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Smashing Conf Barcelona 2016

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Free Printable Sketching, Wireframing and Note-Taking PDF Templates

Sketching and wireframing are a specialized style of drawing, used for fleshing out preliminary complex ideas, group brain-storming, a lo-fi method for evaluating interaction concepts, and as a way of roughly perfecting a design technique.

Sketch and wireframe paper is essentially drawing paper that is designed specifically for this purpose. You could use it for web page design, web app design, architectural or structural design, graphic design, movie direction, animation… basically any type of design that needs a physical creative outlet or group collaboration.

Not all sketch and wireframe sheets are universal, most are specialized for a particular medium, such as storyboards and specialized grid paper (axonometric perspective templates).

Below you will find a concise collection of ready to print sketching, wireframing and note-taking templates. Most, as expected, are geared towards the design community, but there are also templates that could be used within any industry and for any purpose.

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Wireframing and Sketching Paper Link

Paper Browser – It's a browser, only in paper3
This PDF can be used for creating a website’s wireframe. The entire PDF is proportionally scaled at a 1024×768 screen resolution, with guides for designs that use a 960px or 800px layout and with each grid sized at 32x32px. The PDFs are available in both A4 and A3.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper4

Web Sketching Template – Single Page5
This A4 template has been designed for sketching a website with a resolution of 1024×768.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper6

iPhone Wireframe Templates for Sketching7
These iPhone paper prototyping and design templates are available to download in two different styles: the basic iPhone design template and a more advanced one that also has the iPhone sketch template but leaves space for making notes. Both can be downloaded in a .zip-file which also contains the templates in Viso (VSD) format.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper8

iPad Idea Sheet9
This template has been designed for wireframing iPad apps. There are three templates within the zip-archive: The first template allows for full size iPad sketching (100%), the second has two iPad templates (at 70% of the normal size) and the last has four iPads sized at 50% of the regular size.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper10

iPhone Idea Sheet11
This iPhone idea sheet has been designed by the same people that released the iPad Idea Sheet above. The .zip-file contains 4 different printable templates: two templates are sized at 100% of the actual iPhone with a choice of horizontally or vertically aligned sheets and the other two sketching templates each have 9 iPhone designs (sized at 75% of the actual iPhone) and again with a choice of either horizontal or vertical orientation.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper12

iPhone Application Sketch Template13
This iPhone template has a grid with the grid squares sized at 10px; it is designed with tick marks to indicate the heights of the status bar, nav bar, keyboard, tab bar and toolbar. The download is a 300dpi A4 JPEG.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper14

Android Wireframe Templates15
This sketching set for Android contains templates for Nexus One, HTC Dream, HTC Hero, HTC Magic, HTC Tattoo and Motorola Droid.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper16

Wireframe Print and Sketch Template17

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper18

A4 & A3 Sketching Paper19
This printable grid sketching paper can be useful for the initial stages of web design, concept designing. You can choose between the A4 size or A3.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper20

Basic Wireframing Paper
This is a basic grid box which you can use for concept diagrams, sitemaps, spectrums, tables, and whatever else you may need to sketch.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper

Wireframe and Notes Paper
This is a wireframe grid divided into 24 columns with gutters between each column. The column units are numbered along the top of the grid. To the right of the grid there is a ruled column for adding labels and annotations.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper

Two-by-Two Wireframe Paper
This template is a two by two grid with 4 cells divided by an x-y axis.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper

Blank Grid and Graph Paper Link

ZURB Grid Paper21
With this grid paper you can connect the dots to give your sketches a little more structure while exploring refined concepts on paper.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper

Graph Paper with Two Lines Per Inch – Letter-Sized22
This basic letter-sized graph paper has two aqua blue lines per inch.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper23

Four Dots Per Inch A4 Paper24
This printable dot paper has four dots per inch and is in portrait (vertical) orientation on letter-sized paper.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper25

Storyboard Templates Link

4 Cell Storyboard Paper
This is a basic storyboard sketching template with 4 cells with each cell having a simple grid.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper

MBTI Sketching Paper for Ideation26
With this MBTI sketching paper for ideation sessions, you can describe a design challenge on every piece of sketching paper which represents the problem you want to solve. There’s also some space for annotations. You can download the PDF in A4 and A3.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper27

ZURB Sketchsheets28
A set of editable PDF sketchsheets ideal for rough ideas and presentation to clients. There are five slightly different templates in the .zip-download package.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper29

Storyboard Template30

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper31

Storyboard with Notes
A storyboard template with 4 cells, with the area space beneath each cell for notes.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper

Web Sketching Template – 6 Pages32
An A4 web design sketching template with space for notes.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper33

Scenario, Taskflow and Grid Sketchsheets34
This all-in-one PDF download package contains scenario, task-flow and grid templates. All can be useful during the early stages of web development process. Here are the three templates:

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper35

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper36

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper37

Lined and Notepad Paper Link

A4 Narrow-Ruled38
This letter-sized lined paper is narrow ruled in portrait (vertical) orientation.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper39

8.25" x 11" Lined and Squared Paper
This lined and squared paper template is sized 8.25"x11", and available in both PDF and JPEG.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper

Speciality Paper Link

Printable Cornell Note Paper40
This Cornell Notes paper is lined and additionally formatted with two large blank areas for a summary and a cue (on which to later note and review main ideas, ask questions, or draw diagrams).

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper41

Moleskine Writing Template by Rod Graves42
This template is based on a medieval page layout principle described in Robert Bringhurst’s classic book on typography, The Elements of Typographic Style. The Large sized notebook’s dimensions are nearly equivalent to a Golden Section rectangle (1:1.61803…). The design of the template is related to the golden section / the Fibonacci sequence.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper43

Penmanship Paper44
You can use this dashed paper to practice penmanship. The PDF is in the size A4 and has twelve lines per page, in portrait (vertical) orientation.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper45

Calendars Link

Weekly Printable Calendar46
This calendar's overview format lets you prioritize tasks, schedule appointments, and jot down notes all on one page. Custom options include Letter and A4 printing sizes, start day of the week, time range, and multiple languages.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper47

Monthly Printable Calendar48
This template lets you create printable monthly calendars for letter and A4 paper sizes.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper49

5-Day Monthly Calendar50
Create and print a 5-day calendar with holidays and your choice of start day by using the generator.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper51

Lined Weekly Printable Calendar52
Create and print lined weekly calendars in horizontal or vertical format with your choice of start day.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper53

Index card sized Printable Calendars54
Choose from 4 different compact templates for printing directly to3x5 and 4×6 index cards (with the dates already filled in). Here are the download links: Monthly Calendar55, Split Month Calendar56, Yearly Calendar57 and 2-Year Calendar58.

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper59

Music Sheets Link

Music Paper from the University of Virginia60
There are many sites where you can download blank music sheets, but none are as a comprehensive and detailed as this resource. You can select PostScript or PDF formats for your templates; they are all sized 81/2 x 11 (portrait orientation). Overall, there are 37 templates available and they are split into the following categories: General (9 templates), Solo (3 templates), Ensemble (8 templates), Band (4 templates), Orchestra (4 templates) and finally templates for Choral (8 templates). Below you can see examples of the Basic template and the Full Orchestra templates:

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper61

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper62

Generators and Tools Link

Incompetech Grid and Graph Paper Generator63
On this site you can generate basic graph templates in any size, color and even by grid spacing, you can also choose from the scores of different graph variations: Axonometric Perspective, Cross Grid, Inverted, Equilateral Triangle, Octagonal, Hexagonal, Semi-bisected Trapezoid and Tumbling Block – Trapezoid.

Notepad Generator64
This tool allows you to customize a PDF notepad which you can then print it out on standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

Print Free Graph Paper65
Here you can choose the size (Letter or A4), paper type (Cartesian, Polar, Isometric…), measuring units (Millimetres or Inches) and finally whether you want the paper formatted or un-formatted.

All work and no play PDFs Link

Downloadable Origami Templates
You know the saying “all work and no play…”. Well, not all printable PDFs are geared towards work. How about a fun stress reliever? This site offers a huge database of printable origami models that will keep you amused for hours. Best not to make these during collaboration and brainstorming meetings though!

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper

Design Police – Bring bad design to justice66
Fed up with the bad design choices of your colleagues? has created, as they call it, “visual enforcement kit” for designers. Help bring bad design to justice!

Sketch, Template and Wireframe Printable Paper67

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What other goodies would you like us to collect? Link

Would you like us to collect other PDFs, files, download kits? Let us know what you need in the comments below and we will collect them and present them in one of our upcoming posts!

Footnotes Link

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