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Smashing Conf Barcelona 2016

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Design Informer is 3 Months Old

I have been an avid follower of blogs such as Smashing Magazine31 and Web Designer Depot42 for a long time. A little over 3 months ago, I decided that it was time that I also gave back to the design community, hence, Design Informer was born. The blog officially opened on October 31st, 2009. During the first week, the blog didn’t really get a lot of visitors. Once in a while someone would drop in and leave a comment and retweet the articles but for the most part, the blog was pretty much void of any response.

Design Informer is 3 Months Old Link

Incredible Growth in Just a Few Months Link


I have been an avid follower of blogs such as Smashing Magazine31 and Web Designer Depot42 for a long time. A little over 3 months ago, I decided that it was time that I also gave back to the design community, hence, Design Informer was born. The blog officially opened on October 31st, 2009. During the first week, the blog didn’t really get a lot of visitors. Once in a while someone would drop in and leave a comment and retweet the articles but that was it.

During the second week of the blog, I published a post entitled 20 Extraordinary Blogs With Unique Post Designs5 and this post garnered a lot of attention. The following week, Smashing Magazine posted an article about the "Death of the Blog Post" and because of its popularity, my post received
lots of views and comments as well.

That was the turning point to the growth of my blog. Since then, slowly but surely, the blog has continued to grow week after week. We’ve had some great statistics that I will show you in just a bit.

How Did You Hear About Design Informer? Link

Through Twitter!

I believe it was through a retweet of someone I follow linking to the 20 Unique Post Designs page.

Found di after reading one of your Smashing Magazine articles.

we’ve been really getting into design lately and your blog came up. thought we’d follow you!

I heard about DI from @dougneiner11.

found your site through the Netsetter.

I found your articles with TheWebBlend than in some others designer blogs.

@designinformer191614 via a RT by Smashing Mag, and your article about daily design

@designinformer191614 I found you in this post but it’s your content that made me follow.

@designinformer191614 I started following you after your Smashing article about the 365 challenge.

A Big Thank You Link

I just want to say that without the amazing support that we have received thus far from the design community, then Design Informer wouldn’t be what it is today. Also, a shoutout goes to Vitaly and Smashing Magazine as well as to Walter from WDD for promoting some of my articles. These guys have inspired me to start the blog. I’m thankful to everyone for the retweets, moos, floats, bumps, stumbles and for the different ways that you have spread the word about Design Informer. I also want to thank the different sponsors as well.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that these people20 are awesome. They all have written some great, quality articles for the blog. Make sure you visit their sites as well.

Thank You!

Some Random Facts Link

Posts and Comments
To date, we have a total of 73 posts and 2,718 comments. These are the most popular posts so far on Design Informer:

Site Statistics
Here are the stats for our first three months.

  • 175,269 Unique Visits
  • 291,924 Pageviews
  • Average time on site is 01:42
  • 3,404 Twitter Followers
  • 832 RSS Subscribers
  • Pagerank 5 in Google
  • 23,531 Alexa Ranking


Design Something Every Day Link

The Community
So far, the response to the challenge24 has been amazing. There are over one hundred people who are currently doing it. I’m just glad that I was able to make a difference in the design community. I have recieved incredible feedback from many of the designers. If you’d like to see the best designs, make sure to follow me on Twitter25 as I will be announcing when the Smashing Magazine round-up will be showcased. Also, if you haven’t already registered your name and designs, make sure to do so here26.

Daily 365
Since I did start the challenge, I wanted to participate in it as well. I have my own side blog which I’ve been updating once in a while with my new daily designs. I’ll get around this week to updating it with all of my daily designs. Don’t worry, I’ve been keeping up with the challenge. I’ve just been extremely busy to update the site everyday. I will do a better job of it this month.

Chinese Proverb

It's a Fight

So What’s New? Link

Site Tweaks and Updates Link

Things have been really busy here at Design Informer, and that’s a great thing. We are still tweaking a few things with the site to try to make it load faster and work much smoother. We are also thinking of switching to another server to further accomodate the traffic that has been pouring in, so please bear with us if you experience performance issues from time to time.


A Redesign is Coming Soon Link

I’m also happy to say that we are doing a redesign of Design Informer. It’s actually going to be a more minimalistic design. Don’t worry, the colors will stay the same, except we’ve improved the typography, the site structure, navigation, and the site will load a lot faster. I’ve shown it to a few people and I’ve had tremendous feedback so far. Most people seem to like the redesign. I’m done with the CSS/XHTML of the design and the next step is to convert it to WordPress, which could take a while. Oh, and I’ve included a sneak-peek of our footer design on the new site.

Introducing Coding Informer Link

We’re glad to announce that a new site in the Informer brand is coming. Coding Informer is something that we’ve been planning for a while, and now, it’s finally coming to fruition. We don’t have an exact target date yet, but definitely watch for it. A friend of mine, Brendan Sera-Shriar from Montreal, Canada will be helping me with the new blog. Brendan is a popular guy in the WordPress community and he has organized multiple WordPress events. He is very much involoved in the development and open-source community.

Coding Informer will have the same exact top-notch quality as Design Informer. There will be lots of tutorials that will focus more on the development of websites. We will be posting about XHTML/CSS, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, jQuery, and lots more. We’re very excited about this project and hope you will support it as well.

Coding Informer

We Would Love to Hear Your Thoughts Link

Again, we’d like to end this news post by asking you what you think. Please let us know what you think of Coding Informer, a redesign, and what you think of Design Informer? Also, feel free to offer us your suggestions and your thoughts on how we can improve Design Informer. Our readers are very important to us and we will definitely consider your suggestions and opinions. We have some other news that we couldn’t reveal yet, but might do so in the future. More excellent posts, interviews, and giveaways are coming this month so stay tuned.

Thank you for reading and please share this with the rest of the community by bumping, blending, stumbling and retweeting. Thanks again!

Footnotes Link

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SmashingConf Barcelona 2016

Hold on, Tiger! Thank you for reading the article. Did you know that we also publish printed books and run friendly conferences – crafted for pros like you? Like SmashingConf Barcelona, on October 25–26, with smart design patterns and front-end techniques.

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Former editor in chief of Designinformer.

  1. 1

    Congrats on all of Design Informer’s success, Jad. This just reinforces the theory that hard work and dedication do pay off.

    • 2

      Hello Josh, I definitely agree with you. I’m not very talented or I don’t know as much as others but I do work hard on the blog. :)

      Thanks for your guest post. Hope to work with you more in the future.

  2. 3

    Congratulations on the massive success! Those kind of stats are seriously inpressive! I am really looking forward to ‘Coding Informer’, being someone who is very into web standards, XHTML and CSS driven development, I can’t wait to get reading and commenting!

    • 4

      Yep! We’re very much interested in web standards as well, and that’s why we took the next step and decided to start Coding Informer. We really hope that it will be a tremendous resource to the entire community. :)

      Hope you will check it out once it’s live.

  3. 5

    Congrats Jad!!! It’s so good to know how your blog has grown exponentially in such a small span of time. You have not only given great content to the design community, but have also been instrumental in giving me a major boost as a designer in the community. you know that very well!! ;)
    I have some more articles coming up for Design Informer and I will surely continue to write more for your blog in the future. :)
    Moreover, I am equally excited to see your new blog – Coding Informer. I really hope that you will include Python at some later stage in this blog. I have a dozen articles and tutorials on Python, but it seems that nobody is accepting Python tutorials as of now. May be I can have them on your new blog :D
    Keep up the great work Jad!! :)

    • 6

      Thank you. I’m glad I was able to help you as a designer.

      I’m definitely looking forward to those future articles, and we’d love to also have you contribute to Coding Informer. Thanks for all your support. I really appreciate it and I don’t take it lightly. :)

  4. 7

    Congrats! You put out quality articles that I enjoy very much, so you deserve all the success. Keep up the good work!

  5. 9

    Congrats Jad. Your success is well deserved for your hard work and devotion. Best wishes to you!

    • 10

      Really nice to hear from you Jean. You have been doing a phenomenal jobs on your blogs and congratulations on the acceptance to Smashing Magazine’s network.

  6. 11

    Hi Jad, Congratulations! You’ve gone a long way. This blog have done a tremendous contribution for the community. DI you are a blessing. Thank you.

  7. 13

    Congratulations Jad, I had no idea this blog was so young when I first discovered it. I guess that’s a testament to how well it has been set up and maintained.

    I’m sure the next few months will be just as fruitful.

    • 14

      Yes, it’s definitely cool that people don’t think Design Informer is only 3 months old.

      It’s not really a testament to us, but rather to the design community and to the people who have helped us and supported us.

      By the way Ken, you recently have helped us out as well. Thanks! ;)

      Oh, and keep it up with those comics. They are great!

  8. 15

    Absolutely Brilliant!
    Well done Jad – you are a true inspiration.

    All the best for the rest of the year!

  9. 17

    Congrats Jad! Such success in only a few months is really outstanding. Looking forward to the new design :)

  10. 19

    Congrats Jad!!! I wish you further success… :)

  11. 21

    Jad, tremendous work in such a short space of time. And I’m sure Design Informer will go on from strength to strength. There already seems to be a loyal fanbase in place so with the quality of articles on this site it can only be good things on the horizon!

    Congrats again and keep up the good work.

    • 22

      Thanks Martin. I appreciate it. Also, about the loyal fan base, it’s the excellent guest writers like you who have helped cultivate that community spirit here on Design Informer. It’s glad to be able to work with you. :)

  12. 23

    Congrats Jad and I can’t wait for the new design. Even when I have to go do “actual work”, I’m right back here again pouring through your great posts. I appreciate all the time and hard work you put into this site. Thanks. :)

  13. 25

    Keep it up Jad!!! special thanks for your design 365..its a great concept

  14. 27

    Congrats Jad! You are doing well, and your support for the community is greatly appreciated. I found you on SM being an avid follower of them as well. I Have been following you for a couple of months now. Thank you for being an inspiration and too a prosperous 2010!

    Brian Jones

    • 28

      Thanks Brian. I’m so glad you found our blog. We appreciate your following, and we hope to see more participation from you in the future. We appreciate it. :)

  15. 29

    Congratulations to your blog!
    It’s definetly a big ressource of informations for me.

  16. 31

    Congratulations, this is great!!!

  17. 33

    Hello Nikola, thanks for all your support thus far. We will definitely try our best with Coding Informer.

    By the way, great job on your blog and redesign as well.

  18. 34

    Thank you Antonio. You’ve been very kind to Design Informer. :)

  19. 35

    Thanks for your continuing support José. Thanks for being an avid follower of the blog. :)

  20. 36

    Hey Mike, glad you noticed the custom post style. :)

    Thanks for the compliments. I’m a big fan of your writing as well. I’ve seen your posts on so many blog. You are doing an excellent job.


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