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Did You Accept the Daily Design Challenge?

A little over a week ago, an article that I wrote was published on Smashing Magazine entitled, Design Something Every Day!1

This post was a challenge for all designers to design something daily for the entire 2010. The post actually generated a lot of great response from the design community and there are a lot of people who have decided to make it part of their New Year’s resolution.

Action Speaks Louder than Words Link

"Your walk talks and your talk walks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks."

In case you don’t understand what that means, it simply is a quote saying that what we practice speaks more to people than what we preach. I knew that when I started this challenge, there were people who were going to be a little skeptical and they were going to see if I participated in my own challenge. Well, I wanted to put my money where my mouth is so on December 31st, I decided to jump in and take on the challenge as well.

Design Informer’s Daily365 Link

I have already started and so far, I have three designs that I have posted. I also decided that it would be a lot easier to have a theme for the blog, so for January, this is my theme: I will design a typography based design based on a quote using one of my favorite fonts. By the way, please feel free to leave a comment and subscribe to the Design Informer Daily365 feed.

Here are the three designs that I have done so far:

Happy New Year

Little Things

What is a Leader?

A Few More Pointers Link

I just wanted to give everyone a few words of advice regarding the daily designs.

  1. Use the #daily3652 hashtag so people can see your design.
  2. Please don’t spam the hashtag with you designs. Please only post your design once. I guess retweeting other people’s designs is okay.
  3. It would be good if you had some type of comment system where you post your work. That way, if someone wanted to compliment your work or leave some constructive feedback, they can do so.
  4. If you have some free time, check out the other people’s designs as well and leave feedback. No bashing please! I understand that a lot of beginners are taking the challenge so their design skills might not yet be up to par with yours. As a design community, we should all support each other.

Smashing Ideas and Designs Link

Just two days into the challenge and I have already seen some terrific designs. Here are a few that have already caught my eye and are worth checking out.

Oddmotion – a daily video3 Link

Face Meets Wall – Getting Up After Hitting the Creative Wall Link


Design It Daily4 Link


Briansaar – Make Something Every Day6 Link


Subject to Change Link

Vexel Love

365 Logo Project8 Link

Logo Hangover9

Foomandoonian Daily36510 Link


Did You Accept the Challenge? Link

The above designs are just some designs that I collected in a short time. I’m sure there are a lot more awesome designs out there that I haven’t seen, so if you weren’t included, please don’t get discouraged or offended.

Have you participated in the challenge? Please leave a comment below and leave a link to your blog or where you have your daily design. Try to leave a full comment. If you just attach the link, Akismet might automatically classify you as spam and we might not be able to see your designs.

Remember, we will do a giant round-up of the top designs over at Smashing Magazine12 so don’t forget to add your link below. This will be an easy way for us to keep track of the daily designs.

Thank you for reading this post and participating in the challenge. If you enjoyed this post, please retweet it and give it a bump below. You can also subscribe13 to Design Informer and follow us on Twitter14.

Footnotes Link

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SmashingConf Barcelona 2016

Hold on, Tiger! Thank you for reading the article. Did you know that we also publish printed books and run friendly conferences – crafted for pros like you? Like SmashingConf Barcelona, on October 25–26, with smart design patterns and front-end techniques.

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Former editor in chief of Designinformer.

  1. 1

    Nice Post, your designs are awesome. It’s going to be a great year.

    I will post my daily designs here :

  2. 2

    Silvi (The Daily Type Play)

    January 2, 2010 6:04 am

    Hi Jad,

    great points indeed. I’d also suggest to create a flickr group (just like a hashtag on twitter) so we could all gather our creations there and spread the word.
    I have started this challenge as well, my aim is to create a type-based poster a day. The submission(s) can be seen at, and I also tweet as
    Good luck with your challenge, I love your submissions!

  3. 3

    First of all, I really loved your designs!! And yes, I have taken up the challenge! :)

  4. 4

    Jeannie Ozlanski

    January 2, 2010 11:33 am

    A fellow designer and myself have taken on the challenge. I am creating 365 days of postage stamps. Check them out at

  5. 5

    I accepted, and started today. I will be posting them on to my website from next week, but as it’s not finished yet I’m using my deviantArt page for now. Please take a look and give me some feedback if you have the time!

  6. 6

    It’s great to see so many people having a go! I’ve decided to rally try and hone my skills this year, you can see my designs at I look forward to seeing some of you there, and to seeing all your designs too.

    With 365 x this many people, we’ll have thousands of designs!

  7. 7
  8. 10

    Yes Jad, as I said before I’m already doing this since 12/22/2009
    Haven’t got as much feedback as that but I think that I’ll get it with time…

    Here is the link:

  9. 11

    I accepted the challenge, but I don’t have a blog for it. You can see my designs here: . They’re not good, but I’m in it to learn new things ;)

  10. 12
  11. 13

    I’ve been interested in designing something daily. And Yeah, I’ve taken the challenge.
    Here is my blog:
    Leave comment if you have time, thanks :)

    Why don’t we make a list of people who accept this challenge? It’s really nice to work together on the same “project” ♥

  12. 14

    Hi, I really like the article on smashing magazine. It is quite a challenge and I hope to make 365 designs.

    Here’s my blog.

  13. 15

    I’m going to try it! Still setting up my blog–does that count for today??? Here’s where I’ll post:

  14. 17

    I took on the challenge 10 days ago and I’m loving it. There are days where it’s hard to come up with something. But once I start a new file the creative juices start flowing.
    Thanks for the inspiration! and I’ll be looking forward to seeing your work :)

    My blog is

  15. 18

    I too took on the challenge. Started on the first of januray. When I lay in my bed at night my creative juices get flowing so there’s a sketch block beneath my bed with a pencil to write down the ideas for the next day and design.

    Follow me here:

  16. 20

    Stacy Jackson

    January 2, 2010 7:21 pm

    I’ll be tweeting my daily design from and posting the to my flicker set

    Hope that works till I get my new blog up anyway.

  17. 21
  18. 24

    I will be posting my dailies on my twitter: to my


  19. 25

    I think that this is a great challenge, and I’m sure that this will encourage me to learn lots of new techniques and speed up my design process.

    I thought that I would design on the theme of robotics, with the idea of each month doing a different design style or aspect.

    Here is my gallery where I will be uploading the images:


  20. 26

    it’s a good idea to be more creative in 2010 and to express who we are :).
    i will try this BIG challange


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