Showcase of Case Studies in Design Portfolios

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Portfolio websites are critical for designers who want to get exposure for their work and attract new clients. While all portfolio sites will showcase the work of the designer, some have chosen to provide additional information about the project through case studies.

In this post we will be featuring more than 30 portfolio sites to show how they are using case studies from their own design projects to communicate with potential clients. Not all of them are referred to as “case studies” on the site, but all provide much more information than just giving a screenshot with the client’s name.

If you are considering ways to make your existing work more relevant or appealing to visitors who may be potential clients, providing case studies is one option. Take a look at the sites featured here and you may come up with some ideas of how they could be used on your own site.

Common Features in Case Studies

As you browse through the sites that are featured in this post, you may notice that many of them include the following:

Multiple screenshots While all design portfolios will include screenshots or images to display the work, many sites that use case studies to provide detailed information about the project will also include several screenshots instead of just one.

Client background information The purpose of the case study is to put the design project into context and to show how it works in a real world situation, as opposed to showing only how the final product looks. Part of the context is the particular situation of the client, therefore, many cases studies will include some basic information about the client, what they do, and what they wanted from the designer.

Project overviews The project overview or description will allow visitors to the portfolio to get some additional information about the project and may help them to understand what was accomplished. Some cases studies, as you will see below, will go a step further and even define the problem or challenge, as well as the solution that was accomplished with the design.

Listing of specific services provided Many case studies will include the details of services that were performed as part of the project by the designer or agency. This is especially useful when multiple parties have worked together to complete the end result. Without knowing who is responsible for what part of the project it can be difficult to assess the work that was done.

Client testimonials Another element that is often found as part of the case study is a quote or testimonial from the client. In many cases they are brief testimonials, and in some cases they give more detailed information about their experience working with the designer.

Dedicated page Generally, but not always, when case studies are used there will be a separate page on the portfolio site for each case study. When case studies are not used, the “portfolio” or “work” page of the site typically includes images for a number of projects with links to larger versions of the image.

Showcase of Case Studies

Erskine Design Erksine Design provides a detailed case study with information about the project and the process of the design and development.

Erskine Design

Agent8 Design Agent* Design provides some brief information about the client, as well as some details of the project and the design. Multiple screenshots are used to show the work.

Agent8 Design

iHook Creative iHook Creative provides several images from each project along with a brief description of the project.

iHook Creative

Delete Delete provides a written overview of each project along with multiple images that are shown in a slide show.


Corporate Edge Corporate Edge’s site provides nice case studies with some background information about the project and a number of images.

Corporate Edge

nGen Works nGen Works shows a large image from the projects, details and description in paragraph format, as well as a listing of the specific services that were provided.

nGen Works

Tobias Ahlin Tobias Ahlin shows a screenshot from the project, a few paragraphs of information, plus some details like the amount of time taken and tools used.

Tobias Ahlin

Instrument Instrument’s case studies include several screenshots from the project, basic info like the launch date, and a detailed write up that includes some client information as well as a description of the project. Instrument also lists the specific team members and their role in the project.


Sunrise Design Sunrise Design’s portfolio includes multiple screenshots from the project, a detailed summary, a list of services that were provided, and a testimonial from the client.

Sunrise Design

Flex360 FLex360’s portfolio includes multiple screenshots from the project (in a slider), services provided, and an overview of the project.


Anthony J. Zinni Anthony J. Zinni shows a large screenshot from each project, details about the client, the project, the studio, and the role. He also includes a brief written description of the project.

Anthony J. Zinni

Jared Christensen Jared Christensen has a few paragraphs about the details of each project, multiple large images, and the specifics about his role in the design.

Jared Christensen

MDX Interactive The case studies on MDX Interactive’s website include a description of the challenge and the solution, and a project overview. Screenshots are also included.

MDX Interactive

Jarad Johnson Jarad Johnson’s portfolio includes a few paragraphs about the project, a large screenshot, and a testimonial from the client.

Jarad Johnson

45royale 45royale’s case studies include some background information on the client and project, a listing of the services that were provided, a testimonial from the client, and a few images in a slider.


Valen Designs Valen Designs provides a large image, a few paragraphs about the project, and a listing of the particular services that were a part of the project.

Valen Designs

DrawingArt DrawingArt gives the details of the project, including the technologies involved and the services provided, along with a brief description. They also show multiple images from the project in a slide show.


Fudge Fudge’s portfolio includes a few images from the project, a brief description, as well as a quote from the client and a quote from Fudge.


BKWLD BWWLD provides a written description of each project, multiple images, and a list of the specific services provided for the project.


The Plant The Plant gives informative case studies about their projects. They start by giving details of the problem, followed by a description of the solution. Technologies involved are also listed.

The Plant

OnWired OnWired provides background information and details about the project, plus a listing of the services provided. In addition to showing a screenshot, the initial sketch and wireframe are also displayed (in a slider).


The Energy Cell The Energy Cell’s portfolio provides a detailed listing of the services provided for a specific project, a description, and multiple images in a slider.

The Energy Cell

Elliot Jay Stocks Elliot Jay Stocks’ portfolio includes some background information on the client, details about the project and services performed, multiple images, and a quote from the client.

Elliot Jay Stocks

Powerful CMS Powerful CMS’ site includes case studies with background information about the client and project, a list of challenges that were faced, and the solution and result. It also includes a testimonial from the client.

Powerful CMS

Winnie Lim Winnie Lim’s portfolio includes a few paragraphs of information about the project, date of completion, client, and multiple screenshots.

Winnie Lim

OH! Media OH! Media’s portfolio gives a basic description of the project and the client, screenshots, and project details that include the date, development length, and platform.


Grow Interactive Grow’s portfolio includes a nice write up about the project, links to any recognition or press that it has received, and several images.

Grow Interactive

Keystone Design Union Keystone Design Union’s case studies include several images, a description and project information. Some case studies also include a listing of contributors to the project.

Keystone Design Union

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