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¡Viva Mexico! Showcase Of Web Design In Mexico

This post is the third article of our new series “Global Web Design“. Throughout this series we’ll be covering various continents, featuring web developers and web designs from different countries of the world and taking a close look at what’s happening in the web design scene worldwide. We started with Russian Web Design1 and Web Design in Ireland. We continue now with Mexico and next week with Israel. If you would like to prepare an article for this series, please contact us so we can discuss the details.

Land of tequila and mariachi, home of Chichén Itza (one of the new seven wonders of the world), amazing beaches, cheerful people, beautiful women… and last but not least, inspirational and creative Web designs for the entire world. Ours is a great country, with more than 110 million inhabitants, over 30% of which to date are connected to the Web.

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Design has always been integral to our culture: the majestic pyramids built by the Aztecs; the numeric symbol “zero” created by the Mayans (who, by the way, were the architects of the great Chichén Itza); the colonial buildings influenced by the Spaniards and French; beautiful paintings by well-known artists such as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo; and now today’s great architects and artists, design firms, interactive agencies and software engineers.

The portfolio of Roberto Avila10, a designer from Mexico.

To gain greater insight into Web design happening in Mexico today, we interviewed many people in the industry: freelancers, digital marketing managers, creative interactive agency reps and a few bloggers.

State Of Affairs Link

A lot is going on in our country, and many companies and brands in Mexico are definitely noticing the impact of great Web design. Digital marketing is growing fast. People working in this industry have not had to face a crisis. Mexico grew 20% in the first quarter of 2009. Why? Because everyone recognizes the importance of shifting to digital.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Mexico (IAB), in 2008 only 4% of budgets were designated for digital marketing. If we compare this to countries like the UK, where digital marketing budgets were bigger than TV budgets, then we have a good reason to be optimistic about the future of digital marketing and Web design in Mexico. Bianca Loew, Managing Director of IAB Mexico, states, “The Internet is the ideal platform for companies to interact with consumers.”

DesignWeek Monterrey 2009, an original design from Mexico.

Most companies understand the value and power of good design. We have seen different brands try out a lot of digital marketing strategies, but still much work is to be done on coding standards, usability and persuasion. Few websites are truly prepared for the social media revolution. But great agencies are willing to provide quality information to help everyone get ready!

“Near-shoring” has become a must for many US and Canadian companies. A lot of work is being outsourced to Mexico for digital marketing and Web design and development. We have seen a lot of Argentinean agencies in our market, which has been a very good push for competition, and this will surely drive innovation and creativity.

Voices of People In The Industry Link

To gain some insights from the people working in the web design industry in Mexico, we asked Miguel Calderon (founder of Group W), Gustavo Ross (founder of Activamente) and Rodrigo Gama (founder of to share with us some insights about the current state of web design in Mexico.

Q: What is your perception of the Web design environment in Mexico?

Miguel: It’s improving, perhaps slowly, but there are interesting developments. What happened with traditional design years ago is happening with Web design today: we are following international trends instead of creating new and better proposals. We’ve missed our identity as a country. Therefore, there is a big opportunity to create proposals that will be followed abroad in the near future. However, the incursion of big designers and illustrators from traditional media to digital media will trigger great websites.


Gustavo: With the introduction of pre-fabricated and self-service platforms, such as WordPress and Joomla, designers must become more specialized. Whether they start by creating professional templates aimed at the Mexican public or with professional design interfaces for business applications and portals, deeper knowledge is needed to improve usability and front-end technologies such as AJAX.

Some time ago, we left behind websites for which only graphic design mattered. Today, designers have to be much more comprehensive and knowledgeable about technology and the needs and habits of the common consumer.

Rodrigo: The market for Web design in Mexico is growing significantly every year. The quality in design is improving fast, but the larger companies are the ones willing to invest in and pay for experts who develop attractive Web designs. Websites for small companies and independent projects are usually made by students, independent designers and freelancers, and their owners do not yet have a comprehensive understanding of attractive Web design: usability, programming, social networking, search engine optimization, etc.

Carrera bonafont
Carrera Bonafont

A lot of effort needs to be made by organizations such as AMIPCI (Mexican Association of Internet) and IAB Mexico (Interactive Advertising Bureau Mexico) to publicize the benefits of digital marketing. This causes the market to mature, and developers are taking advantage of this knowledge. I strongly believe that in a couple of years, the quality of many Mexican websites will have a greater impact in Latin America.

I would like to stress that many of the Web design projects in Mexico are done by traditional advertising agencies. Most of the time, such agencies have neither the knowledge nor experience of the Web to develop effective websites, and they work only on what they have committed to their customers. Most of the time, they don’t introduce best practices or standards or even do usability testing.

Monterrey Fashion

Q: What makes an outstanding design agency in Mexico?

Miguel: Fortunately, designers and illustrators are already becoming vital for Web design environments. Every day, traditional and digital design become more integrated. It is a broad topic, but I encourage you to look deeper into Alberto Cerriteño & Zoveck. They do very few Web projects, but their websites could not be understood if it wasn’t for their extraordinary work and creativity.

Rodrigo: In my personal opinion, the best agencies are the ones whose core business is the Internet. They usually have a team of experts in different areas, such as design, programming, usability, marketing and online advertising.


Gustavo: I am thrilled to see that website producers have become more professional, leaving behind the Flash and intros in favor of functional pages designed for the user rather than the designer.

Outstanding design agencies… Those with a more holistic view of the needs of their clients, notwithstanding conflicts of interest, and who focus on generating good business results. The best designers are those who think of the end user, not of the prize.

Enough! Show Me The Good Stuff Link

Tequila can really fuel creativity, as you’ll see! Web designers and interactive agencies here have done a great job. Here is a taste of what we Mexicans are capable of.

GOAL by Gonzalo Alonso15, a Mexican in Argentina. What’s really cool about his blog is that he has two skins: one of Asterix and another of Star Wars.



Tu Deseo Bon O Bon18


Alberto Cerriteño20




Detective Stripes




Face Face Face24




Ed Fladung26




Campus Vida30


Catalina Estrada Paralevis

Catalin Estrada



Bicentenario Nuevo Leon

Bicentenario Nuevo León





Nextel Rock


Poster Media36


Showdown Interactive38


Energy Lab


Rexona Clinical


Oscar Carnicero40


Ivana Breu42




Interactive Agencies In Mexico Link

High-quality interactive agencies can be found all over Mexico. Some have won prestigious international prizes, including the acclaimed Cannes Lions. Here are some of our most renowned agencies, listed in alphabetical order.







D10 Studio50

D10 Studio51

Element Studios52

Element Studios53







IA Interactive60

IA Interactive61



Kansei Lab64

Kansei Lab65



Media Agency68

Media Agency69

Design Bloggers in Mexico Link

Blog Vecindad70








Infected FX




Asfalto Tecnicolor78




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Pablo Hernández O’Hagan is the CEO and founder of Ingenia Group, an interactive agency with more than 60 employees and offices in Mexico City, New York and Montreal. He is passionate about his personal life, his companies and, of course, the improvement of digital marketing and entrepreneurship in his country. You can follow him on Twitter @pablohernandezo for great entrepreneurial and digital marketing advice.

  1. 1

    Very nice showcase. Some very inspiring stuff here. Thanks a lot!

  2. 2

    Some really great stuff there! Thanks.

  3. 3

    Some really inspiring stuff here. Its always good to see some new sites.

    Anyone else notice how similar the illustration on Roberto Avila’s site is to the one on FreelanceSwitch?

  4. 5


  5. 6

    Very nice… there is a coffee cup on desk themed design… i like the colors in it… unique… love this collection. Cheers guys.

  6. 7

    Really? A showcase of Mexico sites?

  7. 8

    Well there are so many creative websites but I see lots of Flash! What about it?
    Viva Mexico!! :)

    • 9

      We have some interesting web development companies in Mexico … even though I agree with Willy on lots of flash usage… people and companies are starting to understand web usability and we are encouraging them to do so with all of their benefits.

  8. 10

    Wow! excelente, mexicanos que ejemplo para el mundo del diseño… felicitaciones – Smashing > how´bout pumping up on this latin american design showcases – really insightfull inspiration and impressive talent

  9. 11

    There is one web agency that use a template from Themeforest :D

  10. 15

    Amazing! Love them all, me gusto mucho que hayan escrito este artículo sobre México! There’s a lot of talent around.

  11. 16

    The Art of Alberto Cerriteño it’s truly remarkable, indeed there’s a lot of talent in Mexico, we have a long way to walk, but if we stay true to our sometimes dusted roots, we will find our way. Congratulations to all Mexican Designers and Developers keep on the good work!

  12. 17

    Besides the language, I don’t really see any difference between Mexican websites and…any other professionally designed/developed websites.

  13. 18

    Andrew is right, I mean, being honest.

    Maybe Alberto Cerriteño, because his kind of illustration keeps a mexican/personal essence. He is truly original.

    The others, I don’t know, they are what most call “the standard”, but hey maybe this article is like “mexican curious” stuff, like “take a look mom, mexicans can do it too”

    These are some talented guys and a lot of not so talented guys mixed in between (like a friend says, some were at the top of the wave in the right moment).

    Trying to not be naive: A few mexicans do not represent mexican design. They represent themselves.

    But hey, what I can expect from Smashing Magazine if they post a “beautiful icons” article an mix some really bad ones between the really good ones? Happens the same to your “examples of great photography” articles.

    Lowering standards?… maybe.

    • 19

      Smashing Editorial

      December 12, 2009 10:27 am

      CyberGus, you need to pay more attention to the content of our articles. Can you please tell us what you expected to see on a showcase of designs from Mexico? Believe it or not, the goal of this article was to feature some Mexican designers and their work. Maybe you would like to write a similar (better) article for Smashing Magazine? That would certainly help us to improve the quality of articles published here, don’t you think? And it would certainly help the community to get a new perspective. If you are complaining about low standards, please help us improve the quality of the magazine by a constructive, helpful criticism. What about writing a “proper” article about your country? We are looking forward to your reply.

      • 20

        @Smashing Editorial Got it, I will. I can help too with articles related to photography

        Just to be clear with my point of view in this article:

        The list herein is not about right and wrong, I mean is not black and white, but a few mistakes that can be misunderstood for new learners.

        I think Adan Avelar has an interesting opinion here. Mexican designers are following mostly other countries trends. But as he says, that is not precisely wrong because design tends to be global, but we are losing the point here.

        If a mexican wins the olimpic games or any soccer world cup, they say “we win”. If a mexican team lose a game, most mexican say “they lose”.

        A blog, magazine or any other media with many visitors, have the responsability to be objective because you are visited by people “learning” what seems to be best or worse.

        One mexican, or african, or chinese… or american guy is not our whole country representative. This seems very obvious but every article that tries to fit in a group of agencies or designers by their countries, is like giving a tag/categorization that can’t be broken, is giving homogeneity instead of diversity.

        Andrew is right, if most but not all works here look like made by designers from any country, then telling if they are or not mexicans, is pointless. Maybe they are great, good or bad, but mainly designers.

        Among the voices interviewed:

        “I am thrilled to see that website producers have become more professional, leaving behind the Flash and intros in favor of functional pages designed for the user rather than the designer.” – Gustavo

        Indeed, that’s something that is happening here (slowly), but this article is showing a lot of flash screen captures, not precisely the functional pages and not precisely sites focused on the end user. Most agencies here are creating a lot of flash websites campaigns, one hit wonder with no ROI, no relation between visitors and product/services sales.

        A great design sells when it’s invisible or when design itself is the subject to sale.

        A great design is not pure eyecandy, it needs to work.

        I think we all know that but… something happens that in the end we drown the user with a lot of bells and whistles.

        If we sell art or illustration, great, illustrators or artists can do whatever they want.

        Designers have an obligation with the final consumer.

        Are these examples of best practices or most original ones? that’s a question for SM and the readers. I see a lot of common place designs, and I’m not talking about the functional ones.

        I see a lot of eye candy, expensive eye candy and some plug and play templates mixed here.

        If you mix great web design or illustrators with people at the top of the wave, then you vanished the possibilities to identify quality and real design. So if they are mexicans, who cares?

        By the way, Smashing Magazine have a lot of great articles, but if you start posting in order to get clicks instead of quality, you can lose credibility.

        Greetings from Mexico City.

      • 21

        For instance, you start this article with Roberto Avila’s website, it is nice, but made with tables…
        That was first thing I noticed.
        @Smashing Editorial
        I think that your post here “sounds” pretty angry, you just can’t afford to write such post, next time take deep breath and count to 25, than write your post. :D

  14. 22

    Activamente uses a template from, so I’m not sure if Activamente is a proper example of web design in Mexico…

  15. 23

    Muy buenos ejemplos. No solo de diseño, sino de interactividad en los sitios.

    Saludos, desde México.

  16. 24

    Felicidades a todo el talento mexicano, yo soy diseñador web y en mexico sí se hacen muy bien las cosas

    siganme en twitter @j0rch.

    Congratulations, in Mexico we have tons of talent, there is the proof.

  17. 25

    In Mexico we are working to improve everyday.
    We are conscious that we have great influence from the U.S., but every day we have more organizations and communities bonding us to learn how to work together.
    It would be very naive to speak of a “Mexican design” because the design must be Global, but here you can find very good designers from Mexico.
    Let us take a mention in Smashing Magazine like a challenge, to engage and create more content, quality, improve user experience, manage web standards, better interaction, and so on.
    We have to believe in us as Mexicans, We can succeed and be among the best in the world.
    Thanks for the mention.

  18. 27

    es cierto, tal vez muchos sitios de este post no tengan 100% la escencia mexicana pero tal vez no era esa la finalidad de sus creadores, creo que esta lista mas bien representa lo que se esta haciendo en Mexico actualmente y no al diseño mexicano en si, para eso, habria que crear otro post que creo yo tendria una lista de ejemplos interminables.

    este post mas bien, muestra la calidad que nosotros los mexicanos tenemos en nuestro trabajo!! y a lo que hemos llegado en tan poco tiempo, estamos apostando mas por la creatividad y siento yo aun tenemos mucho que aprender en otros rubros, como todos, siempre seguir aprendiendo cosas nuevas de aqui, de alla!

    el diseño en mexico creo yo esta re-naciendo! y de la mejor manera :D
    viva mexico cabrones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 28

    I’m mexican and I must say it’s a nice selection, even though I think some of the examples wouldn’t deserve be considered as part of “the best” and some others are really old… by the way, shame on the guys that used a template for their own site!!!
    And honestly, I don’t understand what some readers here are expecting to see, obviously it looks like the web design they know, just like the russian or irish showcases presented here previously, trends in web design are global…

    saludos desde México, DF

  20. 29

    Enrique Ramírez

    December 12, 2009 12:48 pm

    Glad to see some nice examples here of what we can do.

    Unfortunately, web design in my country is being held back not by the developers, but by the clients. People here expect to have a whole site designed with 300 bucks, including hosting. There’s a long way to go, but I’m really happy to see that I was wrong assuming that there was pretty much no one interested in good web development.

  21. 31

    Please add to the list, great mexican interactive designers, and for the people who thinks mexico design its poor, remember who was number 4 in Gunn report last year(grupo w).

  22. 33

    it’s always good to see the list of website designs especially if they are from different countries. i like it!

  23. 34

    Excelentes diseños, muy bien cuidados, mucho detalle y realmente inspiradores, en Mexico hay mucho talento y estos ejemplos son una pequeña muestra de ello.

  24. 35

    Great compilation. Go México!!

  25. 36

    Neat sites! I have a lot to learn :P

  26. 37

    There are a lot of nice web agencies in Mexico, we are one of them in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, we develop nice websites and all of them with their CMS.

    See at or

  27. 38

    Beautiful feature! I look forward to sharing!

  28. 39

    Beautiful, inspiring and creative compilation of Mexico’s work!!! I love it!

  29. 40

    Smashing Book in spanish someday??

  30. 41

    A huevo… en México somos chingones…

  31. 42

    Excellent article, i think that we have a lot of great designers in mexico, so this can be a little window to show some of their work


  32. 43

    Not surprisingly, most of those horrible Mexican “design blogs” are nothing but lists of Smashing Magazine links. Copy-pasting at its peak!

  33. 44

    México’s graphic design it’s still on the early stages of development, anyone reading here is from Sonora, México ? i need some local contacts lol! :P

  34. 45

    Moksha Solutions

    December 13, 2009 2:41 am

    very nice collection, thanks for making it and sharing it

  35. 46

    10x for the inspiration :)

  36. 47

    Catalina Estrada is Mexican? pufffff

  37. 48

    wow post really awesome

  38. 49

    Catalina Estrada mexican? What’s happening with you SM? Don’t you read the posts or don’t you get the enough search BEFORE you post something? Catalina Estrada is not MEXICAN, she is from Colombia! SM truly is nowadays a mess. Sad.

  39. 51

    Just nitpicking

    December 13, 2009 8:44 am

    I think the design of Gonzalo Alonso’s site (GOAL) was made by an argentinian agency/team (and what about licensing those images?)

  40. 52

    Thanks for covering what’s going on in Mexico in the field of web development. There are many talented web designers in mexico, regardless of their nationality. Just like in the USA, there are many immigrants in Mexico doing extraordinary work in just about every industry. Mexico is no longer the nationalistic territory that Diego Rivera lived in, today Mexico is an influential member of the global community whose citizens contribute to the world in every field.

  41. 53

    First, for some reason I cant see any of the comments (not loading) – so I apologize if I’m commenting for the 49th time on something that’s blindingly obvious.

    It would seem Roberto Avila literally copied and pasted the little man mascot from They’re so close it cant even be called a coincidence. What’s up with that?

  42. 54

    Very nice stuff. Some is a bit busy, but I’m impressed overall.

  43. 55

    Delfin Vassallo

    December 14, 2009 3:52 am

    Great compilation, interesting visual ideas. Have you seen that also deserves some consideration

  44. 56

    tks for share!

  45. 57

    I really love those countries showcases ! Keep it on !

  46. 58

    Do Australia

  47. 59

    Glad to see a space dedicated to recognize the graphic design talent in my country~! Mexico is a craftsmanship country by nature, it has a rich variety of talent in their blood which we can find in all of it’s “Artesanias” history.
    Design is just another category in the “artesanias” lineup in Mexico.
    I’m a Mexican designer working in the USA, and have always been a follower and supporter of the great design I from Mexico.

  48. 60

    That “Asfalto Tecnicolor” page is an example of good design? errr -.o

  49. 61

    ALL of the negative comments were made by mexicans… so typical!

  50. 62

    more usability less flash!!! por favor!!!
    serious now… i think there is way to much flash in mexico. hate it when i open up a flash animation and the “next”-link is hidden because of no scrollbars on a 1280×1024 resolution.
    although i have to say, that some of the site are really inspiring and i like “Webdesign in * / * Webdesign”-Collection covering different countries, so seguid adelante compadres de smashingmag!

  51. 63

    I see some very nice stuff in here.

  52. 64

    Eugenio García

    December 14, 2009 10:54 am

    Thanks for the mention of D10studio ¡ Viva México¡¡

  53. 65

    The energy lab site is one of the most impressive sites I’ve seen hands down. Great article SmashMag and good luck to Mexico as it moves on to it’s teenage years in web design.

  54. 66

    Bravo por lo Hecho en Mexico!!

  55. 67

    I believe that Mexico will find its own personality and identity through the Web Design. This mexican generation will influence the world! Well done “paisanos”! it’s proud to be a Mexican! :) ¡Viva México!

  56. 68

    congratulations to all Mexican web developer&designers, inspire me!!! good article by the way…

  57. 69

    I think that the websites presented here are not usable, too flashy, don’t follow the web standars, etc. If this is an example of the top agencies, blogs and web sites made in México we are dead! I’ve seen more impressive sites than the listed here.

    As a mexican developer I must have to say that this is not a real showcase of web design in Mexico, let us be objective; there is a long way to go, but I think that is possible to become aware of making better web sites in our country.

    It’s a shame that some mexican developers/designers stole ideas, articles, code, and images from other web sites around the world, we need to be more creative with our work.

  58. 70


    December 18, 2009 10:17 am

    I’d like to see more of these kinds of articles, especially since I don’t get a lot of exposure to what is going on designwise in other countries. Brazil and Portugal would probably be top on my list (since I’m learning the language ;)…

  59. 71

    this one is nice, not premium but nice:

  60. 72

    Mexicans still change sparkle glass for gold…

    What are in common with most of the sites in this portfolio?

    * they use intensively flash

    * they dont have any consideration on seo or webstandards

    Mexicans still change sparkle glass for gold.

  61. 73

    viva mexico cabrones!!!

  62. 74

    monica from hola!design

    December 21, 2009 7:21 pm

    thanks for including mexico. true, i see a lot of flash.
    a lot of talented designers made this list. congrats!
    excelente articulo.

  63. 75

    There´s a lot of really good work in México, most of it done in flash… yes… lots of problems with seo or webstandards… i don´t think so, what i do think is that a good web site concept, strategy and design makes the difference between it´s failure or success even if it´s done entirely in flash… besides… nowadays we have facebook and tweeter… and a simple post in there… puts your site in the map…

  64. 76

    Alberto Villalobos Solano

    December 23, 2009 1:44 pm

    its good to see my country getting recognition, there is a long way to go.

    This is my site 100% mexican and its blog

  65. 77

    Juliana Garcia Sales

    January 14, 2010 7:40 am

    Thanks SM for feature Latin America design!
    We’ll have a Brazilian web design showcase someday? =D
    You are my daily inspiration, thanks again for your great work!

  66. 78

    Hi SM!, great showcase from Mexico, although it would be great if you could manage to widen your range, i.e., here in Guatemala we have GREAT TALENT, check out:, they´re friends and they have come a long way to establish their brand in the local market…as many other great examples from our very little country… would be interesting to make an article about web technology in developing countries…

    Thanks again, great showcase

  67. 79

    I really like some of the sites showed here, but i think this list lacks of some great mexican websites, also yes the use of flash is too much but keep in mind that some site do not need standards or css and that stuff, for example Rexona’s sites, will you do them in CSS? NOT!, these sites are focusing on the experience of the brand and not in the accesibility of the contents. but yes a lot of sites are abusing of flash.

    great showcase, but it could be better, for example Golpe Avisa its not showcased here and they are great. please check them
    i have nothing to do with them.

  68. 80

    Smashing magazane is ono of my favorites sites, and now publish this list of site from my Country, this goes to favorites.

  69. 81

    The standard of this work is much better than of the showcase on Germany. Some people mentioned in that post that there was nothing that made those websites stand out as distinctly German and I’d have to say a similar criticism can be made here. You could tell me this work was from Poland or Brazil (with obvious text changes) and I wouldn’t even contest that claim. I mention those two countries specifically because I see a similar style used by designers from those countries. In fact, I mainly saw it with eastern European work many years ago and now I see it more widely used. It’s no longer country or region specific.

    With that said, I don’t particularly mind that there are no overt Mexican influences (nor was I really bothered there wasn’t any German ones in the other showcase) and the post delivered what I was expecting based on the title: web design in Mexico not Mexican web-design. The difference is subtle: the latter implies to me that the post will contain websites that are clearly uniquely Mexican as opposed to work just produced from that country.

  70. 82

    hey!! … don’t forget Chiva Sentada ( we are an animation studio located in Aguascalientes, México. Hope you can add us in this article. Thanks

  71. 83

    I’ve worked in the past with another great web agency in Mexico, it’s called Bitlab Interactive.They’re considered one of the best in the country. I’ll leave their URL here:

  72. 84

    Hey guys,

    I was searching for development in Mexico when I came across this. I’m trying to get a team of developers together in Mexico for the development of web and mobile applications, If you guys know of anyone please send them my way. If you’re interested reply to this message.



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