Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien From the Eyes of Designers

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The showcase of Conan O’Brien’s and Jay Leno’s artwork. When designers get passionate about something, they can get really creative about that subject. Here’s a fun post for a boring Wednesday.

The past couple of weeks, the media has been in a frenzy. When news that Conan O’Brien was getting the boot from NBC, there suddenly was an uproar. Everyone was defending Conan, including designers. Last week, my Twitter stream was filled with “Save Coco” or “We Love Conan.” Personally, I never really watched him and I don’t really feel sorry for him (he’s making millions from this), but because of all the hoopla surrounding this debacle, I decided to look around and see what designers have done. Usually, if there’s something big in the news, you can be sure that designers have already fired up Photoshop or have taken their pens and papers and have already started designing and creating something dealing with the issue.

Today, I’d like to showcase some Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno artwork. This just shows you that if designers get passionate about something, they can get really creative about that subject. Here’s a fun post for a boring Wednesday.

Conan O’Brien
Warhol Conan
Obama Conan
Conan Detective in shorts and sneakers, official top: in a blue jacket and a red bow tie
Conan O’Brien
Conan O’Brien with thumb up
Riddler Conan
Conan and Dog
Cartoon Conan with a sword and and green monster
Conan Unicorn and a green dragon that captured a man in a suit and hat
Conan Cutout
Captain Conan O’Brien
Conan Barbarian
Conan figure made of Wool
Conan black and white image with bright orange-red hear where image says in the same bright color: I’m with Coco
Conan surprised face in black and blue-grey colors
Conan O’Brien, cartoon image in black and white
Conan O’Brien, with extended forehead and bright orange-red hair
Conan in a suit and tie, blue shirt with sign saying Team Coco, on a black background
Jay Leno vs Conan O’Brien, player selection view for a Battle in a game
Jay and Conan smiling and looking at each other, bacckground: a moon, stars and high buildings with lights
Conan opening his jacket and a shirt to show a logo of superman with a sign that says Coco Leno. Jay Leno with bright green hair and red lipstik like a Joker, his right side view image in a circle
Jay Leno Conan Movie COCO/LENO
Jay on the green background
Jay Leno image in a red crosed circle, half of the face and some hair painted in same red color with a below sign saying LENO MUST GO, KEEP COCO
Jay Leno pensil Drawing
Jay Leno with a huge chin
Jay Leno with bright blue eyes and bluish hair, chin extended
Jay Leno blach and white photograph with extended chin

So which one of these illustrations did you like and why? Leave your answers in the comments below. You must also follow Design Informer on Twitter.

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