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The Fabulous, Must-See Work of Anthony Hare

Once in a while, I’ll be browsing the internet and would run into an artist that would just make me say, “WOW!” Well, Anthony Hare is one of them. This man has mastered the art of black and white illustrations. You absolutely need to see his work. I like his work very much. It is very clean, and the lines are sharp and crisp. Another thing that amazes me is not only the quality of his work, but the quantity of it as well. Anthony has tons of pieces in his portfolio and they are all really nice. You need to check out his portfolio site here1.

Anyways, enough of me talking and more of you viewing. Go ahead and check out 20 of his illustrations that I have included here.

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Note: I didn’t include the titles of the illustrations for a reason. Can you guess who some of these are? Most of them are famous people. Leave your comments below.

White on Black Illustrations Link

Stanley Black5

Mitch Hedberg6

Francis Coppola7

Michael Moriarty8



Travis Bickle

Edward Cullen

Revolutionary Road


Black on White Illustrations Link

President Obama11

The Rich List12

Doctor Who13

Craig Robinson

Paul Newman

Tom Phelts


Jean Hill



Also, he has another site where he shows you a short video on how he accomplishes the finished product. It’s just amazing! You can view those videos here. What’s amazing about his work is that it looks easy, but when you see this videos, you’ll be shocked at how he accomplishes his illustrations. Line by line.

Well, thanks for viewing and if you liked this post, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Tell us which one of his pieces is your favorite.

Footnotes Link

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  1. 1

    It is really WOW . I have not seen such perfect hand drawings for many years. I like Michael-Moriarty very much. Look at those lines and expressions. So real. Keep it up the great work Anthony. You ROCK :)


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