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Showcase Of Music Night Clubs Web Designs


The time has come for the first showcase of music night club websites here on Smashing Magazine. We’ve scanned the Web up and down to find the most original and interesting online club identities. As usual, we have Flash websites and CSS eye candy. Please notice that the aim of the post was to showcase current web designs of music night clubs, so the gallery doesn’t necessarily showcase most usable or most beautiful night club web designs out there.

As we observed in the early Showcase of Fresh and Well-Designed Online Shops1, the most obvious trend is the use of big bold pictures, either as backgrounds, headers or just side graphic elements thrown in the design mix. Most of them start playing music automatically (which is extremely annoying from the usability point of view), but in this case it’s not weird or off-putting because they are music club websites after all.

Another trend is the use of bright, vivid colors and intense color schemes, borrowed from the clubs themselves. Also, Flash clearly dominates in such web-sites, presenting some very unconventional navigation menus and very distinctive layouts that aren’t intuitive at all at the first glance.

Please feel free to use the comments area to suggest other club websites that you like.

Showcase Of Music Night Club Web Designs Link

Anzu Club2
Anzu radiates a great vibe that mixes fluid and electronic, with creative Flash and amazing usability.


Sass Vienna4
A simple yet visually rich website, with great transparency and light.


Bar Music Hall
At first glance, this looks like a horizontal navigation-based website, but a closer look reveals that the only horizontal thing that moves is the header. A nice original way to keep it simple yet effective.

Bar Music Hall

Lux Fragil6
Ever wondered what kind of website Alice (of Wonderland) would want for her club? Pretty much one like this.

Lux Fragil7

Matter London8
A simple and effective design that uses the right colors.

Matter London9

T Bar London10
Okay, this one is neither Flash nor the clean modern look, but it still looks classy without any fancy makeup. Just good old text (three columns) and images (one at a time).

T Bar London11

Club Silo12
Prepare yourself for this one. Enjoy a full 3-D experience, with a cube-like menu put right in the middle of the club.


Blondie Bar14
This one is as cheap as it gets: static HTML with a flyer and embedded Tumblr blog. Not enough for a cool club? See for yourself.

Blondie Bar15

Sugar Factory16
Some black and yellow awesomeness, with a lot of AJAX and nice blog integration.

Sugar Factory17

Sub Club18
Minimal but definitely not simple, this one has the coolest menu in this entire showcase. Text at its best!

Sub Club19

Macarena Club20
Don’t be fooled by the Latino-nostalgic name, we have a good-looking and really compact website here. The best part: fantastic player integration.

Macarena Club21

Favela Chic
This one may be the only WordPress website in this roundup. A cool and efficient three-column theme. As visually random as the club itself.

Favela Chic

Week End22
What if we could reduce a club website to its core feature: the schedule? We’d end up with this simple and beautiful calendar from the Week End club in Berlin.

Weekend Berlin23

Cube Club
Very illustration-oriented, the Cube’s website must be the coolest entry by far for a CSS fan.

Cube Club

The Esplanade24
Also known as Espy, the Esplanade Hotel is one of the coolest live music venues in Melbourne and has a mesmerizing Flash website, with strong black and white graphics and beautifully crafted animations. I really like the cloud pre-loader.


Part website, part zillion-instrument club website, this one is a Web illustration masterpiece. You can turn some knobs on the remote in the lower-right corner.


Trouw 28
A simple grungy blog website, with all the info you need stored in small post-like areas.


The audio player look and feel of this website is truly fantastic. Just zap around.


Dice Club32
This one looks more like a fashion website than a club one because the header is huge and has nice photos of the staff.

Dice Club33

Another full-screen Flash-based website, with a beautiful illustration in the background.


This one has a practical, down-to-earth approach, but with some cool graphics as well. Highlights: the calendar-like design and grid-based multimedia archive.

Flex Club37

Beta Nightclub38
The Apple Computer of club websites. Glossy and stylish, with a great navigation system.

Beta Nightclub39

Watt Rotterdam40
Why didn’t I think of that? A full-width header that scrolls like a carousel makes this website look slick!


Residenz Lounge
Cool flashy menu, and a good overall experience.

Residenz Lounge

Amazingly seamless integration of large images and small widgets: audio player, live news feed, dynamic agenda, podcast and social media shortcuts.


Pacha Global44
Amazing Flash, with a dynamic menu and other interactive goodies.


What’s better for a club website than moving eye candy at full screen? Great execution and creative design.


Le General48
Nice communist propaganda design for Le General. You know why red is the color of choice!

Le General49

Smart Bar50
Practically a one-page website, with buttons only for extra info, the Smart Bar website sports a few digital sticky notes with a very a fresh look.

Smart Bar51

Club Disco52
Another Flash production, this time in glossy-Matrix fashion.


Bourbon Street54
Great transparency and fake pop-up windows on this colorful Brazilian website.

Bourbon Street55

Ministry of Sound56
The legendary MoS club has a slick website with a glossy but clean look.

Ministry of Sound57

We Love Music
Great color scheme and some goofy illustration make for a simple but pleasant virtual trip to Ibiza.

We Love Music

Brica Bar
Here we have cool Reservoir Dogs-like characters for menu items. The colored bubbles in the back are a great choice for this.

Brica Bar

Bonus: Awdio58
Not really a club, but one of the biggest club-related achievements of the last years, Awdio is a jukebox that plays live music from the best clubs in the world. The layout is built around a Flash-based player that features various “stations” (live music venues).



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  1. 1

    I swear to god I was at the sass club vienna last saturday :D

  2. 2

    Oh dear, some of those website are pretty bad.
    Spash pages, flash navigation, iframes?
    It’s cool to see how different all of them are though. I love the design of

  3. 3

    Cool selection.

  4. 4

    Have never really ventured into this part of the web before. Interesting results.

  5. 5

    Great post, I was just looking for music webdesigns for my new website about free music. Thanks!

  6. 6

    Sorry to say but only two of them are good designed :[

  7. 7

    some styles are a little doubtful. It’s a very controversial list.

  8. 8

    cool :) there are loads of more examples ofc as clubs around the world seem to be more careful then other entities in relation to it’s online presences. thx.

  9. 9

    It’s cool to see those. A lot of those site are pretty poor in terms of the techniques, like mentioned by Marlou – but it also reminds us of something that has imho gotten lost in the last years of the blog-era and that is, i think, way more present in music-related websites (clubs, festivals, bands):
    a lot of people still don’t really care about accessibility & good practices, but want a website to be some kind of entertaining experience no matter how much flash & splashes they are going to encounter. This is still very dominant in websites that don’t really need to produce a lot of traffic, but rather represent someone already widely or locally known.

    A lot of those designs would be unthinkable for a magazine or a company site, but they do just fine for a local night club.

    Also cool to see Vienna’s Flex website up there, this one is really well done!

  10. 10
  11. 11

    cube club rulez!

  12. 12

    i’m glad to see this because this leads me to a question:
    i’m really interested in portfolio designs for audio professionals, being a musician myself, I was wondering if there are any plans to put up a list of good practices for a portfolio that is based around audio?

  13. 13

    Jules Tribuetche

    September 13, 2009 6:35 am

    Lately most of smahingmagazine’s articles suck. They really suck. Look at this article fgs.
    You can create this in 15 minutes

  14. 14

    I agree with Marlou, some of these sites are bad. The T Bar site drives me crazy with their links that look like text and text that look like links. The week-end-berlin is my fave, purely because it gets the point across without doing anything silly.

  15. 15

    Huge resource, keep it up Smashing!

  16. 16

    I like Club Noa’s site:

  17. 17

    You may want to add this one to the list. Its a late night club in hawaii. I designed and produced the entire project. Enjoy. It was built using WordPress, no flash, lots of JQuery.

  18. 18

    bah.. only 2 of those are well designed. BAD LIST!

    But good effort anyway!

  19. 19

    Some of them are very cool.

  20. 20

    Wow, time to re-design. Those are horrible.

  21. 21

    If anything, this gives designers a hint of where to go looking for work… most of these need to be redesigned.

  22. 22

    lol @ the ‘bad design’ comments.

    Clubbing isn’t about standards, or convention or ‘keeping it nice and tidy’ it’s about fun, flair and extravagance.

    Flash navigation? Splash screens? Bring it on. The more visually outrageous it is the better. Think about the intended market these sites are designed for.

    Have to say that I think you guys have been looking at it from a designers perspective and not the end users perspective.

    @jon: it took me far less time to figure out the convention on the tbar website than the weekend berlin site. tbar: links are in bold and not underlined. weekend berlin: links are underlined but, uhm, so are some ‘non links’ – there’s no distinction.

    I expect to be slated for having the audacity to state that I like these sites, but just remember, before launching a scathing attack, that I am the target market for these sites.

    • 23

      If they are looking at it from a designers perspective then they are not good designers because they totally missed the target audience…they are prob looking at it from a web developers…new web 2.0 style perspective (I hate the term web 2.0)..Unless what they mean by bad design is not the Flash/Intros etc… but more the general layout..color schemes etc..

      The has some really cool sites…all flashy and most cost quite a bit of $$$

  23. 24

    …actually, I stand corrected – not all the links on the tbar website are in bold.

  24. 25

    Reinier Kuipers

    September 13, 2009 11:08 am

    Cool topic. I like too, should be in this list!

  25. 26
  26. 27

    Having reviewed these sites I think the using word ‘Showcase’ in the title of this article is misleading…

  27. 28
  28. 29 – great site and mixes!

  29. 30

    What about Noxx Antwerp?

    Noxx Antwerp

  30. 31

    Byblos is awesome, I really love that full screen video background in websites…is there any good tuts on how to do that? i seen some cool paper vision stuff, but christ thats rather confusing…@ smashing mag, could you guys do a feature on that? it seems to be a really cool technique…or perhaps some one could let me know where to go to find something…that would be awesome ! great post !!

  31. 32

    Too busy! You may think it’s eye candy but it’s the kind you can get for free from the creepy guy in a van down by the park watching little kids :o !!!!!

  32. 33

    Yeah… most of those need some serious help! All club sites usually suck!

  33. 34

    Some Good, Some bad .. remaining Ugly..

  34. 35

    At least 50% of this sites are ugly.

  35. 36

    I like also ,should be in this list!

  36. 37

    I love the website of mark4 in Zetel.

  37. 38
  38. 39
  39. 40

    There are some amazing clubs in Manchester. With equally cool websites:

    Sankeys –

    The Warehouse Project –

  40. 41

    Can anyone tell me how to create a background like the first webpage: Anzu Club?


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