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We use ad-blockers as well, you know. We gotta keep those servers running though. Did you know that we publish useful books and run friendly conferences — crafted for pros like yourself? E.g. our upcoming SmashingConf London, dedicated to all things web performance.

The Smashing Book: Already Got Yours?

Have you gotten your copy of The Smashing Book yet? If not, it may still be worth spending $29.90 $22,90 for this printed book (+ free eBook). The book shares technical tips and best practices on typography, usability, UI design, marketing and color usage. It contains interviews with high profile designers and developers. And you will also get a peek behind the curtains of Smashing Magazine. You can buy the book now111 – Please note: this printed book is not available anymore, just as an ebook. [Content Care Dec/17/2016]

Smashing Book Around The World Link

Many things have been happening with and around The Smashing Book in recent weeks. You must have read or heard that it would fall apart immediately upon being opened (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration). In fact, the pages loosened quickly, and the reading experience was anything but ideal (the adhesive binding was the culprit). The verdict from many users was thus: brilliant content, very poor binding. And yes, let’s face facts: we indeed did a poor job in our first attempt at offline publishing, but we are willing to learn from our experience and do it better the next time. In fact, the next time has already come.

We have thoroughly monitored the feedback and heard your complaints, which is why we have produced a Corrected Edition of the book, with stable, high-quality stitched binding. Nothing will fall apart here… guaranteed. And the price remains the same.

The release of the Smashing Book has been very exciting. We’ve seen many photos, videos and even unboxing galleries. We have even seen the books being explored by cats, pancakes, cactuses and babies!

Photo by Remworks

Photo by Eddie Ebeling3.

Photo by Julien Bob (the cat’s name is Monsieurbleu).

Photo by Danielle Wu5.

A Word On The Shipping Link

We are of course not a postal service, and because we are located in Germany, we had to rely on the German postal service (Deutsche Post) to deliver the books to you. This usually works fairly well, but the first weeks in December certainly weren’t our preferred shipping time. Logistics companies were already busy with the Christmas season, and so delivery of our books went very slowly. And because we have been shipping the books worldwide, delivery times have varied significantly. No wonder it took as long as a couple of weeks for the books to be delivered, slowed down as they were by the holidays.

It’s truly astonishing what can happen to books when you ship a large number of them. There are hundreds of stories: the labels got messed up, damaged, loosened or stuck together; the book was delivered but is sitting in the apartment of a neighbor who has gone on vacation; the mail carrier delivered the book to the wrong house or misread the label; the label has a printing error; my address has changed; the book was left sitting in a delivery container; the postal service sent the book to the wrong state and is in the process of rerouting it; the book is being held up in customs. The list goes on and on. Every day we learn of a number of such cases. If you purchased your book a long while ago but still haven’t received it, please send your order details to our support team at We’ll be in touch right away and will investigate.

Was It Worth The Wait? Link

Well, we can’t answer that question because we are obviously biased. But our readers and book reviewers can answer that question for us. Many book reviews are out there, sharing both positive and negative impressions.  What do other readers say? Here are a few snippets:

“The advice is pitched at what I would call intermediate-to-advanced level. It’s aimed at web designers, doesn’t include any coding details, and focuses on notions of good practice. Elegant solutions for common problems are offered on almost every page. The book has also been written by a group of professional designers – so they know what they’re talking about.” — Roy Johnson6

“The Smashing Book is a great, really great book for everybody who is interested in design and web-development. Especially the typography and learning from the experts chapters where inspirational resources to me. The content is great but I believe the layout of the pages should be as a book. Support the Smashing Magazine Book by ordering your copy and I hope SM will continue the concept of bringing the content by book.” — Sander Baumann, Designworkplan7

“The book is basically all of SM’s best articles condensed into a book. This is what you’d expect, as it would be hard to top what they have on the website already. The content is very detailed, perhaps even too much in some cases, but it is like a ‘bible of web design’ covering all the things you should know.” — Lee Munroe 8

“I think the Smashing Book is a perfect book for web designers and developers of all levels, and I am excited that it lives up to the hype. It provides very comprehensive information that is both useful and essential for designers and developers who want to make the quailty of their websites improve.” — admixweb

“I think the book is a great buy for the price. For all you people still waiting for it to be delivered, it’s worth it!” — ThatDeadPixel9

“Overall, this is a great effort from the Smashing Team and all the authors. The book features good web design theory and many practical techniques backed up by real world examples in the form of colourful screenshots. This book will not become obsolete in the short term, and should be placed in everyone’s library. Overall score:  8.5/10 – A Smashing Book!” — Hixdesign

Please note that all errors and inaccuracies are being collected in the Errata, which can be found through our Smashing List of Links10 (only a few errors have been found so far).

Buy The Book Now! Link

The Smashing Book is a printed book about best practices in modern Web design. The book shares technical tips and best practices on coding, usability and optimization and explores how to create successful user interfaces and apply marketing principles to increase conversion rates. It also shows how to get the most out of typography, color and branding so that you end up with intuitive and effective Web designs. And lastly, you will also get a peek behind the curtains of Smashing Magazine.

It’s a paperback: 313 pages, full-color images on coated paper, available worldwide. You can buy the book now111 – Please note: this printed book is not available anymore, just as an ebook.

(sl, al)

Footnotes Link

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The Smashing team loves high-quality content and cares about the little details. Through our online articles, Smashing Books, eBooks as well as Smashing Conferences, we are committed to stimulating creativity and strengthening the web design community’s creative forces.

  1. 1

    Davide Espertini

    January 27, 2010 3:44 am

    Yesterday is finally arrived!

    I’m so happy!

    The book is fantastic!

  2. 2

    I would love to have the poster – please please please give it to me and I will hang it on my wall! :) Thank you, guys!

  3. 3

    Jason Andreoni

    January 27, 2010 3:52 am

    Poster giveaway?!? Sign me up! I would frame the poster and put it in my office to contrast with my black and white Edward Gorey prints.

    *fingers crossed

    • 4

      Jason Andreoni

      January 27, 2010 5:07 am

      Oh, and I am not supposed to know about it, but my wife was planning on getting it for my birthday (next week) and I MAY have spied the Smashing “S” in my closet last night.


  4. 5

    Stefan Moldoveanu

    January 27, 2010 3:53 am

    Preordered the book, got it in December. Great investment and a pleasant reading as well!

  5. 6

    Guus van Velthoven

    January 27, 2010 3:54 am

    Great book guys. SMASHING!

  6. 7

    Two of my favourite things at the minute :)

  7. 8

    i would like to have the poster so i could put it on the wall beside my desk as i may get inspired by them

  8. 9

    Currently the only thing I have hanging in my room is a cork-board for my notes. My room echoes due to the lack of things on the wall.
    This would certainly be an awesome addition to the room, if I managed to snag one.

  9. 10

    I would love to have the poster too :-) And I want to buy the book next week too.

  10. 11

    I’d put it under my pillow. Next morning i know everything about webdesign.

  11. 13

    got it – and it’s technicaly hard to read thanks to bad DTP. The interial margin distance is way too small!

  12. 15

    I deserve the poster. I ordered the book in august and i’m still waiting….

  13. 16

    Im still waiting for my book. It’s been 2 months now. Why????????

  14. 17

    I got it few days after New Year 2010. Amazing book with great content. Thanks!

  15. 18

    The poster would inspire me both offline aswell as online. Since discovering your site it has been a constant daily inspiration for someone who doesn’t come from the design background. It’s been a real benefit for someone with a more technical training in coding to have this resource inspire me to explore and develop the designer in me.

    Thanks you again Smashing, you have made the difference…

  16. 19

    Cicero Monteiro

    January 27, 2010 4:03 am

    I got mine yesterday! It’s awesome! People from the office are all jealous, hehehehe. Please guys, send me the poster!!! I’ll hang it on my cubicle and my boss will give me a promotion, for sure!


  17. 20

    Ordered 4 days back. Eagerly waiting for it. I am in India my friend is carrying it from US.
    I will proudly stick the poster on my laptop.


  18. 21

    Preordered the book but i haven’t received it yet! ¬¬
    (i’m from brazil)

  19. 22

    I’m currently writing my thesis on posters, so I would simply hang this on my wall as inspiration and a reminder of how much great knowledge I’ve applied reading the articles here during this time.

  20. 23

    I love the book, have read it almost every week after I finally got my pre-order at the end of last year. Good shit, may I say.

    That’s why I really need a copy of your poster. I want to smash it apart and spread around the town. Every publicity is.. you know.

  21. 24

    Great book, now I have the book for a few weeks and I like it! beautifully written and clear! What I would do with that poster. I’ll put it on the wall in our student house between a poster of Clockwork Orange and the posters of Harry Potter 2, haha

  22. 25

    My copy of the Smashing Book arrived early in December and I read it twice since then.
    I used some of the tips for my business and tried others for myself.

    At the moment I borrowed it to a friend who is working with Photoshop for years and he really likes it, because it is so amazing!

    I’d like to hang the Smashing Book Poster over my desk in my new room, so I can look at it when I design.

    Thanks for your work, SM!

  23. 26

    Dimensions too small :-( But its content is so big :-)

  24. 27

    I have the book and would love the poster for my office :-)

  25. 28

    Bring this terrific Smashing Poster to an austrian fan of smashing mag! Yeah! If i get one I’m gonna take it to our local snowy mountain and make a picture of it :)

  26. 29

    I bought my Smashing Book in the pre-sale period but I haven’t received it yet, although I did receive an email telling that my book was shipped on 12/02/2009. Maybe it’s important to notice that I’m from Brazil.

    • 30

      Florian (Customer Support)

      January 27, 2010 4:52 am

      Brazil is indeed one of the countries with the longest delivery times. Unfortunately, groundmail to Brazil is expected to take 30-50 days. You’re now at the end of this spectrum, so you should receive your Smashing Book soon. If not, please contact us via so that we can fix the problem.

  27. 31

    I’ll use the power, beauty and truth of the poster to bridge the sectarian divide here in Northern Ireland.

  28. 32

    The poster would be up on my wall making the other posters look less awesome ^_^

  29. 33

    I will order the book probably next week and I do want a SmashingBook poster.

  30. 34

    There is a lot of uselles and ugly posters on my wall… I would like to start the change of it with a perfect poster!

    ps.: still waiting for my book… I hope it arrives this week!


  31. 35

    Ordered my copy today. Can’t wait for it to arrive! :)

  32. 36

    i shall paste it in the wall above my monitor to decorate my workspace.. :)

  33. 37

    What would I do with the poster? I would make it into a shrine in my work space, hehe. So when things are down and I am short of ideas, I can always look at the poster and quickly go to Smashing Mag site to see the vast array of cool posts for Inspiration. So PLEASE give me one of the posters, I am absolutely besotted with Smashing Mag, its my first blog I hit when I get to work! : )

    PS I got the book, and its GREAT!

  34. 38

    Hi, I’d love to have one of the posters, I something to add some color for my otherwise black-and-whiteish room.

    Great reading as usual!

  35. 39

    Oh I’m going to share a photo of my Smashing Book! It’s in my “top books” collection which sits right below my desk so that I can quickly reach it while working.

    As for the poster, I’ll use it to decorate my very minimalist workspace. As you can see from the the photo on Flickr, my workspace is very barebones and it needs a bit of color!

  36. 40

    This is a very nice book…I received it 2 weeks ago and I am keeping it with me everywhere i go…Now I really need the poster…

  37. 41

    Darran Goulder

    January 27, 2010 4:34 am

    I’m planning on taking down my signed Banksy Print, because that was soooo last year and putting the poster in its place.

    The Smashing Magazine poster will remind me when Im not on the site or reading the book, that I should be!

    Any idea’s what I can do with the Banksy? Tear off a segment and use it as a bookmark in the Smashing Book?

  38. 42

    I would color photocopy the poster and use it as wallpaper!

    ordering the book now….

  39. 43

    What a brilliant all round web design reference guide! The content of the Smashing Book I find very useful on a daily basis, full of practical advice and tips. Well done.

  40. 44

    Germany huh? Didn’t knew that!

    Anyways, the book is fantastic! Beautifull cover and terrific content, really love it^^. Really a recommendation to anyone.

  41. 45

    Amazing book, just reading it at the moment. The poster would be great to have, can put next to my typographic artwork on my wall. :)

  42. 46

    Would love a poster! I reckon it would go well in between my fairy lights and my Il Padrino (The Godfather), Bob Marley – Legend and Leon – The Professional posters :)

    Awesome book guys, got mine back in December and I’m still diving into it and checking out the chapters!



  43. 47

    I’ve just finished reading the book yesterday!!
    I’m waiting for the next one!! ^_^

    The poster on my wall should be really nice :P

  44. 48

    I’d like to own the Smashing Book to tell a very good bedtime story to my boyfriend. Then he’ll know all about webdesign at last. ;-) Very nice Book!

  45. 49

    I already have a great SM Book. I would like a poster too. Would have cut it with scissors, and assembled into a whole new cubistic piece. To reflect what I did would need two :)

  46. 50

    Soon I will order that book. It’s a must have.

  47. 51

    Great design and very nice book :).

  48. 52

    Nathan Edwards

    January 27, 2010 5:01 am

    I would display my poster proudly on my uni room wall or door… the world needs to know about better design :)

  49. 53

    My fresh white office walls are in desperate need of a special decoration!
    Would love to win the poster! :)

  50. 54

    i would probably use the poster as a cover for the book itself :D

  51. 55

    Smashing Book!
    The Poster? will smash it on the wall :D

  52. 56

    I bought it weeks ago and I’m still waiting!!

  53. 57

    My dorm room walls are completely white, with zero posters or images on them. IKEAs photos are either ugly or too expensive. A Smashing poster would create wonders for a computer science student, complementing the book itself on my desk, where I – of course – keep it at all times.

  54. 58

    This book is like my new bible! It’s really good I expected it to just be ok I just got it to Show my support and the book completely passed my exxpectations it’s amazing I highly recomend it. Good job guys!

  55. 59

    Throw this poster at me! Fellow designers in my office would love it.

  56. 60

    I would make a flag out of the poster then climb mount everest, put the flag on the top and leave a message in the snow, “designing at the top of the world!”.

  57. 61

    I love the book and have had no problems with the binding. The Smashing Book was perfect for me after looking at technical books on Amazon that all say the same things and are geared towards entry level design and development. The Smashing Book has tons of really helpful suggestions.

    I’d love the poster as well. I would put it up here in our offices in Barcelona for all to see.

    Muchas Gracias Amigos!

  58. 62

    I am currently reading the Smashing Book. It’s great! I would hang the poster in my office at work.

  59. 63

    I would love to win a Smashing Magazine Poster!! :D

    I live anti-squat, and my room is very dark and boring, so a nice poster of you guys would definately help making my room a bit more colorfull =)

    AND I’ll buy the book too!

  60. 64

    Well, I want the poster too. What I would do with it?
    I would do… whatever it asks me to do… grrr.

    …and then smoke a cigarette.

    My gilfriend it’s going to give that book soon :) (I think).

  61. 65

    Got it. Read it. Love it.

  62. 66

    Great job all round from the Smashing team. Looking forward to the sequel ;-)

  63. 67

    I would love to have a poster to accompany my two Smashing Books!

  64. 68

    Yes! I want the poster! I would tear down all my black & white crappy cheatsheets that cover my wall to make room for it. Now if you just stop a moment and think, what would it feel like for me to have that poster, what a great joy, I can assure you’ll be comfortable enough to give away that poster to me now.

  65. 69

    Claudio Aricó

    January 27, 2010 5:58 am

    Great! I want the poster! It will be in my studio here in Buenos Aires. Tnks!

  66. 70

    I love the book, have read it almost every week after I finally got my pre-order at the end of last year.

    That’s why I really need a copy of your poster. I want to smash it apart and spread around the town. Every publicity is.. you know.

  67. 71

    Chris Schneider

    January 27, 2010 6:00 am

    I would hang this poster in my home office where I do all of my freelance work. I have a lot of orange and white in the room as it is, so the poster would look great in there!

  68. 72

    Smashing Magazine is the only blog I have regularly read from day to day since the start of 2007. Pre-ordered the Smashing Book in August, was delivered mid-December.

    A fantastic publication, the wait didn’t bother me as I can sympathise with any company that would have to jump the many unexpected hurdles first time publication brings. For me, only made the day I got my hands on the book more exciting. Five stars.

    If I was one of the lucky ones to be chosen for the poster, I would take a photograph of the poster in the London Design Museum and post it here. It then would then take sole ownership of my office/bedroom wall.

    Thank you for the past and forthcoming years of inspiration and knowledge,
    Steven Ross

  69. 73

    Didn’t receive the book yet after 2 months… but I’d love the poster. To relieve the frustration. Thanks.

  70. 75

    I will hang the poster in the design lab at my school so that other students will hopefully go to your site and learn as much as I have.

  71. 76

    ordered the day it was published :)
    still waiting for arrive :(

  72. 77

    Joshua Sortino

    January 27, 2010 6:14 am

    If I were to win a Smashing Poster, I would hoist the poster as a flag and declare my property “The United House of Smashing Magazine”.

  73. 78

    Hey Ma, lookie me: I’m a POSTER at!

    Got the book back in December and 100% agree w/ the consensus that it’s a great book with lots of useful, portable, content, and it’s offline! It does cater to those who need reminders about the basics, or who are starting out, more than advanced Jedis, however. The binding and layout, well… It IS pretty, but the text runs into the center, and it’s really hard to keep open (no reading at the gym!). Still, a great resource.

  74. 79

    I’d love to have a poster. I would hang it up in my cubicle at work which is in need of some pizazz.

  75. 80

    Mistyukevych Serge

    January 27, 2010 6:20 am

    Great Source and great book! Thanks

  76. 81

    I pre-ordered my book and waited through the trials and tribulations of getting it published and shipped. It was worth every cent and all of the wait! The poster would go on the wall next to the poster of Mike Hailwood on a Grand Prix Honda. It would double my inspiration! J.

  77. 82

    Jonathan Vercoutere

    January 27, 2010 6:30 am

    I’d like a poster!

    ( Oh btw, I’m most likely getting the book for my bday! Hooray :p )

  78. 83

    Milan Petrovic

    January 27, 2010 6:36 am

    I go mine in the third week of December. It’s really great, and worth every penny.

  79. 84

    Cristhian Bedon

    January 27, 2010 6:39 am

    I would read it..

  80. 85

    The book is on my to-buy-list that should hopefully be sorted out this week..!

    Clearly the Smashing Book Poster would earn itself a place on the most sought after wall(and make all the other posters quite envious I might add) in my apartment!

    Good job on a very resourceful site that’s seen quite a bit of wear and tear, keep it up peeps :)

  81. 86

    I have a copy of this book and yes, it is very useful and informative. It’s a wonder more designers out there don’t publish a book!

  82. 87

    If I were to win said poster, I would probably end up making sweet, sweet love to it.

  83. 88

    I order mine in august… it has been ship in december… still waiting! The service told me it could take 45 days… hope i got it soon! :)

  84. 89

    Grant Elliott

    January 27, 2010 6:44 am

    This book is awesome!

    Would love a poster, which would be the first to hang in my new office.

    Old office was flooded, destroying everything (old posters included!) and we had to move premises.


  85. 90

    After it`s long journey, at last, it`s here… and at one piece :)
    Gruß von Griechenland!

  86. 91

    I am going to use the book as inspiration and a guide for my future projects.

  87. 92

    Jim Fasenmyer

    January 27, 2010 6:47 am

    I’ve been following Smashing for a long time and received the book as a Christmas gift (on time) which was great. My dad saw the shipping label & pointed out that you guys were located in the same town my family originated from which made it even cooler.

    If I won a poster I would either hang it proudly as a great conversation piece or make a super hero suit out of it and fight crime. With great power comes great responsibility.

  88. 93

    Ordered mine just today! hopefully it’ll arrive in a reasonable range of time, I have to do 3 websites in two months, hopefully I can snatch some tips from this book before I start em!

  89. 94

    I ‘ll keep the book as an pillow at night…

  90. 95

    Augusto Esteves

    January 27, 2010 6:54 am

    Bought the book today :) Can’t wait.

    If I was to win the poster I would take down Uma Thurman’s poster of Kill Bill from my room’s door and place the Smashing poster instead. Everyone would know my room is a Smashing Room!

  91. 96

    Amber Weinberg

    January 27, 2010 6:59 am

    Today is my birthday so I should win one!

    And I woul stick it on my design inspiration wall in my office!

  92. 97

    dear smashing team, you know i read your articles since the very begining. I always talk about you around me, tell everybody how great you are. I always choose my desktop calendar in your selection (with your name on it…). It’s true that if there were a contest in my office i would win every month the “best desktop calendar” price but that’s another occasion to say “oh my beautil desktop ? It’s from Smashing magazine, you should go and see their articles and tutorials they are great…”. Same for my beautiful flash animations you teach me…
    It’s been quite a long time that we grow together, me as the beginner in webdesign. And what do i learn today ? You give away posters and you didn’t let me know ? It’s a very sad day for me, far away from you, in France. But i will remain faithful even after this mistake … I love you too much !

  93. 98

    Bernardino Lima

    January 27, 2010 7:06 am

    I have my book since Xmas and have reading it since.

    Helpful source of information for me and my wife who is graphic designer.

    If you give me the poster I will give it to my wife to decorate her studio :)

  94. 99

    If I win the poster, I will frame it, post a photo of it hanging in various rooms and finally give it an important place in my and my friend Mario’s agency we are going to come up with within the next years.
    On of the places would definitly be our art room at school, because so many students at school only learn about traditional (or non-digital) art. Let’s show them something different, something new!

    Eventually (if someone pays me:)) I would use the poster as a costume (just like a loincloth) and go for a walk through the city….

    By the way, thanks for the book, I especially enjoyed the Typography chapter!

  95. 100

    I would look at it! And then I would hang it on my wall!

  96. 101


    if you gave me the book, I would use it to, at least, remember me of the ol’magazine days! You know… no pixels, no webpages… plain paper and ink :)

  97. 102

    Monsieurbleu says thanks for being featured on the Smashing website.
    He likes the book a lot.

    Sorry the image has been deleted yesterday, but it is still available here.

  98. 103

    mariusz slonina

    January 27, 2010 7:25 am

    Astronomy is not only about stars, Universe or so. Being an astronomer is a way to find and understand how things works, how to use them together, to do something useful, something special. Five years of searching, trying, designing. TeX, Scribus, InDesign, XHTML, PHP, CSS and so on — these are the tools of nowadays astronomers. You cannot make a standard poster to say what science you did. But You have to say, by the poster, what was interesting and special in your discoveries, not only for You, for Your group, but also, for the rest of Your audience. You cannot create a simple, TeX based article — it will look fine, but not so great. Now, You have to try to redesign default layouts, to show people how the things may look in modern science. That’s the reason I read SM. That’s the reason I find SM useful — I’ve learned here so much! Putting things altogether — design, user attention, typography — works not only on the web. In modern science is important too.

    One of these posters has the place where I work, in the observatory, in my office, on the first floor.

    Thank You for Your work:)

  99. 105

    I got the Smashing Book a couple of days ago. If I were to get a Smashing Poster I would stick it to a wall behind me at work and make every designer jealous.

  100. 106

    We would hang it in the office :)

  101. 107

    If I won the Smashing poster I’d frame the sucker and display it in my studio. Hooray for a splash of color  — not the mention its constant reminder of brilliant design-fodder resources. Awesome poster for the win, please!

  102. 108

    Vicky Masterson

    January 27, 2010 7:42 am

    I teach Art at a small rural school in Missouri and I would love to have one to hang on my wall!!

  103. 109

    I got the Smashing Book about a week ago!
    thanks from Italy! ;D

  104. 110

    Hi ! I have just received the book!
    Honestly, took me 5 mins to figure out how to open the brilliant packaging.
    And the book was heavier and smaller than I thought.
    But I’m really happy when I see the content! I’m gonna take my sweet time to read every paragraph of it!
    Ordered the book on 18 Jan, received on 27 Jan. 9 days, not bad~
    Now it’s one of my favorite book! Love the design~

  105. 111

    Got my book and enjoying every ink-drenched page.

    If I got that poster, I’d lovingly wrap it around my body in a smashing magazine poster hug of unending joy… and then I’d put it on my wall… after some more loving.

  106. 112

    Andrew Campbell

    January 27, 2010 7:50 am

    I also pre-orderd your book and received it just after the new year. I keep it with at all times in my bag in case I get a spare few minutes to continue my reading. The book is fantastic!

    If i was to get one of the posters, it would be on my cubicle wall for all to see and envy. That or hanging in my office, adding just the right amount of class :)

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  107. 113

    I’m boring so I would post the poster on my blank white wall in front of my computer and then gaze up at it whenever I need a bit of inspiration.

  108. 114

    We have a poster war going on in my department. So far, I’ve got the most colorful collection out of the bunch, but I’ve got a hole where I could have one more poster to put it over the top. All my posters are design related – which are hard to come across. So this would be perfect. Would LOVE a poster.

  109. 115

    Awesomesauce! I would definitely use this book to increase my skillset. Try out new things, improve functionality and prolly make a few pages stick!

  110. 116

    Trevor Harmon

    January 27, 2010 7:57 am

    Hmmm….if I was to win a Smashing Poster, I would do one of a few things:
    1. Cover up my family picture with the poster, so I could be a “Son of Smashing” (since that title is pretty slick).
    2. Form an army of designers and unite under the Smashing Banner.
    Or, if all else fails,
    3. Gaze at the poster constantly, in hopes for the transfer of awesome from the poster to my brain.

  111. 117

    need this to live… please please help meeeeee

  112. 118

    I have the book and I would love to have the poster – I will hang it on my wall.
    Thank you.

  113. 119

    Michael Serna

    January 27, 2010 8:02 am

    When I purchase the book, I’d use it for inspiration for someone who would like to invest their time into web designing. If the person has the desire to web design but lacks the eye to create compelling web design layouts. I’d give em this book and hope to have someone be part of the web design family!

  114. 120

    I would read it and read it and read it and read it and read it and… :D

    Yea would love to read it. Love this site.

  115. 121

    I’d love a poster.

    Obviously, it would stay hanged on my wall :)

  116. 122

    I would use the poster to bring some color to my drab cube!

  117. 123

    I would hang it in my office. Simple? Not so much. This office literally has nothing on it’s walls – except white textured paint. Please help this visual lacking office with a Smashing poster. PLEASE!

  118. 124

    Daniel Craggs

    January 27, 2010 8:13 am

    love the book, would also love a poster, if i win, i’m going to put the poster in my gym!

  119. 125

    Smashing Mag has inspired me to start my own web design company this year. Actually, it’s my new year’s resolution. I am currently in the early stage process of creating our web site and this book and the complimentary poster would be nice additions to my make-shift office. :)

  120. 126

    Got the book! Sweet!

    Wall behind my wife’s computer, empty. Could use a reminder of our first and favorite design website!

  121. 127

    ordered on 03.12. and still waiting :/ (switzerland)

  122. 129

    If and whenever you release the book on PDF, I’ll buy a copy. Something about reading online is a lot more enjoyable than reading a printed copy.

    Production cost is much less as well. Make sure you let us know if this book ever goes to PDF.

  123. 131

    Well, it seems like an interesting book. If I won a copy, it would definatly be mentioned quite a bit as to how good it is and I would read it frequently!!

  124. 132

    Dixie Dorward

    January 27, 2010 8:47 am

    I would love to have a poster for my classroom. I am a high school Web Design teacher and utilize the site frequently to start discussions with my students! Can’t wait to grab a copy of the book…

  125. 133

    Great stuff guys. I’d love a poster. I’d frame it and hang it above my iMac for inspiration :)

  126. 134

    I want a poster!

  127. 135

    Ethan Winters

    January 27, 2010 8:55 am

    I could not recommend this book more. BUY IT!

  128. 136

    Currently changing the looks of my room already, and i will definitely hang this poster above my desk for inspiration.

  129. 137

    If I had a Smashing Magazine Poster I would put it on my ceiling above my bed so I could look at it every night before I go to sleep…

  130. 138

    The book arrived near Christmas for me and it was just fantastic. I could use another copy for my friends, therefore here’s my comment – i would share this amazing book with those who deserve it!

    – Scorpiono

  131. 139

    Browser Shake

    January 27, 2010 8:59 am

    We already got the book…however a nice poster would look AWESOME in our newly decorated wall here at the office. I can show you:

    (Thanks to Mike, my boss for holding the book against the wall to create the poster look for me).

  132. 140

    I can definitely use a new creative poster for my office space.

  133. 141

    I would cut it and mount it to my MBP….

  134. 142

    If I won the poster I’d check it doesn’t fall apart when opening, and put it in my studio for when I need reminding where to look for inspiration ;)

  135. 143

    Hmm, I haven’t had any problems with the binding at all. I thought the book was rather nicely made, from the physical size through to the paper and printing quality. Plus, there was a great unboxing experience! :)

    I guess these things are always a learning experience, but I thought you guys made a great first attempt. I’ll look forward to book 2!

  136. 144

    I would love to win one Smashing Book!
    If I do, I would make people envy me at my twitter with it [=

  137. 145

    Hi there,

    got my book in december, love it.

    Like Vitaly I went to Otto Hahn Gymnasium, Saarbruecken, too (1994-2000)
    But I didn’t attend to the “Computer AG” :P

    Now this still gotta qualify myself for getting one the posters, doesn’t it hehehe

    keep it up smashers!

  138. 146

    got mine as a Christmas present was Sooooo excited!

    Thanks Smashing Mag

  139. 147

    Adelina Green

    January 27, 2010 9:21 am

    the book is awesome, definitely it was worth the wait! I made the order in September and got it at Christmas, and it was the best gift ever!

  140. 148

    Not finished yet but it’s an amazing reading! Can’t wait for Volume 2! ;-)

  141. 149

    If I win the poster, it will replace my Megan Fox poster with it. =)

    Ordering the book after the comment! ;)

  142. 150

    My studio walls are pretty bare… I have one wall begging for posters – the Smashing Mag poster would be THE way to start!

    btw, excellent book, currently working my way through it!

  143. 151

    Brian Gilbert

    January 27, 2010 9:38 am

    If I win a copy of The Smashing Book, I will TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

  144. 152

    Definitely going on my wall if I get it.. Great Inspiration!

  145. 153

    I would use the book to hold up my coffee table. One leg is broken.

  146. 154

    A poster would be awesome !

    I’d hang it next to my desktop at work, so that my co-workers would remember your website and of course the smashing book are valuable resources !

  147. 155

    Whoo.. I got mine yesterday;

    I’d love a poster as I’ve just moved into a new flat and my walls are as bare as a newborns arse!


  148. 156

    I got my book a month back, i just completed reading it, now it would be great if i get smashing poster also, it will be a great a smashing book on my desk with a poster behind the desk on the wall.
    Love you smashing magazine..

  149. 157

    I am very new to web and graphic design so I religiously read your site everyday and is actually my homepage. So a poster would be awesome to put on my office wall to inspire me to become an original real designer. Also plan on buying the book, can’t wait! Thanks for all your posts.

  150. 158

    Ich möchte eine Deutsche Version!

    Ich möchte eine Deutsche Version!

    Ich möchte eine Deutsche Version!

    Ich möchte eine Deutsche Version!

    Ich möchte eine Deutsche Version!

    Ich möchte eine Deutsche Version!

    Ich möchte eine Deutsche Version!

    Ich möchte eine Deutsche Version!

  151. 159

    I need the poster to hang it on the inner side of my room/office door (on the outer is already an alien with a smoke saying “Take me to your dealer”).
    That way I can glance at it while working to keep me going, or while I am leaving to room to remind me that I should do some creative stuff as well (in case I was simply playing games or browsing the web that day).

    P.S. Got my book, with slight delay in posting, but so far it was worth the wait :)

  152. 160

    I already own the Smashing Book and would love the poster, as well. It will serve as inspiration for me to be a better designer and to never stop learning!

  153. 161

    Want one to hang in my room.

  154. 162

    The Smashing Magazine books was definetly worth buying for! Thanks for it’s pocket size, it was a great idea!

    Poster would be just amazing and in perfect timing. I’ve just painted my officeroom and bought new desk and chair. Walls are plain so I was about to make a framed poster of .Net magazines and I think Smashing Magazine poster would be more than perfect to go next to it.. maybe even replace it!

  155. 163

    I see two books on Amazon by Smashing Magazine, “Smashing WordPress” and “Smashing Javascript”, published by Wiley. I havent seen these books mentioned on Smashing? Did I miss something? Are these unauthorized?

  156. 164

    I am still waiting for my book but Helen did a great *excellent* job to inform me about the status. Oh! yes, I will hang the poster in my office (to show off).

  157. 165

    You should give the people who waited 6 months a free poster!!!!!!!!

  158. 166

    I want one! I am new to web design so I hope this book can be a solid starting point.

  159. 167

    Hide those error with the poster
    Soooo sorry… Error 403 Forbidden

    Guru Meditation:

    XID: 1567233157

    • 168

      Florian (Customer Support)

      January 28, 2010 6:38 am

      Thanks for telling us. I just tried the URL and it seems to be working again. Maybe a temporary problem. Is it working for you as well?

  160. 169

    I would buy the book if I lived in Europe or US.
    I don’t trust southamerican mail.
    btw, I would hang the poster in my bedroom/office.

  161. 170

    I got my book, and must admit I was a bit disappointed with the size, I thought of it to be a bit bigger than that. Poster would be nice depends if it is big enough

  162. 171

    Poster sounds great. I would hang it up in the office lunchroom!

  163. 172

    Mine has just arrived. It took a while because I am in Brazil. I’m looking forward to reading it!
    Thanks a lot guys.

  164. 173

    I got mine too :) It’s AMAZING! Very dense…

  165. 174

    Armando Flores

    January 27, 2010 11:55 am

    Got my book a couple of weeks back. I used it as reference information during a ‘lunch-and-learn’ presentation about ‘Usability’ for our development team. The poster would look great in our meeting area to remind us about key ‘Usability’ points.

  166. 175

    Hi, first of all great book, I pre-ordered, suffered through all the delays, but it was worth the wait, great book! :)

    About the poster, I would definitely hang it on my office wall.

    Keep up the good work SM.

  167. 176

    If i got this book i would use it to help me quit WoW

  168. 177

    I really need this book to inspire me for designing again. Haven’t designed anymore after I left the advertising agency. Working @ the car rental right now :(

  169. 178

    Yes, the book is awesome. I got it 2 days before Xmas.

    Yes, I would love a new Smashing poster to hang in my office.


  170. 179

    Oh how I want this book so badly. But I don’t know if I can spare nearly $30 right now. :(

    If I were to win the poster, though, I would hang it in my workspace where all my creativity happens. It would be a piece of inspiration!

  171. 180

    william deerfield

    January 27, 2010 12:21 pm

    I would love a copy. I would use it everyday in my design work and it would make a great addition to my reference manuals.

  172. 181

    Marcel Havenith

    January 27, 2010 12:31 pm

    I got the book for x-mas and already read it. It’s just great and I don’t regret reading it. If you are looking for a good compendium of modern web design you should get your copy!

  173. 182

    I don’t like reading in English … translate the book for portuguese :D

  174. 183

    David Stenbeck

    January 27, 2010 12:39 pm

    I’m trying to scrape the money together for the book, damn student loans, anyways.. Me and a few friends making a web shrine, somewhere to go pray to the gods of webdesign when those hard times being confronted with non-standard implementations and tedious workarounds for browser compatibility. it is meant to be a place to seek hope in the darkness ;) and what better in the middle than a smashing poster which is somewhere we seek divine knowledge on a daily basis ^

  175. 184

    I’d probably take it to my grave cos there’s sooooo much to learn and sooooo little time ! ;)

  176. 185

    I want that poster. It would look smashing on my cubicle wall

  177. 186

    I would use the Smashing Magazine book to do more offline research and studying. I visit Smashing Magazine’s website and other websites on the Smashing Network so often that my Internet Service Provider gets on my case about bandwidth usage.

  178. 187

    TOTALLY excited. My mom just called me at work and told me my Smashing Book was at home. I guess it came recently and someone threw it into a pile of mail (!!!!!!) that got forgotten. So my long awaited pre-order finally came through! Hooray!!!!

    In any case, I’d love to get the poster to remind myself NOT to do ground shipping next time… being a cheapskate doesn’t cut it. Haha… well, I’d put it up in my room to use up the white space on the walls and remember how cool Smashing Magazine is. =)

  179. 188

    Joseph Alessio

    January 27, 2010 1:13 pm

    Sadly, I don’t own the book, but I checked the samples and they look great! If I were to win the aforementioned poster, I would hang it on my bedroom wall, haha!

    Have you considered making a Smashing T-shirt? That would be great! A red T-shirt with a huge white “S” and the words “smashing magazine” along the bottom right or something like that.

  180. 189

    I’m buying the book as soon as I can. It will be in my top ten books for reference. You guys have done an excellent job putting information together for the design community and for that I am very grateful. Your website inspires me to learn more everyday in these times of ever shifting knowledge, and changing techniques.

  181. 190

    Please give me one copy, I can’t afford it, I will read it everyday, it will become my personal bible, please can I have one?

  182. 191

    The book would be a good motivation to proceed with my graphic designer study. I’m going through a hard time at the moment.

  183. 192

    Derek Leblanc

    January 27, 2010 2:10 pm

    What can I say? Even without this book, Smashing Magazine is a tremendous resource! I am computer science student and like many programmers, the extent of my artistic ability lies in programming elegant code, but what good is that without aesthetic appeal? Nothing, that’s what! If I win a free book or not, this will be a valuable addition to my…I would say bookshelf, but it’s not going to spend much time there.

    -Derek Leblanc
    Computer Science Student
    Memorial University

  184. 193

    I love the book and already have my copy. Instead of giving out posters, people who buy the book should get a URL for a book-ad-free version of the RSS feed.

  185. 194

    I never got my book, its been 2 months

  186. 195

    I want it to fill up my bookshelf ;)

    Nah, i think it will be a great book to spend some houres on.

  187. 196

    The smashing book is one of the best books I’ve bought recently. It was well worth the wait.

    If I had the poster, I’d wrap myself in it and wear it as a cape and act like a superhero called Smashing Man and run around saving people from bad UX.

  188. 197

    For everyone who hasn’t yet got it, this question:
    Under what rock have you been living lately? This is a not-to-miss piece of reading material. you must buy it. NOW!

  189. 198

    I teach web design in college and would love to put a smashing poster up in class! I’ll send a picture from it in class as well! can you resist that offer? ;)

  190. 199

    the poster would go on the wall of my bedroom of course! to inspire and reinspire myself.

  191. 200

    Robert Lincolne

    January 27, 2010 2:44 pm

    well, I’d LIKE to buy it, but living in Australia and being forced to choose a US state won’t really work guys… is there any way I can order it?

    • 201

      Florian (Customer Support)

      January 28, 2010 6:49 am

      This should not be happending, obviously. :) We’ve already had successful orders from Australia, though, so I don’t think this problem affects everyone.

      I have informed our technical appartment about the problem. We’ll see if they’ll come up with something.

      Until then, you might try just using a different browser. If this is a freak-error, this might help.

  192. 202

    The Smashing Magazine Book is a great and insightful read and I have learnt many new things. Thanks so much for everyone’s input in the book.

    I would love the poster to hang on my study wall for inspiration!

  193. 203

    Well, i’ll be eat, runnin’ and sleep with this poster :)

    ps. i will make photo with this poster and a lot of snow and snowman in cold Poland:)

  194. 204

    Maybe you could send posters out to all the people who STILL havent received their pre-orders!?

  195. 205

    I’d lock it into a lead box to preserve for the next generations.

    choose me or i’ll post using comic sans next time!

  196. 206

    hey, cool book… think I would read it on the toilet. Most of the time it’s really boring there ^^

  197. 207

    My book arrived like two weeks ago. If i won the poster, I would hang it on my dorm room wall. Would definitely make it stand out since most people in my college have typical mass-produced posters

  198. 208

    Finnally, my book arrived today!
    It is a nice tool for my projects… It’s allways important to be aware of the best practices in this industry. Smashing Magazine helps me a lot on thinking “out of the box” solutions.
    The poster would be nice… I’m curious… is it inspiring, innovative, creative? Or… simply Smashing???

  199. 209

    Got mine!

  200. 210

    Well, I sure deserve the poster to replace my flat 42 inches TV at the ceiling, so everyday when I wake up I’ll get inspired for the rest of the day. I think it’s better than some stupid french TV reality shows :-p

  201. 211

    yaa! I want that one! I have always wanted one. Maybe this book will be the reason to start my freelance career =P

  202. 212

    I’d love to wake up and look at the poster each and every day! :-)

  203. 213

    I would frame the poster and hang it in my office to inspire me to check online for the newest tips, tricks and design trends. Thanks Smashing Magazine!

  204. 214

    I will put up the poster on my wall, then click pictures of it and put it on my desktop wallpaper, my cellphone wallpaper and even on my website wallpaper!!!!

  205. 215

    I want that poster. It would look smashing on my cubicle wall

  206. 216

    As a high school teacher, I love to utilize for discussion purposes. It’s a really great tool and I can’t wait to acquire the book! A poster would be perfect for my classroom where I use this site regularly! Thanks Smashing Magazine!

  207. 217

    If I had the Smashing Book poster, I would bring it down to Australia with me (in Canada now) and put it up in the room I will be renting.

    Oh, and I loved the book! I took it down to a local print shop and had it modified to a ring binding. It now stays open on it’s own, is much easier to read, and looks pretty slick to boot!

  208. 218

    Your site Rocks! Your book Rocks!!! You guys Rock!!!

    Keep the good work Rollin :D

  209. 219

    I have a Smashing Book.
    I have a 1967 Volkswagen Van.
    I would paste it on my Volkswagen Van and respray the van to make it SMASHING !

  210. 220

    I need the poster too……..

  211. 221

    Kapila Withanage

    January 27, 2010 6:53 pm

    Life savior, not just a book…

  212. 222

    Paul Brockwell

    January 27, 2010 7:05 pm

    I would, naturally, smash things with it. The cutting edge of designing across many platforms makes this book and the poster both essential items for showcasing my street cred as a savvy designer. Don’t let me lose my street cred!

  213. 223

    red said fred

    January 27, 2010 7:56 pm

    I would LOVE to have an exclusive Smashing Book Poster! If I had one, I’d hang it proudly on my wall, I’d take a picture of myself in front of the poster, I’d email my boss the picture and convince her to order me the book! Oh how I would LOVE to have a Smashing Book Poster to show the world how smashing good that Smashing Magazine really is!!

  214. 224

    I’m in the middle of re-decorating my house and i think the poster would be the perfect finishing touch to my office/study area.

    Your book rocks, i got it a while back on pre-order! It’s just what the design doctor ordered!

  215. 225

    I would love a copy of the book! I’m a amateur designer and I’m sure I will learn a lot from it!

  216. 226

    would cuddle with it whole night :D Need it!

  217. 227

    Still don’t have mine. Very VERY VERY disappointed. Keep getting the run around about its being investigated. Whats there to investigate if you have no TRACKING #’s. Yes it shipped out December 9th and STILL WAITING!! What gives. Tired of waiting. Going on two months now, and still no RESOLUTION. Anyone else having the same problem?

  218. 228

    OMG! Give me the poster…love to have it… :D

  219. 229

    Sign me up for the free poster! It’ll be hanging in my soon-to-be college dorm room right next to The Police poster I have! It will be a constant reminder of the web community I digest daily.

  220. 230

    Free Posters Rock! I teach Graphic Design and would LOVE to have this for my classroom!

  221. 231

    Alex Shapovalov

    January 27, 2010 10:56 pm

    I need an inspiration and a reminder to use the concepts I learned from the SmashingBook in my projects and what a better way to do it then with a poster hanging over my workspace. I would like to congratulate the contributors of the SmashingBook for doing a smashing job. Thank you.

  222. 232

    With this book I would take over the world, mwaaahahahaa!

  223. 233

    Martin Haakansson

    January 27, 2010 11:15 pm

    It was on my Wishlist for Christmas, but it never arrived! One of the reasons why I stopped believing in Santa Claus!
    Ordering it next month .. Being on Student Salery isn’t making you wealthy :)

  224. 234

    hope that i can order a book next weeks – money is low at this time ;-)
    the poster i would put on the wall behind my desk as a reminder, which site i will visit first every day on work.
    its a cool gimmick – why not print t-shirts with the smashing “S” ;-)

  225. 235

    Hey There Smashing Oaks :)
    Free posters you say! Thats awesome! I got your book for x-mas and its great – Really valuable insights I must say.
    I reside in South Africa and work at a company called WebEasy – We have about 500 sites to our name, but only since ive introduced my colleges to smashing have we been pushing out better “Quality” sites.
    I’m 20 now and been in the game for just over 1½ years and want to take my skills to new levels, Smashingmag Is my number1 resource on the web.
    We aim to become one of the best development teams in Johannesburg.
    And I’m sure that poster in our office would be a Shining light on those stressful days.
    =D You can do it! haha
    Tnx for all your hard work.

    – Benoni Boi –

    PS: Were planning getting into one of your showcases soon :p

  226. 236

    Hi i’m from indonesia .. i’d like to get smashing book ..
    what i do with that book is read that book, and apply all tips and try tutorial inside that books to my design …

    thanks ..

  227. 237

    I’m moving to a new flat with “cold” walls – I need the poster to decorate it

  228. 238

    Christopher Parsons

    January 28, 2010 12:18 am

    It’d be great to get a poster. ‘course, it’d also be awesome to get the book, given that it’s heading towards two months since it was released, and I’d preordered in August….*grumble*

  229. 239

    I`m already read it. Very useful.

  230. 240

    I need it, because I’m too lazy to read all those posts in the blog. Maybe I read the whole book! I think so, so please, Smashing Magazine, Pimp my Skills!

  231. 241

    Eventually my Smashing Book arrived, after many months of delays and unlikely excuses. They shipped three copies to me and one made it.

    I’ve read about half of it so far and I’d say it was okay. It look beautiful, the quality is exceptional, but the content just doesn’t seem to match up. There seems to be a lot of words and pictures, but they don’t really say much.

    Maybe it is just aimed at newbies, but for me, I don’t think it was worth it. This is a big disappointment, as I was looking forward to getting it.

  232. 242

    I love books. I love paper. And I love shiny new posters.

    If I got a copy of the poster, I would put it on my wall. I would look at it. I would smell its inky scent from my chair, and feel knowledgeable in its presence.

    I would show it to my friends, and family, and introduce them to great design.

    I’d analyze it’s colors, and find out its subconscious psychological impact. I’d nerd out while explaining the poster to anyone curious enough to ask.

    When designs don’t turn out right, I would yell at it. The poster would be my friend and good companion during late nights of last-minute inspiration.

    I’d be reminded of it whenever I saw something with the same font, or the same colors. I’d probably bring it up in conversation, then, too.

    I would read any text on it, over and over, until every inch of its typography was imprinted on my brain. I would probably end up doodling the smashing magazine logo on my paper mouse pad, without even paying attention.

    I would use the poster to make other people jealous, but I’d be nice and let them look at it. I’d get jealous if the poster inspired anyone else. I’d probably yell at the poster for that, too. Why couldn’t you give me that good idea, huh? I thought we had something special! This is because I ripped your corner on accident, isn’t it?

    Five years down the road, I’d have the poster framed and in soft light, to preserve it. My relationship with it would be comfortable. The silence wouldn’t bother me anymore. I’d stand next to it, and sip coffee. I’d get an idea, and nod. Good idea, trusty old friend. Good idea.

    Yeah, uh.. I would put that poster on my wall, alright. And I’d look at it. I seriously would.

  233. 243

    I have ordered my book from 8 days ago .. and it didn’t arrive yet :(

  234. 244

    I think i would commission orudorumagi to create a miniature origami version of the smashing magazine book so that I may take a picture and send it in as fan art of said book. thanks for the poster! ;)

  235. 245

    First I will take it for a walk cause we get to know each other a little better.
    Then I will hang it in my room just to let it handle with the jet-lag, and let it acclimatise.

    When it feels ready I will take him down to my design office where it will be proud to hang between his fellow friends and watching the book shelf with ihs big brother. The Smashing Book.

    Hope to see you soon Smashing Poster

  236. 246

    Poster… hmm. That depends! If its big enough, then i would like to frame it and hang it to the wall in the hall of my office. Right next to my beatiful vector graphics!
    If the poster dont have the right size… i will… force my girlfriend to hang it in HER hall! :D

    PS.: The book is great! But next time please bind the book where i can read it without wrecking the spine :D

  237. 247

    Egill R. Erlendsson

    January 28, 2010 1:10 am

    I would kill for that poster. My new office needs something inspiring on the wall, it would be perfect!

    Read your site every day, love it!

  238. 248

    I can say it was well worth the wait. Not a few weeks after I got it i red through it. Its a good book and it allready helped me learn so much and even helped getting me a job.

    If you can afford it, get this book!

  239. 249

    Everyone wants to follow his/her role model in their life, i just want to put the Smashing Mag Poster on my company’s desk wall, so that entire team can filled up with the Creativity Fuel & keep themselves updated with the happenings in the creative world.

    Thanks a lot guyz, to provide us a platform where we can charge our creativity on daily basis.

    Thanks Again !!

  240. 250

    I would love one too. Looks like the best all-in-one book for every designer out there =P As a beginner in this “world” it would be a great first step.

  241. 251

    I’d love a poster, after waiting since August for my book and receiving it in December! Plus I need something new for my wall! Change is good.

  242. 252

    Antonio Fernandes

    January 28, 2010 1:57 am

    I would love a poster for my bland office, if you guys were to give me one i would take a picture of me holding the book, the poster hung on the wall behind me and me with my face painted like a football fans but with the smashing logo on my face. It would spice up my wall. I bought the book around Christmas and waited forever for it and never complained because I already knew the book was worth the wait and it is. I love that book to death!!!!!

  243. 253

    wow!! this would be cool!!!!

  244. 254

    What I would do with it.. hmmm..

    I will open my head get the book inside my brain.. (this will be the hardest part) and then once it is done… send the book back to you :).

    Thanks for your work!

    • 255

      Nooo wait!!!

      Before send it, give it to me for a couple of hours.. then I will do the same.


  245. 256

    I will put the poster on my door, so I can watch it everyday :-) I love design.

  246. 257

    I am already waiting 2 months (estimated time was 30-40 days….) where can i get my money back? do you have a proper customer service?

  247. 258

    I am going to use the book as a decorative element to my other books on the shelf

  248. 259

    I got my book yesterday looks great !!! :)

  249. 260

    Vincent Guermeur

    January 28, 2010 3:14 am

    I’d love to have a poster, which I could put above my Smashing book, and finally be able to pray every day the god of webdesign.
    Or, more likely, to stick it on my company’s wall releasing inspiration at work every day !

    Smashing book is my new Bible :)

  250. 261

    I would love a Smashing book! I study interactive design at the SintLucas design school in the Netherlands and they don’t giveme any books :-S

    • 262

      They don’t give you books!! terrible.

    • 263

      I also study interaction design in the Netherlands, but i just bought it myself. You shouldn’t suspect too much from the schools here, also in Amsterdam it’s very poorly organized.
      Ofcourse it would be nice if you would win, but if you wouldn’t, then buy it yourself ;). I have it, and I’m very happy with it.

    • 264

      Sintlucas rules! :) Although it’s almost been 7 years since my first year. leuke tuinfeesten :)

  251. 265

    i’d really love to have the book to enlighten my spirit for quitting my daily work and pursue my passion in design. i’d start early design freelancing and hoping to have smashing book by my side.

  252. 266

    I was just so much waiting for the book but I haven’t got it till now. :(
    I’ll forward the order details to the email asap.. and count me in for the posters comment eh ! ;)

  253. 268

    I’m about to apply to one of the finest schools in Denmark in this line of business. The school is called Visual Communication. I have to do a 5 hours test and short presentation of my portfolio and why I want study at that school before they even consider accepting me as one of the new few student.
    To prepare for all that, i want the Smashing Book, and when i get in, I’ll donate the poster to the school, so all the student have the change to experience this wonderful site.

  254. 269


    January 28, 2010 4:02 am

    I want to have a smashing book because with it I could learn more about designing and be master of it. After that I want to share all knowledge that I’ve got from that book to all Indonesian designer through my blog and I hope from my blog the Indonesian designer could compete with all International designer. Show off Indonesian Design!

  255. 270

    I’m really disappointed in the book. I thought it would at least cover some intermediate or advanced material. Each chapter basically reads like the intro to a text book on whatever that particular subject is. Not sure what happened. Maybe I expected the wrong thing. I thought it would be a great reference book to have around so I could look up standards & practices. If you’ve actually been doing web design professionally for 6 months or more there is not much here that will be of value to you. More than a couple years in the business? Skip it. A very, very basic overview of designing for the web. A shame, because there is a real need for a web standards book. Smashing Mag missed a big opportunity here.

  256. 271

    Edward Wieczorek

    January 28, 2010 5:18 am

    I have been meaning to purchase this book. I am just currently on a tight spending budget while finishing up school. I would definately love to study this book though. The content of smashing magazine keeps me coming back to this page daily and getting lost in seas of information. I can only image it is of the upmost quality.

  257. 272

    I want to buy this book but first I have to finish my master and then I will buy it because I will have time to read it.
    Nevertheless if smashing magazine would be so nice an offer me the book I would not say no as a small present :)
    I love this website and I want to support it for their great work and I wanted also to contribute in a way.

  258. 273

    Florian (Customer Support)

    January 28, 2010 6:22 am

    Sorry that it is taking so long. :( The book should have arrived in most parts of the world by now. Please check the estimated delivery times and if your book is well overdue, contact us with your order details via so we can investigate.

  259. 274

    Would love one of these to use for inspiration.

  260. 275

    It’s a wonderful book by content – preordered in august, it arrived here in late december, and every single page is worth reading and still inspires me.

    *But* in fact it’s really crappy bound – my one broke after a few days, and I’ve got a bunch of worth-reading single pages now. I’m quite sure that I deserve a poster … or an upgrade?

    • 276

      yeah the bound is very bad, and the text is too far on the inner side. but he content is good.

  261. 277

    I need to get this book. I wanted it since last year but haven’t had the spare change laying around to pick it up recently.

  262. 278

    I have a spot already cleared off in my barren cubicle for the Smashing Book. I need some inspiration.

  263. 279

    Working for a small marketing company, I would certainly appreciate this reference guide to use for inspiration on various projects be it graphic design, choosing a typeface or layout for a brochure. I visit this site everyday and love to read, having the book to look back to would be a true joy for what you provide on a daily basis. Congrats on all your success

  264. 280

    I’m from indonesia, got the smashing book already .. but haven’t finished it yet.
    Great ‘little’ book, and nice content and design.

  265. 281

    The S on the cover of this book is oozing superpower! Hopefully the superpower that is needed to turn me into a Hero Web Designer Dude!

  266. 282

    I´m a fan for Smashing Mag and would love to have the book! Hope I get lucky and win one!

  267. 283

    I’m a graphic and web designer. What would I do with the book? Be even more awesome.

  268. 284

    Jason Jankowski

    January 28, 2010 7:53 am

    Time to get out the old credit card to purchase The Smashing Book of Awesomeness!

    I think if I had the poster I’d… I’d… probably hug it as I slept… creepy.. or genius!

  269. 285

    my book hasn’t arrive yet, its been more than a month. oh my.. cant wait~~

  270. 286


    January 28, 2010 8:10 am

    I already read the book and it serves as The Bible for Web Designers. You just can’t live without it. You’ve got to live it. Dream with it. Grow with it. Innovate with it. It’s more enlightening than your everyday fortune cookie. It contains lines that are as good as those verses from your Last Song Syndrome.

    If I have another copy of the book, I’ll give it to the innocent ones. Or If I have a poster, I’ll stick it to the highest of walls and spread the beautiful world of design!

  271. 287

    colin cavaliere

    January 28, 2010 8:12 am

    I already have purchased the book, but would have loved the limited edition poster! I am new to web design, but well versed in the development arena. I hope I can have the chance to grab the poster!! thanks guys keep up the great work!

  272. 288

    nFormas design

    January 28, 2010 9:04 am

    I want one of these!

  273. 289
  274. 290

    Great work on the site content, I’d like a book too!

  275. 291
  276. 292

    I’d love a smashing book for bathroom reading.

  277. 293

    I was hoping for the book for Christmas, but I have a birthday coming up… maybe then. :)

    As for a poster, I’d put it up in my office, of course! Smashing Magazine is an endless source of inspiration, and a Smashing Book Poster would be a great addition to my walls.

  278. 294

    i thougt i get one for christmas as well. but santa wasn´t willing to do so.

    if i would get this book, i will probably read it. i could use this helpfull tips so much, and don´t have to look up via the search.. ;)

  279. 295

    I would love this book. 2010 will be a year of going to next level, trying new things and self improvement–help me meet my goals!

  280. 296

    I’d love a poster!

  281. 297

    I’m absolutely positive that I would use this book every day! I’m visit smashingmagazine every day for tips. It’s my go to reference for information and design tips. If you want to stay up to date with design trends this is the most important bookmark you’ll have. I would cherish a copy of the book. I think it would probably change my life! Thanks

  282. 298

    I´d just love to spread the news of SmashingMagazine to my Designstudents. Your a great inspiration for me in my job as a teacher. Let me post a Poster in my classroom…
    … thanks for great reading in the lasted smashing book.

  283. 299

    I placed my order right away.
    When the book arrives, I will replace my Kama Sutra right away.
    When you send me the poster, I will hang it above my bed and replace my wife with it.

  284. 300

    My cats breathe smells like catfood! Can I have a book?

  285. 301

    I am a full-time web designer and I would love to have a copy of this book. I have been working in the industry for over 8 years now and one thing that I learned is that nothing is constant when it comes to technology, online marketing and design styles. You have to keep yourself up to date constantly. Otherwise, you will be out of date in a short period of time. The book covers topics that are very important to keep in touch with today’s online marketing, design and technology areas. So I am sure it will be an interesting book to read.

  286. 302

    We’d use this book in our workshops to help train out of work web and graphic designers on techniques that can help them land jobs here in Miami Beach.


  287. 303

    I just purchased my copy this week despite all a saw online about shipping issues and the binding being poor … I am HOPING that I’ll get the new version with the better stitching since I just bought the book.

  288. 304

    Hi, full-time webmaster in the education industry from Canada here. I visit Smashing Magazine several times a week for the superior content that you and the Smashing Network publishes. It is my main source for staying up to date on web design and development. I would like to have a copy of this book, thanks!

  289. 305

    I would love to win the poster. I got the smashing book as a gift over the holidays and it is a fantastic read. The poster would be a nice complement to go along with it.

    If I win the poster I will hang it up and post a picture if you like :D

  290. 306

    It would probably stand on the top of the big amount of my books, like a master piece (which it certainly is).

    …And perhaps, i would read it if i can find a moment beetween university, designing and feeding my cat.

    Plus, orange suits well to my desk :)

  291. 307

    I already ordered a copy of the smashing book(waiting on its arrival).
    But I’d love to receive another one to help promote the smashing book by giving a book away in a design contest that I’d like to do at my website.

  292. 308

    Matthew Arrington

    January 28, 2010 2:36 pm

    I would slap that mama jamma on my office wall of fame for all to see and glory at! Advertising for you, ya know!

  293. 309

    I’m new to web design and still need to learn a lot bout it. Smashing Magazine website has been one of my favorite website to learn from. If I win the book, it will definitely be my web design guru and help me to be a good web designer.
    Thanks =)

  294. 310

    I am a part time graphic designer and Smashing Magazine’s website has been a great source and inspiration website for me however it could have been awesome if I can have the hardcopy that I can bring with me everywhere I go.

    Smashing Magazine FTW = )

  295. 311

    I would use this book for inspiration here in a land where 8 months of the year is covered in snow. White isn’t a color. I need color. Like….now.

  296. 312

    dimitrios mistriotis

    January 28, 2010 3:35 pm

    I am a fan of the site and would like to have a poster :-)

  297. 313

    alekos karalazos

    January 28, 2010 3:35 pm

    already got one. definitely worth the money!

  298. 314

    I’d love to have a copy of this book, it’ll definitely be the first thing I read every morning on my 2 hour train commute. I think a good book like this should also be shared around to other passionate UI lovers. Love to win a copy :-)

  299. 315

    Enrique Sanchez

    January 28, 2010 4:06 pm

    Hello I’m a constant reader of your blog!

    I´d like the Smashing Book because it would be fantastic try all the things, learn about it, and I will be happy because there will be more to know about design and development, but in a beautiful book not only in the blog.


    Greetings from Mexico!

  300. 316

    If you gave me this book, I would use it to launch my career as an SEO-specialized, 960 grid, WordPress web developer!

    Thank you!
    Nathon is the best designers’ blog in the world.

  301. 317

    Giles Van Gruisen

    January 28, 2010 4:33 pm

    Hi Smashing Team!

    I’m Giles Van Gruisen, a 15 year old designer and developer from Newport, RI. I visit Smashing Mag several times per day to check out the latest articles. I’ll read anything on this site, whether it be the latest WordPress hacks, great design from places around the world, or even the latest photography collection! I love what you guys do, and I don’t see your awesomeness ending anytime soon.

    I would absolutely love to win a Smashing Book poster to put up in my high school for other designed interested students to see!

    Thanks for everything, and keep up the smashing work!

  302. 318


    It could be great to win this book because i love webdesign and graphism and i hope, one day to be a freelance who make pretty and cool stuff !! So i must have a real good book to practice !!

    Otherwise, webdesign depot is my favorite day’s blog and thanks for this !:)

  303. 319

    In all honesty, if I got a big poster – I would probably scan it using an industrial map scanner, and use it as a wallpaper for my multi monitor setup.

    There really is no better way to use posters for us digital lifestyle fanatics

  304. 320

    I would love to have a copy! Currently I am a design student in my third year, a fan of the site, and would love to have that resource available to me!

  305. 321

    My friend wants to buy a book, I will order another one! :)

  306. 322

    I would love one of the posters! I would post it to my ceiling above my bed and stare at it all night, and never fall asleep, because I know it’s going to be that good.

    Just kidding. I actually don’t know what’s going to be on it. If it’s about design and stuff, then I’ll look at it for reference. If it’s just a regular movie poster, then I’ll hang it up for the world to see.

  307. 323

    Withers Davis

    January 28, 2010 7:41 pm

    Where would I be without Smashing Magazine? Seriously not sure. I can tell you that I’d probably take my favorite 5 posters and hang them on our office walls in Buenos Aires. I’d use them to go over design theory with new clients and get the team inspired. In Argentina it is hard to get English-language books, so I’m looking forward to bringing this back to share with my colleagues. Thanks for making this!

  308. 324

    Andrew Roberts

    January 28, 2010 9:34 pm

    I would simply stick it to the ceiling above my bed and study it every night as I fall asleep :) …and maybe in the morning if I have enough energy!

  309. 325

    I would love to get a Smashing poster and stick it on the wall in the office, stare at it and I am sure I will get smashing inspiration out of it.

  310. 326

    I’d love to win!!

  311. 327

    If I win I will not go asleep that night until I read some chapters, that’s for sure ;)

  312. 328

    I’ll never win it but I figure I’d just post a comment anyway :) Love Smashing – keep up the always great work!

  313. 329

    I read SM daily. But on days I don’t have internet access and I’m travelling, I’ll really miss out on smashing stuff. The book will be the best pacifier at those times :)
    Me want SM, book or not!

  314. 330

    I would use the poster to cover up the geeky .NET framework poster in the office!!!

  315. 331

    A Smashing Poster to go with the Smashing Book! Fantastic Idea! If I had a smashing poster I’d have to remodel my home office to fit it in, somewere right beside all the Flex Posters I have with all the most important information that simply must be at hand all the time.

    I got my smashing book in the first run and I have to say I haven’t put it down, it’s chock full of great information, the poster would be the icing on the cake.

  316. 332

    Just have read free chapters, and now I think I should buy the book

  317. 333

    Would be nice to own the book, it could help me a lot with my studies.

  318. 334

    It has been 6 months since I have ordered my book, but I haven’t received it yet!! I contacted the sales, they replied back saying they will investigate but no updates till now :(

    • 335

      Florian (Customer Support)

      January 29, 2010 3:19 am

      I just took a peak into our investigation list and I think there has been some positive progress in your case yesterday, but noone updated you, yet. :) I’m sure you’ll receive an email with news, soon. And your book in a few days.

      Sorry that I can’t speak more clearly, but there are some privacy limitations with inquiries in public.

  319. 336

    If you would gift me the book, I’ll rule the world ;) THX

  320. 337

    I’ve got mine and it’s really great. I still haven’t finished it as I’m french, but I will soon.

  321. 338

    my friend got this book and now I love to have one, too.

  322. 339

    The Smashing Book is a smashing idea, I would love to win a copy!

  323. 340

    Luís Carmona

    January 29, 2010 4:31 am

    I want one of those posters! I would even switch the only poster left on my room from my younger days: Rage Against the Machine. Yes Smashing Magazine, I would do that. Yes, you have brainwashed me :)

  324. 341

    It looks like I can’t order it from Romania. Too bad :(

    • 342

      Florian (Customer Support)

      January 29, 2010 8:29 am

      We’ve had successful orders from Romania before, so you should be able to order as well.

      If you get some kind of error message, please send it to us via and we’ll see how we can fix that.

  325. 343

    The book is definitly must-have for all of us designers & developers. It’s very useful and believe me, it’s nice to read about web technologies while you are offline, sitting at the park or train … it’s nostalgic in some way.

  326. 344

    Alex, #328, sure you can. Well, I think so.
    It would be great to have my own copy of this great book! I am following all the Smashing Magazine’s updates/posts from day one. It’s like starting point for whatever I do in design field. Thanks!

  327. 345

    To have a Smashing Book would change my life! I currently work for a big company as an in house designer and it stinks. I yearn for the feeling of any sort of creative freedom and working on projects that are inspirational in any way. Having this Smashing Book in my life would push me to go out there to find work with a studio or design agency…or even better to go freelance with the goal of setting up my own design agency. If this was to come to fruition I would accredit all my worldly success to the fact that I had this Smashing Book by my side as inspiration and as a friend in times of need. I am fully qualified and have had many design books pass through my life, none more than this one have I pined for. Please help this frustrated designer appeal by donating one copy of this Smashing Book.

  328. 346

    Floriano Lapolla

    January 29, 2010 6:43 am

    I need the poster to cover a big stain of wine on the wall of my room. The book is very interesting and I’m sure that it will help me in my work.

  329. 347

    Oh, a Smashing Book would work wonders for the sad, dreary website of the non-profit organization I work for. The rather dated website does little to engage users and attract interest to a brand-new discipline of science, DNA barcoding– a travesty, considering the applications for education, citizen science, and the preservation of biodiversity! Considering the UN has declared 2010 the Year of Biodiversity (, wouldn’t you consider doing your part by donating a copy to the Consortium for the Barcode of Life?

  330. 348

    Got mine! Very interesting things to read / learn. I also love the “story” about how SM was born (the site not the book).

  331. 349

    Veronica Rebagliatte

    January 29, 2010 7:25 am

    The book is amazing!!! I´d love to have a poster for the studio.
    Even the programmer likes it! And that´s rather difficult….

  332. 350

    I would love a copy! Not that I ever win anything but it I did I would give my book a name like Eric or George and love it as though it was my own. Then, ensuring the lighting, climate and humidity where all correct and sure that I was well away from any sources of ignition, I would sit and loving absorb ever word within little Eric’s 313 pages then promptly set about changing the world using the power of web design alone…

    …that, or I would just rip open the packing, lock myself in the toilet and read it from cover to cover then leave the book there for the next visitor! ;)

  333. 351

    I’d love a poster!
    Will pin it at my office.

    Already have a book, nice read and… bad format.
    I’d better gave a few extra bucks for a hardcover. :(

    Cheers, SM

  334. 352

    I would read it over, and over, and over, and over, and over again and show it to all my designer friends to make them jealous because they don’t have one!!!! :)

  335. 353

    I am graduating from college this year and I would like this book so I can master techniques in order to start my own company.

  336. 354

    What would I do with the book? Use it for inspiration, to show people. I have VERY few books I like to refrence, very few sites I find very helpful and very few sites I inform others about. I tell people about the website all the time and I always get questions about my backgrounds. The backgrounds? Why smashing magazines monthly background submission! I always look forward to it every month. I can’t wait to see february’s backgrounds. This book would be a great addition in my life and I know I would use it often.

  337. 355

    I would use this book to further improve the techniques and knowledge of design as I freelance after graduating form college.

  338. 356

    Im a BIG fan of SM and I love reading so having this book would be great! Thank you much Smashing Magazine.

  339. 357

    I would love to have the Smashing poster… I would put it on my office wall, as a symbol of what Smashing Magazine is all about: innovation and quality in graphic design. It would also remind me that I have a trusted source of useful content to turn to whenever I need, something that really makes my life easier. And, most importantly, it will make me THINK.

  340. 358

    soy de Guatemala pedi el libro via aerea, desde el 8 de Enero y aun no lo he recibido, que estara pasando

  341. 359

    The smashingmagazine-book seems to be a great lecture for the bed to dream about.

  342. 360

    Jonard Pantoja

    January 30, 2010 1:40 am

    I would love to have the SMA-SMAA-SMASHING POSTER!!! It relinquish the beauty that surrounds us, it is a symbol of visualization among each and everyone of us. . .Planning to have the book in no time. . I believe it will ignite the artistic soul within . . . from Across the Asia-Pacific plains. . .signing off.

    Good luck!!!

  343. 361

    Jep, habe meine Ausgabe bekommen. Das Buch ist aber schlecht gebunden, sodass bei meiner Ausgabe 3-4 Seiten nach dem ersten Blättern einfach rausfielen. Nachdem ich mich per Email an Verantwortliche meldete, wollte man mir eigentlich ein neues Buch zuschicken. Das ist nun schon über 4 Wochen her und ich habe immernoch keines bekommen. Schade.

    • 362

      Florian (Customer Support)

      February 2, 2010 4:45 am

      Huch, seltsam. 4 Wochen sollte das innerhalb Deutschlands eigentlich nicht dauern. Melde Dich einfach nochmal per E-Mail, dann können wir schauen, was passiert ist.

  344. 363

    Cleaned the wall in front of me so there is space for your poster, please don’t fold it when you send it..;)

  345. 364

    Quality paper – $6.90

    Colour printed pages – $9.90

    Hard-Covered Book – $19.90

    THE SMASHING BOOK – $29.90



  346. 365

    I’ve worked with print for some years now and am moving more and more into the digital field with web and mobile devices. I think the SM book would help me and the programmers to get more knowledge about the web and to make it easier to work with each other. ^_^

  347. 366

    I would love the poster!

    I received my book and yes, it did fall apart upon opening, literally. But, it was a great read.

    Every chapter taught me something I didn’t already know.

    What I didn’t really know is how interested in typography I am. I have to admit, that is the chapter that I’ve read twice already and am letting it percolate in my brain before I read it again.

    One interesting comment in this thread was that each chapter read like an intro to a book. What a great idea!

    You should publish a book on each chapter, go into more detail, give more coding examples and do the book on typography first please!

    Thanks from the farm in rural Manitoba, Canada

    p.s. My book arrived in great condition, packaging and labeling intact. Thumbs up.

  348. 367

    I have been following Smashingmagazine for over a year now and love every single article by them ( recent re-design is nice)

    If i were to win a copy of your book, id use it for advancing my knowledge in the webdesign and developing field. See what others have to say and improve. Take there ideas there strategies and build upon them.

  349. 368

    I would love to have a Smashing Poster to hang on the wall at my design firm…and to remind my clients why they trust in us for smashing concepts.

  350. 369

    I would love to get the Smashing Magazine book because our company could use one in the office to guide us through the design phase of development. We’re all fans of smashing magazine so this would be a great addition.

  351. 370

    I have already purchased the book. But it wouldn’t hurt to get another one to pass to my sis :P

  352. 371

    I would love the Smashing Book. I am obsessed with Smashing Magazine and would geek out if I got a book compiled with everything I love.

  353. 372

    Hello hello
    I also want a smashing book, might need it for my studies on E-concept design at Copenhagen Technical School.

  354. 373

    I would like to have one. But I would like to see the preface and first 20 pages of that book to get a taste of what is look like inside. I know it will be great for all Graphic and Web Designers. But still want to get a taste of looking around before buying that book. :)

  355. 374

    Shkumbin Abazi

    January 31, 2010 5:43 am

    I would like the book because I plan to study web design here at my country (Kosova, Europe), and here are not a lot of good resources to prepare for the college, so your book would be a really good start and I maybe would be the best at my college. I would buy it but I don’t have a credit card :s .
    However thank you

  356. 375

    This is awesome! I love Smashing Magazine… I play around with design software and hope to study graphic design when I finish my Journalism degree, so this book would come in handy! :D

  357. 376

    Ive been reading Smashing Magazine since i start working as a web designer 2 years ago as a newbie in this field. ive learned alot from here as i had no experience in design at all, i would check out this website every morning before i start work.. now ive just started to take my degree in multimedia design, so im a poooor student now. It would be great if i can have the book for free! =D

    as to what i would do with the book,
    i will absorb every inch of goodness from the book,
    share and recommend to all my friends,
    hug it to sleep every night…(er..kidding)
    anyway i just wanna say this book with surely benifit me as much as the website did. :)

  358. 377

    Let’s be honest. I think I’m likely to wear out the spine of this book in its first year reading it in/around and between my home and the studio. An extra copy would give me the peace of mind – knowing I can always get my daily dose of smashing inspiration any where I go.

  359. 378

    Dipu Chandran

    February 1, 2010 9:39 am

    This is awesome.. smashie! thats how we friends refers you now. You’ve been the inspiration for all of us for years, let me have your posters in my wall :-)

  360. 379

    I would use the book to hit my boss over the head and say “This is why you should give a damn about User Experience”.

    Seriously, after e-mailing Smashing Magazine articles to everyone from the designteam to my bosses, it would be great to have a hard copy to flash around the office (and help me in my day-to-day editor tasks!).

  361. 380

    i took it! it’s perfect ! :)

  362. 381

    Atleast one ad slot on each London Underground trains is always empty. Send me few, I will stick them there!

    After reading your book, I have realised so many things I was doing so far were wrong. It all makes sense now. One of the best one I have read so far.


  363. 382

    Dnyanesh Mankar

    February 4, 2010 12:14 pm

    I would love to have the posters because they’d be the only posters on my wall. I had pre-ordered the book and it came as a new year present to me. I loved it. Still not finished yet!


  364. 383

    I already have a copy, it arrived in excellent condition last week (nice packaging by the way!). I haven’t read much yet due to lack of time but I’ll make sure to catch up as the content looks very promising. I’ve only read a few pages now and it was hard to put it away! And that’s coming from someone who’s anything but a bookworm ;) Keep up the good work, guys!

  365. 384

    A poster would be great on the wall in my school, because we need some decoration in the public areas!

  366. 385

    Smashing Magazine is awesome!!! I visit the site at least once a day for all the great articles and tutorials. I enjoy all the calendars each month and the great insight. My boyfriend and I are both graphic designers and are always looking at books and site for inspiration. Smashing Magazine is full of creativity and inspiration at your fingertips. My boyfriend is a poster collector, he appreciates art and design in poster form, so I believe the Smashing posters would be a great treat for him.

  367. 386

    I ordered mine like a month ago and its still not here. I wish it was.

  368. 387

    If I had the post I would frame it and hang the post on my wall at the office! If you haven’t gotten this book you should order. Not only to show your support, cause we all get great ideas and resources from smashing- but the book is a collection of content that will make you a better designer.

  369. 388

    After a long wait (because of italian post service) I finally managed to get mine! :)

    I just had a quick look and I am impressed by the book’s quality and features.

    Thanks for your invaluable good work!

  370. 389

    I would use it to learn more and teach others!

  371. 390

    Steven Ross

    March 4, 2010 1:49 am

    Any news on who won the limited edition posters?

  372. 391

    I don’t know if I’m posting this to the right place… anyways, on page 112 it’s about how to avoid dumb quotes using language-specific quotation marks. The article says “Internet Explorer, even version 8, doesn’t support it…” Well, that’s not the case, at least with this CSS code:

    :lang(hu) {quotes: “201E” “201D”;}
    :lang(en) {quotes: “201C” “201D” “2018” “2019”;}
    q:before {content: open-quote;}
    q:after {content: close-quote;}

    This article containes English as well as Hungarian quotations, both displayed fine in recent versions of IE8, Firefox, and Opera: Interestingly enough, webkit-based browsers have problems with displaying language-specific quotation marks correctly.

  373. 392

    got the book 3 days after I ordered it (air mail to Sweden).
    reading it right now, very valuable content so far.

  374. 393

    I just got mine shipped over here to Serbia, brilliant.

    Kudos guys!!!


  375. 394

    on page 275, “An (almost) perfect Chinese website for kids.”
    *An (almost) perfect Korean website for kids.”


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