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Spectacular Holiday Typography

The Holidays are finally here. The hustle and bustle of Christmas is very obvious as the malls and stores are packed out with last-minute shoppers searching for presents to give away to the friends and loved ones. Christmas is in about 24 hours (here in Long Beach), and the new year is just around the corner.

But we don’t just want to say it in a regular way. We wanted to greet you in a typographic way. Here’s 40 different holiday-themed, typographic designs that we have gathered to relay our greetings to you. Merry Christmas!

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Note: Please click on the images to see them in their websites and to learn more about their artists.

Merry Type Christmas3

Merry Christmas Happy New Year4

HoHo 20105

Season's Greetings6

Merry Christmas7

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas8

Merry Christmas9

Happy Holidays10

Christmas Gifts11

Merry Christmas12

Type Treat13

Happy Moo Year14



Happy Holidays17

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas18

Merry Christmas19

Everybody Christmas

Happy Holidays20


Case for Christmas22

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas24



Happy 201027

Happy New Year28

On Us29

Say Hello30

Happy New Year31

Christmas Quote32

Season's Greetings33

Thrifty Christmas34

Holiday Greetings35

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

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Former editor in chief of Designinformer.

  1. 1

    awesome stuff. all are great designing, thanks for sharing!

  2. 3

    These are awesome collections but I think you forgot about the birthday of Jesus….I was hoping for an awesome Holy Family image with Jesus in the crib….but thanks for sharing this collections anyway.

  3. 4

    Great collection you piled up here for Christmas!
    Like the H(1)0H(1)0 the most!
    By the way: Keep up the good work next year :)

    • 5

      That one is very creative indeed. I will try my best to make the quality of Design Informer even better in the coming year. Thanks Rutiso!

  4. 6
  5. 7

    Great list. Thanks for it.

  6. 8

    I love 4 & 7, but all the images are awesome. Some great food for thought, now I wish I’d had time to make some beautiful typography-based Christmas cards! Oh well, always next year :)

    • 9

      Same here Becky. Next year, I will get a head start and design some awesome type Christmas cards as well.

  7. 10

    A stunning collection of typography. They are all fascinating. The last one on the list has a very cool grunge texture. Reminds of the old coca-cola Christmas adverts. I also like the complementary colours in #3. It is simple but effective.

    This post is a fantastic source of inspiration. Thanks and Merry Christmas Jad!

    • 11

      Hey Josh, I completely agree. I really do love the vintage feeling of the last one.

  8. 12

    I love typogprahy. This is Great collection you piled up here for Christmas!

  9. 13

    Awesome collection, I found a lot of creative typography works. Merry Christmas Jad and good luck with Design Informer in 2010.

  10. 15

    Oh yes this was what I was looking for….I’m creating a festive flash game and I’m definitely going to use the Grinch Text for font inspiration….thanks!

  11. 17

    Yeah, I would love to recreate most of these as well. :)

    Merry Christmas to you too Richie.

  12. 18

    I will definitely include something with Jesus on my next Christmas round-up. Sorry! :)

  13. 19

    WOW! I’m really loving that design. Thanks for sharing it Andrew. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  14. 20

    Lot’s of people love #3. I guess it’s because of the clever way it was displayed mixed with the simplicity of the design and the colors used. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us David.

  15. 21

    I believe the poem was written by Charles Dickens.

    Anyway, I appreciate the compliments Lisa. I will do my best in 2010.

  16. 22

    Hello Jad,

    Once more from the Middle East: Really nice work and as you can see on this page, everybody from different places on the planet loved your artwork.

    Just one “web” thing: Please change links to open a new pages in new tabs to avoid pressing “back” for returning to this page.

    I really enjoyed visiting your site.

    Best wishes from Syria and happy new and every year

    • 23

      Hey Mounes, thanks for the compliment.

      Thank you for your suggestion, it’s a great one. Unfortunately, I used to have it that way and more people said that they don’t like new windows and would rather stay on the same window. :)

  17. 24

    What a wonderful collection of awesome graphics!
    Thank you so much to add mine (#14) to the list.

    Beeing in one collection with names like James White and Nik Ainley is a perfect christmas present! :)

    Have some nice holidays,
    best wishes from germany, Oliver

    • 25

      You’re welcome Oliver. Your design is very nice. Keep up the great work in 2010, and hopefully I can feature more of your designs. :)

  18. 26

    Awesome !!
    Thanks and merry Christmas.
    Best wish for New Year.

  19. 27

    These are awesome, aaah! the power of type! always blows me away!

    • 28

      Same here! Typography is incredible. That is why I keep churning out these posts. I always get inspired by great typography.

  20. 29

    Simply amazing! Thanks for the collection. Sometime I wonder on average how long does it take those talented artists to create one. I think it would take me forever for one letter, let alone a single word. Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New year!

    . . .–.. .
    | /| : | o _|_
    | / | .-. .–..–.. . | |–. .–.. .–.| .–.–. .-. .–.
    | |(.-‘ | | | | : | | | | `–.| | | |( ) `–.
    ‘ ‘ `–” ‘ `–| `–” `-‘ -‘ `-`–‘`-” ‘ `-`-‘`-`–‘
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