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69 Sexy Portfolio Designs To Inspire You

Today designing a unique, compelling portfolio has become a crucial task for designers, studios, companies and everyone whose business is on the Web. Not only does it help one stand out among the numerous competitors, but it is also a great tool for self-expression and demonstration of skills.

Now designers face new challenges in attracting the capricious web audience – a plain web page with a project list on it is out of date and boring, while fancy Flash websites with intricate navigation are annoying. Fortunately, despite all difficulties beautiful and artistic designs are appearing in an endless stream. Designers skillfully use all the benefits of the digital age and create websites that are rich in effects and eye-popping yet simple and accessible.

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In this post you can see a collection of 69 new, ingenious and beautiful portfolio designs that will hopefully become a decent inspiration source for you. The collection includes both Flash and HTML websites, however all the designs are stuck to the balance of visual attractiveness and usability. Notice that every screenshot is clickable and leads to the website itself.

69 Exquisite Portfolio Website Designs Link

This By Them5
The portfolio of This By Them is done in cool retro style. Just look at these awesome graphics and regard for details! Neat accordion slideshow pattern enables to navigate the site at ease.


Nora Rose Travis7
Creative idea, contemporary style, exquisite implementation of clever JavaScript & CSS hooks make the portfolio of Nora Rose Travis look magical. And now a trick (not for the faint of heart!): open this design in IE6. See? Internet Explorer kills the design magic.


Carlos Cabrera
This design successfully combines features of portfolio and online store. It provides easy accessibility and navigation; plus, featured works floating in the background deliver additional efficiency and visual appeal.


ThousandMinds 9
A super stylish dark web design with enjoyable navigation.


Alt Design11


A funky old-school design with a funny curious character running all through the website.


Huan David Perafan Baez
A beautiful Flash website with horizontal navigation and amazing uninterrupted illustration in the background. The preloader is impressive here as well.


Sahar Design15


Attack of the Web17


Somos la pera limonera


PSD to XHTML Conversion19


Flourish Web Design21






The Staff Republic27








Moxie Sozo33






Johnny does






friendly duck43


Richie Qilayout


Loewy Design45


Nick Hand47
The portfolio of Alaska-based designer Nick Hand looks awesome with its vintage grunge background, sleek transition effects and transparent areas wrapped in dotted lines. Great example of one-page portfolio design.


Corking Design49
This beautifully dark website belongs to Daniel Cork, a web designer from Manchester, England. Nifty texture, elegant logo and typography implemented in this design are really striking.


Each section of this single-page portfolio has its own background texture and graphic elements that are interwoven very smoothly. Urban graphics at the bottom of the page unites all section designs and contains navigation bar and copyright info. Such design technique can be rarely seen today; it’s really beautiful and unconventional.


Mutant Labs53
Mutant Labs studio claims to be a new breed of media scientists. Well, the scientific experiment on their portfolio style was a success – we’ve got an original and tasty design.


Beside clean and simple layout, the portfolio of the creative agency Nosotros provides prominent data visualization and infographics.


While many websites in our collection integrate several elements that make up a beautiful design, Camellie’s portfolio highlights the only element that dominates the overall design theme. Splendid, original illustration is the very spice that makes this site look awesome.


Imaginaria Creative59
Beautiful textures, large typography in the backgrounds, warm colors and smooth transparency result in an exquisite website design.


Mika Mäkinen61
Although this website is Flash based, it won’t confuse you with cluttered interface and complicated navigation. Instead, it is straightforward and beautiful. Among the major features of are liquid resolution, large-scale layout and wonderful photographic background on the main page. Excellent work!


Atomic Cartoons Inc.63
Wonderful single-page portfolio with vertical navigation. Atomic Cartoons did justice to themselves by featuring amusing illustrations throughout the website.


Toy.ny 65
This “toy” is really worth “playing” with. Sober colors and unobtrusive, minimal Flash animation which beautifully renders the typo, provide an enjoyable visual and content exploration experience.


Fat-Man Collective67
The portfolio of Fat-Man Collective is really something. The way this “lovely bunch of digital creatives” combines simple navigation, amusing Flash effects and original content presentation will win your sympathy immediately.


Project 365
Light and clean one-page portfolio of Project 365 looks fresh and positive, mostly due to lovely doodle typo used in this design.


Filipe Carvalho
Classy typography and good color management is what makes this portfolio design stand out.


Mikio Inose69
The portfolio of the Japanese interface designer Mikio Inose has a sleek, Apple styled design. Bright colors and wide space in the header, non-standard fonts in the post titles and one-column layout make this design unique.


Diego Latorre71
Sexy design of Diego Latorre’s portfolio won’t leave you cold. Here everything from textures to the smallest graphic element is about details. Nothing left hanging here, great work indeed.


Esteban Muñoz73
Neat black-and-white portfolio design is featured by original line-art illustration that sticks to your mouse cursor and can be moved around the bottom of the page.


Style, laconism, individuality.




Safarista Design77


Kashmir Creative79
The portfolio of Belgium business communication agency Kashmir Creative looks stylish and contemporary. Much of this is due to the choice of colors and a professional photo filling up the background of the site.


Kyle Steed81
The header of Kyle Steed’s portfolio is beautified by his own hand drawn font “Steed”.


Arteye 83




Synch Media
A cool robot illustration and all this cheerful geometry make this design look positive and fresh.


Blue Pixel87


Daniel Kusaka89
Although personal portfolio of Brazilian graphic designer Daniel Kusaka is based on Flash, it loads fast and provides good content accessibility. Colorful clues chaotically stretched about the project gallery, as well as good work with thumbnail lighting, make this design look topnotch.


You may be confused with the navigation of this website at first, but you will quickly figure out how to get to the work gallery and the personal stuff of designer George Petrescu. This Flash-like motioned grid is developed by means of fancy jQuery.


Again, lots of awesome visual effects here and no Flash!


Joby 95


Kidd81 97
A big fun in this one. No doubt, this cartoonish, childlike design took some really adult skills to be done.


This design is everything but ordinary. As the guys from IAAH say, this site is meant to challenge the concept of space and how it is perceived within the browser window. Experimental layout may frustrate the advocates of simplicity and usability standards, but if you enjoy approaches that push the boundaries of web design, portfolio site of Iamalwayshungry studio will appeal to you.


Glasshouse 101
The portfolio of Cape Town based digital communication studio Glasshouse is beautiful, original and well developed.


Laureano Endeiza
This portfolio design offers a wide range of various options – you can switch between several design themes, filter displayed portfolio categories and read the site both in English and Spanish. Great!

endeiza 103
If grid layouts are classics of web design, this Japanese website is avant-garde, without fail.


HALO Creative Agency 105




Oscar Barber109




Fran Boot113


MopStudio 115
The border between originality and weirdness is rather fuzzy here. Perhaps it will take us, Western culture representatives, a few years to understand the delicate philosophy of Japanese web design.




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Julia May is a freelance copywriter and digital marketing consultant who's been helping great teams (TemplateMonster, MotoCMS, Onyx) implement great ideas since 2009.

  1. 1

    First! Nice examples.

  2. 2

    Very nice portfolios! If you need some more “Portfolio-Inspiration” don’t miss (International) Webdesign Portfolios – Be inspired ( from Hungary, Croatia, Netherlands, Columbia, Bolivia, etc… )!

  3. 3

    a great list, thanks!

  4. 4

    Hi, Nice collection and thanks to include my website!!

    Glad you like it Julia & SmashingMag Staff ;)

  5. 5


    November 24, 2009 7:38 am

    Ha, great number of sexy portfolios. Analytics will be interesting.

  6. 6

    wow, great work, thank you, it makes think over and pushes to create something special of your own.

  7. 7

    Some great stuff, I usually always find people dont promote themselves well enough through websites. With all the potential of web, people often fall into this ‘square grid of thumbnails’ style, and designers with great work and top clients make it hard to find that out.

    Importantly, a site should reflect your style of design and be your unique place, but I feel its important to be on some collective sites to show yourself alongside other designers.

  8. 8

    thanks for a great collection!

  9. 9

    Oh… I’m jealous :(

  10. 10

    75% of the images do not load, and I don’t think the problem is on my side :(

    • 11

      Lots of good designs here (rethink my portfolio re-design)… but as above lots of the images are failing to load..

      • 12

        Smashing Editorial

        November 24, 2009 9:55 am

        All images are loading properly. Can you please send us your screenshot at editor at smashingmagazine dot com?

      • 13

        I just refreshed the page and the images were there! Nice collection. Very inspirational! Thanks!

  11. 14

    Seriously, who can take the effort to really do more than skim thru these when there are so many. Even if all are wonderful, going thru that many is just a pain in the ass and you lose interest at about 10-15 and even those before that don’t get the attention they deserve.

    I’d rather see Smashing Magazine pick the cream of the crop and present just a handful of outstanding ones than 100 good ones.

    Just saying, most people probably read lots of other feeds that also do this kind of thing from time to time. I’d really love to check all of them in detail but never find the time or place for it when there’s so much of it so I just skim a few and then close the page.

    • 15

      totally agree

    • 16
    • 17

      That’s the beauty of articles like this. i may hate the stuff you like. i would rather have a ton of sites to skim through until one worth my attention catches my eye, instead of having four, of which i may like zero.

      plus it allows us to see in a larger picture what every one else is doing, that way we can continue to be innovative.

      then again it’s not like you had to skim through this articale at all much less look at every single one.

      Great post! i’m very glad to see a list of fresh sites on smashing…

  12. 18

    Nice portfolio roundup. Hopefully I’ll make the list someday!

  13. 19

    It’s amazing how many of us are out there.

  14. 20

    What’s the font on friendly duck?

    • 21

      The typeface used at the top is Archer. It’s a Hoefler & Frere Jones typeface. The typeface used for the dynamic titles down below is Rockwell. The body copy is made up of Georgia Bold Italic and Georgia Regular.

  15. 22

    Awesome! Totally made it onto a Smashing Magazine list!

    Thanks Julia!

    PS. I run NewSugar magazine which you can all enjoy for FREE here:


  16. 23

    Looks like a modified version of rockwell

  17. 24

    Id have to agree with kasakka – why not choose maybe 10 of the best and elaborate on them a little more, why 69?

  18. 25

    Wow, this site is losing its credibility, fast.

    • 26

      Smashing Editorial

      November 24, 2009 9:59 am

      Credibility? Could you please be more specific, Todd? What exactly do you mean?

      • 27

        The commenter after me explains it well enough. You are a site that takes great efforts to excel ahead other design sites, and does it well. Carpet-bombing readers with screen-captures of other sites with very little explanation and theory about what makes them great (or not so great) offers no insight and encourages others to simply “do what they’re doing”.

        I would also expect a level of maturity from this site. The title of this article sounds like something that belongs at

      • 28

        I agree with Todd, these “___ Sexy Portfolio Designs” articles seem like filler content until someone has something worthwhile to say. It feels like every “Top 20” article and “50 Awesome Tutorial” list just cheapens the web design community. I love SM for the original content and valuable advice, but I have to roll my eyes at every list you put out.

        Obviously, just an opinion. I’m sure there are plenty of people who come here only for the lists.

      • 29

        Smashing Editorial

        November 24, 2009 11:29 am

        Thank you guys, your opinion is very important to us. We weill know better for the next time.

  19. 30

    Gosh, these “X number of great sites” posts are getting old. Trim it down, man, and explain why you think certain portfolios are better than others.

    • 31

      Smashing Editorial

      November 24, 2009 10:00 am

      Actually, many screenshots do have a description that explains what makes the designs special. We thought it was a good compromise to offer a large portion of inspiration and at the same time mention some interesting ideas that we’ve found on these sites.

      • 32

        Great post. I don’t understand the criticism here. Let me get this straight: Todd, Chris and Jesse are incapable of thinking for themselves and need Smashing to explain design? It really is a privilege to view the work of competitors in this convenient context. Obviously the boys need to stop looking at other designers’ work and concentrate on coming up with an original thought. Good luck.

      • 33

        “Obviously the boys need to stop looking at other designers’ work and concentrate on coming up with an original thought.”

        You just described yourself. Priceless.

      • 34

        I agree with Chris. Coming up with original thought and thinking for ourselves is exactly what this post doesn’t preach. I don’t understand your argument, Todd Perlee.

      • 35

        Here’s my argument: Professional designers do not need to be spoonfed design theory by critics. You seem to want someone to tell you what’s good and what’s not–even critics prefer you to think for yourself. You should have the capacity to make this judgement having gone to a legitimate design college. When a designer is chronically searching for design samples online and complains that they don’t understand what they are looking at because it’s too much, it tells me that you are researching to plagiarize because you don’t have the design background to analyze for yourself. You should be celebrating these sites and Smashing for pulling them together or adding to the design conversation.

      • 36

        “When a designer is chronically searching for design samples online and complains that they don’t understand what they are looking at because it’s too much…”

        We have been saying the opposite. We are coming here to learn new techniques, observe new ideas. NOT search for design samples. We just said we want LESS design samples. Our argument about them not providing design theory and such on the sites they list, is that we think it’s a bit of a cop out to just list sites.

        Please actually read what we are writing before insulting us, saying we are amateur designers with inferior backgrounds to yours.

  20. 37

    Design Informer

    November 24, 2009 10:05 am

    I like the post. Thanks for the inspiration! Too bad you didn’t feature my site? jadgraphics dot net – Well, maybe next time.

  21. 38

    Some good, some bad. Didn’t really expect an average quality post from smashingmag.

  22. 39

    Wow – really cool to have my site included in this list of other really great sites. Thanks Julia/Smashing.

  23. 40

    Neil Victor Grey

    November 24, 2009 10:06 am

    I’m so close to not reading @smashing anymore and that’s a shame because I used to love this magazine. How many times have you guys featured the Project 365 home page in your articles over the last month?! I’ve seen over half of the sites from this article in so many other “my favorite portfolio’s” lists (and usually with at least a solid description/critique for each). @smashing has much more potential than this — there are already a pile of great “best portfolio” sites out there like @fwa and BestWebGallery who specifically focus on that niche.

    All I’m saying is I come here to read and learn; lately I feel like I’m not the only one concerned about the lack of new & interesting content presented on @smashing.


  24. 41

    Can never get enough inspiration so it’s always good to have some quality fresh roundups and see whats going on :)

  25. 42

    Michael Chanter

    November 24, 2009 10:49 am

    Diverse collection of portfolio sites – great resource and source of inspiration – thanks!

  26. 43

    I kind of agree with some of the other commenters…

    SM is quickly becoming a “## (top|best|awesome) [subject]” sites…

  27. 44

    Great portfolio designs, I like the different styles and the balance between experience and usability.
    And thanks for featuring Puppetbrain! :) Keep up the great work Smashing Magazine!

  28. 45

    Love ’em, especially Nick Hand’s

  29. 46

    Andy Feliciotti

    November 24, 2009 11:23 am

    Awesome list of inspiration, really liked Flourish’s site

  30. 47

    Yeah, I’m sure there just happened to be 69 “Sexy Portfolios”…

  31. 48

    Thanks for including my portfolio (Attack of the web).

  32. 49

    Amazing collection. Pure inspiration!

  33. 50

    Very inspiring indeed, thanks!

  34. 51

    I’m sorry to hear that many people confuse showcase lists with the best practices analytic articles. These content categories are self-sufficient and can exist simultaneously.

    Yes the collection is huge, but there are tons of beautiful designs worth to be mentioned, and people with different tastes can find something that will appeal to them. It took us hours to ramble the web and sift out the designs worth to be shared with the smashing community. And how much time does it take you to scroll this post? Exactly.

    Yes, several designs from this collection can be found in previous posts both on Smashing Magazine and other web design related resources. However, such sites as Project 365 or Camellie show really great designs and it would be a sin not to celebrate them in the collection titled “Sexy Portfolio Designs”. Plus, such websites present great work in multiple design elements, they are good examples, so why cannot they be used in various articles covering related topics? We try to keep the repeats minor, including only outstanding cases.

    There was time when people went to a photography studio on holidays and memorable events, now we can shoot literally every moment of our lives; there was time when beautiful web design was a great event – now there are many excellent websites appearing constantly, no wonder that design round-ups follow up.

    By the way, I agree that 50-cool-tutorials posts don’t bring much value, but I don’t understand what it has to do with design showcases.

    It’s obvious that many of you want to see some more case study on SM, and I’m sure the Smashing Team is already preparing something interesting for the readers.

    Now that was my opinion. Thanks for sharing yours.

    • 52

      I don’t think anyone confused this showcase list with “best practices analytic articles.” I think we are expecting more from this site to offer more than what the hundreds of CSS Inspiration galleries are offering. In the vast world of web design, we’d like to hear something else besides “Top 50 Cool Websites.”

      If the leaders like SM get into a rut of pushing out predominately “Top ___ Lists,” then the web design community is going to keep going down the road of limiting their creativity to what they find in showcases and round-ups. Keeping alive the circle of just recycling ideas from other websites isn’t going to help the web design community grow. I for one want to see more articles to help guide my talent and process in a way that lets me think for myself, not just trudge through endless lists of people who do things better than me. There are plenty of other sites for “inspiration” and I guess we are just hoping that SM can be more than that.

  35. 53

    This it a great post. It is inspiral to me!

  36. 54

    Sexy has nothing to do with these portfolios! Some are nice though.

  37. 55

    I think I’m in the camp that believes the informational and inspirational posts can co-exist. I enjoy these roundups; they help keep designers current with the state of design today.

    That said, I’m surprised Auxiliary’s new site isn’t on your radar yet. Good list though. I really liked the Atomic Cartoons site.

  38. 57


    Smashing does need to decide on a format of the Top # and stick to it…69 does really suggest it was all about gathering up a number of contributions from a lot of others and throwing it a wall rather than a carefully selected process by SM or the author.

    Truth be told there are a lot of good/inspiring designs in this list but then there are a LOT of designs – seems to be more of a case of something for everyone rather than a pick of the crop, which is what SM used to be about.

  39. 58

    69? Sexy number, sexy designs !! cool

    twitter: @j0rch

  40. 59

    Why not 69? It is a sexy number. I think it is great to see these kind of inspiration posts once in a while, as opposed to ‘best practice analytical’ posts. On a sidenote: I can’t stand all those people being negative with this post, while SM has worked hard to provide us with quality content. We should be thankful. Give SM (and the designers too) some credit people!

  41. 60

    great list!

  42. 61


  43. 62

    Nice post! Great work by the respective designers. A shame that in a list of 69 websites only one of them is minimal. There all a bit samey

  44. 64

    Blog Header Guy

    November 24, 2009 2:23 pm

    I agree with several of the commenters about the lack of real content in posts like this. On the whole, I guess I generally trust SM to show me something new and even though several of these sites have been featured before. There were a couple I got ideas from.

    I’m gonna be redesigning my website soon and I like to check out as many as I can.

    Thanks for the article.

  45. 65

    Good post! I enjoyed these!

  46. 66

    I’ve run some pretty big blogs before, and I have to say that readers go nuts for a good list.

    I agree that once you get used to it, it’s better to have some genuine content and insight, but I can’t blame smashing for all their list posts when they probably get more hits and interest than the posts that they cram with information.

  47. 67


  48. 68

    Congratulations, great list, nice works there, to remark the Esteban Muñoz and Juan David Perafan’s portfolios, colombian talent!!!

  49. 69

    I don’t know what everyone is complaining about, I think this is a great article and was well selected. Many portfolio sites I have never seen here listed. Lot’s of variety and a typical great post by SM. As a designer myself, I love to see what other designers are doing to display their work. This is not a low quality post people! I don’t see why you are complaining? These feel like a stack of good quality portfolios that got hand picked for a reason and all have a place here as I get a little something different from each one.

  50. 70

    Wow I was pretty stoked to see my site up there, it’s an honor! I agree with people saying that you can never get enough inspiration honestly… some SM posts are great content, some are just light reading and inspirational… as long as there’s a balance I see no problem… keep it all coming!

    Nick Hand

  51. 71

    I don’t mind a “list post” from time to time, I wouldn’t have discovered these beautiful portfolio sites otherwise.

  52. 72

    it’s really awesome,i love them~~~

  53. 73

    Good list, I think there have been some stronger portfolio posts though. A few seemed to of been put in for the sake of it.

    Thanks for taking the time to give us these resources.

  54. 74

    Nice. I really enjoyed them. Especially since I am currently redesigning our site!


  55. 75

    Some of you lot have some pretty high expectations. I don’t expect to find every post useful from any blog. Smashing catures for a wide audience.

    I enjoy these posts from time to time

  56. 76

    Great inspirations

  57. 77

    wow very nices webpages sure i got inspiration!!

  58. 78

    Step1: Enter random css gallery
    Step2: Select from Category: Portfolio
    Step3: ???

  59. 79

    Wow today Im surpised, great collection

  60. 80

    69 Sexy Portfolio Designs To Inspire Me?
    Are you joking?

    Only one not bad screenshot here is Flourish, but after i checked their website and found there ugly 5 works at all, i was finally inspired…

    Most of those sites are pretty bad. So logically that list can inspire only such bad designer as bad this list is.

    • 81

      Uh ok… how ‘great’ is your design work? Can we see? No offence, but you should show more respect to your fellow designers… If you are a designer at all.

      • 82

        Ok let me go in some css gallery copy few links from the Portfolio category as Tobias said and post a amazing article in my blog and all world say how cool my blog is!

  61. 83

    Too nice to have my site included in this list of other “sexy” portfolios. ^__^ Thanks Smashing.

    If you know Italian visit my free weekly blogstrip about graphic design TeknoSauri.aC ( ;P

  62. 84

    great post my favorite are
    Flourish Web Design, Diego Latorre

    Best regards

  63. 85

    Great looking websites, but how about SEO, cross-browser support, backwards compatibility to older browsers, mobile support, screen reader support, etc…

    I bet that if I visit these site with Lynx all I see is some basics and missing 50% of the real content (especially the designer sites).

    Never the less, great list.

  64. 86

    Hi, thanks for including our website in this awesome list, we are honored.

    Kind reagrds, the Johnnydoes crew.

  65. 87

    Very Nice!

  66. 88

    69 Sexy Portfolios — that’s cute. I knew a wordplay like that could only come from a freelance writer.

  67. 89

    Very nice stuff!!
    Great articles @ SM!

    A few days i found a very nice portfolio concept!

    check this!!


  68. 90

    gr8 post :)

  69. 91

    inspiring indeed, awaiting for the next post avec impatience

  70. 92

    I am extremely disappointed after looking at the first design. This design looks cluttered

  71. 93

    People are complaining now about this? SM has been like this forever.

  72. 94

    a great list, thanks!

  73. 95

    Very great post. Thanks so much!

  74. 96

    Thank you for adding,
    it’s always nice to be on an online magazine like this.


  75. 97

    Thanks for adding the 365 site and many thanks for the great feedback we have received.


  76. 98

    Anyone else sick of seeing this intro blurb on websites?

    “Hello, my name is ______, I’m from ______ and I design ______, ______ and ______.”

    Personally I think anyone who uses this format should be automatically disqualified from lists such as these.

    • 99

      People who post these kinds of replies should be banned immediately, as they do not contribute anything to the community. (no offence, just my opinion)
      If you have done your Smashing Magazine reading, you would have known these short introductions “Hello, I am Bla bla, I do this and that…” is a great way to introduce yourself and let your visitors – in a split second – know what they can expect from the website and who they are dealing with, especially for designers and other people who work as an individual.

      • 100

        Actually Emmanuel is right…

      • 101

        Well, that’s your opinion.

      • 102

        I agree that short snappy introductions are a perfect way to let the visitor know what to expect from the website, however the English language is beautifully versatile and it isn’t hard to come up with something slightly more original.

        Also, overreact much? Ban me for voicing my opinion? Please.

      • 103

        The ‘banning’ part is just sarcasm. In reply to you saying something about disqualification… ;-) No offence meant.

  77. 104

    There are some good examples here. I’ve been looking for ways our firm could update our site.

  78. 105

    This is an interesting collection of sites, and I know from experience that scouring the web for sites that have been designed with skill and passion can be hard work. Unfortunately, this list contains a large number of sites that, whilst often looking cool or flashy, are a long way from being navigationally intuitive, accessible, cross-browser compliant, and which degrade gracefully when Javascript and Flash are not available.

    Take for example the Nora Rose Travis site. This is a beautiful clean design, but the rollovers could have been implemented with CSS instead of Javascript. The links still work without Javascript, but the image rollovers don’t appear.

    Another example is the Thousand Minds site. It looks great, but try bookmarking one of the ‘pages’. Even copying the link from the menu doesn’t work ( for example).

    The Sahar Design site is good, until you try and view the portfolio without having Javascript enabled. The scroll buttons don’t work without it.

    I have not had chance to look at all the sites in detail, but I think it’s fair to say that not enough of the websites listed achieve the right balance of visual attractiveness and usability.

  79. 106

    “That’s the beauty of articles like this. i may hate the stuff you like. i would rather have a ton of sites to skim through until one worth my attention catches my eye, instead of having four, of which i may like zero.”

    To that author and the author of similar messages, I have to respectfully disagree. Good design is not subjective! Even if two people don’t like the style of a site, they can usually agree if the design works or not. While I don’t mean to imply that you didn’t put hard work into this article, these could have easily been taken out of anyone’s bookmarks, delicious feed, etc.

    I, too, would much prefer a very strong critique. “The portfolio of Belgium business communication agency Kashmir Creative looks stylish and contemporary. Much of this is due to the choice of colors and a professional photo filling up the background of the site.” says nothing if you really pick it apart. Does a “professional photo” really make a site contemporary? More important is to answer “why” rather than simply the “what”. Tell me how the specific imagery emphasizes the overall theme, or how certain design elements contrast against the use of type. Be specific and show that you are a credible source when talking about design. I promise you that you will get a better response than simply “great post!” or “excellent examples! thx for the inspiration!”

    • 107

      Dude, this is an “inspiration list”, NOT a best practice analytical article. The title is not “69 tips for designing the best portfolio website and examples”.
      But I agree it would be better to say “why” rather than “what”, but this is not in the context of this article. The inspiration here can be interpreted differently by different people. We don’t see any explanation of projects in websites like TheFWA too. Another example: At a museum, when you are looking a painting, would you need an explanation text of it? Yes, maybe a title, but the purpose of inspiration is to interprete it yourself. No, an explanation is not always needed. To be short: In my opinion, this article serves as a collection of well designed portfolio websites and is effective as is… But of course, I respect your opinion too.

  80. 108

    I’m sorry, I’m going to have to be a critic, not of the art, but of the grammar. This is a quote from the Qilayout layout, as an example of what I’m talking about. (Sorry to Qilayout, not intending to hone in on you, several of the layouts had similar debaucheries.)

    Welcome to Qilayout, I am currently a multimedia student
    that indulge in everything design especially in layout
    and web-design. I am available for freelance work.
    feel free to take a look at my works.

    There are so many grammatical errors in that, it makes my head hurt. I mean this in a loving and constructive way, the art work on all the layouts is beautiful, but you must have the brains to present yourself well.

    • 109

      I agree. As I studied communication it was interesting to look at the difference of literature writing and grammar and media. I guess depending on which one you are trying to strike is the difference.

  81. 110

    Was really inspired looking at these sites, thanks SM.

    I love skimming quickly through sites like this as I get to work on some really really really boring projects so I welcome an explosion of great design and inspiration once in a while!!

  82. 111

    Thank you for adding Kashmir Creative ^-^

    We love Smashing Magazine ^-^


  83. 112

    I find the the words “69” and “sexy” pretty uninspired, especially in the same sentence. Overall nice list, though.

  84. 113

    Design Inspiration at its best – I think it’s time for me to redo my portfolio.. AGAIN

  85. 114

    You never allow us to say ENOUGH. It’s More then Enough to Say THANK YOU for such a wonderful resources..Every time.

    All the Best to your Team.

  86. 115

    Wow a lot of passion here. That’s one good thing going on here. SM is usually a great spot for resources and I appreciate all the hard work that goes into the postings. But, I have to say I was also disappointed from this posting. I don’t find myself inspired by these designs, as there are only a handful that do anything for me. All of these sites have their great qualities, but I don’t see greatness or magic in any of them. Just my opinion.

    • 116

      Diego Valobra

      December 3, 2009 4:05 am

      Show us what is magic for you … please!!
      There’s always something more to learn in life.

  87. 117

    Maybe you can add mine too in next collection

    Thanks for sharing!

  88. 118

    Thanks for the article, SM. I’ve definitely been inspired!

  89. 119

    Wow, nice one, thank you for the mention and the endless inspiration!

  90. 120

    Wowzers. Great stuff. Lots of talent and creativity out there!

  91. 121

    Why do people can’t help themselves in talking crap? This is awesome either way! Superb portfolio!

  92. 122

    well… daza site ( is so… 98…. and it is in SM?? WTF??

  93. 123

    Ionut = spammer

  94. 124

    Don’t you think is also inspiring and cool?

    • 125

      No, it kreative. net is not inspiring nor cool… IMO is a piece of shit, the same flash interface since years, anyone can do it… and it is even worse… you are FROM kreative… and you are self-promoting… OWNED!

  95. 126

    this site is very good and helpful

  96. 127

    Carlos Ríos Garabito

    January 4, 2010 8:09 am

    Diseños arriesgados, creativos, hasta lúdicos pero así es la inspiración…

  97. 128

    I only looked through a handful and to be honest, not particularly impressed. Some of the designs are quite good but don’t belong on a website. This drives me mad! Attack web and mika makinen for instance, I hate websites that slide around all over the place, plus if your going to put an anchor at sections, why not allow the user to return somewhere! Usability clearly not a thought here and albeit these are portfolio websites, these just look like graphic designers let loose on a web page!

  98. 129

    Nice list! Hopefully will be able to join the group someday… :)

  99. 130

    I was really hoping for some stand out designs in here. A site, or a few, with polish, elegance and great UX. I am disappointed. Many of them have great elements, but fail due to sloppy implementation and lack of overall refinement.

    I suppose this is an “Inspiration” list and less of a “Best of” list. Even still, I’m used to better selections from SM.

  100. 131

    Great job, you can also see

  101. 132

    Is there anyone to tell me how to be included in this category?
    It’s awesome .. great!!

  102. 133

    Now designers face new challenges in attracting the capricious web audience – a plain web page with a project list on it is out of date and boring, while fancy Flash websites with intricate navigation are annoying. Fortunately, despite all difficulties beautiful and artistic designs are appearing in an endless stream. Designers skillfully use all the benefits of the digital age and create websites that are rich in effects and eye-popping yet simple and accessible.

  103. 134

    wow.. great.. list ..

    well some them use a fluid grid ..system..

  104. 135


    April 7, 2010 8:00 am

    Ugh. The article is great, however the title is so unfortunate. Due to my having many browser tabs open, the page title is cut down to “69 Sex…” in the tab. =/ I *really* hope the people I was hanging with didn’t catch a glimpse of that.

  105. 136

    George Petrescu

    September 12, 2010 11:50 pm

    I still want to say thanks for the mention guys! Much appreciated! Glad you like the main web site. Took a while but it was worth it =)

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    Muhammad Tehami

    February 7, 2013 10:48 am

    Excellent post, it is really inspiring post. I am website designer at Incircle Media and I have designed lots of website. But when i got this post I have got lots of new ideas which i will use in my next coming project.

    Thanks SM to share such nice post.

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    Website design and Web development services Dubai UAE

    April 14, 2014 10:49 am

    Nice Collection great Colors and Great Illustration


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