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How To Create Your First iPhone App (2012 Edition)

Update: 01/10/2012: The original version of this article by Jen Gordon was published in August 2009. It was thoroughly revised and updated by the author in September 2012. — Editorial Team

Since the iTunes App Store launched in 2008, over 500,000 apps have been approved by Apple, and thousands more app ideas are scrawled on napkins across the world every day. But question remains, how can a person with limited technical skills create an iPhone app?

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The good news is anyone can make an iPhone app, it’s just a matter of knowing the series of actions you need to take to make it happen. Be sure to bookmark this article because it will serve as a guide for learning the process for creating your first iPhone app, going step by step from idea to the App Store.

How To Create Your First iPhone App5

What Is Your Goal? Link

The first thing to look at when embarking on any product development or entrepreneurial venture is your goals for the project. Having a vision of what you want to achieve at the outset is an important barometer that will confirm whether the development process is heading in the right direction.

Define Your Project Goal6

Let’s look at an example. Jim is an “idea person” who wants to create an app that brings in passive income but that doesn’t require him to quit his day job. Jim understands that to achieve this goal, he will need to employ others who can do the work of updating the app, fielding customer questions, responding to feature requests, etc. If Jim hadn’t defined this goal in advance, it’s likely that he:

  • would not have planned in advance to hire help,
  • would be unhappy with the time commitment required for him to take on the work personally.

Whether you’re an individual like Jim, a marketing director, or an IT professional creating apps for internal use, having a project goal will help make your app development process a success.

Here are some examples of project goals:

  • Create an app that doesn’t require hands-on day-to-day management.
  • Create an app that becomes a full-time business for me and a team.
  • Create an app that promotes my existing product or service.
  • Create an app that is purely for fun and not for profit.

Action item: Write down the goal you hope to achieve by creating this app.

What Are Your Expectations? Link

When I consult with people who have ideas for iPhone and iPad apps, the question they most frequently ask is, “How much can I expect to make?” Unfortunately, this is difficult to answer. The following factors are unique for each application:

  • Cost to produce,
  • Popularity,
  • People responsible for managing its success.

All of these factors contribute to the financial success of your app. Base your expectations on this knowledge and on the documented proof that a wide variety of people are making profitable apps every day:

Realistic revenue projections will be different for each app, but here’s an example:

ABC application will show a profit of 10% in the first 60 days after launch, based on the success of XYZ application, which has a similar user base and functionality.

Individuals and companies alike are creating apps to solve problems and to entertain, and yet the process of making apps is still cloaked in mystery. Next, we’ll look at what goes on behind the scenes of an app’s creation and give you a step-by-step process for making your own idea a reality.

Where Do I Begin? Link

Good advice on where to start is different today than it was two years ago, when you could launch an app without much promotion and still have a fair shot at getting seen. Today, App Store competition is fierce, and dozens of new high-quality apps are being launched every day. This competitive environment means that ideas must be evaluated and refined to achieve maximum success in the App Store.

Have your idea evaluated.
“Evaluating” anything in which you are not an expert is difficult. For example, if someone had an idea for an innovative design for a child’s car seat, would that person be qualified to evaluate their own idea? Probably not. They would need to seek out the advice of someone who knows the child car seat niche. That expert would shed light on how to make the idea even better based on their specialized knowledge of the industry.

The app world is no different, and a variety of people are qualified to evaluate ideas:

  • iPhone app marketing professionals
    These people have specialized knowledge of how their clients’ apps have performed15 in the App Store, as well as of promotional techniques that do and don’t work.
  • iPhone app developers16
    Many successful indie developers are committed to serving their community. If you humbly approach these folks for advice, in my experience most are more than happy to help review your idea.
  • Personal connection
    Do you know someone personally who has created and launched an app? Take them out for lunch and have them give feedback on your idea.

What will an evaluation do for me?
When you get an expert opinion on your idea, you find out the following:

  • Whether the product will have competition that will be tough to beat;
  • Whether the idea has any technical limitations;
  • How to take a phased approach to the development process;
  • Whether you can refine the idea in other ways to increase sales opportunities;
  • Whether the idea could be profitable based on your ballpark estimate of production costs;
  • Whether the idea is a good fit for the mobile context;
  • Whether your target audience could provide useful feedback on the idea.

This is the type of information you want to gather from an expert reviewer. Once you’ve met with someone who can give you this kind of feedback, you can move on to the next steps of the project with confidence in the viability of your idea and that your goals can be met.

What if I can’t find someone to evaluate my idea?
If you’re having difficulty finding an expert to provide an opinion on your idea, ask yourself whether these success factors apply to your app:

  • Does your app solve a unique problem?
    People want to be able to do a lot of things while on the go. Successful apps often solve a problem that is unique to the mobile context.
  • Does the app serve a niche?
    Find a niche with ardent fans (pet lovers, for example), and create an app that caters to it.
  • Does it make people laugh?
    This is a no-brainer. What happens with funny apps? They get shared — a lot.
  • Are you building a better wheel?
    Are there existing successful apps that lack important features or design elements? This is tricky because those developers might already be working on such enhancements. But if you get to market first, you have a good shot.
  • Will the app be highly interactive?
    Let’s face it: most of us have the attention span of a flea. Successful games and utilities engage the user by requiring a lot of fast-paced interaction.

Action item: Have your idea evaluated.

Step 1: Develop A Monetization And Marketing Plan Link

“Wait a second, aren’t we supposed to be drawing prototypes and stuff?” Actually, not yet. The next step before moving into any kind of design or development is to figure out how your idea will generate a profit!

“Why is this so important? Can’t I do it later?”

You could, but AppPromo surveyed 102 developers and announced in its report that:

80% are NOT generating enough revenue with their app to support a standalone business.

It’s fair to assume that a great portion of that 80% also didn’t develop a monetization or marketing plan prior to developing their app. Read tap tap tap’s blog to see how companies like it do their homework. The results speak for themselves:

taptaptap 10Million
Large view17.

Here’s what you have to look forward to if you do not consider monetization strategies before developing your app:

“OMG I’ve got this great idea!”

Sketch, sketch, sketch.



“I think I’ll charge 99¢. See how that goes.”

Launch. “Woo hoo!”

“Uh oh. Why aren’t people paying 99¢?!?”

App plummets into App Store black hole.

“Maybe I should make it free?!?”

“Crap! Where’s my developer? I need to fix the app, change the way it makes money, because 99¢ isn’t working!”

“OK, the app is fixed, with a new way to make money. How am I going to get my ranking back up?”

Not pretty, but a very real scenario. If you want a step-by-step guide to avoiding the chaos of a pricing disaster, consult my “App Monetization Guide18.”

Action item: Develop a monetization plan.

Step 2: Sign Up For A Developer Account Link

Even if you will be hiring out the development work, you will need to establish your business within the App Store. To do this, visit the iOS Development Center19, and sign up for an account. It’s $99 for a year and requires that you provide the tax and bank account information of your business or yourself. Have this information handy before signing up.
Large view20.

The only reason not to sign up for a developer account would be if you’re OK with having your app published under another person or company’s account and brand. If that is the case, then know that Apple would pay all revenue to the account holder’s bank account. That account holder would then be responsible for paying you.

Action item: Open an iOS developer account.

Step 3: Sketch Your Application Link

If you have an idea already, then you likely have some visuals in mind for how the app would look and work and the information it would present. You don’t have to be an artist to sketch a rough interface, so start putting your ideas down on paper. Before you begin, ask yourself:

  • What primary action will users take within the app?
  • What information will each screen need to present?
  • What is the flow? How will users get from start to finish?
  • How big should the elements on screen be relative to each other?

Sketching your layout can be simplified with the right tools. (Image: Cultured Code)

You may find during this process that some fresh ideas come to mind that simplify the flow or that add a creative twist to the interaction design. Try to keep your original concept in mind without blocking the flow of new ideas!

Create at least one thumbnail sketch for each screen in your application. Experiment with various navigational schemes, the copy on buttons and the flow between screens. If you want to transfer your sketches into digital format, iPlotz22 is a good tool to check out.

The purpose of sketching your application’s screens is to build a foundation for the next phase of the project. If you’re an entrepreneur and are outsourcing the bulk of the project’s work, then you would show these sketches to the design and development team in order to get a price estimate.

Action item: Sketch out all screens of your app.

Step 4: Identify The Work To Be Outsourced Link

What skills do you bring to the table? Are you a designer whose brain objects to Objective C? A developer who couldn’t design their way out of a paper bag? Or simply an individual with an idea they’d like to bring to market?

When you create an iPhone application, you’re starting a small business. It is difficult for one person to play the role of researcher, project manager, accountant, information architect, designer, developer, marketer and advertiser. Can you do it all? Of course you can, but you would be wasting a lot of time, energy and sanity in the process. Based on the following list of required skills, define the areas where you would be comfortable taking the lead and where you would need to hire help:

  • Design,
  • Programming,
  • Promotion and marketing.

In most cases, the least expensive way to produce your application would be by hiring freelance contractors. While your costs would be lower, your role as project manager would become more prominent. You would spend more time managing the moving parts of the project. Also, when working with freelancers, remember to have them sign a non-disclosure agreement or at least an employment contract, with details on the scope of their work, your expectations and payment terms.

Another option is to hire an agency or development firm to handle a large chunk of the production. In this scenario, the agency would be charged with managing the project, and your role as client would be to review and approve its work. Working with an agency is a good option if you have a larger budget and less time to dedicate to the production process.

Action item: Identify your role and the roles of those you hire.

Step 5: Hiring Your Team Link

In step 4, you defined which roles need to be outsourced in order to produce the app. Now it’s time to learn exactly what each of those roles will do and where to find people for your team.

Design Link

If you are a designer, download my “iPhone App Template23,” a big collection of iPhone UI elements. These Photoshop files will save you a lot of time getting started on the design. To learn more about mobile design in general, these websites provide a lot of great resources:

If you’re not a designer, then you should know that design breaks down into three roles: information architecture, interaction design and visual design. Finding one person with all of these skills is possible, but know that the design process calls for three distinct deliverables. If you’ve got your sketches, then you have everything you need for a designer to get started.

  • Information architecture
    In case you’re familiar with the Web design process, “information architecture” as it relates to mobile is very similar. If you’re not familiar with the term, it simply means “organizing the content in your app.”
  • Interaction design
    Have you ever used an app that you didn’t need any instruction to operate? One in which the flow was so intuitive that you barely noticed the interface? It wasn’t by accident. This is the job of the interaction designer, someone who sorts out how the user will move from screen to screen to accomplish their task. Be sure to hire a designer who has skill in this area.
  • Visual design
    Visual design is the final step in the design process. It is the “skin” that overlays the controls for the app. The visual design can be as simple or as complex as you want; the key is to focus on the usability and primary task of the app.

Try to find a designer who has experience designing for mobile devices. They will have some good feedback and suggestions to improve your sketches. A few places to look for designers:

When posting your job offer, be very specific about your requirements, and be ready to review a lot of portfolios.

Development Link

If you are an Objective C or Cocoa developer, then crack open Xcode and get started! Join a few forums if you haven’t already:

If you are not a developer, then get your developer on board as you’re lining up the designer. Speaking with a developer sooner than later will help you scope a project that is technically feasible and within your budget.

Finding a developer
Using the sketches you’ve drawn up, compose a specification document that describes in writing what your app does and for whom. This document, along with your sketches, is what you will share with the developer to get a time and cost estimate.

Having a document like this also ensures that you will be able to hire a developer who has the skills necessary to produce the app. If you provide specifications for a game app to a developer who doesn’t have game development expertise, they will be able to quickly tell that the project isn’t a good fit.

Here are a few places to look for developers:

Submitting your app to the App Store
Your developer can also help you submit your application to the App Store. Clearly communicate the launch date of your app to the developer. Nothing is more detrimental to an app’s success than an unexpected or poorly planned launch. To learn more, read Apple’s “App Store Review Guidelines37.” Also, you might want to check Average App Store Review Times and unpublished rules and clarifications from Apple’s App Review team38 that can cause your iPhone app to be rejected.

Marketing and Promotion Link

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Apps can sit in the store unnoticed very easily. Don’t let this happen to you. Be ready with a plan to market your app. In fact, be ready with many plans to market your app. Be ready to experiment because some ideas will work, and others won’t.

Strategies for marketing and promotion:

  • Incorporate social media.
    Think about how your app could incorporate social media, and build that functionality into it. At a minimum, set up fan pages for your app on Facebook and Twitter, and use them as platforms to communicate with users and get feedback. The developers of Angry Birds39 and Instagram40 do a good job of engaging users on Facebook.
  • Pre-launch promotion
    Start building buzz about your app before it launches. Email journalists and bloggers who write about things related to your app. The more relevant your app is to their niche, the better your chances of getting written about. Some outlets to consider:

  • Plan for multiple releases.
    Don’t pack your first release with every feature you want to offer. Create a dream list, and design the app so that it can accommodate all of these features in the future. Then periodically release new versions of the app to boost sales.
  • Other sources of app marketing ideas:

Action item: Find freelance or agency contractors to fill the roles for design, development and marketing.

Conclusion Link

Transforming something as intangible as an idea into a tangible, playable, enjoyable app is an exciting venture. The most important takeaway for anyone looking to create their first iPhone app is to focus on hiring the right team to help bring your idea to fruition and to help maintain the app over time.

If you are an app developer with advice to share with first-time creators, please share in the comments below. Good luck and have fun!


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Jen Gordon is a designer, writer and founder of mobile design training site, Tapptics. She teaches Idea People how to make apps here. She teaches fellow designers and developers how to create beautiful and usable apps here.

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      Learn Objective-C yourself, or hire a trusted developer to do it for you, but if you hire a developer, there is always a risk…

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      Heh, I’m also 12.

      I have some experience in Javascript, HTML, and a few obscure programming languages that is specific for some software, but Objective-C is coming easily to me already. Books, I think, are really needed to learn. Can’t really find much on Objective-C on the internet.

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    Hope to hear!


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      THe built in “Safari” browser has the capability to add the URL as an Icon to the homescreen. By clicking the “+” button in safari on the iPhone, the “Add to Home Screen”. this creates an icon on the iphone similar to an app, that takes you to the predestinated URL.

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  201. 222

    Very informative article. I would like to set up an open source app I think the idea is decent and it’s an app I wish I had. Any information on open source would be appreciated.

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    I’ve found an interesting project going on about creating apps (and changing the world…?).
    what do you think about it? nothing ’bout getting rich…? ;)

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    Amazing article you have here, and the iPhone game development has helped alot. I’ve reached over 250,000 downloads now at $1.19 Per app! You’ve made me rich

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    looking for someone to help me develope my app

  205. 226


    April 9, 2011 4:06 am

    Too bad you have to spend 99 dollars before you can actually start designing, but this tutorial was really clear!

  206. 227

    Perfect, and useful in other projects. I’ve found my faults and will start again in iPhone or other platforms.
    Thanks a lot.

  207. 228

    i just downloaded xcode

  208. 229

    How much of the money made from each time your app is purchased goes to apple and how much goes to you?

  209. 230

    I am new to this field . I want to ask a question.
    What if you hire a programmer and he start building an iPhone app based on your idea!
    I mean he is a programmer and I know nothing about programming iPhone apps.
    Should I go further into this business or not without programming knowledge?

  210. 231

    I am new to this field . I want to ask a question.
    What if you hire a programmer and he start building an iPhone app based on your idea! for himself.
    I mean he is a programmer and I know nothing about programming iPhone apps.
    Should I go further into this business or not without programming knowledge?

  211. 232

    Making apps is a lot of fun and it’s very exciting once you put it on the market and start making money. I’m starting to get addicted. I owe it all to a great program that got me to where I am now, you can get use the same software I use from

    • 233

      That is my old blog, it has now been removed, you can find all the same information on how to make an iphone app here

      • 234

        i see that this is an awesome tool for app creators like you. I downloaded the $1 version, and then realized I didn’t have any of the resources needed to make an app. Do you know how to end your account so you don’t have to pay the $100? Please help.

  212. 235

    I have been looking for someone to develop an application with no luck.
    I want someone to do it all and do it right.

  213. 236

    JEN! May God bless you with wealth. I really do appreciate your writing and it’s a good kickstart for me to start on my own project with more confidence! :)

  214. 237

    Thanks for the informative post,

    However, I still dont think its complete – if i hire a programmer to design the work, how do I make sure he doesn’t take my idea and upload it for himself?

    I have thought of it, and have some ideas (like teaming up with a programmer, rather than hiring one) but still, would like to know what others have done when they come across such a situation?

    As some of the app ideas I have

    Ali @

    • 238

      Use vWorker. They have a guarantee. It is very unlikely that a programmer on vWorker would steal your idea and make the product for himself or herself. Also, with iPhone apps, it is a crapshoot whether anyone will buy it or not. Why would a programmer risk getting kicked off a site like vWorker, where they can definitely get $ for their work, to take a chance on a program that might or might not have been market tested first by the employer? I can tell you, I’ve had 2 desktop apps created for me by developers on vWorker and I’ve had ZERO problems. Don’t be so paranoid. It is in the developer’s best interest to serve you well, and not steal your stuff. If you want to take extra precautions, just make sure you hire a developer who has been on vWorker for at least a year or so and has a lot of great feedback. They have a feedback/rating system that keeps the developers honest.

    • 239

      if you using WordPress as a CMS (it’s a free open source CMS) you can install WiziApp WordPress iPhone Plugin

      And create your own App using a wizard without dealing with any programmer

    • 240

      She stated at the beginning to have them sign a non-disclosure agreement so that you have something in writing that will not allow them to take your idea.

  215. 241

    Brilliant guide! Thank you for this, was an interesting read, inspiring – keep it up :)

  216. 242

    Wow, this a lot of work, more like a project but it seems exiting, soo.. ima go or it!

  217. 243

    How about somebody creates an app that creates apps. Then I will use it to create some oh so glorious apps.

  218. 244

    Hi I am currently working on my website and I need a developer for an iphone app. How much would you charge me for the job? Is there a rough estimate on what it would cost?

    • 245

      @Glenda hi instead of hiring a programmer and paying you can do develop yourself! yes no programming required, check this link:

    • 246

      Hi Glenda,

      Thanks for letting us know regarding your requirements. I was wondering if you are still looking to develop an iphone app and if you can share your idea and requirements on my email address then rather than giving you a rough idea we can share the exact estimate of what it could take to develop your app. Feel free to drop me a line for any other information.

    • 247

      I can help you to so the iPhone app.

    • 248

      Our company deems a programmers time is worth around $75/hour. That includes wages and overhead costs. Markup to include a profit margin not included. Even an easy program can take 500 to 1000 hours. The average project takes 2000 hours. At 5.5 productive hours per day, projects take 100 to 400 person/days, or 20 to 80 person/weeks. (that’s 20 to 80 weeks for one programmer or 10-40 weeks for 2 programmers, etc.). If you’ve done the legwork and know exactly what you want, times would be shorter.

      • 249

        ^^^ @Daryl. 2000 hours x $75/hour = $150,000…… for an iPhone app? what planet are you on!

  219. 250

    Mohammed Dewan

    May 25, 2011 7:57 pm

    hi there,
    Is there any way for students to learn the development of iphone application. As a student we cannot afford much , is there anything free for student?
    Please let me know , there are some areas in the world where affording an iphone is having a private space shuttle.
    thanks in advance
    the developing world.

  220. 251

    Hey i was wondering the estimated budget for making an app?
    And do you need to have a Mac to be able to create them?

    • 252

      Hi Nick,

      I was wondering if you are looking to develop an iphone app and if you can share your idea and requirements on my email address then rather than giving you a rough idea we can share the exact estimate of what it could take to develop your app. Feel free to drop me a line for any other information.

  221. 253

    Creating apps is total fun (I guess)! This article got me moving!

  222. 254

    Thanks for this, great article. Will be following this closely whilst I try to batter my way through Objective C (yes im a designer who objects!)

  223. 255

    Hey, I am looking for someone to give me ideas on getting an excell sheet onto an app. I have written all the formulas and it works really well on the computer and was wondering if there was a way to create an app with the same concept.

  224. 256

    What about money? Any idea how much money one should need to get started?

    • 257

      That’s like asking how much does it cost to build a house. Depends on what you want to build. :)

  225. 258

    I have a series of question and I am open to whomever can answer them. I do not think I am able to create it on my own so I would like some assistance. My first question is, How much does it cost to have someone make an app for you, and what determines the prices? Is there a quide that can help you step-by-step accomplish this goal for someone who has never made an app before? Should you patent your idea before disscussing it with a contractor? Can you sell your idea if you do not want the hassel of making the app? And what kind of money can be made from creating iphone applications? Thanks in advance for all of those who can help! Be Blessed!

    • 259


      June 10, 2011 11:13 am

      The website I mentioned has a video explaining the entire process! Hope this helps.

    • 260

      Hi Monique,

      Thanks for letting us know regarding your queries and also for your blessings. There are lot of factors which determine the pricing of your iphone app. It depends on the functionality you want to have, duration it would take to build, technology which you want to use, etc. There is lot of money on offer given the idea is unique but most importantly the quality of the app(development). Signing a NDA with a reputated company is enough to keep your idea confidential. Feel free to write to me on my email Id for further information.

  226. 261


    June 10, 2011 11:09 am

    The only site for making an app that actually worked for me is you can see a video on my youtube page about it youtube/user/tylerleebrown1.

  227. 262

    hi, some one plz help me how to create a app for iphone or andriod. what do i have to do and how much do i have to spend? what software do i need to create a good app? plz someone reply me. i will be waiting for ur answers. thanks.

    • 263

      for android, everything is free, check to get started. The only thing you might need to pay for is testing it on a phone if you don’t already own an android.

  228. 264

    Maurice Touzard

    July 5, 2011 3:31 pm

    I have a great idea for an application however I would like to know where can patent my idea so nobody can use or develop an application similar to mine?

  229. 265

    I would also recommend to teach yourself Objective-C.
    I’m currently posting tutorials about Objective-C which is needed to create iPhone apps.

  230. 266

    Is there anyone who is willing to work close to me to create an app for me? My app however would be more complicated as there are not many apps like it. It requires using all of iPhones capabilities such as camera, mic, etc. Compensation or even a cut percentage of profit would be provided.

  231. 268


    July 26, 2011 4:24 am

    i want to learn how to create apps, i’ve no idea what to do, i m not a developer, but i m very eager to learn, please teach me any one how to create it…

  232. 269

    have an idea for an app that i think could be a real winner. not sure when or how to get started. or what the benifits of doing so would be.

  233. 270

    There is already a pc version of the game i want to create an app for.
    which steps can i skip and how should i go about doing it (assuming I have gotten the permission/paid the maker of that game to create the app based on the game)?

    Thank you

  234. 271


    August 12, 2011 8:36 am

    I am researching how to patent an idea for a mobile phone application that is revolutionary. Can anyone guide me in the right direction? I live in California

  235. 272

    To answer some of the other commenters Q’s, you are protected if you have your iphone developers sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Price wise good apps are like buying cars in that the prices will be all over the board. A good starting place imo however is around $3k. The app designer / developer should also be able to take your app through the entire process (incl. submitting it to the app store).

  236. 273

    I have created an APP called app builder.

  237. 274

    Get Nov8rix. You can create a customized app. It’s super fast and intuitive. Help is there for free if you need it too. They do both iphone and android apps. I found them through a review by TUAW:

  238. 275

    I really want to create a very good app. Which is very useful and most needed in daily life but I have finance problem since I am a high school student and don’t do any part time jobs. Any idea or way to make apps for free? Help me out

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    have you heard about’s really can create apps in minutes and without programming skills.

  240. 277

    I want to creat apps. I am not developer but I am really interested to do the same. Pls help..

  241. 278

    I (as countless others on here) have come up with what I believe to be an excellent idea for an app. It is sort of re-inventing the wheel but feel it is a huge benefit to millions of people in the uk and if successful, billions worldwide. Looking for a partner to help me on my way, splitting costs and profit 50/50.

    • 279

      Hi Chris,

      I am in London and starting on developing an App. Whilst I don’t have designer skills I am just making my choice who to go with. What I do have is another great idea for a London App and also mega amounts of experience in marketing, PR and promotion to get that idea known about so millions want to buy it.

      I was drawn to your comment. If you, (or others in UK) want to get heads together signing NDAs where appropriate I am sure it would work

  242. 280

    The article it’s OK! But you’ve polluted the page with banners!
    OK, here is a bad example of web design. I wish this bad example has been explored by the book you’ve announced above!

  243. 281

    You don’t have to be a programmer to build your own apps. Just use one of many services. As for me I use snappii because of its features and great developer’s team.

  244. 282

    Is there anyway to start developing and testing before you begin to sign up for the developer program? I would kind of like to play around with the coding before I commit to anything.

  245. 283

    I am not a programmer, and I use to make iPhone apps easily and quickly.

  246. 284

    im a recording/music artist and i would like to have my own app…. if there is anyone who can help create one please contact me..

  247. 285

    I am very keen to create an app but was wondering if there are any programs you can download for free to create the app as i am not feeling the $99 paying fee

  248. 286

    I have a great app idea but i have no idea how to program :( if app works and generates money. ill split 50/50. half for me with the idea, half with you with programming. plz help

    • 287

      The idea is worth 20% MAX. Execution is 80-90%

      • 288

        i have ideas for the disabled and want to make apps for ease

      • 289

        Pierce Michael Goldham Ross

        December 19, 2012 2:14 am

        That is misunderstood my friend.
        The idea alone is priceless. Together with the execution, the consept finds it’s own value.
        The idea will always be essential to the final product, while the prosess has it’s price only in the moment if creation.
        Pardon my bad English, I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. The work can be done later, by someone else, or be executed in many other ways then the one way he might decide is the right one. But the idea is the whole product, and if it needs to be changed later the work is redone, but always based on the idea.
        I hope it made sense. And this is only my personal meaning.

        • 290

          If this was true MySpace would be one of the largest companies in the world. If you remember MySpace was realesed before Facebook. However, Facebooks design was far superior than that of MySpace. Both had the same “idea” but one was executed better.

          Just another way to see it i guess.

      • 291

        Would design and marketing add another 20% to that? I understand that developing is the most important part. If I have an idea and was willing to provide graphic support including icons, glyphs, backgrounds, etc. + social network marketing and press releases, does that warrant a 40% share? I feel like Idea + Design + Marketing is half of the effort, but if the programming doesn’t work, the whole thing is shot. That is why 60/40 would be the split.

        I already ask 40% for all of that. Is that fair or am I underselling my part?

        • 292

          You should not get 40% at all. You should get a fixed price. That is fair to all parties. When you negotiate a fixed price you should build in future potential earnings. The ideas person could always go elsewhere.

          Both the ideas person and developer need to of course, have a collaborative approach and a mutual benefit/interest in the project, but i don’t feel 40% is a fair price. I would say fixed price is best.

      • 293

        Actually it’s the other way around, anyone can program, it’s the idea which is generated from nothing that creates profit.

    • 294

      What a great idea! You take none of the risk and half of the credit! How can we lose? With your half-baked ideas and my hours of unpaid labour, we will slowly but surely create an empire of unrealistic expectations!

      What’s half of not-a-god-damned-cent?

      • 295

        ronia shikhani

        December 3, 2012 3:39 pm

        ignore i pressed the wrong button

      • 296

        Lars Christensen

        January 2, 2013 8:28 am

        Well – after presenting you for the idea, it is entirely up to you to decide to join the project or leave it. As long as you have signed the contract for not telling anyone about the project. Therefore you have not put any investment of time or energy in the project before, but have received a free option/opportunity to be millionaire. Thats is very rare opportunity … – people pay up, to have that. !

      • 297

        I’ve created my own variation of Chess and waiting to see if the U.S.Chess Federation will recognize the game.I’m in hopes that someone can develop an App.Things are still in the beginning stages as far as a physical prototype.Please contact me.

      • 298

        haha that was great I just laughed out loud.

      • 299

        Occupant – you are obviously risk adverse. Idea, Sales and Marketing is the heart of a succesful app. I would say you would need to evaluate the potential for success. If it seems real then the split would be more like a fixed fee or maybe 5% to 10% to the person who programs the app. If you can program apps and you aren’t a millionaire then you don’t have the strategic mind or vison to become one. 100% of nothing is nothing.

    • 300

      Lets look at the project. We may able to work something out.

    • 301

      Get in contact with teaminindia they do everything you need.

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      George Gresham

      November 12, 2012 7:52 am

      Hey guys you might want to check out this link on how to make your own apps – real quick and easy
      Hope it helps

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    • 304

      hey, I’m your guy. I have multiple degrees in IT, and know how to program apps, and have done so in the past! Please email me! Together we can get this to the Market!

      • 305

        Danielle Winters

        February 7, 2013 8:10 pm

        How much do apps normally cost to start up? I have an awesome idea but I do not know how to start up with it considering I have no clue how to do any of the technical work.

        • 306

          Yes, I’m wondering about the same thing. Can anybody tell us?
          Let’s say we have ideas and capital, how are we gonna operate this? And what do we need, “technically and legally”?

    • 307

      This article is really helpful. I’m going to follow it to the letter. I’ll let you know how I get on.

    • 309

      Can someone help me I have no idea what to do is there steps? If there is steps please tell me! I so badly want to make a free website.Every day I search this:Free online making a website,well it’s no use! So now since I can write a comment,my website is about on a game it’s called Moviestarplanet,it’s how to look pretty on Moviestarplanet! I wish I just had a free website to put it on online but I can’t cause of no free online website! No steps, difficult, hard,and other stuff so if you find a easy making website tell me and other people!

    • 310

      good luck

  249. 311

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  250. 312

    this seems to be alot of work but its worth trying

  251. 313

    Can anyone create an iphone app for me, have a great idea?

    • 314

      A developer could for $150/hour. Do you have that? Is your idea that good that you’d be willing to fork over $5,000 for it? If so, go for it.

      • 315

        $150 per hour to punch code into a computer, possibly in their spare time at home? Way overpriced if you asked me.

        • 316

          Dylan Cahill

          May 2, 2013 5:27 am

          I hear this a heap but you aren’t simply paying them for the labour of punching code into a computer, you are paying them for the knowlege they invested in during their tertiary education, you are paying them to keep up to date with the industry and code as it changes.

        • 317

          bahahaha 150 an hour.. that made me laugh so much. If it was 150 an hour why oh why are there qualified programmers from the east offering their services for 6$ an hour?? the cheapest I paid for a programmer was 200 rmb, which is about 32usd, that was for 3 full days of work, his work was quite good, first attempt was shot down so he spend the next 2 days doing it properly under threat of not recieving anything.

          Each project is different, but if you think it will take 10 days then i would guess you would need 200usd.
          if you estimate it to take just 1 day (say glueing everything together (pictures already made, animations aready made etc etc.. then I would pay no more than 10usd (working in asia allot and speaking ok chinese helps, without it use elance to post a summary and ask for people to quote you. some advertising people work for 2usd an hour from the philipeans).

          • 318

            But that is why we prefer not to outsource labor. Keep jobs in the US right? A little bit more expensive but you don’t have: to go and learn another language, travel expenses, and you keep America’s Economy stimulated, which at this point in time, we need greatly. Wouldn’t you agree? Besides I believe there are quite a few reputable developers here in the states that could the job efficiently and effectively for competitive pricing.

    • 319

      Lets look at your Idea and the scope of the project. We can decide go or no-go from there.

  252. 320

    When I wanted to create an app by myself, having absolutely no programming experience, I tried This service really helped me make a cool custom app in some minutes. What I loved was their outstanding support.

  253. 322

    Enrique Vasquez

    October 1, 2011 6:05 am

    Awesome Article! I’ve taught myself how to make my own website, retouch my own photography, etc . . . now I’m trying this and it’s incredibly hard, but I don’t give up easily. Now time is money and I’m opening up my own business soon so I need to finish my app in a given time. I’m looking for help developing an app for the business that may be used as a template in other businesses. Can anyone help me please? =) I learn quick, so you don’t have to worry about me not understanding terms and workflow when we work together.

  254. 323

    Mark Petherbridge

    October 4, 2011 3:59 am

    This is an interesting article, however it is not fully complete in my opinion. There is no mention of the coding process involved.

    Here is a tutorial to create your first “hello world” iphone app:

    Hope this helps :)

  255. 324

    hi all,

    I am looking for someone who can help me to develop an app for a specific industry. I would need someone who knows how to combine pictures, video, architecture and graphic design.

    If you are interested or can help, please contact me.

    • 325

      Lets look at your Idea and the scope of the project. We can decide a go or no-go from there. Feel free to contact me.

  256. 326

    I want to design an app however it wud mean ppl wud have to pay to have a go weekly.. Wud I need a gaming license?!?

  257. 327

    Stephen Rieger

    October 13, 2011 7:24 pm

    Hey I want to make an app for Me and my friends only, is that possible for someone to do for me? I don’t want to pay 100 dollars to be a developer for one app, any help would be appreciated.

  258. 328

    I have a brilliant idea for and iPhone app. Talked to many friends and family of all ages and they love the idea. I’m just a senior in high school and need tons of help!! Please e-mail if you can provide any help at all!

    • 329

      No need to email you Kyle! I’ll provide help right here and I’ll give it to you for FREE! That’s right, no cost for this help: If you believe the idea is worth its weight, you should be willing to learn to code it or raise the $5k – $10k to build it. If it’s not worth that much to you, then you should probably not tell people about your “idea”. Ideas are cheap, turning ideas to products is expensive.

  259. 331

    Creating an iPhone/Android app is quite easy enough, even not being a developer. Thank you, for the information provided here, but I would like to add a comment here. If you are pretty good as a designer, and have a nice unique sight for a new app, but lack in programming skills, I would highly recommend you using a starter application templates. Using the app templates you may build iPhone app in quite short timeframe. Making an app more interactive, by adding more native pages to it, is the key to have it approved by Apple Review Team.

    As an example, you may using SeattleClouds as one of the online app building tools (

    • 332


      Can you please provide examples of apps using SeattleClouds? Very interested.

      Thanks, Donna

  260. 333

    I’ve an idea for an App. but i’m still figuring out how to go about it. In my opinion it is a great one. I would like to team up with some technical guys (developer and designer). I’ll be greatful to hear from any one willing. Please share your contact as a reply to this post and i’ll get back.

    • 334

      You don’t need any programming skills to create iphone apps. This is the simplest solution to develop great iphone apps without any programming skills. go to this link to find out how….

  261. 335

    I need to create an app too..
    Can someone please help me regarding that.
    Its about a famous popular singer, i need to make an app for his website..Someone willing to help me PleasE??

    • 336

      There’s a guide made specifically to help people create their app once they have an idea. Perfect starting point.
      It’s called Create iPhone Apps That Rock.

  262. 337

    I just need an MAC! :(

  263. 338

    Jack Lichtenstein

    October 29, 2011 6:48 pm

    I. Have the greatest idea ever. Let me create an app please

    • 339

      I’m an app developer, I might be interested in working with you! Shoot me an email with your idea and we can work from there.

      • 340

        Hello Sam!
        I have got an idea and i need a team to make in real.
        My name si Crina, I am froma Bucharest, Romania and I have 2 small businesses.
        In the past 2 years I have encountered many difficulties and developed a system to record all the cash flow in a company.
        I have many numbers sheets that help me do that and I want to transform them in an app.
        What do you thing about that?

      • 341

        I just happen to be reading reviews on App development and noticed that about a year ago that you was in that field if you still are I have an idea would like to find someone to partner up with. Funds are low but my brain is always working

  264. 342


    Saw you wrote on here about being able to do app designs? Can I just ask to what sort of level and the level of prices as well?


    • 343

      I believe the prices are based on what kind of app it is, the ideas that come with it, and who you hire. Try finding someone, possibly an adviser for this sort of thing, and go over your ideas for the app.

  265. 344

    Aaron Blevins

    October 31, 2011 6:03 pm

    Ever heard of Andrei Gradinari? What about Emily Maples? How about Matt Rix? They are some of the most successful iPhone App developers around… just Google each of them, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. We interviewed each of them, and are giving away their success interviews on our Facebook page. Just visit and like the page below to download your free copies.

  266. 345

    Sure you could build your own app, but I suppose you could go online and learn to do maintenance on your own car. Do you have the time to go through this list and weigh strengths and weaknesses? Automated tools tend to create “less than ideal” Mobile Apps and you quickly run into limitations. I strongly advise finding a reputable app developer. I’d be happy to introduce you to such a individual or agency.


    • 346

      Hi there Brett,

      I have hopes (one day) to be an app developer, however I am uncertain where to start and am lost at where to find the correct support without paying a huge amount for sufficient help. I was hoping you had some good advice to leave, however I understand if you are unable to provide a helpful reply.

      Kind Regards,


      • 347

        Hi, Henry

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        t. patterson

    • 348

      Brett, Please contact me to talk about an app developer

    • 349

      Tam Jamelle

      May 31, 2013 2:13 pm

      Hello Brett,

      Do you still have the contact information for the individual(s) or agency? If so, could you please share or introduce?

      Tam Jamelle

  267. 350

    I have an outstanding idea for an app but dnt know how to make one im just ur average joe who is got a beutiful idea but aint gotta clue on programing some one please help me please

    • 351

      Let´s see it this way: “I am an outstanding developer for apps, but I don´t have an idea, I am the average Joe who programs beautiful but I have no clue on idea, so please give me one, please help”.

      So, are you giving me your idea?, please do it, please, please. You are not giving it to me right?, so why should I help you?. Programming is a job, do you know that, isn´t it?.

  268. 352

    Do we need to patent our idea before making it an application? I see so many websites with similar ideas on the internet…

    i.e. we got number of search engines: Yahoo, Google, Bing, … Did they obtain a patent before launching their ideas? if so, how come we have so many of them?

  269. 353

    Hello, i have an ideas, but not have a coders..if you’re a freelancer or beginner coder, please write to me here and later i give my email

    • 354

      hello, i am a beginner coder, i started at 11 with cmd and later moved to visual basics and i am 14 with 3 personal .exe files, im not sure i could do alot but i can try =/

  270. 355

    Timothy M. zonoe

    November 17, 2011 7:42 am

    teach me how to develop apps, my country really needs this.

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    Hi, I have to do a business project for school and was wondering if anyone would be willing to answer some general questions about making apps. It would be greatly appreciated! :)

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    i have look at the information but i can’t really quite get it can someone help me to understand it better??? these information are useful but kinda hard to understand

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    I would like to create a new application for physicians on i Phone. Who can help me?

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    Can anyone give me an estimate of time it would take to develope an app that scans QR codes and logs the info from them. And how much it would cost.

    • 364

      three options and you can choose two: Do you want it done Well, Fast or Cheap?

    • 365

      Just to build the QP code reading functionality and logging them in a database or server or display them somewhere is not a very complicated functionality. If that ONLY functionality you want in your App? Would it be just a ‘QR Scanning App’? or do you have an app already and want to add QR scanning functionality in it?

      Without any ‘Back End’ work just to make and install this functionality will cost you between $800 to $2,000 depending on the developer you hire and service they provide. It is fare market value.

      Do not hesitate to contact me for further query. All the best.

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    Mobile apps are hot today. But hiring a programmer is too expensive. I used to make apps. It’s really easy, the web service allows to make mobile apps in minutes, and without programming skills at all.

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    Great article on all the basics. Most people miss the first few crucial steps, like making sure you have a good idea and doing the keyword research upfront.

    When it comes time to programming, I highly recommend this guide on how to make iPhone games with Cocos2d. I bought it because it game with a game engine and now I’m halfway through making my first game!

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    I would like to learn how to create an app. I would like to use the app. for learning our language. This would be a great tool for our children , being that many of our children are using the various technology gadgets.

    • 369

      The BEST way to learn is by reading and cracking which is Apple’s own platform to guide developers.
      The FASTEST way is to watch videos on YouTube. There are 1000s of them and they are fast, free and resourceful. Just type ‘iOS tutorial’ in the YouTube search box and you will see what I am talking about.
      The LEAST EFFECTIVE way is to go to college to get a computer science degree.

      Your pick. Good luck!

  280. 370

    Hi I was wondering if you can make and app on windOws instead of Mac thx!!!!

    • 371

      Hey sid,

      I dont think so and if you were it would be a lot tougher software wise
      At leat that’s what I read in an article


    • 372

      You can make apps just not for iOS. You can make android apps on Macs, or PCs (Windows/Linux) but you need to learn Java in that case.

    • 373

      Yes…you can use Adobe Flash 5 and above. They will let you use the graphical environment to design and create without coding. To make it more advanced you then need to learn Actionscript 3. That is the current language in Adobe. The current version of Flash is 6. They let you choose development as Android or iOS when you begin a new project and then create a way. You will export the project as such when you are finished. I already use this platform for Windows and it works PERFECT!!!

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    What a fantastic article and guide. I’ve been a veteran apple developer for years and since inception of the iphone, I continued on.

    Great peice of literature!

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    Do you need a developer to submit an app to appstore? It looks from a brief look that this is not necessarily the case although I’ve heard some people say they need someone to represent them, why would they say this if you can just do it yourself?

  283. 376

    VERY interesting article. Lots of info for a super newbi like me. Is there a way I can save your article as written (with screenshots and all??).
    I would like to keep it for future reference. ALSO…. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the author (Beth) replied to many of the comments posted. Thank you sooo much for all this good stuff!!


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    Thank you for this informative article, Jen! And thank you to everyone else that contributed other helpful information regarding this post.

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    Great how-to! So much information! I’ve been looking into iPhone development for a little while and this pretty much sums everything up that I’ve seen, plus a bit more. Thanks!

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    Hi all,
    Thank for this topic which I found very very interesting.
    I would like to build an ecommerce mobile application for a Magento store, do I have to start from zero or there’s something I can take advantage of to interface the application with the store?
    by the way, I can’t afford Magento Mobile because of the cost.
    Thank you again :)

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    There are far too many blogs and articles out there in the ”web-o-sphere’ simplifying the entire app development process. If you truley believe that a one-page blog post or article can actually cover the app development process adequately – you’re fooling yourself. Making a successful app or game is not easy. The app store is not only ultra-competitive, its flooded with crappy apps and games developed by people using duped source code or online app creation software. If you want to create something of value, you need to think the entire project through in far more detail than what is regurgitated in most blogs and articles. I recently stumbled across This site is by a game creator who appears to be actually taking the time to show you how to design a game or app that has the potential to succeed in the app store. It’s well worth reading all the articles as the game creator produces them.

  291. 384

    Adam Veitch

    June 12, 2012 2:04 am

    Phenomenal post Jen! I read every word. I have an idea for an app that is in the process of being built. The app is totally unique and I think it could do well. This post has helped me to gain confidence with it and has spurred me to really put my shoulder behind it without rushing. I am an SEO and copywriter for the web and have basic HTML and CSS skills. This post has just emphasised the steps I was already taking and given me ideas that I never thought of for the future (namely the multiple releases). I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew and the really techy parts have been outsourced. I’m just looking forward to finishing it and promoting it via Facebook ads and the like.

    One thing I might add to it though is once you have a working prototype it could be a good idea to hire a patent attorney and consider applying for a patent to stop copycat companies mimicking your creation.

    Great post! Thanks again.

  292. 385

    got great idea would like to no where to start and who is most secure

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    Kevin Jacks

    July 2, 2012 12:15 am

    Thank you for your time i have an idea for an app no computer skills at all would like to know email address for developer thank you KJ.

  294. 387

    Hi i have many fantastic unique ideas all planned out, but have absolutely no idea how to create them, the comments above have helped me get a better understanding of how much time and effort is needed. All my ideas are games, which I know will be very popular. I would really apppreciate help and/or advice.

    • 388

      Advice: Learn to code. You’re welcome.

    • 389

      Game development is rather complicated than regular enterprise app development. Game development in the iOS usually follows these basic procedures.
      1. Game design – usually in C++ or Java
      2. Game testing – usually in non-iOS platform
      3. User Interface (UI) building – in iOS platform
      4. Writing the game in Objective-C language from the initial C++/Java version.
      5. Connecting the game in Objective-C into the iOS User Interface (UI)

      The reason because why the game is initially designed in C++ or Java is because it is extremely difficult to find Objective-C coders who can write up game in Objective-C language just like that. A good Objective-C game developer will be costly – around $250,000/year minimum salary due to their high demand in Silicon Valley at this point.

      Hope it helps. Do not hesitate to contact me for any further details.

      Good luck!

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    Its nice way to learn and very informative ,truly I admire every bit of it .
    Some body please help me in creating an application.

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    Hello All
    I have a few app ideas and do not have the money to get started. Is there any investors available here or would someone be interested in teaming up with me and we talk numbers? I would like to start working on my apps asap. If you live close to me, as in NYC, that would be great, but I am more interested in someone who is knowledgeable and can get the job done.

    • 392

      The job can be done. But you can not enter the game with $0.00. It simply is not realistic. Investors can be found if your Idea is worth while. But investors will not invest if you have $0.00 contribution in your own idea. I am sorry if I may sound less than helpful but it is the realistic picture.
      Good luck!

  297. 393

    I have a great idea for an app. that has not been used yet. How do I protect and or sell it?

    • 394

      You learn to code and you make it yourself or you raise enough capital to hire someone to make it for you.

      • 395

        Your comments are the least helpful out of anyone’s if your so anti helping people why don’t you just not comment! unless of coarse you get off on it!
        Thanks to everyone who obviously didn’t start from the top like David.

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    I had someone create an iphone app for my business, but I don’t know how to distribute it. I hate to pay for a developer acct – is there a way to hire someone to upload it via their own developer account? It is a free app, so I’m trying to keep the cost down. Can an app just be downloaded from my website? Any suggestions?

    • 398

      Hire someone to upload it? No, if the application (YOUR APPLICATION) isn’t worth $99 to you, it’s worth about $0.00 to me.

      • 399

        Dude, you don’t even know the reason why he doesn’t to upload/apply as developer for himself . He said ‘hire’, which means he’s willing to pay(maybe even up to the $99). Will u take a break?

    • 400

      Not only is the value of your app doubtful, even when it being free, as you refuse to even make a 99$ investment for it. Even more troubling is your thought that distributing it under someone else’s account is a good idea.

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    Hilarious, “Mid-size entertainment companies such as Electronic Arts…”

    Electronic Arts is the world’s third-largest gaming company by revenue after Nintendo and Activision Blizzard.

  302. 403

    The amount of comment spam on this article and requests that go like “i have an idea for *the best* app ever, all my friends in school think it’s great but i got no skills whatsoever, help me build it and if it makes money, i’ll share some with you – roflcopter!!!1!” is TOO DAMN HIGH.jpg!

  303. 404

    All this unfortunately is good, but 3 years too late. How to create your first app 2012 edition should start with a browser. Web apps are the future, arguably always have been.

    • 405

      Agreed, Instagram was a fluke and unless you need the parts of the phone that html5 is too slow (currently) to operate with ie. camera, graphics card, geolocation; an application might be the way to go for the short term but developing 1 webapplication vs developing 2-3 native applications is very one sided. 99% of people with “the next great app idea” don’t need cameras, graphics or geolocation, they need to spit up data.

      • 406

        I have $25,000 capital and work part-time. I have time and I want to learn how to make websites and apps (I will invest hours into researching this and trying to learn code anyway even if I end up making no money out of it because yes, I have no social life at the moment and refuse to just watch TV, haha).
        David and Paul James (and some others) – you guys are my favourite of all the comments so far so hopefully you see this (apologies in advance as you are not career advisors nor will you recieve payment for reading and replying to this!). Straight down the line, no bs preferred! I am a beginner who has never used a mac but uses Fujitsu lifebook laptops and an iPhone. I have ideas but basic ones that I could use to simply learn the process successfully with quality (not to be the next bazillionaire). I will not enroll in a uni degree for website/app making and I learn from watching (though I know I will end up spending hours just reading “Dummies” books and all the links mentioned n this chain).
        Based on your perspective and knowledge, is making apps and website truly learnable for the average jane? I was willing to offer a few days a week doing free work experience at an app development house (though can’t see why they’d let me since I have no value to offer THEM!). Do either of you have any suggestions (anything appreciated) for someone who would be willing to put in the money and hours to research, learn and make (and outsource if needed though prefer to learn it all) their own things? THANK YOU!!!
        Everyone else, please do not reply to me asking me to be an investor of YOUR app – if you have read the above you can see that my hard earned/saved $s will be invested into ME as the asset and anything/anyone I need to make ME learn and do the process myself. And I have NO other skills in this arena to offer you yet either. Haha :D
        P.S. Curious what a web app is…

  304. 407

    Do yourselves a favor and if you want to develop the application yourself, learn RubyMotion, it’s 100x better than Objective-C, much more user friendly, you can code the application and the server in the same language (Ruby on Rails) and you don’t have to work with a niche set of developers that make up the pretentious Objective-C community. Also, as a developer let me tell you; if you have an idea: CONGRADU-FREAKING-LATIONS, you’re only one of 10^8 people who has one of those. If you don’t fork over major capital (cash for you wee-ones) or do 80% of the work before-hand, developers don’t wanna hear your “idea”.

    • 408

      How do I get in touch with you Dave? You seem like a great man and an awesome business associate to boot.

  305. 409

    I have a strong sales and marketing background and am currently working on a marketing plan for execution. I’ve visited a few big app development companies and they are all over this idea but need some kind of capital initially. I don’t want to ask family and friends and would rather partner with an investor or a developer. Again I’m a proven marketing professional who’s put endless hours into this project. This project addresses a need with absolutely no competition. We need to work on this now this idea won’t last. It’s one of those “of course” “why didn’t I think of that” ideas that I’ve been working on for the last 7 months. Message me if you’re an investor, have access to app investors or a developer and would like to chat about it. I do have an NDA we would need to execute before we chat. Good luck to all your ideas!! Make it happen!

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      Hi Steve, we might be able to help you with your project.

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      HI Steve,
      Please email me, I am a potential investor, would be interested in signing your NDA and hearing your idea!
      Thank you

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      Steve, I am in a similar situation as the one you described on 2 Oct 2012. I have not gotten the NDA yet it doesn’t really matter yet because the idea that led me here is a small more than likely free app, but I have no idea cause this article is all I know about them, other than using them. For some reason your post stood out among the rest and I felt compelled to contact you. I don’t ever post or blog or anything. This is my first. I’m a son, a husband, a father, an American and an active duty USAF captain, in that order. I really just want to know how your idea panned out and how things went for you. If you are interested in communicating let me know, I’m not sure how to get you my info as I don’t want to post my email here. With that, I will just see what happens next. As a side note to the author, thanks for taking the time to put something like this together. People don’t help people enough.

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    What a waste of an article. Not one mention on how to work in Xcode. Just hire someone? Give me a break.

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    to install sdk and merging the installed sdk in to the development ide and running it..
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    What a terrible article. I was hoping for something more technical, other than “find a developer to do it for you.” What a joke. Who is this article for? People who don’t know jack about web or software or design development? Why would they be on smashing? This is just pure dribble.

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    Hi, how do I protect my idea when going to see a developer? how will I know they haven’t told me it’s a crap idea then go out on their own and make $$$$? is there such thing as a patent of apps?

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    I understand that creating an app takes time. If I have an idea and someone helps make this idea become reality, I don’t care how much I get from profit. I want people to have fun with it which I know they will. I’d love to have a team to help me out… If someone helps make it, will I still own the app?

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    I loved this article and more so, everyone’s comments. Yours are exceptional there David :) I just like dabbling in the idea that some day I may finally get around that learning curve and be able to know enough to develop my own ideas into apps. It takes time and usually money now a days folks so if your not willing to give it 110% of both then kick it to the side ….

  325. 432

    Of course like everyone else I have an idea. I’m a diesel technician, by trade. My idea has nothing to do with this. I know nothing about writing code programming, design anything of the sort. I believe my idea is very useable, with mobile devices, as well as interfaced with Google. I believe it is worth putting the 5k-10k into. I would like to share my idea with someone who has vision can see the potential to judge it for feedback. I really have know idea how to go about doing something like this. The article helped but I need something that holds my hand a little tighter. If someone knows of a company that does this or can point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated

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    Hi all, I have ZERO background or skill in programming anything more complex than a multi-use remote control, and tryign to teach myself how to build an iphone app. Following the instructions above, and working on iOS 10.6.6 (if that matters), I get to the point where I click to create the “UIViewControllerSubclass” file, and I end up with 4 “issues” of the same variety: lines that “HelloWorldView Controllercannot use super because it is a root class.”

    If anyone is still looking at this thread, have any advice?

    Thanks much!

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    UI needed. Just a fresh port.Please send me a guide or you can port that and
    sell on the AppStore.My e-mail is:

  335. 443

    “How much can I expect to make?”

    This one is very easy to answer. Nothing. In 90% of cases you will lose money by creating an iOS app, working for months to create something which goes on to sell ~200 copies at 99c (less Apple’s cut and the annual developer license). From a purely financially perspective, getting a job in McDonald’s is orders of magnitude more lucrative than being an independent iOS developer.

  336. 444

    I’ve been reading the same dumbass opinion since the early ’70s. I think if Self really gave a rat’s ass about the subject he would genuinely look into it and see the great breadth and depth of MFA grads from programs all over the country. A list of American MFA grads would put a sock in his jingoistic mouth.

    One more marksman, this one a very cool writer, blasting an easy target: “all those crap MFA writing programs has yet to settle like a miasma of standardization on the English literary scene”

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    I have a good idea for an app it’s kind of like shazam but how would I go about making it??? Any advice would be helpfull.

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    Enjoyed reading the article. Helpful for those wanting an overview of what it takes to create your own app and have it get somewhere. Thanks for the article!

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    I have a great app. It could be the next billion dollar social outlet in the market. The problem is, I am new to the the world of design, create, and implement. Simply put at this point, I’m just an idea man. However, it is a great idea and could be extremely profitable if done diligently and professionally. So, I need a valid partner willing to work along side a novice. You are the computer brilliance behind our project, I am the idea/marketing PR person to help catch it on fire. For your complete dedication I am willing to give you 60% of the profits. There will be buyout contract specifications as well as royalties that will be completely outlined via an agreement and memorandum of understanding.

    If you have the know-how, time, and are interested let me know and we will chat a bit.



  345. 453

    I want to create an app, so that when your texting the person they can listen to your text message through your own voice so they know how you are coming across in the conversation, how would I do this and get your own voice Recognition while there reading it? I think it would be neat if it was updated into the iPhones software, instead of Siri reading it, the person that sent it you’d be hearing there voice, Idk even know if it’s possible.. just something I thought of and thought it’d be cool, It’d be nice for just like a small percentage of that if its even possible lol..

  346. 454

    I want to create an app that allows people to delete multiple photos on Instagram at one time

  347. 455

    Great article, but a little too general to really get me moving forward. What would be AWESOME would be seeing an App being built, step-by-step, in real time and learning from someone’s mistakes and successes!
    Like what’s going on here:

  348. 456

    Way do you NOT telling me how to create an APP

  349. 457

    I found the article very interesting, however i always have this doubt… what about avoiding programmers and designer from stealing you ideas when showing them your sketchs and so on? do you guys think it is common to have problems with that? or as you said the would lack the 80% or 60% that marketing efforts represent in a successful app?

  350. 458

    We are trying to create an app for our company first, that will lead into our industry.. I have a process to start small with my company and then expand in future releases and versions.. This article was very informative.. Any developers, designers and the likes please send me your info and qualifications.. I am ready to move forward immediately once we build the team to make this happen.. I will need nondisclosure statements, this is a hired gig but feedback and better ideas are always rewarded.. shoot me an email with your info if you are on the development side, I do not have time to do much more than help design the structure and some project management assistance.. Emial

  351. 459

    Interesting “How To” when Step 4, the first step that gets close to the creating of the actual app says to hire others to create it. Of course we can hire others to market, to program and design… I thought reading about how to create an application meant I’d be reading about how to create it.
    This isn’t a guide to creating an app. It’s a guide to preparing and marketing one and that’s all.
    Besides my criticism, however, I do thank you for the interesting tips.

  352. 460

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