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Smashing Conf Barcelona 2016

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15 Impressive Case Studies from Behance

The Behance Network1 is a platform for the creative professional community. The greatest designers in the world post their artwork and portfolio on Behance. I have compiled 15 impressive case studies for your learning and inspiration.

While these case studies are not tutorials that show you step-by-step directions, they are still quite informative. Most of these have multiple screenshots of the artist’s design process. I suggest that you look at all of these and learn from these artists.

Here are the impressive case studies. I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to leave your thoughts about these case studies on the comments section below.

Note: Please click on the images to see the entire case study.

Knowledge is in Books2 Link

“I really appreciate reading books, it allows you to go everywhere with your mind. Also we can learn a lot from books. This piece was done for the 4th pack of DigitalFlow3.”

Knowledge is in the Books4

80085 Link

“Remixing some old stuff. No meaning behind the numbers, totally random."


Conceptual Art7 Link

“I have tried to make some typography again, this piece is my first piece for a long time. Worked with colours, and mixing typography and illustration – just as I like it."

Conceptual Art8

The Deadliest Catch9 Link

“Global Key Visual created for Discovery Channel and one of their top shows Deadliest Catch. Rest of the campaign can be seen here. Produced at Ars Thanea382010."

Deadliest Catch11

Don’t Play12 Link

“A collaboration effort between Krzysztof Domaradzki / Kxx13 and Peter Jaworowski14."

Don't Play15

Diesel: Only the Brave16 Link

Do you have what it takes? That was the question we were asked by our friends over Hellohikimori17 when they invited us for a Diesel project. Our task was to create an image which further can be used as a room decoration on Diesel – Only The Brave website. Each month you’ll be able to check out performances from 21 amazing worldwide artists including: Si Scott, Alex Trochut, Nando Costa or Serial Cut to name a few."

Only the Brave18

Orange 100%19 Link

“Fast type treatment done for Leo Burnett Warsaw on behalf of Orange. Produced at Ars Thanea382010."


Order vs. Chaos22 Link

“These illustrations are my interpretation of Chaos. The main idea is simple – War brings Chaos."

Order vs. Chaos23

Pele24 Link

“Pele is a collab with the photographer Sam Robles25, he contacted me with a couple photos of this soccer player that reminds of the king Pele and what we had in mind is pretty much what we got as a result, place him on a field and make it look realistic and hot at the same time, and this is what I got."


C Platform27 Link

“Visual created for the promotion of C Platform at upcoming Offshore Europe Exhibition held in Aberdeen in Sep 09. C Platform is an entity within Design Striker focusing on producing design & development in digital media in technical industries, such as Oil & Gas. Produced at Design Striker."


Rites of Water29 Link

“Personal project. A3 print."

Rites of Water30

Snow Plow31 Link

“You can’t always shoot what you need. Schedule, truck availability, and budget dictated that this shot take place in Los Angeles on a warm October morning.  The image needed to depict a plow truck on a cold winter day. The blizzard conditions, snowy landscape and the plow were all added in post."

Snow Plow32

Soldier of Peace33 Link

Soldier of Peace34

Thicker than Water35 Link

“Ancient primeval warrior in frozen cave."

Thicker than Water36

Wrigley’s 5 – Cobalt37 Link

“2 of 3 images created for Tiempo BBDO and their client Wrigley’s. This one can be seen already on one of Madrid’s metro stations. Produced in Ars Thanea382010."

Wrigley's Five39

If you found these case studies useful, please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts about it. Also, please re-tweet the article.

Footnotes Link

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SmashingConf Barcelona 2016

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    Great Blog post. I am going to bookmark and read more often. I love the Blog template

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    Impressive collection! Behance will break the heart :)

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    Thanks guys for all the compliments. These designers are awesome!

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    You’re very welcome Bill, and thanks for bookmarking it.


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