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The Beauty of India: 50 Amazing Pictures

Today we’d like to publish something completely different for a change. India, the country of mysterious paradoxes; the land where civilizations and times intermix, a mysterious place which attracts people from all over the world. In today’s showcase we are presenting a little showcase of this astonishing contrast between wealth and misery, contemporary technologies and ancient historical monuments, plenty of languages, cultures and traditions. [Links checked & repaired March/03/2017]

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We present people, places, traditions, culture and a broad overview of the incredible beauty of India — something different and inspirational for a change. Please let us know if you are interested in seeing more similar posts on Smashing Magazine in the future in the comments below.

The Beauty of India Link

Heart You5

beauty of india6

Feet. Jaipur7

Feet. Jaipur8

catching up!9

catching up!10

Diwali lights11

Diwali lights12

Aishwarya Rai in the making13

Aishwarya Rai in the making14

Golden Temple before Sunrise15

Golden Temple before Sunrise16

A Dreamer Among the Humblest17

A Dreamer Among the Humblest18

10 Interesting Places to Visit Before You Die19

10 Interesting Places to Visit Before You Die20



A glance inside, a glimpse outside23

A glance inside, a glimpse outside24

Dark eyes. Pushkar25

Dark eyes. Pushkar26

Prayer at the Temple27

Prayer at the Temple28

Taj Mahal, the other side. Agra29

Taj Mahal, the other side. Agra30

Steam Loco31


Sweeping. Varanasi33

Sweeping. Varanasi34

India. A table 35

India. A table 36

Colorful Masks37

Colorful Masks38

Bananiers en paix39

Bananiers en paix40

back to India41

back to India42

Silent Prayer / Amritsar, India43

Silent Prayer / Amritsar, India44

Little Red Riding Hood45

Little Red Riding Hood46

Golden Slumbers47

Golden Slumbers48

india – gujarat49

india - gujarat50



sri meenakshi sundareswara temple53

sri meenakshi sundareswara temple54

Holi in red55


India style57

India style58

buddha from bodhgaya59

I n d i a *60





India Wedding65

India Wedding66

Tata Ace – The True India Truck!67

Tata Ace - The True India Truck!68

Indian Beauty69


l’homme de mehrangarh71

l'homme de mehrangarh72

Beauty of India73


Damsel at Pushkar75

damsel at Pushkar76

India- Faces77

India- Faces78

Mosque (Agra India)79

Mosque (Agra India)80



Lal baba83

Lal baba84



Indian Wedding87


Footnotes Link

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A regular contributor from Saarbruecken, Germany.

  1. 1

    George Tziralis

    March 20, 2010 10:57 am

    Truly awesome, you may check some (less professional) photos of a recent visit of mine here –

  2. 2

    Maximilian Georg Liebscher

    March 20, 2010 11:01 am

    Thank you for sharing these great photos!

  3. 3

    Some fantastic photos of India, thanks for sharing. Will certainly be inspirational.

  4. 4

    Lovely images of this amazing country! :)
    A post after my own heart.

  5. 5

    Awesome Collection .. but this aint the real india now :)

  6. 6

    Absolutely amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing this :-)

  7. 7

    A lot of these photos have a lot of motion going on. I swear I saw some of them move!

  8. 8

    This is real India…good collection…

  9. 9

    nice pics… but they don’t depict the true Modern India.

    • 10

      The photos are themselves proof that this is “real” india. These things exist and because they exist it makes India what it is. Just because you live in a different part of India doesnt mean that this one doesnt exist. And you say it like you are ashamed of it. Shame on you.
      Learn to love and appreciate what you have. You dont see americans complaining on photos of ghettos or ghost towns saying this is not the “real” america. America is not all holyywood, hot dogs and new york and similarly India is not just bombay, bangalore and call centres.
      the only thing in India that I am ashamed of is the politicians. :((

      I loved the Dark Eyes. simply beautiful.

  10. 11

    Great Collection. Sad, the country is losing it with the time.

  11. 12

    The colour combinations are gorgeous.

  12. 13

    Asavari Honavar

    March 20, 2010 11:18 am


    Thank you for representing my country so beautifully. I enjoyed looking at a western perspective of India in terms of pictures. One small error, perhaps you’d like to correct it. Picture no. 39 is a mosque and not a temple.

    And yes would love to see snapshots of other countries like Yemen (I am obsessed with the Socotra Island, after I saw a picture in the Conde Nast Traveller monthly Quiz), laos, Chile, Antigua, Hungary, Morocco, Russia etc.

    warm regards

  13. 14

    King Sidharth

    March 20, 2010 11:32 am

    Damn man! I love in India and love this post! <3

    Gimme more (from other countries too!)

  14. 15

    Good pictures; it appears that some of these have been photoshop’ed??

  15. 16

    You can see some beautiful pics from India in Matthieu Aubry’s online gallery, a french photographer:

    India looks like an incredible place! The photos are so amazing!

  16. 17

    John Stirzaker

    March 20, 2010 11:47 am

    i’d be interested to see a collection of ‘the new india’ thoughts?

  17. 18

    awesome collection, thanks for sharing :)
    but, there is no pik of modern india.

  18. 19

    Amazing pictures. I hope to shoot such similar things one day too.

  19. 20

    Kristaps Lazda

    March 20, 2010 11:57 am

    Pretty amazing pictures! Would love to see this kind of posts in the future too!

  20. 21

    absolutely stunning! great work, keep it up…would like to see more of this ;)

  21. 22
  22. 25

    Makes me proud to be an Indian :) .. Thanks to all for all ^ these good comments :)

  23. 26

    Yes! i love this post! Interesting!

  24. 27

    Amazing pictures…thank you :)

    • 28

      Hmm, all i can see is dirt and poor people on this pictures.. It was not a nice feeling to watch this pictures :(

      • 29

        You are a tool

      • 30

        Major tool!

      • 31

        They are poor but happy and contented.
        It is dirty, but it is full of color and life.

        That is India. Great India.

      • 33

        Yes dude you’re right. it’s an incredible India showing poverty. I amazed to see the image of ” Feet Jaipur, Catching Up, Taj Mahal, the other side. Agra, Colorful Masks, Tata Ace – The True India Truck!” and the winner amazing picture of the whole is colors-of-india where an old man is holding sewing machine on his shoulders..

        Thanks Smashing magazine, in sense of Beauty, you satirically showed the real face of India. We always see incredible India in movies and internet. But this post was really really smashing.


      • 34

        If that’s all you can see, then i pity the beauty that you are missing in world around us.

        • 35

          although they might miss out what north america has, at least they can be happy and have a grounding to themselves. it is beautiful to see this and i wish the world can come together. i think the internet has killed family values

          • 36

            We’re not poor man, there are variety and this variety makes India. We are happy and we enjoy every bit of our culture and tradition. Today the whole world is mad about India because I don’t follow others, we lead the path. I’m proud to be an Indian.

        • 37

          Abhishek Gupta

          March 24, 2010 3:48 am

          I could not understand one thing. Why every time someone talks about India, only poor people who are happy and contended with their life, are showcased. I feel it is done because it sells India ( Eg. “Slumdog Millionaire” ).

          I would just say that if there is an Indian sleeping carelessly under the open sky, there is also and an rich Indian sleeping at his/her home with all the meditativeness and calmness. What is important ; Happiness or the place where you are sleeping ?

          It is a big world; beauty and all the good things are lying everywhere. So just do not get infatuated with the one. Travel, roam around and acquaint it yourself.


      • 38

        You are right friend but this not the complete side of India. Its just a showcase of some awesome pics from India.

        If you want to know about real India than you must come once and I will be happy to welcome you and all other friends commenting here.

      • 39

        But its real Indian life pictures… Not saying that all indians are poor and dirty, but most of them are, and beauty is that these people still enjoying the life they have…

      • 40

        I fell very sorry for you if that is all you see.

      • 41

        Wow !! What made you think that people seen in photographs are poor?? I do not think that there is another place in the world where we can see some one sleeping care free under the open sky.
        Secondly, it is a photography one should see and not the people in photograph. Awesome work done by lens !!

      • 42


      • 44

        i don think ppl in ur country are so happy as we enjoy life here in INDIA… i pity u…

      • 45

        And a douche

      • 46

        I see happiness in the photos… I see Indian culture… The people… The heritage… The diversity… And most of all Unity…. Thanks for the people for compiling these…

      • 47

        vincent jaubin

        March 22, 2010 10:13 pm

        What an ignorant comment. If you don’t see beauty in those pictures then you must be blind.

      • 48

        india is beauty country. what does mean poor for u?

      • 49

        You do not have creative side in you. So, better shut up.

      • 50

        Truly, 45% of India is living under BPL. No culture, just dirty customs.

        Some of these are good pics, TBH

    • 51

      I never knew, India was North India! The title of this is very wrong. It should be “The Beauty of North India”. Great pictures though.

      • 52

        No wonder why Indians are called racist.. dude you can’t even take India as one complete nation… and you are talking about being proud of it. Anyway, I shouldn’t waste much time over these thoughts….

        @Smashing Mag- Amazing! It was fantastic! All the pictures are awesome and they truly bring out the beauty of India. Would love to see other countries for sure :)

      • 53

        Venu, u r a stupid.

      • 55

        ohh Mr. Venu.. i think u havent yet seen Maharashtra ( konkan, Mumbai(place with full of energy), Pune, Nagpur etc… 1st go n see konkan.. ( a place with full of beauty.. n Njoi Yummy fruit MANGO).. go dere and den compare with north..

      • 56


        Guys can’t read and are easily opinionated with racism charges !

        The guy merely pointed out that the pictures came mostly from the northern parts of India and not from the whole sub-continent. You may observe that save for the Pic from Meenakshi Temple and another possibly, all the other pics are from the Rajasthan,UP zones.

        The pics are indeed great and nobody is suggesting that India is not beautiful, morons. What shall we term such incompoops? Blind ?

      • 57

        Its completely Northern parts of India except “sri meenakshi sundareswara temple” one of the biggest temple in India which is in Tamil Nadu.. India is BIG and there are many flavors of cultures and languages.. One should need an entire life to know, to learn and to feel the beauty of India.

      • 58

        venu is 100% correct.. This is Only “Beauty of North India”..

    • 59


    • 60

      Despite all the bad press with poverty India appears to be a very vibrant country with so much colour and life

  25. 61

    Anish Krishnan

    March 20, 2010 10:58 am

    Nice pics :o)

  26. 62

    I am proud to be an Indian. :)

    • 63

      Sanket Nadhani

      March 20, 2010 11:39 am

      Yes same here :)

      But these pictures still depict the view the western world has of us, and not the modern India that is slowly ushering in…

      But let me not make it political here — the pics are indeed awesome! Great work.

    • 66

      Wonderful photos

      @Chilly: You have every reason to be proud.
      @Sanket: Modern India just makes the contrasts more extreme and more interesting. We all have modern offices, call centres and shopping malls and know what they look like.

      Only India has your culture, traditions and history and this article celebrates that and for that I am grateful.

      • 67

        Parveen verma

        March 20, 2010 8:12 pm

        @Chilly: Same here
        @Sanket: We were at the Chandni Chowk eating paranthas (stuffed fried breads) in all time famous “Parantha Wali Gali”. We had fun but my wife did not like paranthas there and asked me if the place was over rated to which i replied, “sweety, these guyz are serving us from 1870s and back then they did not have any modern facilities like we do have now, so you should enjoy the hospitality and should be thankful that they still exists” … I have been to many parts of the world, have spoken to many people and trust me people do save money to visit India, The Real India and not another Concrete Jungle as @Drew explained and @Drew Thank you very much for your thoughts on modern v/s heritage.

    • 69

      Arun karthik

      March 20, 2010 8:21 pm

      Idiot keep your nationalism aside for one damn minute — Another Indian

    • 70

      Mike From Egypt

      March 21, 2010 12:22 am

      I’m proud to have a country like India in a world I live in :)

  27. 72

    nice pics… amazing collection.. india is the best…..

  28. 73

    Lovely photos! There are actually much more beautiful places in India.. most of these photos make India look slum-ish… there are actually some really beautiful places in India like southern india, such as Kerala… beautiful rainforests and beaches and backwaters… it’s a big tourist spot

    • 74

      aravind ajith

      March 22, 2010 8:37 am

      agree with you..
      when I saw the title, I actually expected to see some backwater and beach photos..
      this collection is no different from Slum Dog Millionaire, makes India look slumish!

      guys, you can try image search for ‘beaches India’ or ‘backwater India’ or anything other than ‘slums in India’. there are more. not just slums!

    • 75

      Yes you are very right

  29. 76

    Great collection. I’m not sure if you guys have been onto the India section at CreativeRoots. If not it is definitely worth checking out. Its got everything from Packaging, Illustration to Photography.

  30. 77

    Fantastic, thanks – india, the most photogenic place on earth!

  31. 78

    Wonderful stuff, India is really one of the most photographable countries I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting! Thanks for posting these, love getting to see some great photography on here.

    We were there two years ago and were lucky enough to shoot some weddings, as well as general travel photography around the country! Feel free to check it out:

  32. 79

    gr8 pics.. love them :)

  33. 80

    Great photography. India deserves this kind of attention and i am sure everyone like this change :)

  34. 81

    Cool – The 4th last picture isn’t a Temple . Its a Mosque, See the people praying.

  35. 84

    Awesome! All of them amazing but some just [have no word to describe state of perfection]
    Прекрасные фотографии!

  36. 85

    wow..amazing….India will never be the same again with those photos.

  37. 86

    Simon Harlinghausen

    March 20, 2010 1:31 pm

    Fantastic collection of pictures.
    Stay tuned …

  38. 87

    impressive collection
    i like it

  39. 88

    would love to see more of them. keep up that great work SM

  40. 89

    Inspirational images. Thanks for sharing.

  41. 90

    Atit Vakharia

    March 20, 2010 2:33 pm

    Fabulous post!!

  42. 91

    Awesome collection of pictures.
    If next time so I suggest maybe a little higher resolution, better 700px than 500px width as now :)

  43. 92

    Sure, I want ! Foreach country !

    India is awesome, Taj Mahal is magic ! Very good photos !

  44. 93

    Didn’t get enough? Here’s some more from India –

  45. 94

    Lovely collection, thank you :))

  46. 95

    Do you get permission from the photographer’s to show these on your site?
    Just wondering…

  47. 96

    I think what is most mysterious and the thing that most foreigners notice about India and Indians are the difficult living conditions in most villages and at the same place they find more smiling faces than in an urban mall.

    • 97

      very well said!

    • 98

      @Roy: you got it right, India is developing country, and that sometimes attracts camera (who wants to click a building created by European architect in India). Same way when an Indian visits western world he/she would click which not in India.

  48. 99

    Oh god, look at Lai Baba’s eyes! Such depth! And the little ones, they are beautiful! All the pictures really tell us much of the beauties of India. One thing is hearing it from others… but looking at these pictures is an experience on its own. Thanks for posting these for everyone to enjoy. I’m puertorican, and I have taken a liking to India’s culture… while I know my knowledge about India is limited, I have cherished every bit of cultural joy I have received from any who have been willing to teach me some. I have studied the Ghita, compared it to the catholic bible, I have followed teachings from an indian guru (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) and every bit of knowledge I’ve received, I hold dear, and I thank God, the divine, fate, and whatever force you believe in, for putting me in this path. :)

    Jai Guru Dev!

  49. 100

    Just came back from my first trip to India. Photos can not describe, you have to go!

  50. 101

    This is one of my all time favourites, that happens to be in Kerala, India:

  51. 102

    Awesome photos!!, i am very touched seeing the photos of Rajasthan fort and also the guy carrying a tailoring machine during the flood. I have taken some pics and posted on my website while i was in india, please have a look

  52. 103

    Gr8 Pics!!! Truly Representing India.

  53. 104

    thank you for posting these stunning pictures and just like Roy (comment #46), I often wonder what keeps these people so happy even during difficult times. Look at the guy at who is completely immersed in water (floods? I assume) but he is still smiling! what an inspiration!

  54. 105

    Wow great pictures!
    Nice to see a post focusing India! Would love to see more similarly posts.

  55. 106

    proud to be a pakistani

    • 107

      what? ain’t your comment totally out of scope ? Everyone is proud of their country.. but can we discuss the theme of this post ?? all of you guys.. seriously..

      -An India

  56. 111

    Fascinating Pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    If you want to see some more breathtaking pictures from India, I would like to point out 2 beautiful collections:

    1) Republic Day Celebration in India –

    2) The Holi Festival (Festival of Colors) –

  57. 112

    these images are good, but if u are looking for real incredible work,
    online portfolio of the great ngc photographer.

  58. 113

    Awesome pics… Thanks for posting

  59. 114

    J Pancras Gomez

    March 20, 2010 8:48 pm

    Nice. Beautiful. So much vibrancy.

  60. 115

    Vijay Srinivasan

    March 20, 2010 8:58 pm


    Fantastic pictures, thank you for putting them together.


  61. 116

    I Love India, Thank you guys, Amazing Photos..

  62. 117


    Those pictures are awesome. thanks for sharing it. a small correction below “Mosque (Agra India)” you mention that image as temple but that’s not a temple that’s a Mosque..


  63. 118

    Thanks SM ,for this lovely post.However, snaps of how we folks are using modern tech in our own innovative ways would have been an added attraction…and it’s not about some drab malls and matchbox concrete stilts.

  64. 119

    Thank you, I’ve got a pleasure viewing these photos! Such amazing! and with love to India :)

  65. 120

    This is one side of India, You must know the other side.

    if u really want to know the greatness of India see this What is the greatness of India?

  66. 121

    Great pics.

  67. 122

    Nice post!! Now I am more eagerly waiting for your showcase of Indian websites which
    a) avoid the stereotypes &
    b) still show what’s unique about it being an “Indian” website.


  68. 123

    Good collection and thx fr the post
    Comments by another Indian ( Proud to be an Indian :-) )

  69. 124

    Wow ! that’s awesome pics. Proud to be an Indian.Thanks for posting.

  70. 125

    Mahmudur Rahman

    March 20, 2010 11:50 pm

    Truly India. True color of India. Awesome collection. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. :)

  71. 126

    Gaurav Mishra

    March 21, 2010 12:04 am

    Dont know why but there is something very magical and unique here in India (proud to be indian)

  72. 127

    That why people use to say India is not incredible :)

  73. 128

    i am really proud to be an Indian
    also watch my photoshop teacher Rahuls photography:

    Rahul SR, currently based in Ahmedabad, India, is pursuing his Master’s in
    Photography Design from the National Institute of Design (NID), which is internationally
    acclaimed as one of the foremost multi-disciplinary institutions in the field
    of design education and research.

  74. 129

    Dileep K Sharma

    March 21, 2010 1:07 am

    There is still much more which is left untouched by this post. You should have focussed on brighter side of India also.

  75. 130

    Great pictures from a great country.

  76. 131

    Seems like there’s the opportunity for another contrasting collection of modern India. It would be really interesting to see and I’m sure just every bit as good.

  77. 132

    Amazing pictures..One of the picture is in my hometown…I love my India!

  78. 133

    truly representative of India.would like to see more of other countries.

  79. 134

    I’m happy I saw these terrific pictures.

    I have a friend who insisted every National Geographic issue had at least one picture that would qualify as cheesecake: a topless woman, a pretty girl with a come-hither look, something like that. We had a stack of NatGeo issues around and she could always find at least one picture that fit her theory. Kind of ruined looking at the magazine for me (this was twenty years ago).

    I was reminded of her theory when I saw “damsel at Pushkar.”

    All in all, very lovely pictures.

  80. 135

    Excellent collection, it’s nice to see the diversity of India getting captured through these pictures.

  81. 136

    I have seen many of these photos in my extensive library of India photo books. They are copyrighted. I see no permission notification in your post. Why is that?

  82. 137

    This post certainly inspired me but I am waiting for the post that showcase the Indian web design trends and technologies that are popular there.

  83. 138

    Amazing comment by Gaurav Mishra above, I feel the same (proud to be an Indian), we have travelled the world enjoyed the organized world, but somehow there is beauty in the chaos in this country. Must visit before you die!!!

  84. 139

    sebastian viju

    March 21, 2010 5:04 am

    very nice photos.. !! :)

  85. 140

    Manish Jinwal

    March 21, 2010 5:50 am

    Thanks for posting this article…..” East or West INDIA is the Best”…..

  86. 141

    Andrew Bruce

    March 21, 2010 5:52 am

    I recently travelled to India as an artist/photographer with a grant from the British Arts Council, when I was there I stayed with the photography students of NID Ahmedabad (the one academic photography course in India).

    The first camera arrived in India just a few months after it’s invention! Ever since then India has been at the very peak of our perverse Western obsession with looking and ‘the other’..
    In my opinion India is by far the most culturally complex place on this Earth, yet from these photographs all I get is the same old western gaze…
    The photographs you show do not portray reality and they most definitely do not portray India… The slumdog-millionaire effect has done wonders for bringing the country to the forefront of our attention, but that too does a half-arsed job at portraying the country – a few minutes of smiling kids running through the slums does little to portray the reality of the poverty and deprivation in India…
    So much of the imaginary coming out of India is ethically and morally questionable, and photographers bear this weight on their shoulders…

  87. 142

    Very nice pictures!
    Do not hesitate to visit LaPepi’s photoblog at, you’ll find french black&white pictures :)

  88. 143

    Excellent pictures. You should also have a look at the work of Vinita Agarwal at

  89. 144

    Andrew Adams

    March 21, 2010 7:57 am

    Wonderful images of India!
    Such a beautiful and Diverse country.
    Here’s some more great shots of this incredible Country.

  90. 145


    Amazing photos, India is a developing country so there is all kind of people, mostly poor people try to manage there work by hook or cook to earn some money so that they can survive. So you will see amazing photos of carry overload in small cart or small vehicle.

    That only one part and second part also we need to see


  91. 146

    the phographs potray my is so beautiful.they are so elegant

  92. 147

    Proud to be Indian :-)

  93. 148


    March 21, 2010 8:10 am

    This is amazing! But to be honest I would like to see SM focusing on web stuffs…

  94. 149

    Oh i love this kind of photography!
    I am photographer too and wow these are really stunning photos!

  95. 150

    One of my pic ‘Buddha from Bodhgaya’ is posted in Beauty of India: 50 Amazing Photos with credit to someone ‘INDIA* ‘
    You can see the original upload at my flickr stream- ?(this picture has all right reserved CC license.)
    Could you please give proper credit to right person- Paavani.

  96. 151


    March 21, 2010 9:09 am

    Great pix, thanx for sharing… :)

  97. 152

    Yeah, Typical India !!.In short, a country which involves all types of people like good, excellent, even worst that can`t be expected.This is India.

  98. 153


    Nice collection of photographs, much inspiring. Thanks for sharing it.
    Hope we will see more these kinds of post in Smashing Magazine.

  99. 154

    Neeraj Kumar

    March 21, 2010 7:28 pm

    Awesome Post and worth bookmarking…

    One thing thought, Some photos of ‘Modern India’ along with these would have made a bigger impact on me… anyways a cool collection

  100. 155

    yes absolutely fantastic. India is really a beautiful county. In these Photos we get a glimpse of the whole country. Thanks

  101. 156

    I really want to go there some day

  102. 157

    India, through the eyes of some photojournalist friends
    do check the website, amazing work

  103. 158

    Great pics, fabulous post, i never thought smashingmagazine has such a huge fan base from India, this is what we are, unity in diversity,
    “Bharath Matha ki jai!!”

  104. 159

    I actually just got back from India a month or two ago, and it really is an incredible place.
    I put up a few galleries here.

  105. 160

    Alejandra Herrera

    March 21, 2010 11:28 am

    Me parecen fantasticas, deseo me sigan enviando este material

  106. 161

    Christopher Anderton

    March 21, 2010 11:35 am

    Geeez. All those comments complaining of not showing the “modern” india. Get over it. It’s a post about beautiful photographs. Not a documentary post about every single aspect of India.

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    No wonder Steve McCurry loves to photograph in india too.

    Steve McCurry is well known by the Afghan Girl Photo and has
    a full portfolio of breathtaking photographs form beautifull places and people around the world.

    • 163

      At least one of the photos in this slideshow was stolen from Steve McCurry, the men on the train.

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    Ashish Chauhan

    March 21, 2010 12:28 pm

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    My name is Charles I come from Paris. I studied photography in Beaux Arts and now I am a webdesigner in a web agency. Of course I continue to produce some work in photography, and I am a little bit shocked about this post.

    I will explain: I consider that kind of photo is meaningless, this is just a serie of images without any information. For me it is just some “beautiful images” around a theme. I understand the philosophy of Smashing Magazine and that kind of post have a good place in your blog because you linked the image together to give an idea about the theme.

    I am just shocked about the “no sequence” there is no continuity and I am lost in the middle of this image flow. Because in photography an image alone has no sens.
    But if you well mixed together and if there is like “a story”, of course it is very important to well selected the photography with the same way to take the picture, you have a sequence. And in your serie, this is the reason why I am shocked, there is too many style mixed together.

    • 167

      I totally agree with this…

      and I felt title was not justified…

      ( this is the + and – of india )

      anyways .. keep going one day you definitely catch the beaty of INDIA. (one my favorite site smashing magazine, first time … disappointed me, may be because i am an indian)

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    Anurag Upadhaya

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    They’re beautiful images! I just went to Calcutta, Shillong (2 days after we left, there were protests there!), Kaziranga National Park and Guwahati back in December. I fell sick, twice! And that’s in addtion to my runny stomach upsets that seems to be the norm for delicate foreigners. Yet, i cried as the plane take off from India. It’s truly a rich and wonderful experience, an eye-opener that the amount of happiness does not equate to what you hv in ur bank account or how many friends u hv.

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    this is to those who waste their time talking about whether or not they are proud of the nation & try to defend their nation (India)

    Me: Guys, it doesn’t matter. That’s not what the post is all about. It’s about great photography. Leave your comments & stop discussing how good or bad your nation is.

    This is to SmashingMagazine:

    Me: Thanks for sharing such a great collection Indian Photography.

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    More to the point.. amazing pics…… truly captured the essence of India..!!

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    buddha from bodhgaya
    India Wedding
    Tata Ace – The True India Truck!
    l’homme de mehrangarh
    Lal baba

    though all are good, but these the best…. :)


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  165. 223


    • 224

      I felt the same. You could have showed the “REAL” beauty of India not the garbage. I feel like Smashing Magazine is making fun of India.

  166. 225

    Well first let us define what is dirt!
    I live in Germany, such a developed country, and I guarantee you that Germans, unlike most people would think (because they don’t know them) are more dirty than indians!
    Beautiful pics ! Can’t wait to visit it and wallow in it’s dirt!!!

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    Rajesh Balakrishnan

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    I wish that please come only once to India and i am sure that you people know the difference b/w the other countries to INDIA. All the countries in the world had some traditions with them. But India is the mother of all.
    That made me proud to say I am an Indian and I love India..:)
    Have a nice day. Keep up..

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    Jayaho…… India…. Jayaho… Proud to be an Indian, Great stuff Juliya Izgiyeva but you shown only worst side of India, Not the real beauty of India, anyway thank you so much for this post.

  170. 229

    All I can see is Ugly, Poor and Dirty People. Don’t know how indians can be proud of that. Even if you see the Taj Mahal it shows garbage aside, so what’s the magic?

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    I feel the comments are more interesting than actual pictures. very few are talking about photography aspect of it, camera, lenses etc..

    this post shows:

    1. active Indian community on the net
    2. their emotional attachment towards the country (especially when they live abroad)
    3. that they can make issue out of nothing, discuss it and finally thrash each other (last laugh is important.)
    4. look at the number of comments people- so beautiful.

  173. 232

    To me these photocollection topics are always a wonder how lightly copyrights of others are trampled on. And not even the lightest of names are just brushed on a heap and presented as a collection of own fabrication. See how one would appreciate it when your photos are published without payment or even a name citation.
    Then there is even further the status of shown files. Many if not most would not be considered photographs by most newspapers and magazines photo-editors. There has been to much souping with photoshop and the like. Only the old ones are photographs in the sense that the image existed at one specific moment of time in the past.

  174. 233

    Nice photos.. But > Never call yourself a photographer while using the HDR method. It’s boring and unreal…

    • 234

      The HDR technique is a valid process to compensate for the limitations of the digital medium. If overdone, it looks manipulated, but if correctly used, it represents the vision the photographer had at the time the picture was taken.

  175. 235

    Gaurav Chaudhary

    March 22, 2010 7:26 am

    I am an Indian and i must say u have presented a beautiful India, it’s traditions, cultures people they all are true (and very beautiful as i see) but India is such a diversified country so modern India is also you might wanna showcase!

    Congrats on such a great post! Hope to see more…


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    Great pics! Really makes me want to go back to India again. Love the people there!!

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    Whatever it may be…. These whole pictures belongs to India. The one who feels shame or pity should realize that this is the reality. These are our surroundings. Everyone in every country cannot be wealthy. The matter to be considered here is they are still enjoying their colours of life. I yet not seen anyone in those pictures holding placards saying that they need help from anyone of us. Everyone has the right to live. and who said they are poor? They are really enriched with freedom, happiness, enjoyment and that is the true wealth that a man can achieve from his life. Feel Jealous with them and think how many of those rich people are able to share those with others ?

  178. 238


    March 22, 2010 8:24 am

    I’m waiting for Smashing Magazine displays a collection of interesting photos from Indonesia :)

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    Beautiful pics! It’s the most beautiful version of india!

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    These photos have certainly stirred up the Indian community of SM followers. Without doubt, the photos are “photogenic” in the true sense and therefore been selected; whether they represent the” true India” will be debated for aeons. The reason being defining Indian culture itself is very difficult, and, in my opinion, even a thousand photos will not suffice to represent “true Indian culture.” There’ll always be one more.

  181. 241

    You should credit the photographers. It bothers me that you’re taking these photos from them without compensation or credit of any kind.

  182. 242

    Nice photos but what I can’t understand is why we Indians can’t keep cheap nationalism out of it. What I’m trying to understand is what prompts people to say “I’m proud to be an Indian” by looking at these photographs. It can’t be the poverty, dirt and hard life that this photos capture. Probably it is the beauty and colour. Most Indians who have commented here are from the middle-class, well-off sectors of society and are sort of ashamed of the seamy side of India and would like to brush it under the carpet, as it were. As some have been quick to comment why the “modern” India has been left out of this collection. The thing is that we Indians lack self-confidence and are always seeking approval from others and always trying to look good in the eyes of the world. Ours is an ancient country with rich history and culture and we have much to be proud of but our understanding and appreciation of it is superficial and utilitarian, and that’s what make us trumpet our nationalism by seeing a motley collection of photos. People grow up. You’re not really proud to be an Indian, this is just another opportunity for you to say to the world “we are no less”. As if the world cares. Agreed India is unique but so are other cultures and countries. They all have their place.

  183. 243

    Some wonderful photos here. I’m currently planning a trip across Asia from Turkey and I’ve been wondering whether to go via Central Asia (the ‘Stans) or down through India. These photos are really swinging it for me with the magnificent photography and just all-round awesomeness! Even better than DubLi!

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    Thanks for shearing images.

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    Thanks for this though!


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    March 23, 2010 1:29 am

    very nice photos

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    For the very first time, there is no profile about the author of this post – Juliya Izgiyeva. Smashing Magazine, can you answer that question ps? How do we know whether she was eligible for the selection of photos?

    • 264

      Yagnesh Ahir

      March 23, 2010 3:00 am

      exactly!! u r soo true….u know the same feeling i get when i clicked the author’s name, i think thrs lot much biasing going on in smashingmagazine, what you say?

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    Great selection, I loved travelling through northern India and now want to visit the south too, loved the photos from the Holi festival

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    Really Amazing! Great Photography!

    Thanks for sharing!

    But, lot of beautiful locations also there in India. I don’t know why they are shown only poor and poverty kind of things.

  209. 270

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    Well done keepit up…………..

  210. 271

    I don’t think smashingmagazine should post these sort of things, as few people are taking it personally, and few comments shows that people are getting heart and trying to prove that india is a great country.

    But my dear friends greatness never needs to be defined. It finds it’s popularity itself.

    And everything have some positive and negative point, so does India.

  211. 272

    Sandhya Jain

    March 23, 2010 5:05 am

    Amazing pics!!!

  212. 273

    Comments stating “Proud to be Indian” is totally unnecessary and irrelevant to this post. Why we are so overexcited about smashingmagazine publishing a post about India.

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    check out the let’s colour team who are going to Jodhpur ont he 2nd to take some amazing shots of a project they are running there with the local communtiy

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    Alpesh Darji

    March 23, 2010 6:17 am

    Very nice images, Thanks for showcasing the country.

  215. 276

    rabbani sumra

    March 23, 2010 6:33 am

    pictures are amazing,
    well about the quotes i’ll say that “beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes”
    and one universal truth is “whole world is family”
    So if someone thinks INDIA is poor than i think world is also poor,
    come out of constrained thoughts , dont be an idiot, god created only one world , not few hundred countries.
    GOD is everywhere , means he is in everyone, so if you cant love someone, that means you hate god……….

  216. 278

    To ” Juliya Izgiyeva ” …and Admin.

    Great pictures… Love Mughal Era…

    You can also check a post on Lahore Fort another Mughal’s Mark in Lahore, Pakistan. Lahore is also called the ” Garden of the Mughals ”

    And yeah.. as pointed by other friends above, you might need to get that little error fixed.. THE 4TH LAST PICTURE IS A ” MOSQUE ” and not a ” TEMPLE ”

    I guess smashing magazine is a place where people come from different coutries and cultures and learn about each other as well… other than design.. so the admin should try to keep the info error free… atleast when pointed out by that many users…
    Keep up the good work SM !!!

  217. 279


  218. 281

    Thank you for including shots of Amritsar (The Golden Temple)

  219. 282


    March 23, 2010 9:45 am

    Almost all images are classic; it is the aesthetics and colours; not about filth or poverty or malaria; as a highly populated country, these things are there, but India is coming to the leading role; but i don’t like over patriotism; the earth is there, so any country is there. so let us hope a great future for this globe as a whole

    About those who see only bad side of everything, there is a poetic local saying in Kerala, ” Even in the milky udder of cow, the mosquito opt for blood to suck”

  220. 283

    its nice to see some really cool pictures of our own country when we are living on Europe =)

  221. 284

    Great Post… luv to see more like this :-D

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    Carl Rosekilly

    March 23, 2010 12:23 pm

    As you say in the headline, amazing photos!

    shameless plug

  223. 286

    Malheureusemsnt je ne suis pas indienne!Je suis fiere de connaitre ce pays-le plus beau du monde-et je pourrais y revenir des milliers de fois!!!!!

  224. 287

    I am from India… I saw a few pictures which were well portrayed and few which were not, but on all, you had the theme in place…Good work

    I have posted about this article in my blog

  225. 288

    Bhaskar Varshney

    March 23, 2010 8:36 pm

    Hello Everybody,

    i really enjoyed the photostream and thanks a lot for sharing the same with a larger audience but on the other hand please donot mix your personal emotion experience with the photostream, the comment section is only to comment about the photos and not about country (LIKE THE WAY MR. GEORGE HAVE DONE ABOVE IT ABOVE) the good and bad is there in every country and if people will start writing about the same, i m sure people will not post photographs in future

    god bless and once again thanks a lot for sharing

    Bhaskar Varshney (common man)

  226. 289

    Bandar kia janay Adrak ka sowad:D
    Lovely Pic and Lovely Place….

  227. 290

    C’est le plus beau pays au monde!Je pourrais y revenir des milliers de fois….

  228. 291

    Love the post.. Proud to be an Indian!

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    Incredible India!!! :)

  230. 293

    To everyone above,

    About the photos, exceptional! Its a shame if anyone sees filth and poverty and dirt in them, because that just means you are sadly blind. Every place on this planet is great and every place has its less glam side, as an Indian Im just proud that no matter what we havent lost what the rest of the world has – the ability to have a grounded, simple and smiling life. And even if not everyone here is a rich man with a Merc and if 60% of India DOES live in villages, so what?! Get over it people! What matters is that inspite of that we are still a nation that is content with our lives. There is so much beauty in the picture of a old mans face lined with wrinkles or a face of a child with streaks of dirt. Stop arguing about whats good or bad about this place. Be happy with the land that has given you life.

    To the admin/author of this post,
    No arguing that the pictures were breathtaking.. But it would have been great if the credit was given to the photographers who actually took these pictures. And it would also have been great if you would include some pictures from down south.


  231. 294

    Very cool photo, under the impression

  232. 295

    Thanks for The Beautiful Images Of My INDIA. Proud to be an Indian.

  233. 296

    Really beautiful pictures….showing different colours of India!

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    I really like the colors of India because its our(Pakistan’s) neighboring country.
    We Pakistani, lovers of Smashing would be really thankful , if a similar post could be posted regarding the beauty & colors of Pakistan.

    I can help you in this regard. Follow this link to take a look at Pakistan (A paradise on earth).


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    Really awesome collection….

    i am also Indian & u proud to b…..

  236. 299

    True India lives in those pictures. Awesome … thank you for such a beautiful pictures.
    Incredible !ndia

  237. 300

    This is the only post i did’nt like in smashing magazine. Though i am an Indian child, there are much Interesting pictures which could have been posted. There is only filthy shown. For instance there are much better pictures of the Taj Mahal then the dirty snap which is put. Diplomatic way of putting us down.

  238. 301

    As a foreigner from a western culture, and a so called third world country I have been to India twice. There is no place like it on earth. My pics are here

  239. 302

    The Photograph marked “TEMPLE” is not really a temple. Its one of the mosques in North India. Please notice the 3 people standing in the photographs they are practicing prayers in Islam.

  240. 303

    This is awesome, thanks for sharing!

  241. 304

    Harshit S Rathore

    March 24, 2010 5:55 am

    Amazing collection of colorful Indian beauty, I’m really thankful to you for showing the different colors of our India together.

  242. 305

    Poverty is an global issue, how do you consider poverty? buying food even as cheap as it is, are they consider poverty? No, do you consider poverty the way they dress? I think not so.

    Anyway Excellent Pictures! God Bless India


  243. 306


    March 24, 2010 6:38 am

    This collection is captivating and I will definitely be keeping some of these images in my stash for inspiration. Thanks for sharing – I think its important for us to expose ourselves to visuals from all over the world and broaden our perceptions of the world and human condition.

  244. 307

    Sadhvika Agrawal

    March 24, 2010 8:13 am

    Great collection of images, thank you for sharing. On our Indian Travel blog we have also done a few photography collection posts. One of our favourites was 10 photos that make you want to see India:

  245. 308

    Take us around the world!

  246. 309

    Anish Tripathi

    March 24, 2010 12:20 pm

    Great to see Indian Photos up here :) Thanks Smashing Magazine.

  247. 310

    Yes this is my India. Loving it very much. Good collections.

  248. 311

    Guys and gals here,

    I would like to remind you that this post is a first of its kind here at Smashing Magazine and should be appreciated with warmth. I am taking this opportunity to congratulate Smashing Magazine for trying something really different. Its a great new concept of showcasing photographs to exhibit the essence of a country.

    This is a design website for god’s sake! Stop taking everything personal and trying to prove that India’s a great country! The photographs speak for themselves – that India is definitely a country which every citizen of India would feel proud of. Why do you guys want to shout again and again that India is a great country and so on?

    Stop and try to appreciate the author of this post for the wonderful photographs. No one seems to have noticed the noble effort of the photographer to show the beauty and essence of India.

    I have always failed to understand why Indian people are so proud of themselves for no meaningful reason. Stop trying to be racist as I remind you again, this is a design website!

    • 312

      Yes friend you are right, this is a design related website and i really appreciate this post.
      “People should look at the art and photography in this not just dirt and the poverty.”

      If someone is just looking at the dirt and the poverty, than i think its on them that they want to look at positive aspects(art & photography) or just negative(dirt & poverty).

      Thanks a lot to Smashing Magazine for posting these awesome pics. :)


  249. 313

    Well, here I have seen only beauty and color! Really cool photographs to inspire the inner eyes..

  250. 314

    Proud to be Indian, love this pics

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      ya.. really its awesome.. i just take a look there are no words to express.., we can see the whole INDIA in this single site…

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    Wasim Shaikh

    March 25, 2010 2:40 am

    cool pics, I have also one very wonderful Portrait , at below url
    feedback on same,

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    Thanks for the post SM :)

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    Very inspritational in terms of colour as well!!



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    I like the photos( although a little too much Photoshop in some!) but not the post – for me photos like these belong in a slide-show (in HD large format maybe) with a black background and some information about them. I also think that India is such a huge and varied country that to put pictures of all corners and all cultures has no continuity and in my opinion serves no real purpose – there are far better ways to “display” such images – so good idea but thumbs down for overall “lazy” presentation – time to move on from this format, no? .. but hey what a country!!

  265. 339

    Danish Refai

    March 25, 2010 9:08 am

    I am so proud to be an Indian.

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    Amazing shots of India- colorful chaotic but happy country

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    Elvin González Shejab

    March 25, 2010 1:12 pm


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    Loved the pics.
    Keep Spreading the good Work.

    In my words If one know the “mysterious paradoxes” it becomes easy to communicate with other world…
    Other post should be encouraged focusing on various countries.
    Let’s understand the cross cultural values of different parts of the world…
    It will make a difference.And can solve many problems …

    Alok Tiwari

  269. 344

    Carlos Zambrano

    March 25, 2010 4:20 pm

    Great pictures!!1 i went to India and stay ther 6months, amazing Country!!!

  270. 345

    Good to see some pics of my country. After all the world is still interested in Indian culture & traditions. While we ignore it to the core and run behind the west. What a pity

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    Real photography should not consist of photoshop effects.

    Well you can make beautiful photo effects and “enhance” it with the photoshop. but it become artificial, the charm of the real photography looses. As for example “A glance inside, a glimpse outside”, “Golden Slumbers” etc have some layers of photoshop on the actual photograph taken. Though looking good, but it lacks the charms of photography. Even an avarage photograph can be modified to a “great photograph” using photoshop. … is not it?

    SM, next time so please select these “photoshoped photographs” in different section.

    Except few of those, others are great…… Amazing India.

  274. 349

    Sorry guys i don’t agree that india is a beautifull country.. its just photoshop.. photoshop can make anything look good.. look at Taj Mahal, the other side. Agra photo, clean your country first indian people.. or use photoshop to clean it.. lol !!! sorry never mind.

    • 350

      Manaworks, most people saw beauty in the eyes of the chlidren, stories and mystery in the eyes of the bearded men , a play of colors and light , beauty in the variety and simplicity etc . All you saw was the dirt on the other side of Taj and Photoshop . Therein lies the beauty of India , it shows you exactly where you need to clean up !

      • 351

        A befitting reply
        I invite you, MANAworks to INDIA

    • 352

      photoshop your thoughts- manasucks.

    • 353


      Thanks for your suggestions but i think you have never visited – Bangalore (IT CITY), Mumbai, Gurgaon, Ooti….

      We should look at the positive aspects of this not just negative……Anyways thanks for your suggestions


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      Tu Gadha hai

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      Tu Gadha hai
      Tu Gadha hai

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      Sorry guys i don’t agree that india is a beautifull country.. its just photoshop.. photoshop can make anything look good.. look at Taj Mahal, the other side. Agra photo, clean your country first indian people.. or use photoshop to clean it.. lol !!! sorry never mind.

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    @manaworks…. Sorry to disappointed you. India is really a beautiful country.

    Tajmahal is itself so beautiful that it does not require any photoshop effect :) And there are so many things you found here amazing.

    My point is that people should not use photoshop effects to change the original picture. That does not mean all beautiful things are made of photoshop in India.

    “.. or use photoshop to clean it.. ” .. it’s a great idea. Do you people use this method to clean your country? I’m really excited… :D

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    such a varied and contrasting comments
    Anyone will just laugh on this…. AND one this is for sure that IT CAN HAPPEN ONLY IN INDIA or On INDIAN TOPICS…

    btw INDIA is Great and we don’t need any certificate from anyone…

    THANX SM !!!!

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    One of my old friend just came back from India, and she brought with her some pics…and they realy rocks !!!
    Enjoy this :

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    Hey there, I think this is an excellent work. Of course eventually we’ll surely see this kind of post on a better format, indicating exactly which pics are modyfied and which aren’t… But, it really is a great iniciative. My congratullations to SmashingMagazine for the idea, I hope we can have more inspirational posts like this one in the future.

    And yes, India, Latin america, the World in general is dirty. We humans are the only ones to blame, but instead of complaining about perception, why don’t we just clean up the mess we made? India is not the only one whith this problem… open your eyes and you will see.

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    Gunvant Jani

    March 26, 2010 7:55 am

    Proud to be an Indian.

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    March 26, 2010 6:21 pm

    Some of these pictures are lovely, but some of these pictures also seem to have been heavily photoshopped.

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    sandeep upadhyay

    March 27, 2010 7:20 am

    Amazing collections, These collections showing heart of India.

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    Keep up the good work . SM . You guys rock!

  295. 381


    Ppl love to see stereotypical kinds o stuff, ignorance! Thers much more than that in India! She rocks, watte nation! unified in extreme diversity!

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    These are very glimpses of the great INDIA !!! We are in worlds best country to live life with maximum joy and freedom!!!

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    Lakshmi Mareddy

    March 28, 2010 9:44 am

    Great Pictures. Could not help but laugh at half the commentors. Why? This is the most number of Indians collected at one commet list.. :) And they are being true to form. For all the non Indians out there, it is very normal for Indians to be regional, diss one another etc. No apologies here, we are just being Indian..

    I have noticed quite a few westerners who are upset about being poor. In India, we take all walks of life in our stride. It is sad that “Slumdog Millionaire” kinds of movies or societal view only appeals to westerners. Some of the commentors are right. We do have so much more to offer, but is never chosen for whatever reason.

    I think in photography or story telling people like to see drama or contrasts, which is available in certain segments of society only.. Cliched but everpresent, nonetheless.. :) Thats why we only see lots of color, traditional costumes, portraits, light shadow effects etc. It would be nice if creativity also affords more interesting compositions, and not a touristy approach :) Any Indian photographers are ready to bite?

    PS: I would be also interested in learning about different cultures, places etc. To the smashing folk [Vitaly, Swen, Michael, Ursula and the nameless team] over here, good job!

    • 384

      Lakshimi, i am so glad you said what you said about only certain kinds of images being shared, ie., the most touristy kind. I am going to India later this year for my first time, and want to do it justice with my camera. From a visitor’s point of view, the things that are most often photographed are those which we do not see in our own culture … we are surprised and delighted by these sights, and want to capture them … in fact we want to capture everything! Your culture has long been known to be the most interesting and colourful culture of all, in terms of diversity and visual appeal. When i am there i will be looking for the less-seen images to capture, those that reflect daily life and personal interractions, as much as possible.

    • 385

      I agree. India has more & much to learn from about western common perceptions of reality.

    • 386

      mam, iam a graduate student from kerala. studying BMMC(bachelor of multimedia communication). i have some photographs that i clickd. i would like to upload those to the web to get better comments & critiscisms. i wd like to get good exposure. am also doing graphic designing. i had read all the comments & i noticed urs bcoz i think u are not following anyone & invading the new way. .
      am asking this to you bcoz i didnt find anyone who can show me a better way.
      pls rply, only if you dont mind. :)
      sry fr languge prblms if any

  298. 387


    I got to agree with the other poster, I have lived in India, take the constructive advice “CLEAN UP INDIA” there is garbage everywhere, no open space, no parks built in big cities, no town planning, all the major tourist spots have no infrastructure, look at Mt Abu and Ooty it went from a beautiful place a garbage dump, it used to have horse racing, beautiful parks, now it is chaotic and streets are dirty as hell…

  299. 388

    India is a marvelous country. It’s unfortunate that some places are not kept particularly clean (referring to the river photo).

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    Who needs skyscrapers, cafe’s, clubs and art museums when you have all of this?

    Wonderful collection. India is a treasure of the earth.

  301. 390


    March 29, 2010 2:06 am

    Good photos. Would been great without Photoshop, etc., edits

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    Nice compilation. I recognize most of the pictures are taken by Nat Geo photographer Steve McCurry. Photoshop – no photoshop – INDIA is a colorful, diverse and lively country like it or not – the rest can suck it!! :p

  313. 402

    Kumar Ritwik

    April 3, 2010 6:44 am

    While the photos are no doubt beautiful , the collection on the whole is pretty one dimensional …. colors, temples and “poor” people
    there’s more to India than this stereotype !!

    • 403

      One dimensional – I agree. These are some of the most “pushed” images into the world’s face representing the country. Almost resembles an alien landscape. Like James Cameroon’s ‘Avatar’s pagan aliens except without the tails.

  314. 404

    Incredible India miss you much….

  315. 405

    yuk….the same ol crap…BORING

  316. 406

    Pls note that the image titled TEMPLE is not a temple so its incorrect to portray the message through its title. Infact its the inner view of the Masjid (mosque) and people are in their standing position of their prayer.

  317. 407

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    April 5, 2010 6:58 am

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    April 5, 2010 10:13 am

    This is my India. It happens only in India.

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  321. 411


    April 5, 2010 7:48 pm

    Sry SM but it is Photoshopped India.
    Also the photographer lacks variations. Most of the pics are of same mood and touch.
    There are many other colors and hues in India. He needs to grab more in lesser number of pics.

    But Yeah India is gr8!!!

  322. 412

    well, beautiful fotos, yes.
    But what about the photographers?? I found the originals at flickr by various authors.
    At least you should mention their names. Have a look at CC – creative commons.
    Best wishes
    globalista aka petra-hh

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  324. 414

    Thanks. Makes wading through the day so much easier. If only India could come to me…

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    April 6, 2010 10:50 am

    I thought this was awesome! I would love to see one about Thailand!

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    Hanuwant Singh Rathore

    April 6, 2010 9:54 pm

    Its a realy nice collection of photos.i have been to most of these places,let me tell its much more beutifull to be at these places and experince yourselves,i can guarantee you you will never regret your trip to India,only what you have to do is to plan the trip very wisely.India has got a lot but you must be clear about what you want.a variety of landscapes are there from desert to oceans and from oceans to himalaya and much more.every state has its own language and own traditions and festivals.more than 1600 dialects are there and more than 22 languages.and most of the religions of the world.i am proud to be an Indian.and thats why i am a tour escort and i take the european tourists to the different places of India and believe me i like to tell my clients more and more about India so that they can have a good picture of the Alnd in there minds.its a vast land ,no one can see the whole India on 1 have to come to India many times to know the land.but the life of rich middleclass and poor people here will give you a right attitude towards your own life,only you need to understand the land as it is.your expactations should be different ind India than the expectations in europe.
    “padharo mahre desh”- welcome in India

  329. 419

    Hey ! Friend going through this post I thoroughly appreciate the hard work behind the generation of these amazing pictures….they have made me more curious to be a part of India very soon…Excellent work!!
    Wedding Marquee Hire Tunbridge

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    April 7, 2010 3:57 am

    Great Collection………

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    April 7, 2010 9:44 am

    India is a beauty full place, full of enrage and enthusiasm.

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    btw.. awesome collection!! I love my INDIA.. Jai Ho!

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  335. 425

    I dont see any pics of Hyderabad which has some wonderful monuments of its own(Charminar, Mecca Masjid, Golconda, Qutubshahi Tombs etc..). nor do i see pics from Mysore/Bangalore. I guess there are just two to three pics from South India and hence it would be apt to call it as Beauty of North India :)

    Love the pics though, they are awesome. Some of the folks out here are talking about dirt but with the GDP growing the way it is, dirt will soon become history :)

    • 426

      Hi Krish
      well, if I remember right, I took the colorful cones on a market in Mysore (or maybe Bangalore, where I lived for a year back in 2002). But you are right, no other picture is from the beautiful south.
      Wishes, G

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    well indeed, great collection of pictures … however, as some righteously mentioned: WHAT ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHERS? what about their permissions to use the pictures?

    Believe me, I know what I am talking about: two (!) of these pictures were taken by the guy writing these lines … i.e. by myself.

    Good governance would require to at least ask for permission, needless to say that crediting the pictures to the photographers would be the bare minimum. None happened …

    Your thoughts about it?

  341. 432

    karteek kumar

    April 15, 2010 9:28 pm

    great collection of pictures……… Beauty of south id missing …….

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    Nothing to comment @ this…….Keep doing the gud job dude…..

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    Kashif M Qasim

    April 19, 2010 3:26 am

    SM Guys: Did any one noticed Hina’s post regrading this image ( not being a temple its a Mosque. Please correct that, its not spreading the right message.

    Overall post is really good! Specially the children pics are too good.

  346. 438

    Kashif M Qasim

    April 19, 2010 3:30 am

    In fact a lot of people mentioned that image ( is not a temple, its a mosque. Please correct.

  347. 439

    Sudipt Bhattacharya

    April 19, 2010 3:40 am

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    Rayba Baijal

    April 26, 2010 2:02 am

    Proud to be an Indian and a daughter of this holy land……….

    Only scope of improvement is the basic infrastructure………….but i m sure we will be there!!!

    Rayba Baijal

  353. 445

    I refer to the comment made on April 14 (Comment No 350) and a mail sent to the editors of Smashing Magazine … still no feedback or inquiry for permission to use the pictures … kind of disappointing, isn’t it?

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    India- very beautiful place never been there,its natural beauty,kids photo’s really cute
    gr8 collection!!!!!!

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    Ashley Tillett

    April 30, 2010 3:07 pm

    these pictures are beautiful! just wanted to thank the person(s) who put these amazing photos on here for all your work b/c ive been trying to do a project for my health class dealing with how beauty has changed over time in different countries! and this is the most interesting and beautiful county ive looked up pictures for yet! i hope i get to visit india now!

  359. 452

    Nepali Lover

    May 4, 2010 12:42 am

    Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal not in India.

  360. 453

    It is a pleasure for the heart. Everything so beautiful!

  361. 454

    jinny elizabeth

    May 8, 2010 9:08 pm

    really nice pics ash , lets us realize hw beautiful our own country is !!!!!!!1

    • 455

      The real India we feel and experience while we are living outside, Congarts to all who behind this.

      Anish Jose

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    himasnhu sharma

    May 9, 2010 2:14 am

    These collections showing heart of India.

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    Manish kumar

    May 19, 2010 8:52 am

    obviously we all love our India, but just ask urself, that how many of us really take care of our country’s beauty, culture, and tradition..??

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    chandan ray

    May 21, 2010 11:15 pm

    Amazing & Incredible!
    This is my INDIA.

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    June 2, 2010 2:22 pm

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    Proud to be an indian

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    Sunil Bandapally

    June 27, 2010 8:52 am

    If one thinks about India…why the poor part of it ????
    This type of photos and pictures depicts the international picture of India…infact every country has poor. So try to depict the rich assets part of India, it would be great….

    -Sunil Bandapally

  378. 472

    open up your eyes people…….we need to do something to make india a clean and nice place to live……and this is true india,dnt ignore this by sayin that these pictures are great……some of the pictures looks like hell…….

  379. 473

    Abhilash A.S

    July 5, 2010 11:22 pm

    wow, what a collection. This is god’s own country.

  380. 474

    I just got up and having a cup of tea and browsing the web. I saw these photos,it is already made my day. I have seen some the places but not all of them. The camera captured the inner beauty of India or soul. Nothing like trains in India, very cosmopolitian, carrying the dreams of rich and poor, young and old, I love it.

  381. 475

    Beautiful photos. It is even more beautiful to take the extra step and actually be there. After a year traveling in villages I would like to add for those who were not there yet, that this photos are everyday life, no need to search for these specific places captured here. Just go. India will find you where ever you are.

    Here is what I did with my experience from India:

    My India: Where every village is home – Experience !

  382. 476

    Great ! You done a wonderful job. These pictures lead to create a good image about our country. JAI HIND !

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    this is great photos and they are very beautiful. they increased my love to great India. I wish i will see it one day and stay in it long time

  384. 478


    July 23, 2010 12:35 am

    Its an cool touch to eyes after long time to enjoy all 50 pics in one stretch.i love those pics-saadu with goldenwear.schoolboy.mehendi hands.holi pink stuff..many more..
    i hearty congratulate the effort of a photographer who brings out he mood in high intensity.

    love too the updates..


  385. 479

    wow!…liked the diversity
    each picture depicts a story of India in itself…great selection
    with the variety of colors, cultures, traditions and beliefs, India is a world on its own


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    > hope i could go there … :)

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    I love it.

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    Ashish Bansal

    August 5, 2010 11:44 pm

    Great work done……….pics are amazing, the most impotant and striking point of these pics is unity in diversity. This happens only in India. Proud to be an Indian

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    I am proved to be an Indian. We are lucky to have a great Places in India like this. These pictures are amazing to see.

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    onekia fahnbulleh

    August 30, 2010 12:08 pm

    Nice pics. they are really nice they would be great for me to use on a project. Who ever took these need a round of a applause. Keep up the good work, India is a beautiful place!

  406. 500

    manish kumar ojha

    August 31, 2010 3:48 am

    it is super collection, my special thanks to all those people who once again collected the mind blowing indian culture

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    Very good photos, Thankyou

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    Wow, went to Kolkata volunteering for a while, wish i had had a chance to see the rest of that amazing country, definitely one of the most amazing places in the world. Cant wait to return…

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    Hemanth Kumar H

    September 9, 2010 8:58 pm

    These photos are very nice to see and they shows the beauty of our country, there is need to add much more photos.

    Hemanth Kumar H

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    It’s My World and It’s My Country I love My India I love My culture and traditional .
    INDIA Incredible India.

    • 509

      It’s ur World and It’s ur Country u love ur India u love ur culture and traditional .
      INDIA Incredible India.

      then mail ur phone number hahahahaha

    • 510

      i love ur comment…, but still some culprits born India, study in India and work for Foreign companys.., Having such mentality citizens in India we cannot become No:1 in the world..

      The Patriotism should be given to the child since it gets the first milk from his or her mother…,

      For Even one who are Indian…,


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    all are welcome to visit my incredible india.

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        My Answer to Faiza

        What do you know about islam. I am muslim too and India is my motherland and I love to born their again and again. My forefather came along with Babur the Moghul from Afghan and settled in India Rajasthan and dedicated their life to this beautiful land. And i will be grateful to my father who stayed back in India after partition coz he loved his matrabhumi. Religion is not bigger than motherland and its culture. Only Pakistani muslim (so called) tarnished the islam image and become pain in the ass of India due to their blind faith. Both nation got freedom at the same time but look where is india and where is Pakistan. Instead of developing their education and economic they start developing hatred and today result is in front of them. Islam is such a beautiful religion which teaches beautiful things not be a human bomb. So stop the wrong preaching about Islam and love India and its people. Trust me you will never regret.

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