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The Favorite Colors of Our Favorite Designers


Using the right color is very important to any design. It can literally make or break your design. While there are a lot of good colors and color combinations to use when designing, we often tend to stick with our favorite color(s).

I wanted to find out from the top web designers what their favorite colors were so I contacted these 10 awesome designers and asked them the following question.

What is your favorite color in web or graphic design and why? Can you also show me a link of where you used this color, maybe a website or an artwork, and a little bit about why you chose this color?

Note: The answers of these designers vary. Some gave actual colors while others gave the hexadecimal.

Fabio Sasso – Abduzeedo Link

Fabio Sasso - Abduzeed

My favorite color in web design would have to be #222222 mostly because it reminds me of old 80’s consoles like Atari, which is a great influence in my work. It’s also the background color on Abduzeedo.

Jacob Cass – Just Creative Design Link

Jacob Cass - Just Creative Design

White is my favourite color – it’s not what you do with your space, it’s what you don’t do, that matters.

Steven Snell – Vandelay Website Design Link

Steven Snell - Vandelay Website Design

I would say that my favorite color is black but I don’t use it a whole lot because a black background doesn’t work for most sites. I did use some black and dark grays in the theme of Folio Focus.

David Perel – Obox Designs Link

David Perel - Obox Designs

For me it is blue and pink, I like the combo when used correctly (sometimes it can be a total disaster). It came around when we re-did Obox’s image about 3 years ago. I don’t have a particular reason for liking those colors, I just stumbled across them and appreciated the combo.

Here are examples of the colors being used in some of our designs:

Chris Spooner – Spoon Graphics Link

Chris Spooner - Spoon Graphics

I’d probably say my favourite color is brown when it comes to design. I’m a big fan of collage style designs with snippets of paper and cardboard. Examples that spring to mind are and

Mike Kus – Carsonified Link

Mike Kus - Carsonified

I don’t really have a favourite color I use in design. Different projects require different color pallets. having said that my fav use of color I’ve done is definitely on Carsonified. I loved the challenge of making the pages work with only two colors and I love how effective it is. I think the key is to keep it simple when it comes to color. Too many colors in one design dilutes the impact of the design.

Kai Loon – Loon Design Link

Kai Loon - Loon Design

Black, white, green, blue, and yellow are my favorites to use in design. Black and White are a must for any basic design and are good starters. Green is fresh and is related to being environment-friendly. Yellow, this is tricky, but I like to play around with it. Blue is just my personal favorite color, not for any reason.

I use most of the color on my sites,, and all the works you can see in my portfolio. Recently I was tempted to start using red. In recent year, red become a symbol of success. Many successful companies are using red as their corporate color or identity.

Chris Wallace – User Interface Designer & Developer Link

Chris Wallace - User Interface Designer & Developer

This may be a strange response, partly because it’s technically NOT a color and partly because it’s a specific hexadecimal value, but I would have to go with #1A1A1A. Almost every design I touch uses this value one way or another, for a dark background or for headline text. It is very versatile and provides a soft, faded darkness that can be combined with any color and look great.

Soh Tanaka – Web Designer & Developer Link

Soh Tanaka - Web Designer & Developer

My favorite color would be navy blue and I’ve used it as the base color for my portfolio/blog ( I chose this because navy blue is both masculine and calming, and it can flow with a lot of different colors. I decided to use the combination of baby blue and navy blue on my site since they complement each other well and it was also inspired by a pair of es’ skate shoes I owned a while back!

Matthew Smith – Squared Eye Link

Matthew Smith - Squared Eye

Hmm. Favorite color? Feels like a trick question. Like:

Whats the wingspeed velocity of a swallow?

If I had to answer, I’d say I’m a big fan of off whites and warm greys because they allow for both shadow and highlight. The old drawing masters used paper of that color for the same reason.

(In regards to an example) Hmm, can’t show you quite yet :) – I’ve been working on several designs that use this schema, but none are launched yet. Here’s a drawing from an old master that refers to the study I’m talking about. It is by Albrecht Durer.

More About Colors in Design Link

While this was just an article that focused on the favorite colors of the top designers, there are a ton of great articles and posts out there that go over colors in design in a much-more in-depth way. Here are some of the best articles and series that are worth checking out:

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  • Conclusion Link

    While we all have our favorite colors, we all need to learn how to use other colors in our designs as well. Certain colors invoke certain feelings and we have to take advantage of that in our designs. If you look at the portfolio of these top designers, you will see that they all use a variety of different colors as well.

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  1. 1

    This was actually really helpful for me, I always have trouble picking the right shade of gray.
    Thanks for the enlightening post!

  2. 2

    Thanks Douglas. By the way, your Tumblr theme is just so awesome…wipes drool from face…

  3. 3

    wow, love this post! thanks.

    • 4

      @Chezzcuh, @Shawn Bird, @Webecta – You’re welcome!

      @Deja – The reason I think is because most of the vivid colors aren’t as versatile as blacks and grays. Thanks for your input.

      @Bonita -Interesting colors there! :)

      @John Leyson – Wow, Blood red Orange huh? Unique color choice. :)

  4. 5

    Why so few vivid colors?? White, grays, browns, black….. they are useful colors, but I’m very surprised they are favorites.

  5. 6

    ..battica loves #e4ff64 (lime green), #ffc704 (yellowy orange) and #2c0b82 (blurple)… :D

  6. 7

    Interesting post. Would be more helpful to get insight on what colors designers feel work best for different types of projects though, rather than their favorite colors.

  7. 8

    I’m with Jacob Cass with the whole white space thing.

    Thanks for an nice post.

  8. 9

    Wow! This is really something. Thanks for the post.

    Our fav color at liquid and liquid CREATIONS is “Bloodred Orange”. ;)

  9. 10

    Well my favorite color is $$$$$$. jk ;)
    Black and white works for me. My logo will always match any photo I place it on.

    Great post. Waiting for more.

  10. 12

    Black is not a color…

  11. 13

    @twe4ked – Lot’s of people are really liking #222.

    @Sandy – Yes, colors are very important. Your latest blog post is very informative as well.

  12. 14

    I am going to have to say that mine is any shade of blue!

  13. 15

    @Matt – Blue is one of my favorites as well. Is it obvious by looking at this site? :)

  14. 16

    Super good post. Great to see the reasoning behind the use of colors on those websites :-)

    I had no idea that Chris Spooners favorite color was brown, even though I have just interviewed him for the danish blog, – i guess i just learned yet another day :-)


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