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Fresh Free High-Quality Icon Sets

The most important aspect of designing an individual icon is that it has to be instantly recognizable, you have to know its function, and you need to know exactly what it is. If you are designing a set, the actual design becomes a lot harder, the designer has to face two initial challenges: each icon they design has to be individual and distinctive from the other, and, they also have to have similar features to show that they are related, completing the set. Not an easy task.

Perhaps that is why we love those small indispensible graphical images so much, it’s an appreciation of the hard work, creativity and talent of the designer. And to think, all those hours spent in front of a laptop crafting these little marvels, and then, allowing everyone else to download them for free. To all icon designers we say: “thank you”.

In this post we present a round-up of fresh high-quality icons that are available for free download and (sometimes only for personal) use. Please make sure to read license agreements before using icons in your designs – they can change from time to time.

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e-Commerce Icons Link

Money Back Guarantee Icon Set3 (registration is required)
100 % Money Back Guarantee Vector Icon Set. The set contains 3 versions: 30 day – 60 day and 90 day.

Money Back Guarantee Icon Set4

Open Source Icons – (37signals)5

Open Source Icons - (37signals)6

10 Free High-Quality E-Commerce Icons

10 hochwertige, exklusive E-Commerce Icons

Credit Card Icons
22 Credit Card Icons that are perfect for your sites.

Useful Icons and Vectors Link

Daily Exhaust: Hand & Arrow Icons

Daily Exhaust: Hand & Arrow Icons

Free hand pointer icons7

Royalty Free Icons and Stock Images8

Webdesigner kit9

Webdesigner kit10

The Webdesigner Sketchup Icons11

Webdesigner kit12

Web Buttons Vector
Compilation of the free web button vectors and elements – useful for wireframing and prototyping!

Web Buttons Vector

Top 3 icons pack13

Top 3 icons pack14

500+ Free Vector Traffic Signs15

500+ Free Vector Traffic Signs16

Packaging Vector Pack
This Vector Freebie Pack is created by Ian Yates and is available exclusively from Vectortuts+. If your looking for high quality graphics to mock up your next client presentation with, then check out these packaging graphics.

Packaging Vector Pack

Exclusive Stationery Vector Pack
This new Vector Freebie Pack is created by Ian Yates. If you are looking for high quality graphics to mock up your next client presentation with, then check out these graphics.

Exclusive Stationery Vector Pack

Moderators Icons17

Moderators Icons18

How to be Green at Home

How to be Green at Home

Simple and Minimal icons Link

Free iPhone Toolbar Icons19
Icons designed specifically for iPhone developers, available for free for anyone to use commercially under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada license.


Designed and carefully optimized for use on toolbars and tab bars in iPhone apps, these icons are also perfect for Android apps, websites, t-shirts, tattoos and more.


A travel and business vector pack

A travel & business vector pack



Standard Iconset by Templay25

New Icon Sets26

RRZE Icon Set

New Icon Sets

Characters so far27
35 very original and eccentric characters.

New Icon Sets28

Beautiful Icons Link

Philippe Starck Icons29
Philippe Starck icons for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux.


Snow Leopard Icon31
The new version of Mac OS X, Snow Leopard, was just released, so the designer decided to celebrate it with a new artwork. Download the Snow Leopard Wallpaper32 as well!

Snow Leopard33

Billiardo 134

Billiardo 135

Moleskine Helvetica Icon

Moleskine Helvetica Icon

Foto Icon36

Foto Icon37

Free Cute Furry Monster Icons38
“I’ve put together a little family of monsters, available for free download in the form of icons. Each monster can be found in PNG, ICNS and ICO filetypes for use on your Mac, PC or for inclusion in your website designs.”

Free Cute Furry Monster Icons39

LiveJournal turns 1040
Anniversary edition icons set, LiveJournal is celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

Royalty Free Icons and Stock Images41

stratocaster Classic psd42

stratocaster Classic psd43

2001 Space Odyssey44


Vector Kitchen Icons46
Vector Kitchen Icons – 25 different examples of kitchen stuff created in funny cartoon style. Set include: teapot, knifes, saucepan, pot, frying pan, plates, cups, microwave oven, forks, kitchen-range and so on. Soft gradients and colors, smooth contours, creative shapes.

Vector Kitchen Icons47

Modern Chairs Icons48

Modern Chairs Icons49

Google Talk Icon50

New Icon Sets51

Chamber Orchestra52


Classic Cameras54

Classic Cameras55

Camera Nikon56

Camera Nikon57



Desktop & GUI Icon Sets Link

Gnome Icon Theme60

Gnome Icon Theme61



Generic Applications64
This icon set is released under a special license which will allow software developers to use this set of 7 icons in their projects.


Bevel and Emboss
Ever wondered how are all these glossy looking icons made? This is not a tutorial how to make them, as there is a lot of these out there, this is a fully editable PSD source you can download for free and use them for your projects (commercial and non-profit) or to see how this look is achieved.

Bevel And Emboss

32px icons set
A simple set of icons, available only in the resolution 32×32px, only in the iContainter format.


Windows 7 DVD-Box

Windows 7 DVD-Box



There are 64 icons in this set, all are 64x64px and available in both PNG. and ICO. formats.

New Icon Sets69

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  1. 1

    Some great icon sets there – randomly I have used a few on my site in the past.

    Love the Strat set – just wish I had somewhere I could use them! Keep em comin SM!

  2. 2

    grreat collection, indeed!

  3. 3

    Super Collections! Thx SM!

  4. 4

    Very nice sets. Good job.

  5. 5

    Very nice collection…i love the Webdesigner Mini Kit :)

  6. 6

    Nice collection there, will no doubt use some of these in the future.

    Not important in the slightest but the Nikon Camera one appears twice for some reason.

  7. 7

    WOW, what an amazing collection…

    Thanks a lot!

  8. 8

    Hi’q’h? lol.

  9. 9

    A great collection, Thanks guys. (You may want to look at the slight typo in the page title……)

  10. 10

    Nice work on the stratocaster although the head actually looks closer to a Jaguar than a Strat.

  11. 11

    You guys ROCK !

  12. 12

    I love this icon collections. I will use it on my blog.

  13. 13

    Fantastic article and very comprehensive resource list. One of the best and NEWEST!! Keep up the good work guys. I can’t wait to get your book here in Italy!

  14. 14

    Love these icons, and all the others posted here. Great resources.

  15. 15

    Thanks again, you guys are always a great source for inspiration.

  16. 16

    Thanks a lot ! Very usefull.

  17. 17

    Cool! Thanks a lot!

  18. 18

    Vincent Ouellet

    September 16, 2009 5:05 am

    Awesome !!

    Should put a ‘Download full package link’ :P !

  19. 19

    You guys are incredible.

  20. 20

    Amazing collection. Just downloaded some of these.


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