy and I don’t think he’s even 21 yet.

  17. 17

    Great list of urls, thank you for taking the time to share.

  18. 18

    Way to sum up everything PhotoTuts will ever do. :D

  19. 19

    Bobby Jr Sr, I definitely agree with you, Sir!
    I hate dealing post-processing with Photoshop when I can do that correctly direct on my JPG from the camera. Why wasting my time with PS?
    I’d rather take another pics than sit all day long PS-ing.

  20. 20

    thanks for this collection of web links. wondering why did not make it into the list
    Arun Sasidharan

  21. 21

    Having all these resources are definitely a plus, but, the real key it to go out and shoot, shoot, shoot.

  22. 22

    thank you very very much, mate…

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    Thank you for your advice.And I also have some photograph for you to improve yout photograph skill.The tool can help you share your photos at all kinds of styles.
    if you want to improve your photograph skil,you can visit at
    improve photograph skill

  24. 24

    Awesome list, but missing a reference to online art galleries devoted to photography just like Cheers!

  25. 25

    AWESOME LIST! All my favorites are on here. Also check out for some great beginner explanations of the basics, some photoshop tutorials, inspiration and more.

    Thanks SMASHING MAG! You guys are the best in the biz.

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    August 30, 2009 11:54 pm

    Nice job putting all this together. We have a lot to digest as my wife is working on becoming a pro photographer.

    Alaska Web Design

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    Oh i really thank you so much. This is excellent!

  28. 28

    dpreview is definitely missing – helped me greatly in chosing my equipment

  29. 29

    Really nice list. I think a lot of people will take from this list as designers are 90% of the time into photography. Visual people will always be visual people! Thanks again Smashing.

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    Nice post

    Thanks men


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