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Smashing Conf San Francisco

We use ad-blockers as well, you know. We gotta keep those servers running though. Did you know that we publish useful books and run friendly conferences — crafted for pros like yourself? E.g. upcoming SmashingConf San Francisco, dedicated to smart front-end techniques and design patterns.

Professional Web Design: Our First eBook

The book contains a selection of our best articles about professional Web design and the business side of web development. It contains 10 already published articles and 2 exclusive, newly written pieces. The book costs only $9.90. This Book is not avaiable anymore. Please visit the Smashing Library for newer eBooks1. [Content Care Dec/17/2016]


This e-book contains a selection of the best articles about professional Web design that have been published on Smashing Magazine in 2009 and 2010. The articles have been carefully edited and prepared for the PDF version; some screenshots and links were removed to make the book easier to read and print out.

This book presents guidelines for professional Web development, including communicating with clients, creating a road map to a successful portfolio, rules for professional networking and tips on designing user interfaces for business Web applications. The book shares expert advice, and it also helps you learn how to respond effectively to design criticism, use storytelling for a better user experience and apply color theory to your professional designs.

Everybody who buys the book supports Smashing Magazine and helps us to keep producing free high quality content. This book is not protected by DRM. It is available exclusively here, in the Smashing Shop. Please respect our work and the hard efforts of our writers. If you received this book from a source other than the Smashing Shop, please support us by purchasing your copy in our online store3.

Table of Contents Link

On 242 pages you will read:

  • Harsh Truths About Corporate Websites (Paul Boag)
  • Portfolio Design Study: Design Patterns and Current Practices (Vitaly Friedman)
  • Creating A Successful Online Portfolio (Sean Hodge)
  • Better User Experience With Storytelling (Francisco Inchauste)
  • Designing User Interfaces For Business Web Applications (Janko Jovanovic)
  • Progressive Enhancement And Standards Do Not Limit Web Design (new article by Christian Heilmann)
  • Color Theory for Professional Designers (Cameron Chapman)
  • Is John The Client Dense or Are You Failing Him? (Paul Boag)
  • How To Identify and Deal With Different Types Of Clients (Robert Bowen)
  • How To Respond Effectively To Design Criticism (Andrew Follett)
  • Web Designer’s Guide to Professional Networking (new article by Steven Snell)
  • Group Interview: Expert Advice For Students and Young Web Designers (Steven Snell)

Footnotes Link

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The Smashing team loves high-quality content and cares about the little details. Through our online articles, Smashing Books, eBooks as well as Smashing Conferences, we are committed to stimulating creativity and strengthening the web design community’s creative forces.

  1. 1

    Martin Leblanc

    March 22, 2010 12:43 pm

    I love Smashing Magazine and this ebook, but please don’t shut off access to the content.

    (This is going to be a long list of comments – i can feel it)

  2. 2


    March 22, 2010 12:48 pm

    Will buy, if nothing else just to support your efforts..many thanks!

  3. 3

    Smashing Magazine

    March 22, 2010 12:49 pm

    It’s 10pm here guys, we will be here for another hour to answer your questions, and clarify the issue.

  4. 4

    I hope things go well for you all. I enjoy your work, and am glad to be able to help support you!

  5. 5

    Jeroen Marechal

    March 22, 2010 12:49 pm

    Just got myself a copy of this ebook. It looks good so far! Keep it up!

  6. 6

    Just got my copy. I get a lot of traffic from my features on your site and several have resulted in clients. Happy to help!

  7. 7

    Great Price and i buy it right now.

    Thanks for your Work

  8. 8

    I am really critic with you because I expect the best, and I wish you the best, and I know the best things will come.

  9. 9

    I just got done reading through the sample. Although I prefer to read on normal paper, I will probably buy it anyways.

  10. 10

    Ignaty Nikulin

    March 22, 2010 12:54 pm

    Will buy it, because first book was something! Problem is that I moving to London and can order this book when found place to leave. Will be super if you sell those in shops :)

  11. 11

    Wow guys, I wish we could help you with a lot more… Why don’t you just partner with another company/blog? You relly need to reduce your costs as you said. How about more ads? What else do you have in mind besides the PDF? Selling that eBook is just a short option, you need to think long term…

    • 12

      Smashing Editorial

      March 22, 2010 12:57 pm

      Thank you for your support, Luis – it means a world to us. We are considering various options right now, please stay tuned.

      • 13

        Martin Brochhaus

        March 22, 2010 10:49 pm

        Get in contact with Peter Sunde and become a beta tester for his new service “flattr” – im sure with this micropayment platform on your site you would earn hundrets of thousands of euros..

        • 14

          Anwar Bendaoud Andersson

          March 24, 2010 6:47 am

          Great idea Martin. SM should really follow up on this advice!

  12. 15

    I’ll be buying the book, however, I’d think it would be awesome to see some openness in regards to this plea that you’ve posted here.

    Since you made some drastic changes, redirected people here and are openly asking for money, I’d like to see some results. Will you tell us what the results are from this? How many bought the book, how does it effect your revenue in the coming months, etc etc.

  13. 16

    I for one will be buying this book. Not because I think it’s worth $10 but because thanks to Smashing Magazine I have become a confident web-designer. When I left University Smashing Mag was the only place I could go to get answers for the problems I often face. I would also like to wish the team all the best in finding as much money as possible! Keep er lit!

  14. 17

    UGH! I hate E-books! LOL Mainly because I just hate reading the screen after too long.

    However, in support, I will get it… and just print out what I need.

  15. 18

    I think the best platform is to continue to create some content for free…but some exclusive content should be paid for…

    So your ebook today, while I’d be eager to help, doesn’t help me, if I’ve already read the articles online… Create a “quarterly” ..or whatever ebook with articles that aren’t on your website …exclusive…and i’d be glad to support and pay more.

    The smashing book arrived back in january for me, and it was a great read…would also support in more of those projects as well.


    • 19

      I’m all for buying more e-books with content that we’ve not read! Thank you Smashing. Keep up the good work! And God bless you.


  16. 20

    From the sounds of your plea, you may want to invest some of your “money” into a copywriter, editor, or word processor so that you can avoid grammatical errors during these “times” of trouble.

  17. 21

    Buying the book now. Please don’t stop providing great quality content!

  18. 22

    Daniel Kurdoghlian

    March 22, 2010 12:55 pm

    ..and what you learned today, smashing-mag?…
    I’m curious how many subscribers and followers you scared away..

  19. 23

    I will definitely buy it. I believe in giving back to those that have given to us and you have given a huge amount of knowledge. Thank you for being such a great resource. Even if people don’t agree, I don’t think they should feel offended by asking for support.

    Thanks again!

  20. 24

    andy matthews

    March 22, 2010 12:56 pm

    Just a note on a spelling error. I’m sure you were tired, being there until 10pm:

    “We have recently moved to an office and we hired more people, and we invesed more money”.

    Invested is spelled wrong.

  21. 26

    Hey Guys,

    I just wanted to let you know that for every negative comment you read there are 100 positive ones. I understand why you guys had to do what you did, my only feedback would be that the page you originally put up was lacking some of the information you added just now.

    I read your blog every day as its a great source of content and links. I have no problem in helping out and buying the book, especially one which has great information to share! I loved the smashing book and only wish it was twice as long!

    Thanks for the great site,


    p.s. you might want to give your shop (user sign up and credit card processing) some TLC, usability is a bit on the low side :)

    • 27

      Smashing Editorial

      March 22, 2010 1:23 pm

      Thank you. I am afraid we haven’t communicated our problems clearly enough. We will learn from our mistake.

    • 28

      I’ll second the many, I’m sure, comments about your shop needing TLC. I bought the ebook as it’s only fair I support you having read your site for ages, bookmarked a lot of posts, and referenced your content continually, but usability? bah.
      Please don’t make me create an account to pay by paypal and download an ebook – you really don’t need a billing or shipping address for that… and secondly, once I have gone through the extra steps to create an account, please don’t send my password in cleartext!
      Happy to support you guys though, I hope this generates the revenue you were looking for!
      Best regards, John.

  22. 29

    I might buy it but a slight concern here – why are your “order now” buttons taken straight from the Amazon website? You guys should know a thing or 2 about web design – shouldn’t need to take from Amazon!

    • 30

      Smashing Editorial

      March 22, 2010 1:24 pm

      Actually, these buttons weren’t picked randomly – we wanted the buttons to be easily recognizable and therefore we used Amazon buttons this time.

      • 31

        You can just “use them” – they’re someone else’s creative!

        • 32

          I’ll buy a copy. It looks like a nice publication and at 10$, I can’t really complain if it’ll help keeping Smash Mag up and running. Best of luck, guys.

          [EDIT] Didn’t notice this was posted as a reply to another comment. Oh well. Point still stands.

        • 33

          Amazon buttons increase click-thru rates on banner ads by almost 35% for us. That’s pretty huge. I’m sure it works equally well for call-to-actions on forms. I say use ’em, at least till too many companies start using them and they lose their effectiveness.

      • 34

        Steve Mullen

        March 23, 2010 6:20 am

        It didn’t bother me like some of these people, but I was a bit confused. After I clicked buy I was taken to a page to either sign in or create an account. I thought I was signing into Amazon for the checkout process. Took me a minute to realize there was no Amazon relationship other than the buttons. I think an smashing orange buy button would have been more effective.

  23. 35

    Love this site. Bought a copy for support and because content is amazing!

  24. 36

    I’m going to pick this up as soon as I get home and off of this company rig. Smashing is a constant source of inspiration and information — no reason not to.

  25. 37

    Hey Smashing Magazine guys,

    No problem. I love Smashing Magazine! I will buy your eBook. I understand your situation.
    Smashing Magazine has a lot of value for me. The things I learned through the articles and tutorials here are priceless, plus the increase of traffic I got when a website I designed was featured here. It is a great platform for creatives, so I don’t want it to close or something. To me, it is THE platform for creatives.

    Good luck!

    • 38

      Smashing Editorial

      March 22, 2010 1:24 pm

      Thank you, Benny – you have no idea how much it means to us.

  26. 39

    Cousin Vinny

    March 22, 2010 1:06 pm

    Done. Ordered the eBook. Hopefully it’ll arrive much quicker than the Smashing Book ever did. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Looking forward to reading the ebook.

    Here’s to best wishes for your Smashing Magazine venture and that it will continue to be a commercial and professional success for the Smashing team.

  27. 40

    wow! i’ve out some days, I didn’t know about it…
    and I have to admit, I never imagine that you could be affected by financial problems

    Good luck, I know you will pass this situation !!!

  28. 41

    Will you please tell how much $$$$ you earn from the ads running down here on SM? If there is some financial crisis running down here then you should make the quantity of articles less rather than doing such things. You also need to hire a good finance manager.

    What’s the point of redirection? Its just like forcing users to buy the book. I also love smashingmag like all others do but that was a totally un professional move.

    It is business and you are making money from it. Ads are here because we are here. And we are not getting this stuff for free. Advertisers get clicks from sm readers thats why they advertise here. Don’t take your readers for granted and also you said that Great Content is not always free.

    You even closed the comments on this article when you published it and then opened the comments after 5 or six hours. We were not even able to rate the article.

    I think I tweeted a hell of stuff regarding your this BOLD STEP but you didn’t respond to a single one.
    I know there will be so many comments against my point of view. I respect opinions from every one. Hopefully this comment will go live rather than going to Trash.

    P.S There is some typo in your above article.
    “and we invesed more money and other resources into more profound, ”

    • 42

      Design Informer

      March 22, 2010 2:55 pm


      I understand why you are a little irate about this whole issue. I personally didn’t like the move by SM as well, but hey, we all make mistakes. BTW, I don’t think they take their readers for granted at all.

      In the end, even if what they did wasn’t the best way, it’s not wrong. It’s their business and they can decide how they want to run it. Sure, they might lose a few readers, but I know for a fact that almost every web designer in the world has been helped by them, so I think contributing a few dollars wouldn’t hurt us. I’ve been reading your Twitter stream and it seems like you are taking this thing way out of proportion and accusing SM of several things. Don’t forget, your site benefits from SM as well, especially since you are part of the SM Network. I wonder how much traffic they bring to your site?

      I think that if anyone should be supporting them, it should be us SM Network members. I’m not saying that we should jump off a bridge if they did, but showing them a little bit of respect would be a good thing to do, especially after they have done a lot for us.

      Oh, and about how much money they make, that’s their business and they shouldn’t have to share it with us, although it would be nice to know.

      • 43

        I personally respect Vitaly and other people behind SM. I also admit that they did some help to designers. All my criticism was about their move not about Vitaly and other people.

        You should point out what is wrong and what is right. Will you support that move? They need a good money manager rather than “FORCING” their readers about helping them. Also read comment#53.

        And some one on sm’s twitter account tweeted that “Don’t take free content for granted.” Well nothing is free. I already explained it. They get advertisers because of us. and make money of it. No one will advertise here if they will not be getting clicks and sales from here. I bought mailchimp plan from the ads running here on SM. SO I PAID for what I read.

        None of my “personal” projects is a part of smashing network and all Comments here are my personal views so I don’t get any benefit from them in this regard. And Yeah that gives them branding too. Every website having badge of them on their homepage is not a small thing I know many ppl out there which are running big design blogs but none of them supported this move personally.

        If the book didn’t do well then its not our problem. Better to sell noupe and try to run smashingmag with full power.

        They are the big guys of design industry. With great power comes great responsibility. Was this move professional? And there were several other things happening. Taking off comments on the post, not allowing to rate this article. Don’t you ppl believe is freedom of expression? Even after removing redirection, they once again turned on it for few minutes.

        But I need the logic behind this move. Your comment itself is contradicting.

        If this is “their business” then why they are asking for support from us? It’s the first thing you learn in school – you can’t spend more money then you have.

        I hope this will give a clear understanding to all of the people who think that I don’t respect SMASHING TEAM and so on.

    • 44

      Julian Gaviria

      March 22, 2010 7:16 pm

      This is very unprofessional of you…..btw

  29. 45

    Hey Folks

    Is there any other way to purchase this than Paypal? Cheers

    • 46

      Smashing Editorial

      March 22, 2010 1:25 pm

      Yes, you can also pay via credit card, please see the checkout page.

  30. 47

    I’m GLAD to buy your eBook and help – you have given us so much. (Plus it looks like a book I need!) You are in my top five of the best “go-to” resources and information. Good luck!

  31. 48

    $9,90 is a small fee that I will gladly pay. I’ve received and learned a lot of things thanks to Smashing Magazine so I’m OK with this way to support you guys.

  32. 49

    Jesse Guerrero

    March 22, 2010 1:11 pm

    Your content and efforts are well worth the 9 dollars. If you had a subscription model with perhaps exclusive content a resources. Then i would Shirley pay it in a heart beat.

  33. 50

    just bought it… hope you wan’t disappear, really like your stuff.

    good luck!

  34. 51

    I love your site and was going to buy the ebook but the first few times I tried the store failed. I finally got in but quit because the process took so long and I was also a little taken aback by all of the required info you wanted when all I wanted to do was a quick PayPal transaction to get you some dough and me some knowledge.

    I would have thought that you guys would appreciate taking as much of the friction out of a transaction as possible, especially if you need $$$ fast. I’m sure that you’d find an article about that somewhere in your archives.

    Again, I really love what you do here but I got to say that I’m disappointed about the unprofessional way that has been handled and have lost some confidence in you giving me good info long term.

    Thanks and good luck!

    • 52

      Smashing Editorial

      March 22, 2010 1:26 pm

      The show wasn’t responsing properly as the number of users was huge – the issue should be resolved now, though. Thank you for your support.

  35. 53

    Marko Nikolic

    March 22, 2010 1:14 pm

    Want to make some more money? Instead of just linking to various website examples use an affiliate link. For example, when you link to BaseCamp’s signup form to showcase how they optimized it for better conversion design, add in an affiliate link (

    I’ve seen this site link to many sites that have affiliate programs, most of which are signed up with CJ or LinkShare.

    Or, add a paid & free designer directory. Think sortfolio.

    Come on guys, get creative in your monotization brainstorms!


  36. 54

    Lakshmikanth Raja K

    March 22, 2010 1:15 pm


    I am trying to make an online payment using my Visa card and it’s showing the following error every time I try to make the payment:

    28: Operation timed out after 30000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

    • 55

      Lakshmikanth Raja K

      March 22, 2010 1:55 pm

      Guys!! Still the same error message with the payment gateway!!
      Can you please look into it!

      Thank you.

    • 56

      I keep having same problem. I have tried to purchase about 5 or 6 times. I will keep trying… want to support your services!

  37. 57

    LOL. You’re a business, not a charity. Start making sound business decisions and working around bad ones instead of beggaring.

  38. 59

    ohh, and your other book is also great! got it too…. :)

  39. 60

    Andy Walpole

    March 22, 2010 1:19 pm

    The trouble with the internet is people have a habit of typing before they think

    It was pretty obvious that the splash page was about raising some cash fast due to pressing financial problems..

    $9,90 isn’t much is it for an eBook

  40. 61

    Great Smashing Mag. We love you

  41. 62

    So what seems to be a problem?
    THE problem

    our hands are tight
    Hands are TIED

    I’m considering buying an eBook but I’m not really convinced… yet.

    • 63

      Well.. don’t buy it. Was that all you wanted to say? Great. Now you can leave and go to your Facebook account..

      SM rocks!!

      • 64

        if only I have paypal….
        I’ll just spread the news on twitter , so I can still help.
        SM has been helpful for me , and yes im a smashing freak

      • 65

        @Luis: Dude, WTF is your problem? All I said was that I am CONSIDERING buying the eBook. I’m not sure I want to spend 10 bucks for something I mostly am capable of writing myself. Even though SM is a great site and it has really usefull articles/info and I wouldn’t mind spending some money to keep SM going, there are other ways I can spend my cash too and give some kid in a third world country food for over a month. Get off your f*ckin’ high horse and see that the world is larger than the web. All I said is that I’m not sure whether the eBook would be of added value for me and EVEN though I wouldn’t like to see SM disappear or even merge with another site, I can use those same 10 bucks to do more good.

        Get your head out of your ass.

        I’m donating money to several sites (Wikipedia, and several others) and am STILL considering spending 10 bucks for SM. But I MIGHT not. Get over it.

        @SM: Why not consider memberships with some kind of monthly/yearly fee? Paying members would get added value from articles that non-paying-members would not be able to access. This would ensure some steady stream of income for a longer term.

        Update: Just bought the eBook. Happy now Luis?
        — “Thank you for your purchase! Your order # is: 7000XX96X.”
        DAMN I hate douchebags like you. Really. BARF.

        • 66

          Wow, I didn’t notice how this guy answered me. I think he needs help, that’s why there is violence in our world :D Peace brother, peace, everyone loves you.
          I hope SM is Ok now.

  42. 67

    I would love to know who accused you of being greedy and making too much money… someone who’s never tried to publish anything, clearly. I will be buying a copy.

  43. 68

    Gerben Oosterink

    March 22, 2010 1:24 pm

    Please consider it to be published on paper! I’m using your ‘The Smashing Book’ all the time. It’s so much more comfortable to read from paper.
    Your site and articles rock!!

  44. 69

    Daniel Kurdoghlian

    March 22, 2010 1:25 pm

    Why are you deleting so many comments?..
    95% of the comments which stay posted are the “buying the e-book”-ones…

    … You are loosing more credibility, minute after minute.

    • 70

      Smashing Editorial

      March 22, 2010 1:27 pm

      Not a single comment is being deleted.

      • 71

        Daniel Kurdoghlian

        March 22, 2010 1:33 pm

        ..sorry for presuming – just looks a little bit strange to read that many positive comments, after all those negative tweets a few hours ago

        • 72

          Smashing Editorial

          March 22, 2010 1:44 pm

          There were many positive tweets, too. Not a single comment was deleted or moderated.

        • 73

          We, the real fans of smashing magazine, are showing our support. IF YOU DONT KNOW PLEASE DONT PRESUME AND SHUT UP!

          • 74

            Daniel Kurdoghlian

            March 23, 2010 12:31 am

            Thanks for your info but I’m presuming you forgot to turn off your caps-lock key.. or maybe your shift-key is stuck.

        • 75

          Difficult though it may be for you to believe, but there really are a very few places and things that are just as good as they look.

          Smashing Magazine is one of them.

    • 76

      what are you competing for douche of the week? What have you done? Obviously, you don’t mind coming here and helping yourself to all the free goodies, but when its “Help Smashing Magazine time”, you’re on the offensive. You do not DESERVE good content cause your a douche bag, but you get it anyways. You need to thank Smashing Mag and help out.

      What exactly about this e-mag is so detrimental to you anyway? The fact that its free? The fact that its got tons of super useful articles and links to the best stuff out there so you don’t have to drudge through miles of garbage looking for a decent article? Perhaps the freebies have upset you, or is it the fact that you have without a doubt saved time with the resources here? It was said a long time ago that its easy for a self proclaimed expert to whine and judge but a much different story to see that same expert do anything better or anything at all for that matter. That sounds to me a lot like you. If you don’t like it then you should leave along with everyone else who feels offended when asked to help out. If you were paying a subscription to view content then okay fine, but it’s free you POS. So shut up and buy the stupid .PDF thing or leave and don’t come back….Ever.

      The only thing I see losing credibility is Daniel Kurdoghlian.

  45. 77

    An e-book a month would be great, but I don’t want it to contain stuff I already read. New content, new content!

    • 78

      I think this is a fantastic idea. I hope SM considers it, I would certainly pay for a monthly eBook.

  46. 79

    Tom Something

    March 22, 2010 1:26 pm

    Could you please list the price on this page?

  47. 80

    Paul Ehrenreich

    March 22, 2010 1:26 pm

    As I mentioned on twitter I’ll be picking up a copy of the eBook to support the site. I am glad to see you guys came out and said “here this is what’s going on and why”.

  48. 81

    Christen Bouffard

    March 22, 2010 1:31 pm

    Just a heads up, I tried ordering a copy of your book and got the following message “28: Operation timed out after 30000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received”. Just thought you’d like to know.

    Other than that, I’m happy to give back for all the great resources you have made available in the past… resources I have occasionally referred my students to. Thanks!

  49. 82

    This seems a little low. I’ve been coming here for years, but asking us to buy your book because you’re having problems you wont go into? An ebook at that? You must make a killing from ad revenue alone, how about explaining why people should buy your book first and you might get a few more purchases?

    So far all I have seen are sheep following one another like a bunch of crazed Apple fanboys.

  50. 83

    It’s result of making typical american business decisions. Just don’t spent more many than you can earn or you have. Sorry, articles are professional, but your management isn’t. Your web2.0 bubble is breaking right now. You should make a business model at first, and hire workers later. Now you are in a very stupid situation. A lot of people spent money on your book, and now they hear: we lost your money, pay more. Please, be more responsible for future and respect readers and buyers of your book.

    • 84

      Danny from San Diego

      March 22, 2010 2:44 pm

      Sorry but you’re an idiot. If you read the about us section of this website you would see the name of the company appended with GMBH. That does not indicate an American company. It appears you are the presumptions cognitive cripple here, not smashing.

      I respect that they are turning to their community for supoprt and am happy to help. People LOVE to take take take…but then scoff when they are asked to give. Freeloaders suck.

  51. 85

    You have a great site guys, I wish you the best.

  52. 86

    Lisa Ellwood

    March 22, 2010 1:32 pm

    I’m happy to support you guys and bought it. Althought I will agree with the folks that said they’d like to have a printed version – this is a fantastic reference book and would go great with my Smashing Mag and Smashing WordPress books!

    Keep up the great work guys and best wishes – you make a difference to an awful lot of people.

  53. 87

    Srikanth Madduri

    March 22, 2010 1:32 pm

    Why not sell the “Smashing Book” on Amazon to reach a wider audience. We are here to write a positive review. It’s a very good book.

  54. 88

    I’ve learnt so much from your website over the short time I’ve been reading it, that I couldn’t stand by and not help by means of a small contribution, so I have purchased your ebook.

    Have you considered keeping part of the site free, and more advanced content in a paid-for area of your site? I’d certainly be willing to pay $5 a month for a subscription, or whatever value, providing it was value for money.

    I’m sure others would too.

  55. 89

    Marcel Böttcher

    March 22, 2010 1:33 pm

    If I got it, this is looking like a donation, right? More then 80 % of the book’s content is out there for free, it’s just about helping you which is absolutely okay. But if that’s the truth, I would require something every fund-raising should have: Transparency. Can you give us the numbers from time to time how many people have participated?

  56. 90

    Does your eBook have a printed version like #smbook ? I loved the print quality and would like to buy more books from you

  57. 91

    Jared Christensen

    March 22, 2010 1:35 pm

    I bought the book, hope it helps you guys out. I waste 10 bucks on crapy fast food so if I get a great book and it helps you guys out, why not buy it.

    • 92

      Great point. I hope everyone thinks about the relativity of $10 versus smashingmag’s contribution to the community.

  58. 93

    I understand that you may be desperate and need the money to keep things going, but I’m sorry I’m not going to pay money for a book when I can already read it online and, most likely, have already read it. If I was going to pay for an ebook I would expect there to be new content and for it to be fresh. Good luck though.

    • 94


      March 22, 2010 6:43 pm

      Good point! Though I´ve just bought the book I understand the importance of offering something unique which you can make profit from. “Free” is always expensive for the content producer but great for the users. No balance there.
      This attempt sounds a bit desperate and makes you wonder if the age of free content has ended. I´d much rather pay than see Smashing Magazine dissapear!!

    • 95

      Nice job on a cheap trick to sell a book of content that’s not very high quality in the first place. Enjoy your re-hashed free content that you paid for, sheeple.

  59. 96

    juan iconshock

    March 22, 2010 1:40 pm

    Hi smashers, have you considered using affiliate partnerships ? we can offer you a premium rate to get some earnings from external sales, and I’m sure you know a lot of companies which would like to do that. Also, what about placing a donate button ? it worked in wikipedia and maybe could work here, we will be the first donating :)

    You guys have done a great work so far, really, and I’m sure you will get help quickly.

  60. 97

    Da habt ihr euch wohl übernommen :) rip

  61. 98

    I am from Guatemala, here a lot of people love this site and read its excellent content every day, so today is my turn, I WILL BUY THIS BOOK!
    As Paul said thank you for came out and explain what’s going on and why…
    Hey people if you use it, now is your turn to help…

  62. 99

    Sehr unprofessionell

  63. 100

    Renato Stuparić

    March 22, 2010 1:44 pm

    Hello, i buy ebook, but i didnt recive DL link, i already sent pay pal transaction number to your order service but still nothing, infact in my account doesnt write that i bought ebook.

    I need help and i need that DL link, thanks

    • 101

      Go to ur account’s dashboard and on the left you see “My Downloadable Products”. There rightclick the e-book link and save.

      Good luck.

  64. 102

    just bought the book to show my support and to say thank you for my daily dosis of inspiration :-))

    keep on rockin’

  65. 103

    Robert Speer

    March 22, 2010 1:47 pm

    Just bought the ebook, and $10 bucks is pretty cheap for the quality of content here.

    I rely on Smashing Magazine to expose me to new ideas multiple times a week, no other media outlet does that.


  66. 104

    Do you have a hard-copy version available?
    I would definitely order it right away if there was one (just like your smashing book :D).
    Ebook is kind of a bit hard to read for me.
    I’ll think again though.

  67. 105

    peach -

    March 22, 2010 1:48 pm

    Wow, pretty bad PR move to screw over your loyal users and then ask them for money!
    I’m going to buy the book anyways because you guys provide an amazing quality of blogposts that I enjoy reading more than anything. Just get yourself a marketing or PR consultant or something, would hate to see you go out of business for pulling some crazy trick!

  68. 106

    Did you know SM is worth $28.88 Million .. I’ll put an offer in if your selling.

  69. 107

    This website is worth $28.86 Million… check

  70. 108

    Bought the eBook. Greets from Bosnia.
    You could “polish” eBook a bit.

  71. 109

    Sebastian Schaller

    March 22, 2010 1:53 pm

    I discovered this site some days ago and love your stuff.
    There’s nothing wrong with earning some extra money because all the other ressources are free.
    So I also bought a copy. Keep on doing such a great job!

  72. 110

    Creative Nuts

    March 22, 2010 1:53 pm

    Hey, You will be in benefits again very soon, we have an idea for you to gain more profits. Why don’t you print yours ebook series as monthly or weekly magazines and sell it on shops, this will create huge profits and even branding for smashing magazine.

    best of luck,
    creative nuts

  73. 111

    Balint Orosz

    March 22, 2010 1:57 pm

    Really appreciate the quality of your work keep on guys!
    Bought the book as soon as I saw the post!

  74. 112

    I think you would sell more of these books if you tried to sell it based on the quality of the book and not on the poor financial state that you guys are in.

    Also i would just like to point out that at this moment there are 11 advertisements visible at the top of the page, and your smashing book seems to be selling quite well (i own one myself). If that is not enough to keep this site in the green then you may want to consider some serious budget cutbacks.

  75. 113

    Keep on rolling baby! Greetings from Argentina :)

  76. 114

    Keenan Payne

    March 22, 2010 2:03 pm

    As soon as I get the money in my debit card I’ll definitely pick it up and help out one of the best web design websites in the world.

  77. 115

    Guys – I’m torn, really. I have been an avid smashing reader for ages – but I’ve noticed recently a couple of things:

    1. Too many posts, some of questionable quality (The top quality I expect from Smashing Mag is still there – it’s just that it’s now maybe 1 in 3 articles rather than EVERY article)

    2. A kind of … **ubiquity** about smashing – you’re posting so often that I’m actually avidly seeking out other blogs because I don’t want to think that all my ideas come from smashing(!)

    Obviously I’m going to support you – even if it’s spending money on articles I’ve already read… But Can I make a suggestion ?

    HAVE TWO FEEDS – an official smashing mag feed (using your red ‘S’ logo as avatar in twitter/facebook/etc) Only post out from this when you would have previously – 3 or four high quality posts a day.

    The other “affiliate” posters – give them a black ‘S’ logo avatar so we can tell the difference in twitter/facebook/reader etc – that way your official posts rettain the “smashing magic” we expect, whilst we can tune in to the added value posts from your affiliate bloggers when we have the time – without watering down the official smashing mag message.

  78. 118

    Alan Ferrandiz Langley

    March 22, 2010 2:04 pm

    I just bought the ebook a minute ago, it is the least I can do because ever since I read your Web site i have become a better Web designer. Thank you guys.

    Lima – Peru

  79. 119

    The best damn design site on the web…don’t be stingy everyone. Do your part and keep this going.

  80. 120

    You guys rock and for no means I would like to see this site disappear.
    Honestly, yours and another site are the only ones I check on a daily basis to keep informed of what´s happening about web design. You´ve really been a huge source of inspiration so I really must support you. I´ll be buying the ebook.
    Price of this ebook: just Ok.
    What this site has given to me: priceless.

    Hope this move means a second oportunity.

  81. 121

    can’t imagine that hosting & co. is such expensive. I agree with #33 (Saad).
    so plz contact an finance-expert and keep on doing your thing.

  82. 122

    Smashing Magazine has been such a great resource for me over the years and I am more than happy to support you guys.

    I don’t think it’s a bad thing to mention financial problems when the situation is dire, but I agree it shouldn’t be your selling point. Just do what you do best – offer fantastic information and be proud of your service to the design/development community!

  83. 123

    I can’t believe it. A blog like this couldn’t be in such a trouble. I will support you always, even if I dont understand the situation, but if you respect your audience, please explain.

  84. 124

    I don’t like e-books, for I don’t have an e-reader (yet!)

  85. 125

    I hope you guys get back on track…Also you guys really need a long-term plan for your finance.

  86. 126

    personally, i’d rather *over pay* for some very well designed smashing mag mugs, shirts or other items – any chance you could generate some items and distribute/sell through a site like cafepress? if you could produce, for example, a sweet looking mug or tshirt, i’d absolutely pay overpriced/charitypricing for any of the items – just far less personal interest in an ebook….

  87. 127

    Honestly I was surprised at reading this page and realizing you guys have chosen to make such a bold move as this in asking financial support from your readers. But kudos to you for the sheer honesty and swallowing of pride!

    I for one truly hope this helps you all out and enables Smashing to continue growing and providing us with useful articles, inspiration and a sense of community =]

  88. 128

    Thank you for your cool site, no other website inspire me more! And now, i’ll go to buy the book and i realy hope you can fix your problems. Greetings from Zurich.

  89. 129

    I really want to help you, and I’ll buy your e-book… just to thank you for all the great and free content I read during the last 2 years but… 10$ for an e-book ? Are you joking ? If you make other e-books, I’ll not buy them for more than 5$… You’ve got to understand, I can buy a book for 30$, but there’s no way I buy an electronic book for more than 5$ and… I think you’ll earn more by selling at a nice price, ’cause, 10$ for an e-book is really a joke ?!

    + I agree with Dom

  90. 130

    Can I ask why you originally started SM, was it for the design community or where you doing it for financial gain (eg advertising etc)?

    If I was to have financial difficulties I would find it a touch crazy to ask my clients to help me out. I would think that SM was built around making some form of livelihood? and that being through advertising and publications etc.

    How much money do you make each year from adverting and how many hours do you put into the website? If you want to ask me for money to help your service I would want to know a lot more information about the case I am helping for at the moment I feel you are cheating us readers by making out that you are doing us a favour with your website.

    If you made a bad finical decision then you need to figure it out instead of asking us to sort out your issues.

    • 131

      are you serious? you have to be either be retarded or a Warcraft addict. Get outside and get a taste of reality. See a client is someone who pays you. So lets try again you are not a client but in fact a mooch. You come here and read free articles and download freebies, but when you are ASKED to help out you step off and do not. This is a free service and you should say thank you. You do not deserve this free content for being alive. Everything you see around you has been paid for. Street signs, fire hydrants, electrical lines, websites, and even smashing magazines website. Just cause you didn’t do it or pay for it, doesn’t mean someone didn’t and they are in fact actually naturally occurring things from mother nature. Now when you look at this site you need to realize it costs money to run it. Hosting, content, accounting, and all sorts of stuff takes away from the money made advertising, so when they ask for a little help realize its for something you use and help out. Ten dollars for you losers and you’re complaining? How much has this site saved you or made you even. You are pathetic.

      • 132

        Im not angry that they asked me to buy their book to help them out of finical woe. SM is a commercial venture, it is a business, it depends upon us the audience to make it a viable resource to sell adverts on and to generate content for their own publications that is how I see it.

        The whole business of free content is so tied in with commercial ventures these days its a muddy area on who is for real and who is milking the crowd, so to speak. Do you agree or disagree?

        For example take WordPress, great OS system, its free yes? have you seen who where the top 20 millionaires from running a business on the internet, surprise the guy behind WordPress, but hey its free how did he make all that cash!

        I am just adding comment. If you have got value from SM website that is great, good one, but dont abuse other people for being a part of the community that have difference of opinion.

  91. 133

    Andrew S. Roberts

    March 22, 2010 2:26 pm

    Just bought the book, looks great! Can’t wait to dig into it. Let me know any way I could possibly help. I’ll even offer up writing a free article. I have a couple recent CSS(3) articles on Six Revisions, would love to help you all out. Long live Smashing Mag!

  92. 134

    $10… its the least I could do…

  93. 135

    Wow, Smashing Magazine is going into the red??

    Guys, instead of turning off your loyal readers with this sad ploy (an e-book? c’mon…), go get some financial advice. This should be the highest profiting design blog on the web! Your advertising profits alone would be phenomenal and your hosting costs couldn’t possibly come close. I’ve been coming to this site every day and to me, begging us for money makes Smashing Magazine look very unprofessional.

    If you’re paying to much for others to write articles, don’t! If anything there is too much content posted on this site – especially since the introduction of the Smashing Network. Write good quality content and only publish the best, don’t just ‘smash’ us with everything that comes to mind.

    Sorry if I’m sounding harsh, but this site should be making a killing! I have some ideas, if you’re interested then send me an email.

    • 136

      as soon as they do what you just said, this no longer becomes a community and becomes a profit driven organisation which churns out half assed tutorials/posts so they can fuel their advertising revenue with traffic.

      psdtuts (tutsplus) is heading down that path, i like smashingmag and dont want to see it happen here.

      • 137

        Like it or not, Smashing Magazine IS a business and financial needs need to be met first, otherwise there will be no community.

        I’m not saying they should reduce the quality of their content, but reduce the QUANTITY so that they can focus on better quality as a whole.

        Reading through these comments, there are now plenty of great ideas to get Smashing Mag back on track. The team should read through every one and create a business model accordingly.

        • 138

          I agree with you Klaye, there alot of good ideas in people’s comments. Whether or not the idea of selling an ebook or asking for money is a good idea, the action forced some people to have strong opinions. It’s all really interesting.

    • 139

      I couldn’t agree with this more. This site SHOULD be making a killing, so something is wrong with the business model.

      I believe the cost that you pay your writers is justified because you aren’t going to get quality content like this by paying pennies. It is the quality of Smashing’s content that makes it what it is. That being said, you should consider just posting less frequently. Quality over quantity wins every time. A good place to start saving some money.

  94. 140

    I wish it was in print… but good luck anyway!

  95. 141

    It’s kinda hard to believe until you experience it first hand, but people on the Internet can be, well… dicks.

    Just because you act professional and you do things right, they’ll imagine you live in a mansion, go to work in a helicopter and only drink champagne. They will take your work for for granted, and if you ever disappoint them, they will crucify you.

    Only one solution: stand your ground, do what you think is right, because no one else is going to be looking out for you. Those that are upset don’t deserve you.

  96. 142

    Smashing Magazine has almost single handedly changed the way I think and work, revolutionising myself as a designer and a business. 9 euro’s is a small price to pay to keep the revolution alive.

    Much love!!!

  97. 143

    with the amount of free content i have been getting from you already, i would gladly buy your book (or even donate without buying anything).

    cheers :)

  98. 144

    I’ve purchased every book you guys have released thus far. But until i have an iPad i don’t believe paying for a PDF book is a good use of money.

    I hope you guys release this to print one day, and good luck on getting back on track!

    Could you release it on lulu? there’s no costs i believe to you??

    • 145

      I don’t believe an iPad is especially a good use of money, especially considering the android alternatives (I’m a mac user too). Just buy the godamn book, you’ll have some content for your shiny new toy when you get it!

  99. 146

    Hey Pay Pal is giving me this error:

    “Unable to process payment. Please contact the merchant as the shipping address provided by the merchant is invalid, and the merchant has requested that your order must be shipped to that address.”

    It’s also rejecting my credit card, the numbers are all correct. Same card I use with amazon. Any thoughts?

  100. 147

    Lennard Timm

    March 22, 2010 3:09 pm

    I didn’t notice all pages being redirected because I read the articles in my feed reader. I don’t know how I’d have reacted if I was being redirected a few hours ago.

    I first thought, “Why should I pay for articles I probably already read or that are available for free?”. Then I thought of paying for the ebook not to get the content but rather to say Thank You. The things I learned and got for free from Smashing Magazine are well worth 8,90€. However, the ebook is not exactly visually appealing as far as I can tell from the sample chapter. The cover is great, but inside it looks like a better print style sheet. In my opinion the images and figures would benefit from some kind of frame around them. The pages contain quite little text which is good in terms of readability. The page breaks add to much clutter which makes it harder to keep an overview—for me. (I hope you see that I’m trying to be as constructive as possible here.) I’d really like to see a slightly improved version the next days.

    As Saad (#33) and mrb (#45) pointed out, your business model might need some tweaking.

    By the way, a few days ago I finally bought The Smashing Book.

  101. 148

    reminds me of when NPR and such do those fund-raising things, so not that bad, I kind of see it a bit negatively and we do get a lot of good articles and resources from this site……but $9.90 is a bit much for an e-book, at least for me. But say it was a real book with an ebook version included: i’d pay at least $25…hell I just a bought a graphic design book today.

    • 149

      I don’t think the ebook is appealing enough because I would pay $100 or more for an ebook if I thought I would gain more than what I’m paying.

      I don’t really care much about the format of the book as I do what the content of the book is.

  102. 150

    Hi Guys,

    I bought the book in support. I really hope this works out. Smashing Magazine has propelled me into the world of web design and freelancing. I’ve never found a resource as useful as this or a community that I feel so at home in.

    Please don’t go down the route of a premium channel. I’ve seen it done on other sites like Tuts+ but I just don’t think it suites the ethos of Smashing Magazine. I’d sooner buy an eBook every 4-6 months and keep the content for all than pay a subscription and feel like I was in a walled garden.

    Maybe you could expand the shop more, T-Shirts, Mugs etc? I don’t know how much Mozilla make out of this kinda stuff but I think it’d be kinda geeky cool, the logo is neat. Just an idea which I’m sure will already be in the pot.

    Keep us posted and let us know if we can help out in any way. Ignore any negative comments. You guys rock and the web wouldn’t be the same without you!

  103. 151


    I’m sorry to hear that you are in trouble. You are one of the top blogs when it comes to quality content and deserve the help of the community & the readers.
    I don’t mean to a be a dick, but shouldn’t you try cover most of the costs through advertising? I mean, having “6 figure” readers should put some “value” on those ads… I don’t mean to say that you are greedy, or that the eBook is not worth 9 bucks (it’s worth more than that), just that IMHO the advertising should cover most of your expenses.
    Anyway, I hope the problems are going to be solved and that Smashing Magazine will continue it’s trend of quality content. Don’t compromise because of money, the community is here for you!

  104. 152

    you guys make over $50,000 in ad revenues alone! this is ridiculous.

  105. 154

    Clayton Correia

    March 22, 2010 3:27 pm

    Like I said this morning in a tweet that got me a bunch of hate:

    If you’re mad at smashing mag just ask them to refund you everything you’ve paid in the last few years to view their content.

    I can’t believe how people are getting so upset about this. These guys obviously care about their readers. If they weren’t passionate about their community and creating great content for free their site would never have become what it is today.

  106. 155

    You could have avoided the backlash easily:

    Step 1.) On Friday write a post explaining the situation, and saying that on Monday all site traffic will be redirected to a single page for 24 hours.

    That’s it. All you had to do was give people advanced notice to make sure they didn’t misunderstand your intentions!

  107. 156

    Bought the book earlier today, but the order is still “processing.” Is there something I’m missing? I was under the impression that I would be able to download soon after ordering. From the snipped I read, it looks like an excellent ebook.

  108. 157

    Douglas Bonneville

    March 22, 2010 3:37 pm

    New model:

    1) Require registration
    2) Figure how many free articles a month to give away per reader
    3) Charge for access to all articles above the free limit of articles per month
    4) Charge monthly or yearly, a few bucks. You’d clean up as many readers would convert

    Don’t worry about or bother the casual reader who comes by a few times a month.


    Accept micro-payments per article and help instill a “this is really not free” mentality on the site. Because really, it’s not free as you are clearly telling us.

    Monetize or scale way way way back.

  109. 158

    Matthew Shepherd

    March 22, 2010 3:39 pm

    How about setting up a tweet button upon purchase to get the message out there….something like:

    “I just bought the #smashing #magazine Professional Web Design PDF book. Show your support to keep the free content coming

    Good luck guys hope this keeps you afloat :)


  110. 159

    Just bought your book. Thanx for the work you’ve done so far.

    Your blog is one of the very few where I would pay a certain amount of money on a regular base, if there would be a way to do that. So, as soon as you are on a colored reader platform like iPad, Wepad, future color Kindle, future 8″ Android with invoice system or anything, I’d be with you.

    For me, this is the kind of journalism that could somehow survive: Filter all the free information, add comments and structure, draw connections and conclusions, and present it in a good looking way. I can’t judge wheter your information is always accurate — but of course, if I could, I would not need your blog any more ;-)

    Just solve the “little” (yet unsolved ;-) problem that the paid content has to look better than the free content, so that the paid and restricted versions feel better than the free, not worse (like most actual epubs). But of course you know that ;-)

    The PDF is not a step in the right direction: It has less functions than the free online version. There aren’t even Hyperlinks in the TOC, or at least my foxit can’t show them. So I bought the book not to get value for my money, but to say thanx. Now become professional! :-)

    (btw: I’m a journalist by myself and our publishing house made a similar decision, selling “old” content in a new form. And for a certain market, that is a good idea. Not for all readers of course — so these solutions can only be the first step, not the last. But for sure you also know this ;-) Good luck!)

  111. 160

    You should see if any of the high profile web developers/designers/etc would be willing to donate an article due to recent circumstances. I’m sure there are some author’s that could help you out in that respect :)


  112. 161

    Just bought the book. Thanks for such great articles. you are the best resource on the web for what I need! Hope the purchase helps!

  113. 162

    Thanks for all your help over the years, Smashing. Here are some comments that I hope will be useful:

    On one hand, you guys have provided the Web Design Community with lots of interesting posts over the past few years and I know that you’ve helped spread knowledge about web design to people everywhere (I can’t personally say that I’ve found all of the articles to be that unique..but many of them have been an interesting read with some good pointers made). The thing is, you *cant* expect to make your Business Model as it stands at the moment work out in the long run without some sort of cut-backs on the frequency of articles. Sorry, guys.

    Smashing *Network* was supposed to bring together all of the different sites that regularly publish good content on Web Design, Web Development and Graphics Design, but surely those sites have costs too, costs that aren’t being absorbed by Smashing. So you’re getting content every single week for free from all of those sources. With that kind of network in place, why don’t you just scale back on the articles Smashing itself releases and fill in the void with more featured articles by other authors? (namely those on your network). You dont *need* to have a separate tab for this.

    Secondly, you guys are a huge source of traffic. Why not charge authors who want to have their posts featured in your sidebar a certain amount of money to have it displayed for a week/few days and let that be another source of income?. Tom isn’t my real name and I run another high-profile blog of my own but I can tell you this: If you were to just start scaling back instead of thinking that this eBook is going to save the company, you would have more success.

    You have, what, 200,000 readers?. If even 10000 of those bought your book you would have more money than I make in a year. Certainly more than enough to have *one* full time expect or a number of freelancers paid for a very long time. But wait..what happens when that money runs out?. Is there going to be another round of donations being requested in a years time?. Please..consider changing your business model.

    • 163

      I agree.

      You guys need to write a book about better business management, not trying to be harsh. But this is pathetic.

  114. 164

    I love smashing magazine, what they have provided to the world… there is no alternate for that.
    I went through almost all the comments from top to bottom. First comment which made me stop and read it entirely was #33 (Saad). What he was saying was almost based on financial and about money. (I exchanged some tweets over it with @saadbassi)
    I agree with him about hiring a good finance manager because when you are hiring people you have to pay them and for that purpose you have to do all the money management.
    later on I went through some harsh criticism and some outa the world love for the SM.

    “Where it all went wrong in my stance is the presentation of the book and the “Subject” of the post “SM needs your help today”. You people shouldn’t be asking for help like this. People will still buy your every offer but this shouldn’t be the way.”

    Anyways good luck for the book hope you people will achieve your targets.

  115. 165

    I think this site has great content, and is worth supporting. However I don’t think this is the right way to go about raising money. Just sell the book, don’t beg for people to buy it.

    I purchased the Smashing book and I am very happy with it. When I saw this one up I was thinking I’d love to buy it too. Then I read the article to go with it and now I am turned off. I think this campaign is going to hurt you not help you. Just sell the book with a “support Smashing” tagline, and that’s it, don’t give us a long story about your bad business decisions, it looks unprofessional and IMO it will do more harm than good.

  116. 166

    The re-direct was a bold move indeed, but it got my attention. The articles of this site and those of the great community associated with it keep me pushing as a designer and as a developer. You have my continued support be it by book, donation, or membership.

    Keep up the great content

  117. 167

    Alvaris Falcon

    March 22, 2010 4:11 pm

    Well, let’s talk about business model later (that might be another great article topic), I would buy the book.

    There’s a Chinese proverb saying, distant water won’t help to put out a fire close at hand.

    SM asks, so I help.

  118. 168

    I wish I had 10 dollars to buy this book! I did buy the Smashing Magazine wordpress book several weeks ago if that helps??

  119. 169


    I am eaglly waiting to buy books, both CSS and this one, had many emails send but no reply, had payment issues with credit card.

  120. 170

    I had credit card payment issues on this site, couldn’t but CSS book too, is it still available.???

  121. 171

    Purchased the ebook. I LOVED the Smashing Book (which taught me so much in such a small amount of pages), so I figured the ebook can’t be bad!!

    I have stuck with Smashing Mag for years now and look forward to your posts every day. I hope you guys don’t need to cut costs and can get back on top of your financial situation, as you are THE design resource of all designs.

    Thanks for all your hard work guys.

  122. 172

    Bariski |

    March 22, 2010 5:43 pm

    You guys have always tried to help us out with such a great content. Moreover I know the owners personally and believe me, they are so down to earth, they are really lovable guys. Please let us all know if you need any more help we are always here for you. The least I can do right now is buy the book and I just did it. And I know the content has to be awesome, simply awesome. Thanks for coming out and asking for help, we will never put you down. Long live SmashingMag. Good luck with everything you do.

  123. 173

    Guys, I think you’re doing a nice job with your websites and all, but “asking for help” isn’t a good sign at all that you’re doing things well on the business front. My suggestion would be to reconsider your approach on that end and get rid of the illusion that “good content” will get you on the other side.

    This is a yellow flag and business is business, it cannot depend upon philantropy. Smashing Media GmbH is a company. It should be managed as such.

  124. 174

    Ordering it right away. Hope you guys come up with future editions and give us some kinda discounts ;) ..

    Do keep the site up.

  125. 175

    Just bought one. Keep it up you guys. We love you.

  126. 176

    What about the Smashing WordPress book? I have not seen it promoted and I think it is the best book on creating custom themes I have found.

  127. 177

    Matthew Davis

    March 22, 2010 6:21 pm

    How about releasing the Smashing Book as a PDF? I, for one, haven’t bought the printed version because I like reading technical books on my screen, where they’re always handy, and searchable.

    I’m sure if you released that as a PDF, many people like me would buy it.

    I hope things pick up… Keep up the great work.

  128. 178

    Hello everybody!!

    I already read all those post but I dont care, lets support Smashing Magazine … I love it!!


  129. 179

    I read your blog a lot, if not everyday.

    Just bought the ebook, I was expecting a little more of the “visual aids” like pics and all ,but I’m sure I’ll happy to read this while drinking coffee.

    Good Luck and more power to you!

    Cheesy Message: Thanks to you guys my work has only gotten better & better. Thank you.

  130. 180

    Have you considered releasing the Smashing book and the Smashing WordPress book as PDF ebooks? Because you might see some more purchases of them if you did ;)

  131. 181

    Good luck with the book sell and your financial conditions but I would suggest you to promote more advertising space on smashingmag so that more advertisers should come. I am sure you can earn good money only from the banner ads.

  132. 182

    I’m in! Purchased a copy. Keep going!

  133. 183

    Its what most people seem to be saying, but I think you guys could easily sell more books if you would have simply marketed this post as a useful ebook, not as a call for help.

    I was completely surprised by this post today – I’ve bought the Smashing Book and been following SM for over three years and this is by far the most out-of-character move I’ve ever seen from the Smashing team.

    My 2 cents.

  134. 184

    I love Smashing Magazine but I wonder why you saw it necessary to incur into these higher costs like this. You may not be able to foresee increased costs in book production, sales may not go as planed, you may overhire, your traffic can quickly increase increasing hosting costs but, everything at the same time?

    I think you should focus on getting your costs lower, not your overall income higher. Growth for the sake of growth is not necessarily the right way to go.

  135. 185

    I will gladly purchase a copy to help support a site that I have learned so much from.

  136. 186

    Just got my copy hope it will help to keep this site alive..

  137. 187


  138. 188

    Mr Hotshot,I only discovered your blog via SM network feeds.Atleast be greatful for that?What a low life.

  139. 189

    I can’t pretend to know what it’s like to run a company that gives away so much work for free… But maybe that’s the problem. I say cut the fluff and advertising and start seriously charging for content (not easy), or find ways to cut costs. If your business model isn’t sustainable, change it. Don’t expect charity from your clients. Also, don’t forget that people assign a higher value to things they paid for than things they didn’t, even when they have equal worth. My 2 cents.

  140. 190

    I agree with the donate idea. You guys do some amazing work and I’ll buy the book to support for sure, but if you have a donate button as well, those who don’t one to buy the full price can still add their support

  141. 191

    You guys rock! Thanks for all you do for the web design & development community. Love the eBook, and am happy to help support one of my favorite sites!

  142. 192

    Brandon Brule

    March 22, 2010 7:24 pm

    No problem smashing magazine. Perhaps it seems like we are entering a new way for corporations to be successful. Since Smashing’s birth you’ve been loyal, passionate, and offered a caring community for those connected.

    Staying true to yourself and showing us that you are very much like the rest of us asking for help when you need it has proven to be a far superior strategy.

    I hope the best for your everyone incorporated with smashing magazine and will continue to support you as best I can.

  143. 193

    Bought! Smashing Magazine is well worth the daily price of *free*, so I’ve bought the Smashing Book and now the e-Book. Look forward to reading them… and the site!

  144. 194

    I absolutely appreciate everything you do Smashing. I am a new designer about to graduate from college and you have helped me immensely. I’ve been planning on buying the book, but this is a little bit easier since it’s 1/3 the cost.

    Thanks for everything you do Smashing!

  145. 195

    Victoria Roan

    March 22, 2010 7:44 pm

    I’ve been reading the articles on here for years and appreciate every one of them. Bought the Smashing Book and was more than happy to drop the $10 on the eBook. The content is amazing and, best of all, it’s free. I love what you’re doing here and would be a bit disappointed if it changed into a subscription site, seeing as I’m a lowly college student who can’t afford much, but this is one site I might consider subscribing to if it came to that.

    Keep up the great articles and the great site. I hope you get enough from the eBook to keep you going, at least until you can find a more permanent solution.

  146. 196


    March 22, 2010 7:47 pm

    Hey SM…Its not seem to be good as you tempt the readers to buy the book in this manner. You can do well present before the readers, they will choose to buy or not. Its a mere business trick rather than sensible marketing. Am a great fan of SM, ad can’t live without, I shocked while seeing your marketing tricks.

    • 197

      Would you have preferred if the site had gone down for ever without giving you a notice? Why is it that we appreciate something only when the ultimate tragedy has already stricken on them?

  147. 198

    Design is not my work but something I love to do in my spare time and your site inspired me to go back to school for design. I visit almost daily and can get lost in the articles and links. It’s so much more than I have time to learn. I already paid my $10 today (+ bought a paperback for myself and two others as gifts back before they shipped) and will continue to buy more but please offer an epub version as well (including your Smashing book). They are far more flexible on phones, netbooks and tablets that don’t have large screens.
    Thanks again.

  148. 199

    Thank-you, Smashing, for your honesty and truthfulness. You have my full support to help with this avenue of financial revenue. I hope that in the future you will be able to level out your situation whether it be by cutting costs elsewhere or improving your business model.

    Either way you have been an incredible resource for learning and the advancement of my career. I wish you all the best and look forward to the usual top notch content I’ve come to admire from all you Smashing folks!

  149. 200

    Dr. Girlfriend

    March 22, 2010 8:09 pm

    I guess I missed all of the hub-bub earlier with the SM link re-direction, but I must say, coming so soon after the stunt pulled by (without warning, on March 6th, the site served only blank pages to people who were using Ad-Blockers), both of these stunts were really bad ideas. What were you guys thinking? P!ssing off your loyal readers is the very last thing you’d want to do when trying to improve your income stream and asking for their help. It makes me seriously question the mental fitness and business acumen of the folks running the show (of both sites).

    That being said, the quality of the articles here on Smashing Magazine has really taken a dramatic leap forward over the last year or so — the writers you’ve featured have been truly top-notch and they’ve taken this website from a nice, interesting place to visit to a truly outstanding, 1st class presence on the web. Kudos to you all!

    I am a die-hard fan of free content and there are only a handful of sites that I’d even remotely consider paying a subscription to, but if Smashing Magazine can continue to provide as much excellent content as you’ve been pumping out lately, I would gladly pay a reasonable monthly fee to support you and your outstanding writers. Just don’t try that sh!t again ;) Treat your readers with respect and they will respect you as well.

  150. 201

    Bought. ‘Nuff said.

  151. 202


    March 22, 2010 8:17 pm

    i just bought the pdf, and its weird, i cant download the pdf
    can you send it by my email?

    –> ok i got it :D sorry

  152. 203

    I am definetly buying this e-book. Please dont close Smashing mag!!

  153. 204

    I will buy the book, to support you guys, since the smashing book was one of the most amazing collection of info I’ve ever read, and has helped me a lot to grow as a designer

  154. 205

    Very much interested in this book! I love reading content offline and im my own time. Can someone tell me how large the PDF is?

  155. 206

    Screw all the bad comments. Smashing Magazine is the best and thanks to you guys I have been able to evolve and improve my web design and graphic skills. I am a self taught designer and coder and without Smashing, it would have been a challenge. Buying the book right now and for all those haters that complain about supporting a blog that they read every day then maybe they should go elsewhere since you guys think Smashing is so bad why the F*** do you read it then. Excuse the language but it bothers me when people are earning a living by providing an excellent free service and then when the situation arises for the support of the readers the bitches complain and back down.

    Keep your head up Smashing, my support is here to stay.

  156. 207

    Robert Lincolne

    March 22, 2010 8:51 pm


  157. 208

    Dendy B. Sulistyo

    March 22, 2010 9:05 pm

    bought one :) and hope that next month would be good for SM !
    and please.. dont close this website

  158. 209

    Bought it. Long live Smashing.

  159. 210

    It’s a shame for what is happening here. I will buy the book and support Smashing Magazine, it’s my no.1 in my bookmarks list. I hope you guys fix the problem, best of luck!

  160. 211

    Sorry to hear about your financial struggles; I hope my purchase helps!

  161. 212

    No, I won’t let you guys go out of business until you have featured one of my work in here. :P

    And a complain, why isn’t the Smashing Book available as an eBook? Now THAT is something I really want to buy…

  162. 213

    Andrés Ayala

    March 22, 2010 10:18 pm

    Hi, I just bought a copy. I just saw the demo pdf and notice that a printed version of the book will not give me access to the information contained in the urls. I print almost all the PDF I have/want to read.

    (…)”Not only is this less wasteful, it is also better for users, as pointed out by Cameron Moll in his post “Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign”.

    I think that it will be a very good improvement to add a line with the long boring string of lower-case characters. With this new feature I will be at home, office or college and have my printed version and will access all those links you’ve chosen for further reading.

    Thank you in advance for the attention and answer to this suggestion. I’m looking forward for a full-working printable version of your new eBook… I don’t mind paying twice the eBook to redownload it.

    Thank you Smashing for all the good things you have given me in three or four years I have been typing in the early mornings and late nights,!

    I have your back!

    Andrés Ayala

  163. 214

    Long live Smashing Magazine!

  164. 215

    I’m buying that book, anything for Smashing Magazine!

  165. 216

    I love Smashing and understand the ‘bold move’. As a business owner myself I realize how hard it can be to create a steady income. Smashing is by no means a so-so website. It’s an internet icon, providing us with top quality content, every day!

    Most people are used to having everything for free on the internet. Not that I’m rejecting that thought per se, but it’s reality businesses have to face. Thus, the plead for assistant seems very logical to me.

    It goes without saying that I bought the ebook, Keep up the good work guys!

  166. 217

    some wanker released the full version link on the internet for poor ppl download

    I’m here to report the link so SM can contact them to remove it.

    the link is ~

    • 218

      Well done for publicising it here, that was the right thing to do wasn’t it????

      Smashing, – Remove this post!!!!!!!!

      • 219

        Well intentioned though, I reckon. And being naive I would hope anyone commenting would be inclined to do the noble thing. I hope.

  167. 220

    I’ll buy the ebook as soon as I have money :( Same situation as you I guess :)

  168. 221


    March 22, 2010 11:15 pm

    Hey SM friends,
    I have been a gr8 fan of SM and will surely support you guys. I also had a suggestion to make – if you could somehow convey the users what financial target you are trying to achieve by selling this book…that would help us all know the situation more better. Also it would a good idea to enable donations option on SM site.

    My another company FocusQA, is an Independent Web Testing/QA startup company and we would be happy to provide our testing services for free in order to extend our support to SM. Do let me know accordingly.


  169. 222

    Jean-Baptiste Jung

    March 22, 2010 11:26 pm

    I’ll be very interested to see if all those people who are criticizing Smashing Magazine could build the same successful website than them.

    It’s always easier to focus on others failures rather than your own success.

    • 223

      I dont think that is the case, people are expressing thier opinion (positive or negative) on the request of SM to help them out of a finical woe due to their own business choices.

  170. 224

    We will buy it to make SM always can help to the world.

  171. 225

    Well, I haven’t really purchased the ebook, but I promise that I and several friends here will buy it. We love your articles, they help us to be a better web developer. And that small thing is the least I can do to help you guys.

    Anyway, as I also have read several other design sites, I may suggest that you have a subscription model for some premium contents (such as tutorial with full source code or some exclusive themes). I see that Tutsplus membership works this way, as far as I know they charge the subscription fee for $9 a month and they have like… 30k subscribers (correct me if I’m wrong). Well, I do hope you guys find your own business model that works and can support you.

  172. 226

    JF from Chile

    March 22, 2010 11:36 pm


    I just bought the e-book as I really like SM and enjoy most of the articles, but please contract/ ask for professional business/financial advisory services and build a solid business model.

    I wouldn’t mind paying for premium access as I do with many other content providers because I see value in the extra content like IGN Insider.

    Best regards

  173. 227

    I love your Magazine and it helped me in many situations.
    Bought your book a few minutes ago!

  174. 228

    I’m buying this book. I’ve learned a LOT a LOT from Smashing Magazine . Keep it up and I will always support SM.

  175. 229

    Have you guys considered premium content? Like the envato network does.

  176. 230

    Many thanks Smashing Magazine team… I’ll buy this ebook as well… I have learned a lot from your previous book and I know I’ll get more from this…

  177. 231

    Hi Smashing Mag, bought a copy for support, keep up the good work!

  178. 232

    Bought the smashing book last week and buying this one later today :)

  179. 233

    I am a web designer. Everyday I read SM to improve my work. I will buy the ebook, it’s the minimun I can do

  180. 234


    As a fellow company owner I fully understand the costs involved by owning and running a business, and why you had to take such “drastic” measures.

    I didn’t get hit by the “sales” page myself, but I think that taking into account, that you are providing quality content for free, this measure is OK, especially because you are trying to ensure the future of SM.

    Maybe a suggestion for additional revenue source. Why not provide a premium subscription for a reasonable montly/yearly fee? I think many of us would be willing to pay a few bucks / euros per month, to get access to some kind of premium content. Maybe exclusive articles, or goodies like templates, or other resources?

    I think this is the perfect time, that you setup a poll and ask us, the readers, if we would be willing to pay a fee for a premium subscription, I am certain the response would be positive, if we can help keeping SM up and running, so you can smash us with great articles in the future.

    Folks, what do you think?

  181. 235

    Pirkka Rannikko

    March 23, 2010 12:13 am

    An honest request for help which I aswered by buying the Smashing Book. Hope it helps and keep up the good work!

  182. 236

    Just order the ebook no.1, I order the WordPress book too, it was already on my wish list.
    Hope you will get enough support for keeping up your great work.

    Dolf van Munster from the Netherlands.

  183. 237

    Vladimir Remenar

    March 23, 2010 12:18 am

    Just bought the book purely because this is for the cause of supporting one of the best on-line design magazines!

  184. 238

    This site is awesome and helped me alot. So I bought the e-book and I love the content. These really are one of my favorite posts.

    Go Smashingmagazine!

  185. 239

    I love smashingmagazine. Bought already.

  186. 240

    Hi guys, I really love your website. It’s unique in many ways. Just bought the book and hope I can keep reading your posts for many years to come.

  187. 241

    Love Smashing Magazine and would like to support you. Would it help you as much if I just bought the Smashing Book?

  188. 242

    It’s a completely differnet book from what was sold last year rite? :)

  189. 243

    Ester Liquori

    March 23, 2010 12:48 am

    I think that Smashing Magazine always offer valuable contents and if we can support valuable sources is all up to us and our future inspiration.
    Perhaps they may be consider a new way to get money, bandwitdth, contents, webspace have costs and the bills must be payed.
    I bought the e-book and, Iwas sure of that, it worths.
    Thank you Smashingmagazine!

  190. 244

    Callum Chapman

    March 23, 2010 12:53 am

    Finance can become tough for any company at anytime – for those saying SmashingMag shouldn’t have done this are wrong!

    I’ll do what I can to help, and I’m sure those that understand how difficult it is to run a blog as big as this and all the costs involved of not only hosting bills and rent, but paying freelance authors such as myself, will help as well.

    Good luck!

    • 245

      Callum I take my hat off to you, I’ve just sat here and read all the comments. You are the only one out of all the other big name authors and bloggers that has come forward and said that they are willing to help.

      Yet these other big name bloggers wouldn’t have the following they have, if it wasn’t for SM.

      It should be the other bloggers making the $4,000 + per month helping SM not so much the readers, even though every little helps.

      And to all the haters out there, there is no shame in asking for help.

      My Quote of the day ” you’re quick the eat the pie, but when the pie is gone,you beat the master”.

  191. 246

    James Duncombe

    March 23, 2010 12:55 am

    Thanks Smashing Magazine!

    Bought your book last night. Looks like a good read. I’m a freelance web designer / developer who uses your site nearly every day for ideas and inspiration. Please keep it up as you are a great source of info! Oh and I liked the India post you guys did the other day too :)

    It might be worth having an unobtrusive donate button on the site. I reckon a lot of people would happily donate a small amount to Smashing Mag. Some sort of micro payment scheme.

    Just my 2 pence :)



  192. 247

    ohh SM i hope all turns for the best in the end for you! I really, really hope you stay here with us, we love having you and we need you ;)

    I´ll put my little grain of salt and help by buying the book too guys!!
    Good luck!! I´m sending a lot of good vibes from here in Lübeck!

  193. 248

    Just bought the eBook, nice to put something on the eReader that isn’t Terry Pratchett. I, should have bought two ebooks now actually. Anyway to support you guys, you have been too big a part of this community, if you guys go, I don’t know what would happen.

  194. 249

    I’ve just bought my copy….hope everything turns out well for you guys…

  195. 250

    Smashing magazine…

    Yesterday, you posted 50 pictures of India. Today you’re telling us you need money. Are you doing drugs?

  196. 251

    Please, transform more of your articles into e-Books – we will buy them too!
    Suggestions: Best Of compilations; HowTo-Themes; Stuff Favorites;…

    And on more hint: Why not implement a donate button on your site? With weekly reports about how many spenders, the money you’ve collected, how much you would regularly need and some information about where the spended money gone into.

    Just some ideas – it’s time for a new relationship between contributers and the reader.

  197. 252

    Alright, I’ve bought the PDF now and I also ordered the smashing wordpress book. Good luck sorting this out!

  198. 253

    Thu guys who work for smashing magazine all drive round in Ferrari’s and Porsche.

    Sounds like an excuse to get even more rich.

  199. 254

    you post an article about some kind of photography… you go to flickr, hit search and post photos,
    you see you have low traffic from some country. you just post an article “web desing from israel” etc.
    Instead of using feed sites, you chose to host your own rss server, instead of using analytics you chose to pay for web analytics
    and now you are asking for our money because of your stupid choices
    Please tell me you are joking

  200. 255

    It’s sad to read that you have problems with the economy but begging for money will not help you in the long run. You have done the classic error of growing to fast without having a solid foundation to stand on. Wish you the best of luck and hope to see your exellent site running for many years to come!

  201. 256

    Just bought this, I for one use Smashing magazine daily and it has been a huge support, and a brilliant source for a web designer like me. Best of luck. You guys ROCK.

  202. 257

    Book ordered. Not this one only. I have ordered the wordpress as well. And congratulations for the courage you have guys.
    I know a lot of people my not like my idea, but I think you should make people pay for this website. I wouldn’t mind paying £2-£3 a month for subscription – the information on this website are worth much more than that, and I think a lot of people think that way.
    For those who do not want to pay display just a few paragraphs of each article – they will soon see it is worth spending one coffee a month for the knowledge you offer.

    You are doing really magnificent job there and I wish you all the best.

  203. 258

    This is called “being in business” which also incorporates risk. If you manage company poorly, don’t run asking for money. I myself had to make some people redundant in order to keep the rest employed.

  204. 259

    Sorry to hear that, smashing. I hope things will be OK the soonest.
    Sure will buy the eBook, it is the least we can do!
    Wish you many many years to come!

  205. 260

    Smashing Editorial

    March 23, 2010 2:01 am

    I am truly sorry that so many people got the wrong idea about what we have done. We respect the design community and we are aware that we are just doing our job, but sometimes it’s just necessary to do what you have to do. Yesterday was one of those days.

    You see, if you think that we drowning in money and just want to get richer, you are just wrong. We do not put the money in our pockets, instead we are developing Smashing Magazine further and permanently work on improving the quality of the magazine. You see, we have a strict editorial policy: we do not publish sponsored posts. We try to keeps ads to the minimum so that the bills still can be paid. All articles are revised many times. We have experts checking articles before they go live. We have high-profile designers and developers writing exclusively for us. We invest more and more time and resources in the content. I don’t know why so many readers have such a wrong idea about us. Actually, we are just doing our job.

    I am truly sorry that some members of the design community misunderstood our move. I can see now where you guys are coming from. Still, we appreciate all the support we get, you guys are remarkable. We will do our best to keep delivering high quality content in the future.

    • 261

      SM, There is no shame in was you are doing.

      Most of these designers know how to run a business or should, and they are just twisting the knife in. It’s their moment of glory because you are at the top and now are finding things a little financially difficult.

      I don’t see anything wrong with how your running this site. The content is of very high standards.

      You need to understand, it is human nature to kick a man while he’s down. That’s all they are doing.

      Have you considered setting up an online design university, just thought.

    • 262

      I’m probably different than many who have posted here, in the sense that I think you ought to treat Smashing Magazine like an enterprise first, and a service to the design community second. Building a loyal following is going to be important either way, and being driven by profit margins will only push you to find new ways to deliver interesting content for your readers. The best businesses can find that balance, and without compromising the integrity of the services provided. There are several examples within your market space where it has been shown that if you want to make a decent living wage, and provide quality free content, then you have to supplement that with paid services. That can mean anything from acquiring venture capital to increasing ad revenue, or even a premium subscription. It might also mean selling Smashing Magazine, and being accountable to shareholders. However, if you decide that a business enterprise like I described is not in your best interest, then I suggest scaling back your operation. As a programmer and entrepreneur, I get how much it costs to run a Web site of this magnitude, and it is not sustainable without a solid revenue stream. I wish you the best of luck, and I am excited to be a witness to your progress and success.

  206. 263

    Yep, bought it. Would have bought the Smashing book as well but when converted to £s it was way too expensive.

  207. 264

    The topic really made me shocked.

    Is that possible for you to share, why this happened in your business? This could really help us, please share.

  208. 265

    Jasper Kennis

    March 23, 2010 2:04 am

    “invested more money and other resources into more profound, in-depth articles ” while just three days ago an article, “The Beauty of India: 50 Amazing Photos”… Come on now…

    Tell you what, I won’t be buying your book, your previous book wasn’t that whooping either. Still hope you make it trough, and please, write a real “in-depth” article about costumer manipulation and effective story telling, ’cause your the best at it.

    But ask my opinion, a business should never go begging for money from their target market, that’s what banks are for.

  209. 266

    I think I do support your site well already. I click through some of the ads, I bought the Smashing Mag book and I’ve also bought your ebook.

    I however strongly disagree to the method you’ve recently used, by placing ads on the site and selling books you are already clearly monitizing the site – it’s no longer really free content.

    I would have more than likely considered buying the ebook anyway if it was emailed to me and was also visible on the site as a normal posting.

    I don’t think effectively holding people at ransom was a good idea and I hope you don’t take that approach again.

    Surely you must have forseen the issues you are currently facing, the ebook must have been planned some time ago.

    How do I know I will not be asked to fork out another $10 or $20 again next week?

  210. 267

    Nicole Bauer

    March 23, 2010 2:15 am

    I’ll definetly buy the book, not only because the content is great (it actually is!), but also because I’m reading your articles every day and I think everything I’ve learned from them is worth way more than 10 $. So if only half of the subscribers would buy the book we could be sure that we won’t loose this great site!

  211. 268

    I don’t really care if I read the pdf or not, I bought it because websites like this are important. You guys do a great job. Sometimes a basic inspiration article just hits the spot.

    People who complain will complain, you’ll always get those.

    Keep it up!

  212. 269

    We all have gained a lot from Smashing Magazine. So, it’s our turn now to help them.It’s very easy to point finger at others. Just try to provide free quality content for a considerable amount of time and you will realize what it takes to run a design blog of this scale. We SHOULD help them for all the awesome content they have given us over the years. Go on SM, we are with you :)

  213. 270

    Happy to buy a copy and help you guys out. The site is fantastic and I have leart so much from it, worth far mnore to me than the price of the book.

    Re: the people complaining – no one is making you do anything, I think it’s refreshing that people are honest enough to ask for help when they need it. If you dont want to help then dont but if you use the site as much as I and many other people do and get what we get for FREE then I think they have every right to ask.

    Good luck, really hope things work out for you.

  214. 271

    Martin Neumann

    March 23, 2010 2:32 am

    A very bold move, indeed, the way you went about it. You’re putting your whole reputation on the line – i just hope you’ve got a strong and dedicated community.

    But… I believe in giving back – I’ve used so many ideas (and learned quite a bit) from reading SM articles over the years and purchasing this ebook is the best way to say Thanks for all the quality along to way.

    Good luck guys.

  215. 272

    Although The Smashing Book wasn’t quite that what I hoped for I just bought your E-book to support you. I’m not really interested in it’s content but with my contribution I’d like to make sure the Smashing Magazine keeps the same high quality ressource It has been in the past.

  216. 273

    How about redesigning that logo? That would increase the incomes and would give you a more professional look…

  217. 275

    Although i don’t want you guys to go under, yours is a great and helpful site BUT you do deserve some butt kicking as well. How the hell did you let this happen. Come on guys you can’t let us down by behaving irresponsibly. You guide us on how to run our ventures and you yourself goffed up, thats not good publicity you have to admit.
    I hope you get out of this mess, be way more disciplined next time like you tell us to be.

  218. 276

    I was surprised to hear that there are financial problems; as i understood it was mainly community-driven. Smells like a few bad decisions and open questions need to fill in urgently. I hope that Smashing stays annyway and will find an proper channel to gain money. But i hope not that online classes are created for premium or not-premium users; that will divide the community. I think more adds, adds in newsletters, more e-books, adds in e-books, full advertisements as posts, paid product reviews.

    Sadly; i don’t like e-books; (10 hours designer & screen watching will be enought now)
    But i want to support you anyway so i bought the book a few minutes ago.

    Big support from Belgium, and keep on doing what you do best: making great posts.

  219. 277

    Alright, just bought your book (not the e-book, not really into that) hope that helps a bit.
    Keep on going guys! Love the site and the articles!

  220. 278

    Why not also make a print version with or something? I immediately had bought a printed version. I think a lot of people don’t like ebooks because they watch the screen more than 8 hours a day. Reading a paper version of a book is much easier.

  221. 279
  222. 280

    Benjamin Netter

    March 23, 2010 2:59 am

    As the others, I would prefer to donate some money to you than buying a book I don’t want. You should really consider adding a DONATE button!

  223. 281


    March 23, 2010 3:01 am

    I think you are losing sales due to your shopping cart functionality (or lack of functionality)!!!

    I tried to purchase the ebook but “Ireland” is not in the default list of countries. You can select it from the secondary shop list but it wipes your shopping cart info and brings you to which for some reason does not have have the eBook listed?!

    I’m not complaining for the sake of complaining but hope that you fix this issue to increase sales.

    Im broke and really shouldn’t touch my credit card again but I love the site and want to help out :D

  224. 282

    Just bought the book, and it looks great! I love your magg so I decide to help. Hope this contribution from comunity will be enough. Good luck!

  225. 283

    Kemal Delalic

    March 23, 2010 3:07 am

    “Ordered” it, I guess I’ll get a mail confirming my payment with a link to the ebook ( hopefully ).

    SM is a daily source of inspiration for many of us, I’ve been visiting it since 2008 and don’t intend to stop. I don’t really care if owners are driving Ferrari’s or whatever, if they do – they deserved it. If you publish a new book ( SMbook #2), I’ll be the first one to buy it cause the first one was such an inspiration for me, incredible (read it twice, probably will for the third time, just for inspiration on what to do with my current / new websites).

    Best regards,

  226. 284

    What a huge load of BS. That indeed was a bold move. You have really pushed your users away begging like that. I agree that adding a donate button asking for handouts would have been better. There are PLENTY of other quality resources online that I will visit from now own that don’t shut down their content to beg for money. What a waste of time…. Sorry my friends, but you have lost me as a viewer… I don’t want to be forced to buy ebooks and have them shoved down my throat. I will take my reading somewhere else.

  227. 285

    Already placed the order! I also bought the Smashing Book last year. I love to support quality websites like ! keep up the great work!

  228. 286


    March 23, 2010 3:16 am

    Courageous step of you. Really seems already to be a tricky situation for you. I just bought the ebook. Hope it helps you – and us. All the best!

  229. 287

    Keep up the really good work, I love the magazine. I just bought the book to support you, looks good, and I agree that you should place a donation button too. Good luck!

  230. 288

    There’s a way to obtain a true-no-digital book? I truly HATE ebooks and I’ll pay more than 30€ to have a paper one.

  231. 289

    wily chandra

    March 23, 2010 3:50 am

    I love your content, will help you purchasing the ebook. Keep the good job guys.

  232. 290

    Sorry to hear about your financial situation. I will support you by buying the book, of course, and I hope that you guys can find other more long-term focused solutions as well. Good luck guys and keep up the great work.


  233. 291

    If the quality was guaranteed and it wasn’t the thin end of a wedge, I’d be happy to subscribe a couple of $ per month to get premium access to the content, say 6 months before everybody else.

    Tell me what nobody else knows and I’ve got an advantage – I’d like that.

  234. 292

    Andrés Ayala

    March 23, 2010 4:03 am

    Pls everyone support SM. Don’t think about the content in the eBook, think how much you’ve learned from this site. This content is much better that the old and not-so-smart teachers in college give to us. SM is the loyal friend you have showing the lastest information about we all love to do. Web Design

    It is because we know the excellent quality of content SM provides that some inspirational post like the one about India at first sight looks bad, but they’re not by any means. They are a pause, a little break to us. Like your friend at office asking you to go for a latte at starbucks.

    Think about it.

    Andrés Ayala

  235. 293

    Great book, got me a copy. This site and all its content has been valuable to me so, of course I would get the book. Those that do not like the book or site: make something better if you can!

  236. 294


    March 23, 2010 4:27 am

    Message received, I just bought the printed book!
    I follow you from long time and it’s a pleasure to contribute. I have grown professionally through your articles.
    Please do not stop writing articles!

  237. 295

    Warren Buffet

    March 23, 2010 4:40 am

    hmm, Adwords!? Is that used on this site? What about introducing a sponsor program where a company could sponsor an article? Maybe this is against your beliefes but I try to think about financial resources you could tap. Or place a “DONATE” button on this site. Every little thing helps.

  238. 296

    Very BOLD move – and whether or not you get more money from it, you will get a lot more traffic, I am sure.

    I am very surprised by this move as well, SM has helped me in the past, and I look forward to SM helping me in the future.

    I understand the public, because SM is probably the biggest design site in the world. It’s hard to think that SM can’t make money, buy placing a new ad placement on the site, I am sure that would be enough to pay a writer. I am only guess but I am sure you can get $1000/month ad on there easily. If you added 2 – I think that is a good starting point. All the readers understand that you have to make money to keep it alive. Place some ads up there, you won’t get as much backlash as you have with this move.

    I think it’s great that you are making and selling e-books, but DON’T force people to buy them. I am sure if you would have posted like usual – I am sure you would have sold a bunch. You could always try a marketing campaign for your e-books. A lot of other blogs, successfully sell their e-books, SM can do it too.

    I hope SM sticks around, and I look forward to the new projects. In conclusion I disagree with this move, but I will stand by SM through thick and thin.

  239. 297

    Hi guys,
    I would like to help, but you US guys always forget about us from countries in which PayPal is not an option, and I don’t have a credit card. Please add Moneybookers and the whole world could buy the book.


  240. 298

    I’ll get one, smashing.

    You should consider creating a designer’s toolbar, branded specifically by smashing mag. From there, the possibilities are endless.

  241. 299

    Some people trying to illegally publish your E-book please do something immediately … i m really fan of SM. please do something immediately…

  242. 300

    Hope you guys will recover soon… Long Live SM

  243. 301

    I agree with #125 – show us your balance sheet and then I’ll consider buying some items from you.

  244. 302

    This is a beautiful case of transparent communication. Because of this transparancy I chose to support you! Keep up the good work. Thanks for all the efford and good luck!

  245. 303

    I knew SM a month ago. First week, I put you in my RSS reader. Few week after, I purchased 2 printed books. And I’m going to purchase eBook right now.

    Just let you know that I trust your content. Please keep up great work!

  246. 304

    I dont think you have troubles actually, you just want to make more money. See your site, traffic, ads, links, books = money. I pre-order the book to help you, till now, may be 1/2 year, cant remember, I have never seen it, touch it.

    Look like scammer!

  247. 305

    Got also a copy. Great book at a good price.

  248. 306

    I tried buying the book a few months a go but the transaction broke down on me. I will try and buy the book one more time and hope that you have improved the transaction flow.

    I won’t buy the e-book

    This was a very bold move that, if repeated over time, will back fire in your face. You should come up with an alternative donation method or shift your business model before going down this road again, it has left a bad taste in my mouth.

  249. 307

    Brayden Styles

    March 23, 2010 6:36 am

    First off let me say Smashing Magazine is a great place….

    I’m sorry to hear about your financial situation, I’ll definitely look at getting that ebook for sure!

    Not sure why you would not be getting some sort of ad revenue based on your traffic to this site, maybe your not partnered with the right ad partner…?

    Not to be a kill joy but i did post on your Smashing book section a while back that you should of made that book an ebook as i think a lot of people would of purchased it in digital format verses paperback…

    Maybe you guys should think about doing what most other sites like this do, is offer so sort of premium section for content like psdtuts+ I always wondered why that was not something you guys were doing?

    Peace B

    Hope you get it all worked out !!

  250. 308

    I just bought everything, the e-book and both printed books. The printed books have been on my list for a while, so since you need the $$ now, I figured I’d help. Smashing Magazine has been a great resource for me over the last several months. The advice, tips, tools, tricks, etc. have been incredibly helpful and useful as I complete my day-to-day duties and think about future projects. Thanks for the hard work.

  251. 309

    As everyone else I am sorry to hear your financial situation. By buying your books its the very least that we can do to help you.

    Hope you get out this trouble soon!

  252. 310

    Silver Bullet

    March 23, 2010 6:54 am

    I don’t mind you guys pushing an ebook, but locking out the content for a day isn’t cool. A simple cookie for those who have seen the ebook ‘ad’ is fine, but a 24 hour lockout isn’t good for anybody.

  253. 311

    Of course I will purchase the e-book to support one of the best Web Design blogs out there!

  254. 312

    I would like to buy the book and the e-book but I don’t see the option to pay with Ideal. Maybe later.. I hope you guys keep on rocking!

  255. 313


    I know it hurts a lot when you come to know that finances are not fat enough to support the team. Here are a few quick tips for you:

    1.) When you plan to grow , you will need money, Agreed that half of the web works on Freemium Model, but the other half is the one which is actually getting the benefit of this freemium model.

    2.)You have already created a “WOW” factor among users, Now its time to monetize it. If you want to continue providing Freemium services of same quality, always have a “PREMIUM” Area which has a higher quality.

    3.) Advertising exists only because some one else on the other side of the table has got a Product or a service. Why not own a product/service Yourself. (Atleast you have taken a step in this direction).

    4.) Always Inculcate a behaviour of purchasing among your users. This will especially help and lesser people will cry foul when you actually try to sell a product. You can create a Point System so that people can earn points via commenting in Forum/Blog Posts and grab discounts on your Product and services using those points.

    All the best in all your future endeavours!!

    Another SM maniac
    Shekhar Suman

  256. 314

    Smashing Magazine is such a great resource, I’m happy to help out and get a nice ebook in return!

  257. 315


    I have supported Smashing Magazine for a while and have purchased the Smashing Magazine Book which was an amazing read. But i will have to jump on the negative vibe band wagon for a few reasons.

    Smashing Magazine made the choice they made and it has not only cost them as a business but is now costing its readers and followers who are now having to literally pay for it.

    One of the many reasons i loved Smashing Magazine was its free content model supported by advertising, but the way you have gone about it with the redirecting of pages was just plain dumb. Not giving readers a choice and forcing our hands is not the way to gather support. If a donation was needed i would of happily given it but the way you have gone about it now to pay for content already published with only 2 exclusives is shocking.

    This Exclusive content will be either rushed and half assed or would of been published free for us to read if SM had not run into these difficulties.

    I know you most likely dont care about my opinion and im sure every SM fanboy will jump all over this comment but i for one will not be supporting and will removing all feeds to this site.

    Thanks for the Articles over the years!

  258. 316

    I wonder what is your office looks like :)

  259. 317

    Well the SM-community excels in ‘Top 10 ways to …’ posts.

    I’m sure someone should be able to write a good ‘Top 10 things SM should/should’nt do to get on track again’.

    Hope the best.
    Still am confused about the situation.

    Really messed up things, if one of the largest design blogs came to this!

  260. 318

    I will purchase your ebook :)

    If you have a banner with this ebook on I will put it on my blog for you….not sure how much it will help but just trying to help.


  261. 319

    I think that you should start a subscription service to part of the site!! That offers exclusive content. I’ a big fan of the site.!!!

  262. 321

    What are the looks for you adding a money-bookers option for purchase? I had to order the smashing book via a friend from NY, is there a chance of paying with MB?

  263. 322

    Keep it up!

  264. 323

    You have helped me out so much, when I needed information, I feel I can spend a few dollars to help you out now, keep rocking SMASHING MAG keep rocking.

  265. 324

    This is what 37signals keep talking over n over but people consider the Jason and David to be arrogant. Personally I think you went in the right direction but instead of a book I will suggest go for some premium content e.g. in the freebie themes release the WP themes to us (who can’t pay) and PSD source files to Premium subscribers.
    I would like to request all the experts in this field to come up front and devise a revenue model for SM. Ad support is not enough to grow a business. Or alternatively you should have chose to stay lean and small company

  266. 325

    James Brocklehurst

    March 23, 2010 9:24 am

    I am sure that you are looking at all the options available to you, and understand that getting readers to make a one-off purchase is a short-term solution.

    If you can’t reduce overhead costs in terms of servers or office space, then finding a way of bringing in cheap but quality content is the key.

    The ‘Smashing Network’ portal does this to a degree, but ultimately takes visitors off your site and away from your ads.

    I am sure that a percentage of your 5 million visitors have something unique and relevant to contribute – how about devising a method (such as a competition or reward scheme) for accessing this?

    Another solution would be to use your loyal customer base and the SM brand to support spin-off revenue generating products (that don’t have high material and distribution costs – like books!). What about an iPhone app or something along those lines..?

  267. 326

    Murphy Crowson

    March 23, 2010 9:31 am

    Waiting for the Amazon Kindle Edition….

  268. 327

    Your magazine is stupendous. I already own two of your books, but I will buy your ebook and send you a donation too if you tell me how.
    Asking for money to do excellent work is hardly what I would call greedy.
    Cheers & best of luck

  269. 328

    At last I got a chance to buy a product online and of course it is for my benefit. Keep up the good work guys.

  270. 329

    can i get this ebook on my kindle for iPhone?

  271. 330

    Post less content. Charge advertisers more, if you are seeing an increase in traffic. Get the job board marketing going. I have seen site make over $1 millions in jobs postings with less traffic I am sure.

  272. 331

    I bought the book to show my support, and to get a good e-book in the process!

  273. 332

    Now, that’s an easy decision: helping out one of my favorite web design/development related sites and being rewarded by a nice ebook without stupid drm restrictions that I’m really looking forward to read :)
    Thanks and good luck for the time coming!


  274. 333

    Sorry to hear about the difficulties guys; absolutely the best content around for web professionals. Consider your back catalogue of books purchased and best of luck moving forward.

  275. 334

    Just bought all three books! Your website is very important to me, even though I was recently laid off and cash is tight.

    What about employing the same model as tutsplus, with a free content site and a membership enhanced site for a low monthly fee. I would definitely buy.

  276. 335

    I just got the ebook. Always happy to support you guys. :)

  277. 336

    Great designers, bad financial managers. Same old story.

    And yes, that stunt was lame. Be as creative in cutting costs as you are writing on the blog I would say.

  278. 337

    Being a big fan of smashing magazine I bought your ebook right away.

  279. 338

    It’s too bad people get upset about having to see an ad. But I’m guessing they’d rather see an ad than never see the site again. The content on SM is not only high-quality—it’s free. F-R-E-E. I know everyone these days thinks everything should be free, but the people who are helping us to make our livings probably need to make a living as well.

    So- to those with their panties in a bunch:

    1- Shut up.
    2- Take a deep breath.
    3- Buy the book.
    4- Buy the Smashing Book.
    5- Come back and continue to benefit from the efforts of the Smashing Magazine Team a year from now.

  280. 339

    Just bought mine and Already got the Smashing Book…
    Keep on rockin’ guys ! Your work is really helping all of us.

  281. 340

    Just did! I bought the first two and could not resist buying this one too, you guys have given me a lot! which is practically invaluable and otherwise would have been unaffordable.

    Cheers to SM! Love you guys!

    All the best!

  282. 341

    Giovanni Di Gregorio

    March 23, 2010 12:53 pm


    Long Life SM!

  283. 342

    I’ve also just bought a copy of your book to help you stabilizing your business. I really appreciate your work since the blog post’s quality has achieved its former level again (which it had before the bad “the 40th best X’es” period).
    It would’ve been awesome if your eBook had contained more exclusive content but I think supporting you in producing more high quality content in future is worth it. Thanks for all you brought to us so far and I’m looking forward to reading more interesting stuff here on Smashing Magazine.

  284. 343

    Chris Kellett

    March 23, 2010 1:06 pm

    Cheer up guys just bough the book you should do somthing like envato but for resources I check your site out everyday and you publish good stuff.

    If you want some ideas that I have for sensible monetisation email me.

  285. 344

    I had my credit card out and was ready to pay….

    #1. 8.95 euro is not $9.90 us….WTF users know this
    #2 register an account….screw that let me pay and get out of here.

    You guys are great and I probably will buy the book after I’m less pissed off about your stupid payment process. If you want people to help you make it easy on them and streamline your process and UI. You have a pretty discerning client to deal with.

    It sounds like you need to read your own book.

    Still you guys rock…so I hope this comment is understood as a problem for you to fix

    • 345

      Sure, $9.90 is not €8.95, it’s about €7.32 (Smashing actually calculated €7.52) but you have to add 19% sales tax (MwSt) and that’s about €1.40 which is the reason why you have to pay barely €9.00.

  286. 346

    Andrés Botero

    March 23, 2010 1:32 pm

    I don’t really care what your current financial situation is… I admire what you’ve done, and what you still do, so I bought it immediately. Keep it up!

    PS: I already own the book. Bought it on December. :)

  287. 347

    how about the smashing book, will this be available in ebook too? i’m willing to buy it. :D

  288. 348

    with no doubt at all!
    You offered me so many things and knowledge in the past 2 years (almost), which is the least I can do! (hopefully write and share some articles in the future :) )

    Keep it fun and up! ;)

    U r the Best!

    pS: just noticed it’s only ebook! feel quite dizzy today! hehe

  289. 349

    Can you add neteller as a payment option?

  290. 350

    Victor Tisnado

    March 23, 2010 2:15 pm

    Your articles are really interesting and you guys are helping the community to create a better websites according to the users needs.

    I bought the printed Smashing Book few days ago and I will buy the PDF now, I just read the content table and its a “must have” guide that any web designer should have at hand.

    Im happy to support you guys with a little contribution.

  291. 351

    Smashing Mag has a lot of awesome things going for it… too bad the finances are not up to speed.

    I do think there are a million ways to monetize this site that are not annoying to visitors but instead enhance the site.

    #1 Provide more resources…. but charge for the really good ones

    Having an icon division of your website with most of it being free and some of it being premium or exclusive icons would be a great idea. You already have tons of icons, so just make this the only place to go for icons on the web. Or maybe even have your “network” work their icons into it as well.

    #2 Get a Market Going

    You’ve got a massive amount of traffic and a great group of followers. I would get your job board going, start a domain name marketplace, and a product marketplace for web design books, videos, courses etc. Kind of a one stop shop for web design.

    #3 Kill whats not working or worth it

    The only way to expand is to cut off the dead weight. This is hard but an essential element to business growth. What is something that costs lots of money but returns little benefits? Can you totally redesign your advertising structure?

    #4 Affiliate marketing for old posts

    You get insane amounts of traffic to your old posts still. Once they are a month old stick relevant and appropriate links to useful affiliate products and promotions. Your income will increase and you will also not irritate your readership.

  292. 352

    Please put up a donation form I want to give you money

  293. 353

    How about something as simple as selling Smashing Tees? Surely, there are many dedicated readers who happen to be designers who’d gladly contribute t-shirt designs. I’m not suggesting SM manufacture the shirts themselves (let’s not add more overhead) but use any of the many existing services out there. Heck, with SM’s following, surely in the mid-term, SM could partner up with one of these services.

  294. 354

    Here in Greece we say this: “Real friends appear at the difficult moments of your life”. So since you’ve been good friends to me so far, it’s time to do again what I’m able to do and buy the eBook. I’ve already bought the Smashing Book and suggested to good friends and bought it too. The least I should do with all this info I’ve taken from your articles is to do this :)

    So, cheers and greetings from Greece.

    PS: I would like to see some affiliation banners for SM so I can put on my company’s site and my blog. Please do some in various sizes so we can choose from :) This could be helpful for SM if it won’t “crash” your server from the traffic ;)


  295. 355

    Just bought both the printed book and the new ebook.

    I understand bad times hits businesses sometimes, no one is spared. It takes a lot of courage for a blog as huge as Smashing Magazine to write this post to ask for help.

    If you are running a business, you will understand Smashing Magazine.

  296. 356

    I will buy this PDF and the Smashing Book tomorrow =).

  297. 357

    Just ordered ebook~ really looking forward open it now. It’s seems have problem with downloading PDF. Is there anyone who has downloading PDF problem? or it’s not allow to download? please someone help me.

    • 358

      Oops! I just figured out the problem. It’s explorer 7 problem. tried with Chrome. It works find. Thanks for great work! ^^

  298. 359

    I have been reading the website for years now. I’m not a professional web designer, I love to come here and read it and I can hardly believe how good the articles are. I work for a non-profit and I understand what it is like to have a business model that doesn’t produce a ton of cash (if any in my case). There is nothing wrong with asking for money. Shutting people out for a day is a great way to get your point across, however you made many people mad and probably isn’t the best thing to do to increase reader loyalty.

    Seriously look at the books though, problems don’t tend to go away on their own, you either fix the problem, or fail. If you do find a solution, it could be huge, you could come up with a model that could be used everywhere, from traditional news papers to new online magazines (like SM). You guys are really on the cusp of something, and the community needs to find a solution, it will help everyone out in the future, and will ensure that great websites like this one are published for a long time into the future. Good luck.

  299. 360

    I just bought both printed books recently, hope that contributes to your financial aid.

  300. 361

    smashing helped my brain : me need to help smashing’s pocket. so bought the book.
    one suggestion: start more printed books at low production costs.

  301. 362

    When I first discovered Smashing Magazine, I was instantly hooked and I visit here quite frequently. You just seemed to be right on the mark about so much within the broad category of “design” that it was hard not to refer to you to my friends or to refer to your many articles for solutions to your problems.

    Perhaps I am naive, but I don’t see this as a cash grab and you guys seemed to have appeared out of no where and were an “smashing” success (pun most definitely intended) and that couldn’t have been cheap. I am sorry to hear about your money problems but this page and giant response is a great way to show the community your intentions. I only hope that the community reciprocates that same good will back upon you. :D

    Take care, Smashing Team!


  302. 363


    March 23, 2010 9:59 pm

    I just purchased one, but could not see it in my account. What should i do ?

  303. 364

    Purchased! You help me a lot in my business, glad to help you now.
    I hope this campaign will bring a lot of money and I can still access your great web site.

    By the way: Your printed book is mine, too! ;-)

  304. 365

    Hey Guys,

    Smashing Mag has been one of the best things to happen to designers all over the world. You guys have been great at passing on very useful advice, awesome inspirations and helpful freebies. And after all this I can’t see why you would be called greedy!
    I just bought the ebook…. I don’t know what I’d without you guys!

    Please carry on the awesomely great work!

  305. 366

    Simon Turesson

    March 24, 2010 1:30 am

    Is there much information/learning about colors and colormatching?

  306. 367

    Bought the book… thought this was also a printed version…
    PDF is fine too :P

  307. 368

    I bought the e book and will soon be purchasing the Smashing Book itself. Hope you guys do better financially, I love this site too much for it to disappear.

    I LOVED the idea of shirts, I definitely wouldn’t mind sporting a Smashing Mag shirt.

    And as whether or not this was a good idea? I loved it. I sometimes go back to reading posts from the site in which searching is a hassle and bookmarking?…I have waaaay too many of those.

    NOW…I have some (if not most) of my favorite posts on my laptop while I sip on a drink or in my pocket, on my iPod touch on the bus/train.

    So thanks a lot! And I hope the book is a great read as everyone says! (I’m sure it will)

  308. 369

    would’ve been nice if the book was available also as printed version. but to support you guys i bought it (together with sashing wordpress).

  309. 370


    The site is one of the most usefull resources on the web. I’ts also a great example of how to combine social networking via Twitter and a website blog.

    I don’t think subscription is the way forward in todays climate. However I understand you need to have creative ways to generate income. What better way than to ask your readers? I have a couple of ideas;

    1: Sell some SM tee shirts.
    2: Sell all the freebies on a single CD/DVD/Download.
    3: Sell your WordPress theme. I’d gladly pay £25.

    Keep up the good work and a great site.



  310. 371

    How about a little fundraising? A new investor?

    I’d strongly disagree with switching to a paid business model as acceptance among current readers would be highly unpredictable and chances of a possible loss of interest are high. We’ve seen companies go down after such a move too many times…

    I wish that something nice happens to SM soon! Some funky money-guy/gal suddenly realizes he/she can’t live without supporting SM or anything :D because we can’t live without SM… :)



  311. 372

    #1 Tees are a good idea
    #2 Ur forum isn’t visible enough: why don’t u link every article to forum posts (a bit like “related posts”)?
    #3 Premium content shouldn’t impair free visitors: the example of PSD files for premium vs plain theme for free is good => dont make it premium or nothing
    #4 Among premium features why not developing a live platform: premium users are identified when connecting to the site and are put in contact with other premium users to share comments on articles etc.

    Last: your image is your most important asset. Please dont ruin it. The community will always be there.

    My 2 cents

  312. 373

    did you guys steal the ‘order now’ button from amazon?…
    is it really that bad out there?

  313. 375

    I have to say this was a dickish move on part of the Smashing Mag. I love your publication and wouldn’t mind donating money and will pick up one of your books, but please, respect your audience/community!

    From reading the above article, it looks like your management has made some very poor decisions and planning, otherwise you would not be in this situation. Look at addressing those issues first, perhaps hiring someone who can do proper planning before throwing a bunch of money on various projects and then crying poor.



  314. 376

    I would buy it, but I bought the SmashingBook and felt very disappointed. I’ve got this site white listed on my adblock, but thats about the end of where I’ll be putting my money on SmashMag without seeing everything I’m getting first.

  315. 377

    Add this e-book to the Smashing book and sell it digitally at a modest price. If you print anymore books use lower quality paper and a larger format! Possibly update the content of the Smashing book since it’s been a while since it’s been out. Your publication is extremely useful to me and many many designers, but I have to agree with many of the comments about poor business decisions on your part! Seriously, even just a donation link would probably help you guys immensely!

  316. 378

    You guys still have my 30 bucks and never sent me the book even after multiple inquiries. I hope my donation helped you out…

  317. 379

    Hi, try to study the Envato’s model. Goodluck from Italy!

  318. 380

    I am so sorry to hear that, I just bought it , it’s a great collection by the way keep it up.

  319. 381

    Deepak Chopstick

    March 24, 2010 3:46 pm

    I just spent $9.95 on your book. I’ve definitely earned that many times over from the articles on the site so I’m happy to help out.

    Keep up the good work



  320. 382

    Paulo Custodio

    March 24, 2010 4:24 pm

    I can´t express how sad it makes me to see you guys pinned down. Purchased the ebook, hope somehow it helps.

    This website is one the very best out there, and I always look forward to seeing what it brings to the table.

    I hope all those guys that complained realize what a serious blow would be to see SM go under. Put those comments aside, and join us in saving this gem.

  321. 383

    Despite feeling the quality of posts has decreased, I enjoy and get use from SM. It isn’t unusual for me to visit everyday. However, the site seems to vacillate between presenting itself as a blog and presenting itself as a business, which is both confusing and doesn’t do much to inspire confidence. This latest stunt is a PR nightmare, and while it’s perfectly fine to admit the site is in financial trouble and ask for help, waiting until you have to do something drastic is the sign of poor financial planning, as well. When I read what you’d done, redirecting traffic, I couldn’t believe it. Honestly, the mind reels that you might think that was a wise way to go about asking for help.

    Here’s a business truth to consider: For every 1 person who complains, there are at least 10 who are dissatisfied and may never return, but choose to simply walk away. I know you’re getting a lot of positive feedback, here, and it’s good to know you still have people supporting you. However, do not make the mistake of disregarding or writing off the negative comments. I’ve been reading your blog for several years, and every time you make a PR blunder, people comment saying they’re not going to use the site anymore. Why? Because they trusted you, and felt you abused that trust. If this site is truly a business, you need more than notoriety and traffic. You need user loyalty. These are they people who will encourage you and promote you for free, and they are invaluable. I’d wager that had you simply made a post asking for help rather than redirecting all traffic, you’d have gotten a lot less negativity and more support from passionate people. Your readers want to be loyal, but you have to respect them.

    Get some help with your financial planning, and please, please get some help with your PR. I have no doubt that you could read up on good PR practices for free with a little savvy surfing or a trip to the library.

    • 384

      Dr. Girlfriend

      March 24, 2010 6:05 pm

      I totally agree with you, Anita. You summed up the situation perfectly. It’s always a pleasure to read your well thought out posts.

    • 385

      Elizabeth Kaylene

      April 6, 2010 11:22 am

      Agreed, completely. My jaw hit the floor when I read that they redirected every article to their book page.

  322. 386

    Mateus Pinheiro

    March 24, 2010 6:06 pm

    My mother once told me: “Help who helps you”. And mothers are always right.

    I’ve done that by buying your Books. I have Smashing Book and this new one, that i will start reading right now :)

    If. in a parallell world, there was no Smashing Mag, there will be no Mateus as a Web Designer, for sure.

    Thank you for everything! I hope that buying this I can, even if it’s just a little, help who helped me in so many ways that I can’t list here.

    If you ever need some help, please contact me, I will be the first one to stop everything and help you the ways I can.

    A big brazilian Thank You!

  323. 387

    While we all love you and what you do this post is kind of funny.

    So you’re telling the community to help you because you grew too quickly?

    In retrospect its not so simple as you’ve stated but to sum it up:

    1) Your bought an office
    2) You hired people on salary
    3) You acquired “more resources”
    4) Your buying talent to get better quality

    It’s pretty hard for me to feel sorry for you it’s actually kind of sad and shows bad decisions and planning on your part.

    Slow down and think about this before you ruin something good!


  324. 388

    It’s never easy to run a company. We all learn through experiences and mistakes. Why are we focusing on the mistake rather than the solution?

    Speaking of mis-managed companies, have you look at AIG? Lehman brothers etc… Such powerful and financial strong companies do have faults and mis-management too.

    It’s now how we should stay strong together and tied over this crisis.

    SM did not point a gun on your head and force you to support them. Do it on your own accord and conscientiousness. Thanks.

  325. 389

    I do want to state how appreciative I am for the customer service support from the Smashing Book. I pre-ordered the book and there were some delivery problems. I’ve never had any problems with anyone before except for my LCD screen on my macbook. The customer support Apple gave me wasn’t helpful or resourceful at all. They weren’t focused on keeping my business or have my best interest in heart. Smashing Magazine did. Yes, it was just a book- but an amazing book at that.

    I really hope the financial situation get better as I know there are many other designers and developers who absolutely love this site. Smashing Magazine is a great resource for the entire web community, growing and developing together. And I know we can all only hope our community grows.

    When I get money on my Paypal account, I will definitely purchase this. The amount of information I’ve learned from this site- or been directed to other sites from this site is worth well more than $10. Thanks Smashing Magazine, for doing what you do.

  326. 390

    Bought the book, keep up the good work!

  327. 391

    Online painting exhibition and sales is the right idea to overcome this situation.

  328. 392

    Very sorry to hear about your situation and also for being so transparent with your users.
    I have been reading other comments and some people have some great ideas about freemium models which could work.

    If I understand well, the problem you are facing in part was due to the book publishing. That was a new venture for you, and the idea was good, but you got yourself in overhead costs that you were not controlling.

    My advive will be to keep it simple and keep it small, sell content as you are doing now with PDF ebooks instead of printed costly books.

    I will definitively buy your ebook to help you out of this situation.

  329. 393

    I would consider buying the book if it was a printed copy :( not a fan of eBooks sorry

  330. 394

    Me encantaria compralo, pero mi duda es: hay la versión en español?
    Por cierto, es brillante y me gustaria seguir contando con vuestro contenido.

  331. 395

    Please make this available in Print like your other book I bought!

  332. 396

    I have been a reader for over 2 years and i’m sorry to hear of your problems. So in support i will buy your book (printed version) and advertise the (e)book(s) on my websites.

    I and many more would hate there not being a smashing magazine to go look at every couple of days :)

  333. 397

    I would buy this if it is the smashing book I need it and I can’t wait that long for the printed copy due traveling. I’m thinking about this one too but the smashing book is my 1st priority. I hope you could consider this please.

  334. 398

    Just bought the ebook and printed book.

    Keep up with the great contents guys!

  335. 399

    Jonathan Lau

    March 25, 2010 3:51 pm

    Hey guys, keep up the good work. I know it’s a tough time for everyone. I will show my support!

  336. 400

    The sky is falling

    March 25, 2010 9:33 pm

    You guys are being way too shifty. First a plea for help to stay afloat and now you are saying you’d appreciate the help but it’s not necessary.

    This is a great blog with great resources, but there’s no need to be shifty. But up front and be honest and the community will have your back.

  337. 401

    Keep up the good work. You’re my ultimate source of inspiration, every day again! So of course I have bought the book…

    And all the people who are complaining: if you know better, why don’t start yourself a better site without support… I bet you are giving up in a month.
    Why is everybody so negative about you asking for some sort of support, I don’t understand… No one is having a job just because. No it’s because you get paid for it, so you can have a (sort of) living. I bet most of people who criticize you are the people who are asking an hour rate that’s about ten times bigger than the price of this e-book (and maybe aren’t even worth it).

    So again, thank you for your work!

    • 402

      Elizabeth Kaylene

      April 6, 2010 11:27 am

      I think people are complaining more about the method that was used, rather than the fact that they were asked for help. It was a bad move to redirect all articles and pages to the book for a whole day. Several people have said that if SM had just been up front and asked, they would have had no problem donating or buying the book. Not only did the redirect offend their users, but they also cost themselves; none of the ads on the regular articles and pages were viewed for 24 hours!

      I’m not going to criticize their business model, because I have a business and I know how scary it can be when you’re starting off. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes, but we should all be more aware of how we are treating our users — AKA our customers.

  338. 403

    Hopefully the guys will once screw your business up, so you can find your product on your warez site soon.

    Except you failed to create a business so far…

  339. 404

    Just ordered the book. Keep up the great work!!

  340. 405

    Bought the 3 books in the shop =)
    Didn’t read the e-book ’cause I don’t like pdf books (and still think 10$ for a pdf is an “OMAGAD price” lol), just bought because I know you’ll earn more with this format (If think you get something like 7 or 8$ per books ?) but I can’t wait to receive the Smashing book, I wanted to buy it for ages^^

    Keep up the good work !

  341. 406

    I just buy ebook, trhis is very useful for me

  342. 407

    J Pancras Gomez

    March 26, 2010 5:40 am

    Whatever Smashing Magazine. Whether you guys communicated it badly or the way it should be communicated, I am not bothered. Please keep up the good work and as a reader I will do whatever I can to help you guys out to give me and others good resources.

  343. 408

    This is a terrible way to sell a book, or anything for that matter. You have a site about how to effectively design websites and even blog about how to market goods and services online and your reason I should by book is to “help you out?”.

    That’s just poor practice. Your potential customers are not a charity. You should focus on telling me how it will benefit me, how it’s benefited others like me, and why I should buy it. It worked with some of your other publications, it should work with this one as it’s likely a solid product.

    • 409

      You can’t say that… You’ve got to be aware that SM is not selling goods, but is a FREE access blog that serves the community. As they are providing professional content for free, they are not an e-shop… So they can ask for help to their readers… A lot of design -or whatever- blogs show a “donate by paypal” icon but SM chose to not use this & to sell some content as books instead and I think It’s fair… I would never donate by paypal, even for SM but if I can have some professional content as a book, I will do it, SM is not a company that provide a service (webdesign, code solutions etc.) but a blog wich help us for free so, yes, they can =)

  344. 410

    Just purchased the eBook. I appreciate the information you provide and the quality of this site.

  345. 411

    Neeraj Kumar

    March 26, 2010 9:41 am

    No offense… but I think this was ( or can be ) a marketing stunt pulled out perfectly…

  346. 414

    Seriously, what a fucked up PR stunt is this ?

    i am pissed off now.

  347. 415

    What’s happening with you?
    I found it fair to buy your book because you give us great ressources, and it was nice to help you back. And then you announce that’s not really true, it’s just a way to sell your book!
    I feel betrayed.
    Either that’s so incorrect, or you communicated the worst way ever!
    I hope that’s the second option.
    But I cannot help it, I’m still a little angry…

  348. 416

    It’s really hard for me to feel sorry and give money to a company who is/was on top of the top of the game because you made poor financial decisions. What a joke!!!!

    “We wanted to give more back to the community so we hired more and bought office space”…..well I’m pretty sure that the whole reasoning of that was to make more cash…was it not?

    I’d love to tell my bank who gave me the loan on my house ” Hey – I recently bought an expensive sports car – can you buy my diddle doodle so I can pay you back?”

    What ever – give me a break!

  349. 417

    Colin Léger

    March 26, 2010 3:40 pm

    Smashing, you guys rock, I visit your site often in a month. Free content, Great quality content…
    So how are you making money? I ask myself
    Did you realy think a book would fly off the virtual shelf when we can already get your info for free?

    What else… Ads?
    hmm maybe you should charge more for your ad locations and have more that…[counting on this page]…what, 12 ads? and always the same!!! Are they ads or your favorite links.

    Look I don’t love ads either but if you are in finacial whoos, look elsewhere than your users. Newspapers are having a hard time selling ads, you shouldn’t!

    You covered many, many, many web design and development topics and tips. With 400+ comments and counting, seems like there is one topic you never covered or STUDIED. Sales and money…

    Sureveys? don’t remember seeing any… maybe I just missed them!

    I support you, by coming to your site, using, learning CLICKING ON ADS.
    So don’t ask me for money like I made the mistake.

    I DO wish you the best. Take my comment as you will. Hope the last few people you hired had good new ideas, otherwise you have an imbalanced team.

  350. 418

    Since the redesign you lot went downhill fast. This is like watching a car crash. Change your ads to dreamweaver and build-your-site-in-a-day offers. Your newfound community will eat it up.

  351. 419

    I’m so put off by this that I don’t even know where to start.

    So you lied to us about your financial “trouble” and now you are claiming that you weren’t asking for donations even though the text clearly said: “Today we need your financial support. Please help us by buying our new eBook …”

    This event has really changed my opinion of Smashing Magazine. Ive removed it from my bookmarks and will no longer make it a must see site.

    Sorry guys but I simply don’t trust or respect you anymore…..

  352. 420


    Don’t worry Smashing Magazine, everyone makes mistakes. Hell you lost my book too, but generously replaced it with tracked airmail. I <3 you guys/girls.

    You are an indispensable portal for web designers/developers everywhere. Keep up the good work.

  353. 421

    Sorry for the hard times. eBook, paperback doesn’t matter. I support the smashing magazine 100% this is the best resource yet to keep me up to date with trends and best practices. Whoever is complaining obviously has too much time on their hands and don not understand that some of us need to make money to survive as well as provide jobs for others through self success. I honestly thought you changed to little of a price on the ebook and the book to make an honest profit. Profits create jobs for others. Furthermore please make an iPhone app that keeps us up to date with the latest post and charge at least 2.99 per download. Hard work and passion should be rewarded. Thanks for everything.

    • 422

      If you follow Smashing Magazine for best practices…. They don’t even eat their own dogfood. Read the w3c guidelines, WCAG guidelines and maybe a blog thats been around for a lot longer than Smashingmagazine, is on par with the quality and content writers, and does not demand your money to act as a resource, read alistapart. It survived…

      Don’t blame my complaining on having too much time on my hands, or not understanding marketing and business. If anything blame SmashingMagazine for having poor marketing and business skills.

      I was responsible for ordering 10 smashing magazine books, for the designers and design-oriented developers in my company. In that sense you can blame me. I feel like I failed, and no more orders from me. I really hope they made a loss creating and sending those 10 books. They already act like they do, and me pumping about 200Euros into a site has caused them these finincial woes.

  354. 423

    Also, I purchased both, can’t wait for the next materials. Great work!!

  355. 424

    Guys, you’ve helped me become a much better designer over the last year or two and i’m forever in your debt. This maybe a PR stunt, but I like to think that you guys are a honest, hard working bunch of people and I believe that financial issues can haunt any size company. I hope you all pull through and keep up the quality work. Currently printing out my PDF as I type…

  356. 425

    Im not going to get into the reasoning behind selling this book, as stated in the posts above, but I’ll provide my thoughts on the book:

    For anyone contemplating, or sitting on the fence, about buying this book… this is 200+ pages of awesome. Imagine being able to flip through SmashingMagazine’s quality articles in the comfort of your own pdf browser. This is especially helpful for people on low bandwidth connections – its not a big download at all! Finally we can own a book that’s actually RELEVANT to the design issues and challenges in today’s market. I try to be smart with my money but this was really worth the investment.

  357. 426

    Cyndy Messah

    March 28, 2010 9:23 am

    Bought it! Keep it up! :)

  358. 427

    Bought the printed book, wish it was in pdf though – but I can wait =)

  359. 428

    Neeraj Kumar

    March 28, 2010 2:11 pm

    And also, I really think smashingmag should now officially publish an “errata” post to cover the things up…

  360. 429

    Yes I do also wonder if perhaps this book wasn’t pushed hard enough and the store room is overfilled with a backlog of books that need ridding of. It’s the first time I have seen it – and I am a regular reader also.

    I kind of feel if you guys were so strapped for cash you wouldn’t have just overhauled your whole site recently.

    Was a hard push guys. There are plenty of ways selling some-thing other than crying poor.

  361. 430

    Orange brains

    March 28, 2010 10:21 pm

    You are doing a wonderful job all these days, its time for us to support you. I got a book and Would also recommend my friends to buy one.

  362. 431

    Smashing Magazine makes a perfect job. I already got my printed book.

    Did you borrow the “order now” icon from Amazon? First I thought I can buy the book there.

  363. 432

    hello smashing magazine i am so upset i order a shmashing book printed edition and i pay international air mail fees from February 18, 2010 for now i receive nothing and i dont know where to track or who to ask so please feedback me about my order number #100011473 on my email

    but what can i do i love smashing magazine blog it the best of the best i will buy this pdf book now to help and support and if you need any kind of money support i can donate just coz of my love to you and you have good audience here in Saudi Arabia

  364. 433

    Oh, you’re going down because at least two reasons:
    1. Published too fast articles and consumed the already found out there, and now you’re left with a simple choice, either publish rubbish just to get going, or decrease the numbers of articles of a period of time.
    2. No one, and I repeat , NO ONE should stay this long on the market with only but a collection of articles. Eventually things caught up with you…


  365. 434

    bought the eBook, like your transparent attitude too.

    I think there are still many opportunities for smashingmag:
    * redesign the page for more (but not disturbing) ads.
    * the ads in your rss feed has not been changed since several months, you surely have many subscribers.
    * cooperate with freelancing sites to organize some meetups, barcamps or conferences
    * authorize translations of your content / book to other languages
    * sell kindle books
    * clone something like 37signals’
    * organize design contests

    Grüße aus Nürnberg, wünsche Euch eine frohe Ostern!

  366. 435

    Smashing is a great resource for help and advice. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  367. 436

    Got it! Thanks and I hope it helped…

  368. 437


    March 30, 2010 1:19 am

    Hai SM,
    I wish to buy this book.Am from Cochin-Kerala-india.
    How can i purchase?What is the price in India?Can I buy this online?
    Is its print version available??
    Please give me detailed reply.
    Thank you.

  369. 438


    March 30, 2010 1:23 am

    Hai SM,
    Can I have its print version? It can be a good asset if i have.

  370. 439

    Just ordered the eBook after reading this post. You guys provide such valuable information to the web community. Information that has helped me learn so much! So it’s the least I could do. I hope things work out for you guys!

  371. 440

    I just ordered printed WordPress book. I love this magazine – it gave me lot of usefull info that made me money – so I guess sending some back is least I can do.
    It is just a slow season for all in the spring. I guess people like to go out now, so internet activity is low. It’s just us nerds now :)

  372. 441

    Make the Smashing Book available as a PDF and I’ll buy it today.

  373. 442

    Chris Seckler

    April 5, 2010 11:22 am

    How about making a professional web development book that focuses strictly on programming techniques to follow?

  374. 443


  375. 444


    April 7, 2010 4:42 am

    Very disappointed in Smashing. Quite surprised because I totally love the articles, the design, your approach etc. More than quite surprised, it just seems way out of character that this happened to you all. So I want to offer my insight below.

    In your apology you write: “We prepared the eBook #1 in order to earn some money. ” That is a very casual phrase compared to the initial post that said: “Only sound financial conditions can guarantee the steady stream of high quality content which you are used to on Smashing Magazine. Today we need your financial support.”

    If its true that the eBook was created to earn some money, then the initial post was a huge misrepresentation and quite frankly your apology was too soft for my tastes. It should have read:

    “We very poorly communicated our objectives in selling the book. What we posted came across as a plea for help instead of letting you know about an eBook we were offering for sale. The two are very different messages, and we profoundly apologize for that. In the future we will be much more careful about our statements and formulations.”

    That ends my insight. I can now move on and continue to be a big fan of Smashing magazine.

  376. 445

    Hello! Must I ask, is the paperback version available?

  377. 446


    April 8, 2010 3:15 pm

    Smashing Magazine has helped me and my office in great web designing.

    If you can only make your books freely available here in our country (The Philippines) , I will get it right from the bookstore shelves.

    I hope Smashing Magazine can wriggle out of its situation.

  378. 447

    Bought! Great contents, but…
    just a stupid tought, pagination is so simple and flat that it doesn’t look made by experts like you.
    I’m not telling that you need to hire David Carson to do your guides, but please don’t follow the o’Reilly guidelines. You talk code, but you talk style and aestethic too and your audience is made by designers who love visually pleasant stuff.
    So please, for guide #2 try harder! ;)

    And… thanks guys! thanks for all the times you helped me with my work!

  379. 448

    SM is the only real professional web design / web development web site on the Internet. I don’t know what others are thinking but you should think of a professional members area. Maybe $10 dollars / 10 Euro / year for the members area. (WordPress add-ons exist)

    Inside of the members area:

    – Downloads (.psd files, icons, all the graphics you offer)

    Free (people who don’t want to pay 10 bucks) users shouldn’t be allowed to download your quality stuff.

    Of course $10 is VERY cheap… but most people look at the price and 10 bucks is OK for a teenager as well as for a senior…

    So you should start up some poll and ask your users if they want to pay for a exclusive members area.

  380. 449

    Tristan Wolhok

    November 6, 2010 6:47 am

    Seriously! I have already been looking yahoo and google for hours just for this and i also finally found it in this article!

  381. 450

    I thanks a lot to smashingmagazine
    such a very very good web site
    Daily i browse this site.


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