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Free Professional PSD Template: BlueMasters

In this post we release a yet another freebie: BlueMasters, a free PSD template, designed by Wendell Fernandes1 and released for Smashing Magazine and its readers. As usual, the theme is free to use in private and commerical projects.

BlueMasters is a dark, sexy, custom theme that has a solid, professional look and a very simple structure. You can access all files and layers used in a well organized structure and naming convention, making it easier for slicing the template or modifying it. BlueMasters can be customized to fit your business brand as well as your clients’ websites.


Download the theme for free! Link

The theme is released for free. You can use it for all your projects for free and without any restrictions. Please link to this article if you want to spread the word. You may modify the theme as you wish.


Template / Pages Link

The templates set consists of 5 pages that provide multiple page template design options:

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Portfolio
  • Blog Posts
  • Blog Post Selection
  • Contact

“Home” page template

“About Us” page template

“Home” page template

“Portfolio” page template

“Blog” page template

“Contact Us” page template

Behind the design Link

As always, here are some insights from the designers:

BlueMasters was created to help designers get started with a nice, solid and clean design. Looking at the many templates out there, we thought that it would be a great idea to incorporate some of the common elements used in other templates, and include them all in one single template, giving you a complete package of goodies. We hope this template can be of a great service to you, your business or your clients!

Thank you, Wendell. We appreciate your work and your good intentions.

Footnotes Link

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Vitaly Friedman loves beautiful content and doesn’t like to give in easily. Vitaly is writer, speaker, author and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine. He runs responsive Web design workshops, webinars and loves solving complex UX, front-end and performance problems in large companies. Get in touch.

  1. 1

    Great inspiration – thank you! One question though: which version of PS was this created in? The PSDs don’t seem to be opening in CS2…

  2. 3

    Great PSD. Lots of great reusable elements. Thank you very much!

  3. 4

    You guys are just Awesome!!!

  4. 6

    Great template. Thank You :-)

  5. 7

    Design look great!

  6. 8

    Manmohanjit Singh

    June 22, 2010 3:14 am

    Not bad :D

  7. 9

    Yeah! I’d say it’s very very good … no Web 2.0 element whatsoever used; not seeing such stuff these days, and I’m glad somebody makes a point that design is not only about screaming badges, reflections and rounded corners

    thanks for sharing !

  8. 10

    thanks, looks good

  9. 11

    wow this looks reeeeally great… you’re awesome!!!

  10. 12

    Wow might be the best free template out there

  11. 13

    Thanks you, I just wonder that can I convert this psd template to wordpress/drupal theme and share it?

    • 14

      Smashing Editorial

      June 22, 2010 5:28 am

      Yes, of course.

    • 16

      Neo, please, let me know when template to wordpress/drupal theme is done!!

    • 17

      Neo, please…do convert to drupal :)

    • 18

      Neo, please let us know if you share the template for wordpress! Thank you!

    • 19

      if you do this, neo, please post it! this would be a fabulous wordpress theme!

    • 20

      Paul Hastings

      June 22, 2010 9:08 pm

      Ditto for a WordPress conversion.

    • 21

      Tyler Collins

      June 23, 2010 1:29 am

      I would love a copy of this as well. I have so much freelance work on at the moment, that I don’t have time to design and code my personal portfolio :( This will do until I get some free time to give my personal portfolio a complete overhaul.

      Thanks Wendell Fernandes for the excellent template :)

    • 22

      Chris Moritz

      June 23, 2010 6:27 am

      Would also appreciate a copy of said WordPress theme. ;)

    • 23

      Yes, please keep us updated… especially if Drupal!

    • 24

      Can I sign up for that theme too please!

    • 25

      Yeah please !!
      Neo .. make us a wordpress theme from this template, please ..
      smashing, let us know when he’s done of it ..

  12. 27

    Lenker Columbia Web Design

    June 22, 2010 5:10 am

    Good, clean design. Thanks for sharing.

  13. 28

    Beautiful design. Thank you!

  14. 29

    Wendell Fernandes

    June 22, 2010 5:35 am

    Thank you for the kind comments! It’s a pleasure to help this community! I’m giving away free stuff too, just to celebrate and help out even more. Here it is:

    Once again, thank you!

  15. 30

    The zip file is broken, two downloads and both had problems

    • 31

      Smashing Editorial

      June 22, 2010 1:00 pm

      We checked the file multiple times. It is perfectly fine. Please try downloading the .zip-package again.

      • 32

        Yeah!! It is perfect. Zip file is not broken. I like this template. Neat, clean and perfect. Do posting templates like this. You guys are really awesome!!!
        Thanks a lot for sharing.

  16. 33

    Jamie Brewer

    June 22, 2010 6:03 am

    Great psd. Thanks

  17. 34

    Css Collector

    June 22, 2010 6:16 am

    Great Design!
    You can also see the beautiful designs here.

  18. 35

    Not impressed, it’s too similar to what i take was the inspiration

  19. 36

    It would appear that templates now have templates. I’ve seen that exact design a countless number of times over the past year or so. You can go just about anywhere and get that layout in PSD, HTML/CSS, WordPress, Drupal, etc. They’re just different colors.

  20. 37

    Christian Broadbent

    June 22, 2010 11:45 am

    probably won’t use the template but can definitely use some of the elements for other projects. Thanks SM!

  21. 38

    sexy template! thank you for sharing

  22. 39


    Would be awesome to have this converted to Drupal & WordPress, hit me up if you’re going to do it!


  23. 40

    i will post a link the wordpress theme when im done with it. Thanks for the amazing PSD

  24. 41

    I guess I’m missing something – but how would you use a PNG or PSD file to create a website? Shouldn’t it be HTML files?

    • 42

      john, i will be converting it to a html/css template and i will sent it to you if you want

      • 43

        Hey Nico,

        Can you send the HTML/CSS template to me as well? Many thanks in advance.


      • 45

        Can you send it to me too ? Thanks ^^

        • 46

          Agreed! I would love to get this in HTML/CSS as well! Not sure what do about a couple spots.

      • 47

        Would like to see the markup too… :), pls send to me, much thanks
        Great job.

      • 48

        Great, thanks Nico – It seems many here want it, could you upload it to somewhere like dropbox or skydrive?

      • 49

        Hey nico if i also get the html css version , will be glad. Thanks in advance.

      • 50

        So good. I will be very happy to have these PSD files converted in a WordPress theme… Really Beautiful Design!!! One of the best for photography lovers!!!

      • 51

        I’d love a copy too if it’s going!

      • 52

        Hi Nico,
        have you converted this File to Html/Css. I got a few problems and it might would help to compare my code with yours. I would be so greatful.
        Best wishes from Finland

  25. 53
  26. 54

    Really nice master template.
    Great work. mate!!! :D

  27. 55

    Zip file is broken.

  28. 57


    Great article and thanks for the hard work on the template to Wendell and the Smashing Magazine team. Nice design and very helpful to the design community. I would rate the article as awesome and hope to read more of these!

    Just a side note, I noticed other designers are using a 96dpi instead of the standard 72dpi for web designs. I asked them and they reasoned out that today’s monitors being larger; are manufactured for 96dpi. I am not sure if this is confirmed or acceptable yet.

  29. 58

    Coool one, i will try to convert it to a BlogEngine theme. :)

  30. 59

    There must be something with the file as I too have experienced issues.

    Mac based (os10.6.4 w/-Safari 5) – Tried three downloads, two successfully download. Both can’t unzip. Tried using Stuffit latest version as well as Archive Utility.

    Windows (xp w/- Chrome) – Tried two downloads, both successful. Neither will open, “Archive verification error”.

    But some people here are having success. What platforms or utilities are being used?

  31. 61

    I love it when people share wonderful things. Nice design, clean and simple. Good whitespaces.

  32. 62

    Lloyd Erasmus

    June 22, 2010 11:53 pm

    Awesome, thanx for sharing!

  33. 63

    Very nice of you to do this…most grateful…

  34. 64
  35. 65

    How do you convert this PSD into a wordpress theme?

  36. 66

    Federico Capoano

    June 23, 2010 3:48 am

    This is good stuff, not like the post about military!!!

  37. 67

    Awesome work! Thanks for sharing!

  38. 68

    I like the design. I was wondering could you tell me how the background was made (the little dots)? Thanks

    • 69

      The background was a gradient mix, then three layers on top of that, one of which being the dots.

      The dots can be made in a number of ways though. Love the template. Thanks Guys

  39. 70

    I find designs that follow this current trend of design really boring. It’s too bad soooo many people are designing theme like this, and so many people think this is good design.

  40. 71

    thans portfolyo themes, you stars …

  41. 72

    Bruno Byington

    June 23, 2010 3:15 pm

    Helped me a lot. Nice to see how some elements where placed and designed. thanks very much.


  42. 73

    So it is possible that I convert this really great Template to Joomla!1.5 and share ist over my own homepage?

  43. 74

    i know this has already been posted but my laptop says it cannot open the file cause its invalid…is it because i’m on windows…i’m lost…

  44. 75

    This is definitely a nice Template, I believe I have seen it somewhere before when I was looking for my websites ideas and templates. Good and informative article too :)
    – From Tintation

  45. 76

    third times the charm i got it….

  46. 77

    Good website, thanks for you share!

  47. 78

    Yeah!it’s very nice!

  48. 79

    hi baby.
    its great and very nice work.tnx so much

  49. 80

    I already convert two pages (home and about page) to HTML, if anybody interested you can see demo and download here –

    btw thank you so much, this template really fun to play with.

  50. 82

    How do you move them over to HTML?

  51. 83

    Wow! excellent article.
    The theme is beautiful, I wanted to use it but no idea how? I’m new in blogging and just select the free template what they are offering but this one I really like.

  52. 84

    Very nice, like it!!!Thanks a lot.

  53. 85

    Christopher Dosin

    June 25, 2010 2:07 am

    greate psd file!

    i`ll definitly convert this wonderful theme to a joomla template.
    of course i`ll share it to the community :)

    • 86

      Love to see that Joomla template if you have had a chance to work on it….


  54. 87

    If anyone is interested I have no projects going right now, so I’ll whip up the css for this.

  55. 91

    Beautiful Work !!!

  56. 92

    Fantastic service, I love Smashing!

  57. 93

    The zip file is broken :(

  58. 95

    Can’t seem to download this, the download keeps crashing. Download manager won’t resume it either. Does anyone have an alternative link?

  59. 96

    Thanks for sharing this, smashing magazine and thanks to Wendell for taking time to create this wonderful work

    However I can’t download it as well. Been trying for three times.
    The download stop when it almost reach the end. I’m using windows operating system. Can someone that has already been able to download the file, be kind enough to upload it elsewhere? It will be much appreciated. Thanks

  60. 97

    Lawrence Linn

    June 25, 2010 10:30 pm

    I see lots of people, like me, love the template but are not familiar with how people start with templates like this and get a web site on the other end (html, css, drupal, wordpress, etc.)

    It would be an interesting an educational post for us beginning designers to discuss the workflow different experienced designers use to take a PSD design like this and make it live.

  61. 98

    Amita Gandhi

    June 26, 2010 5:23 am

    Thanks a lot for sharing. Great work…carry on…

  62. 99

    This is by far the best free template I ever saw !!!
    thanks for sharing :D

  63. 100
  64. 101

    Thanks a lot!

  65. 102

    Great template, can I get the html/css pls? and or the wordpress template?

  66. 103

    This sure does look ‘inspired’ by ma’s “Synthetik” theme over on themeforest…

  67. 104

    Hi Nico,

    Could you send me the html version to? I would really appreciate it! :)

  68. 105

    Oh yeah, verrrrrry nice guys. Well done. I would like to convert this to wordpress or perhaps joomla if anyone is interested and if thats ok ?

    • 106

      I’m interesting if you convert it into WP theme

    • 107

      Hi there,

      would love to see the template for Joomla if you have had a chance to work on it.


  69. 108

    Nice PSD layout. Converted it to HTML5 layout and made my own mini-cms with PHP and ‘site like’ styling for backend.

    Hit us up and email if you want the source jack (dot) perry (at) me (dot) com. Happy to share!

  70. 109

    Thank you for this awesome template, you guys rocks

  71. 110

    absolutely amazing theme. I love it so much!

  72. 111

    gud designs..

  73. 112

    Matias Korhonen

    July 1, 2010 7:29 am

    Can this be used in an open source CMS project (with proper attribution, of course)?

  74. 113

    The zip file is broken :( The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

  75. 114

    I guess the Smashing server isn’t feeling well right now. I’m also not able to get a complete download. Waaaahh.

  76. 115

    I take it no one has succeeded in converting this .psd for WordPress as yet…

  77. 116

    Great Source! Anyone there, who has converted the PSD to WordPress?

  78. 117

    Hey, im getting a broken download.(twice) whats up?

  79. 118

    I love the template, i would realy like a working html version of it!

  80. 119

    Sweet baby jeebus, this is so awesome. If I were a man, I’d have jizzed my pants. Probably twice. I’m a lady, so I held it in. OHMYGODTHISISSOAWESOME.

    Wait. I’m sure you can tell I’m a noob. Can I use this for WordPress? Say yes. If not, who do I have to kiss to make it happen? MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  81. 120

    thanks for giving this template 4 free.

    I love it so much!

  82. 121

    Mario Aguiar

    July 21, 2010 12:04 pm

    Hey guys, fist of all love the template, really nice done.

    I read a lot of comments talking about a wordpress theme, but that’s it, just talk. So I decided to turn the template into WordPress, is not quite ready yet, but soon.

    You can se the demo on my site and I’ll drop a comment when it’s ready:

  83. 125

    Hey this is impressive

  84. 126

    Anyone know if Neo finished a wordpress conversion on this?

  85. 127

    Nice work. Im thinking of converting into html using 960 grid css. I will share it once im done :)

  86. 128

    Hi guys.

    Thanks for such an awesome and beautiful PSD artwork.

    We have sliced all PSDs into valid xHTML strict + css 2.1.

    The sliced template is free to use without any restrictions. so, enjoy!!



    Let us know if you need any help.



  87. 129

    The download stops and don’t finish at all, I do it many times

  88. 130

    Hey guys, this page is selling this very same template for $25, that can’t be legal can it? I mean, it’s free right here…

    • 131

      sure cannot tell exactly what he seems to be selling, is it just the PSDs or the code for either HTML or WP? Doubt very much if it is legal to sell the psds. reading the terms, I am not sure about a coded HTML site or WP site tho., that may be legal to do. but again I really can’t tell what he is selling?


      • 132

        Terms of Usage from the download

        This freebie has been brought to you by
        You can freely use it for both your private and commercial projects, including software, online services, templates and themes.
        The set may not be resold, sublicensed, rented, transferred or otherwise made available for use. The set may not be offered for free downloading from websites other than
        Please link to the article in which this freebie was released if you would like to spread the word.


        The above tells me, no, this guy does not have the right to resell the psds, if he is doing that, not sure about HTML or WP themes based on the psds however.

    • 133

      Mario, thanks for your WP theme, will be doing more with it later, and will try out the new d/l


  89. 134

    thx for the template! looks very nice!

  90. 135

    Christopher Dosin

    November 9, 2010 3:19 am

    You can download the Version 1.0 Joomla Template here

  91. 136

    Many thanks for this template. I found also really good look free PSD template on this site:

  92. 137

    Hi Nico,

    Could you send me the html/css version to? I would really appreciate it!


  93. 138


    I have a problem with search button. Sometimes it is an icon and sometimes it changes itself into button.
    Anybody knows what is the reason?


  94. 139

    Hey guys,

    we’ve just released BlueMasters for Drupal 6 and 7. Go check it out at

    We’ve also ported to Drupal some other awesome free themes released through Smashing Magazine. We’re listing those at:, where we are also asking you to tell us which theme you’d like us to port next. Don’t miss the chance :-)


  95. 140

    This is a great theme. Though I a good deal about Drupal but I could not customize it. How to replace or pictures to the front page and also to the three blocks down the main slide. Thanks

  96. 141

    Hey! I LOVE this theme but i’m a total noob and don’t know how to use the templated pages!! I’m using the theme in Drupal…so yeah, having problems! And the third slider isn’t showing up for some reason!

  97. 142

    Great work.
    Thank you so much.

  98. 143

    today see website its good. i download the templates and may be i use this templates in my website.. Great Job

  99. 144

    you are doing a very noble job. its like a water in a desert. Please always help this way like a people for me. and please guide me how can i start {steps} of web design a template and set in dreamweaver after slicing. i can work on Adobe Photoshop but dont know how to fix the size for web template and after that how to slice and adjust in dreamweaver.
    thanks. your new student Yasar.

  100. 145

    I love this theme, you guys rock! Is there a version of this theme compatible with Dreamweaver to customize for a website (not using wordpress or drupal)? Thank you so much!

  101. 146

    after installing and tweaking dozens of drupal 6.x themes, i think i’ll stick with this one for a while. i’m not great with css or theming in general, so i always need something that’s 90% what i need out of the box. i did some minor tweaks that anybody could figure out via google and it’s just what i needed. i highly recommend it. here’s the site i used blue masters on:

    • 147

      Great and clean site! I like the way Blue Masters look on your site. How were you able to customize the 3 slider pictures on the front page, is this in the ‘style’ file or some other type of file that I should be looking in? I’m not that good with CSS but with having Drupal over time, I’ve learned how to customize it in a way, and find whatever line need to be changed. If you would like to offer a tip as to how it was done that would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  102. 148

    Ceola Ladtkow

    June 18, 2011 8:58 pm

    Hi! I know this is kinda off topic however , I’d figured I’d ask. Would you be interested in exchanging links or maybe guest writing a blog post or vice-versa? My website goes over a lot of the same topics as yours and I feel we could greatly benefit from each other. If you happen to be interested feel free to send me an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you! Superb blog by the way!

  103. 149

    Where can i get the slider like the one on the template example?

  104. 150

    Hey guys we’re currently working on a website for our web development project and this template is a big help for me. More power and thank you so much

  105. 151

    can i get only the slider in html?

  106. 152

    Great theme but I have some questions and there doesn’t appear to be a forum to ask them in.

    Is there a forum somewhere?

    I enabled Bluemasters and now I don’t see a login link so I can’t administer the site. Anybody know where the login link is (not twitter). Need a geographical description cuz I don’t se it anywhere. Maybe not enuff color contrast but I;m kinda screwed at the moment. Thanks for your help


  107. 153

    Wow, this template looks beautiful, and finally no worries. Thank you.

  108. 154

    I am really really new to this. I love this theme… I tried using the link that said there were steps to recreate the live site demo but can’t find it. I am basically new to drupal and need to know how to use this theme? anyone help?

  109. 155

    Can I use this Theme as commercial website ?

  110. 156

    I can’t download it. How to download this theme. Can you share me?

  111. 157

    Nayem Hasan

    March 7, 2013 3:56 am

    This theme is PSD to HTML but have any theme like this theme for WordPress?
    Please reply me as soon as possible.

  112. 158

    I’m using this PSD to practice my conversion prep & coding skills, but I can’t seem to extract the gradient information (color stops) in the background under the top bar. I think some of the layers in the PSD have been flattened unfortunately.

    Clipping to and saving just the gradient as a PNG doesn’t really help either, if you’re using #333949 as a CSS background color property for the rest of the page. I think #333949 gets converted to some web safe color, therefore the color in your PNG will differ from the rest of the page, even though technically they’re set to the same value of #333949.

    Looks like I’m just gonna have to eyeball it, but if you know how to extract the color stops from the background, please reply.

  113. 159

    PorcusDiu (YouTube user)

    October 20, 2013 1:30 am

    where is the download link??? :(
    Help me!


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