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How To Permanently Delete Your Account on Popular Websites

We all have an increasing number of sites and online services we’re members of, and sometimes it all gets a little overwhelming. At times, we just need to delete our memberships to some sites, either in an effort to simplify our lives or just because we’ve grown tired of a particular site or service.

What we often don’t realize when signing up for all these accounts, though, is how difficult it can be to permanently delete our accounts when we’ve had enough. Some require complicated, multi-step processes that can stretch over the course of days (or weeks). Others take less time, but still require multiple steps by the user.

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Below we’ll take a look at the account deletion processes of popular websites and services, and how easy or difficult they make it. Then we’ll discuss why sites make things so complicated, and some things to consider when designing your own deletion policies.

Facebook Link


Difficulty (on a scale of 1-5, 5 being hardest): 5

Deleting a Facebook account is a bit more complicated than many other services. There are two options for getting rid of your FB account, one that’s permanent and complete, and one that lets you change your mind later.

If you just want to shut down your account for a little while, with the option to reactivate it later, you can deactivate your account. This is simple: just go into your account settings and click on the “deactivate account” link. This immediately makes your account invisible to everyone else on Facebook. If you decide at a later date that you want to reactivate your account, it’s as simple as reactivating.

If you’re looking for something a little more permanent, though, you’ll need to submit a request to Facebook. The tricky thing here, though, is that they don’t immediately delete your account, and if at any time before it’s permanently deleted you log in or otherwise interact with Facebook, your deletion request will be canceled. For that reason, it’s a good idea to go around to any computers or devices (like your mobile phone) that you access your account through and log out (deleting saved passwords is also a good idea to prevent an accidental login).

Then you can use the form found here6 to request deletion. Remember not to log into your account at any point after that. There doesn’t seem to be any official notice on how long it takes, but unofficial reports say 14 days. To be on the safe side, you may want to wait a month or more before attempting to login to confirm your account has been deleted.

More information on deleting your Facebook account can be found in their FAQs7.

Twitter Link


Difficulty: 2

In contrast to deleting a Facebook account, deleting a Twitter account is relatively easy. All you need to do is go into your account settings and click on the “Deactivate my account” link at the bottom of the page. This is a permanent deactivation, though it can take up to a month for your account and information to disappear entirely from their system.

One word of warning, though: if you think you might want to use your email address, username or phone number on Twitter in the future, make sure that you change them prior to deactivating your account. Whether these things are permanently blocked from Twitter in the future or only temporarily isn’t specified, but it’s a good idea to change them anyway.

You can find more information on deleting your Twitter account here9.

MySpace Link


Difficulty: 4

Deleting a MySpace account is a bit convoluted, but doable. You’ll need to login to your account and then go to the “My Account” link, and then select “Account”. Scroll until you see the “Account Cancellation” section and click on “Cancel Account”. This is where it gets a little bit complicated. MySpace will then send you an email with instructions for completing your account cancellation. Except the email doesn’t come right away, and can take a couple of days to show up. Once you get the email, it asks you for confirmation again that you want to delete your account, but then deletes it immediately.

All of the above works just fine, as long as you still have access to the email address you signed up with. But as so often happens when we finally decide to clean up our online accounts, some of them may be associated with outdated email or other accounts. In that case, there are a few alternatives listed by MySpace. The first one is to edit your profile and replace everything in your “About Me” box with “REMOVE PROFILE” and then contact MySpace and tell them to delete your profile (including your friend ID or URL). If that doesn’t work (say, if you can’t login to your account at all), you can just contact MySpace and ask them to delete the profile. How quickly they actually do so isn’t specified.

Official instructions for deleting your account can be found here11.

LinkedIn Link


Difficulty: 3

LinkedIn makes it quite easy to delete your account, once you know where to look. Click on “Settings” in the upper-right of the screen once you’re logged into your account, and then select “Close Your Account” under “Personal Information”. You’ll then be prompted for the reason you’re closing your account, and once confirmed, your account will be deleted.

As far as social networking sites go, LinkedIn probably has the most straight-forward account closure process. More details can be found here13.

Google Link


Difficulty: 3

Considering how pervasive Google is in our digital existence, you’d think deleting your Google account might be incredibly complicated. After all, many of us use dozens of Google services, and you’d think each one would require separate deletion.

For the most part, deleting your entire Google account is easy. There are only a few services that require special consideration. Of course, with the exception of a couple of services, there’s no way to delete individual services completely from your Google account. For example, with Analytics, you can delete each individual site you’re tracking, but not the Analytics account itself.

To delete your main Google account, login through the Google Accounts homepage. Then click on “Edit” next to “My Products”. From that page, you can delete certain services (Orkut and Web History), as well as delete your entire account by clicking on “Clear account and delete all services and info associated with it”. This will take you to a form where you’ll need to confirm each of the services you’ll be deleting. If you linked your Google account to an existing YouTube account, you’ll need to delete that account separately.

Then you’ll need to confirm your password, and check that you do, indeed, want to close your account, and that you know you’re still responsible for any pending financial transactions associated with your account. Then confirm, and your account will be deleted.

Certain services, including Google Alerts, Groups, and Docs, aren’t automatically deleted in this way. To unsubscribe from alerts, you’ll need to refer back to your original Alerts email (or from any Alerts email you’ve since received) and click the ‘unsubscribe’-link there. For Groups, you’ll also need to unsubscribe from each group.

Google Docs leaves shared documents and presentations available to collaborators and viewers. Spreadsheets, on the other hand, aren’t available to collaborators or viewers once you’ve deleted your account (so have a collaborator create a copy of the spreadsheet prior to deleting your account). With shared documents and presentations, you’ll want to reassign ownership to another user before deleting your account.

Full details on deleting your Google account can be found on the Google’s Help page “Deleting: Your Google Account”15.

Ebay Link


Difficulty: 3

Ebay17 makes it fairly easy to close your account, though they do impose a waiting period. All you need to do is make sure your account has a zero balance, and then click the link to request your account be closed on this page18.

One caveat: if you think you might want to use your email address for another Ebay account in the future, make sure that you change it prior to deleting your account. Email addresses and user IDs cannot be reused in the future. Once the waiting period has ended, your account will be deleted and your feedback ratings and other information will no longer be visible. Whether that information is permanently deleted or stored on a server somewhere ad infinitum isn’t specified.

Wikipedia Link


Difficulty: Impossible

Wikipedia20 is one of the few websites out there that doesn’t allow you to delete your account. That’s right, once you have a Wikipedia account, you have it forever. There is some hope, though, if you really don’t want to be associated with it any longer.

In most cases, accounts can be renamed and your user page can be deleted, along with (in some cases) your user talk pages. While this doesn’t erase your tracks entirely, it does effectively let you vanish from the site.

Wikipedia’s reasoning behind this is that all contributions have to be assigned to someone. They can’t have anonymous or orphaned contributions, or it would potentially ruin the crowdsourced and open nature of the site.

Flickr/Yahoo! Link


Difficulty: 2

Deleting your account on Flickr22 is relatively easy. Once you’ve logged into your account, go to your account settings and click on the “Personal Information” tab. From there, click the link “Delete your Flickr account”. A warning screen will come up that informs you that the deletion is permanent, and that all of your photos and videos will be deleted.

Deleting your entire Yahoo!23 account is a separate step. Log into your account and then go to the account deletion page24. This page explains what happens when you delete your account. User information is kept on Yahoo!’s active servers for 90 days after the deletion has been requested, and may persist in backups beyond that. Once you’ve read the information on the page, you have to enter your password, a captcha code and then confirm that you want to delete your account. One thing to remember: if you’ve signed up for any Yahoo! premium services, you may still be billed for those after your account has been terminated, so make sure you cancel those premium services before you delete your account.

Windows Live Link


Difficulty: 2

Closing your Windows Live26 account is actually surprisingly easy. There’s only a problem if you’re using that account to access other websites. If so, you’ll need to go to each website where you’re using your Windows Live login credentials and delete your accounts there prior to deleting the Live account itself. If you don’t, you won’t be able to delete those accounts (or do anything with them) once your Live ID is deactivated.

Now, once you’ve verified that all your accounts linked to your Live ID have been closed, all you need to do is go to your Windows Live account27 and click on the “Close your account” link at the bottom under “Other Options”. This will bring up a page that tells you what happens when your account is closed. This includes that your registered information will be permanently deleted, that some information might not be deleted (refer to their privacy statement for details on that), and that if you have associated children’s accounts with that Live ID, they will also be deactivated. To finish the deletion process, you have to type in your password and click “Yes”.

There are reports that at this point you may be told there is a Microsoft email account associated with your account, and that your account cannot be closed. From there, you just need to click on “Close your Microsoft account” and then “Close my account”.

Stumbleupon Link


Difficulty: 1

Stumbleupon is one of the easiest web services to delete your account from. Just go to their delete account page, enter your user ID/nickname and password, and click on “Delete Account”. That’s it! Account deletions are permanent, so make sure you really want to delete your account before clicking that “Delete Account” button. Link


Difficulty: Impossible doesn’t allow you to delete your account. Instead, they recommend you simply leave the account inactive. If you’re worried about the information you’ve uploaded to your account, remember you can always delete the information contained in the account (or replace it with false information).

Start by deleting your blogs. To do that, go to Tools and then “Delete Site”. There’s an email confirmation step required. You may want to run an export of your site’s content first, just so you have a backup in case you ever want to repost or reuse any of it (or just for posterity). After that, you can replace your email address and other identifying information with alternative information. More information can be found on this page30 and this one31.

Amazon Link


Difficulty: 3

Closing your Amazon33 account requires you to contact their customer service department to request the account to be closed. This can only be done if you have no pending transactions, so make sure you’ve either received or cancelled all recent orders.

The email to customer service has to be sent from the email-address associated with your account. Other than that, they don’t give any indication of either how long it might take to delete the account34 or if there are additional confirmation steps involved.

YouTube Link


Difficulty: 3

If your YouTube36 account was set up with your Google account login credentials (as in, you used your Google account to sign up for your YouTube account), it’s automatically deleted when you delete your Google account. But if you set it up separately from your Google account (or linked the accounts together after they were both set up, or if you want to keep your Google account), you’ll need to delete it separately. One thing to note is that deleting your account does not delete your videos or channel, just your profile information. You’ll need to delete those prior to deleting your account.

The deletion process is pretty straightforward, though it does have a few more steps than are really necessary. Log in to your account and then go to “Manage” from the drop-down menu under your user name. Then click on “Manage Account” and then “Delete Account”. It will then ask you why you want to delete your account. Fill that in and then click the “Delete Account” button. YouTube then brings up a window that reminds you that your videos will not be deleted, only your profile. If you’ve deleted your videos and channel (or opted not to), then click on “Delete Account” one more time. You then have to confirm one more time. After that, try logging into your account again to make sure it’s been deleted.

PayPal Link


Difficulty: 1

Closing a PayPal38 account is pretty simple. Just log in to your account, and then click on your “Profile” link. From there, click on the “Close Account” link in the “Account Information” column. You’ll be prompted to continue from there and then you’ll need to click the “Close Account” button.

You’ll want to make sure your account is current and that there are no pending transactions, and of course you’ll want to transfer the positive balance to your bank account. There are reports that if you delete your PayPal account, it’s more difficult to get another one in the future (as in, they require more information of you). Whether this is true or not is unconfirmed.

Why’s It So Complicated? Link

In the case of every service mentioned above, properly deleting your account is a multi-step process. Some sites are even more difficult. It’s not a technical issue, obviously, as programming a functionality to let users delete their own accounts is something most competent developers could do before breakfast.

So why do some sites make it so complicated? The answer is user retention. They don’t want you to delete your account. The hope is that if you have the account, you’ll use it at least occasionally, if for no other reason than curiosity about things you might have missed when you weren’t logged in. As soon as you delete that account, though, it’s an out-of-site-out-of-mind kind of thing. You’re less likely to sign up for another account if you decided you could live without it once.

Account Deletion Remorse Link

This is one very valid reason to make it more complicated to delete an account: deletion remorse. It’s not uncommon for a user to have a bad day, get angry about something going on within a social network, and decide they’ve had enough and are getting rid of their account.

Of course, what often happens is that a day or two later they realize how much they loved using that social network, and they wish they could get their account back. With account deletion policies like those of Facebook (on which I’ve witnessed such account deletion remorse first-hand), users can just reactivate their account, and have all of their old friends and information right there. On sites with more immediate deletion policies, that user would likely have to start over entirely.

Should You Use Complicated Account Deletion Processes? Link

Considering how many major sites out there have complex methods for deleting accounts, should this be industry standard? Should all sites employ these methods to help retain users who can’t be bothered to follow a multi-step process? Probably not.

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether you want to make it complicated for a user to delete their account. First of all, if your deletion process is going to be handled by customer service representatives, do you have the manpower to do so? If you suddenly have a thousand members who want to delete their accounts, do you have the resources to handle that?

Do you expect users to regularly delete their accounts just to sign up for a new one a week later? If it’s complicated to delete their account, they may never sign up for another one, not wanting to go through the process again.

Inactive accounts can also eat up your system resources. Server space can become an issue, especially on very popular sites (or sites with very low budgets). Plus, it makes maintenance and backups more intensive, since there’s more data to deal with. Making it easier for people to delete their accounts if they’re not using your service can help relieve that load.

The level of complexity for the account deletion process is something that needs to be considered on a site-by-site basis. In general, the easier the process is, the better; however, it is important to make sure that users may be having a bad day and make a mistake by closing an account and so they will be happy about getting the account back a couple of days after it was closed.

Making the process way too difficult and time-consuming will turn annoyed customers in angry ones, the ones who will be very likely to spread negative word out there, while annoyed users would probably just close the account and move on, and even maybe come back to the service later. In either case, one way to minimize your worries about it, though, is to keep your users happy and conduct your site’s business in a transparent and open way.


Footnotes Link

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    Lee Englestone

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    What a great article. It highlights something that should be simple but is often made frustratingly hard.

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    Brilliant issue to talk about! You’ve great research and shared really good guidelines. Thanks for doing this. Sometimes, you just need to start over. Early on, social networks were manageable — now they seem full of spammers and hawkers. Few people are actually engaged or interested in ‘networking.’

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    This article was very interesting. It makes you second guess your privacy and personal safety knowing some information can never be truely erased from the internet.

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    You know ? Its russian social… Like facebook. And there delete ur accaunt is impossible! They work with Russian FBI… And you cant cheange your real name! You must send SMS from your real phone number…

  10. 11

    Under “Google” you say…
    “If you linked your Google account to an existing YouTube account, you’ll need to delete that account separately.”

    Under “Youtube” you say…
    “If your YouTube account is associated with your Google account, it’s automatically deleted when you delete your Google account.”

    Which is correct? Or does there need to be more clarification?

    • 12

      Cameron Chapman

      June 11, 2010 12:34 pm

      Sorry that wasn’t clear in the original post. It’s now been updated to reflect the proper meaning. Basically, if your YouTube account was set up with your Google account (using your Google login rather than setting up a separate account), it can be deleted right along with your Google account. If you set up your YouTube account separately from your Google account, or even if you linked them together after each was set up, then you’ll need to delete each one separately. Hope that clarifies things!

    • 13

      Your youtube automatically is deleted when you delete your google account. I just deleted my google account, because I had two and it deletes all your Google products, including youtube, Google Adsense, etc. It does however take a few days for the youtube channel to be taken down, but after a couple days, everything is gone.


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    Aleks Bochniak

    June 11, 2010 5:23 am

    How difficult is it to delete my account from Smashing Magazine? :-P

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      Can I have your stuff?

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        Shekhar Sahu @WhiteHatAndroid

        June 11, 2010 11:09 am

        Hey sister you made it so complicated. Try, it will do everything for you :))

        • 17

          Facebook blocked that site back in May for breaking the SRR. So it looks like we still have to do it the ‘hard way’.

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    Aljan Scholtens

    June 11, 2010 5:40 am

    Thanks for the article, good reminder! I will integrate it soon on and I will make it easy, because I would want that too.

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  14. 20

    Martin Alterisio

    June 11, 2010 5:48 am

    “It’s not a technical issue, obviously, as programming a functionality to let users delete their own accounts is something most competent developers could do before breakfast.”

    That’s far from the truth, even in sites with minimal user interaction the use case for deleting an user account as from moderate to high complexity, in highly social sites the complexity of deleting an user account becomes exponentially complex. It’s not just doing a DELETE query or flagging an account as deleted, some of the user info is used in every place he/she interacted with the system.

    Deleting an user account is both a complex process and a scalability nightmare. It’s primarily a technical issue and the reason why most services and social sites take days to properly delete an user account.

    • 21

      Yeah, I also think that’s it’s not that easy (in the technical term) to simply delete an account. You’re have a 100-story, simply remove 1 so that it becomes 99-story is not that easy. If you’re not careful everything will go down.
      Taking facebook for example, deleting a user is not as simple as deleting their profile page. There are pictures, tags from other people, links that they like on others pages, movies, quizzes, games that they play, …. Since social network is about people connection, there’s no doubt that they would be careful about deletion.

    • 25

      Also to make things worse, the site should be built to allow your account to withstand someone else trying to delete you account, which make the delete process complicated (both the user process and the server process). Something this article appears to have ignored, as well as the sites that made the permanent deletion process easy.

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    I gotta say… interesting topic!

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    On deviantART is impossible too.

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    To close a PayPal account is really easy. But keep in mind if you want to do this, you should also remove your bank accounts and credit cards before closing your PayPal account.

  19. 30

    Is this really what SM has come to… how to delete your Facebook account?

  20. 32

    For CalorieCount, which is a sub-part of, you have to e-mail them asking to delete it. I felt stupid for not being able to find something so simple as account deletion so I looked for something that wasn’t there for quite a while.

  21. 33

    Myspace was a serious pain in the arse 5 years ago. I had to send an image of myself with my id # to get the account removed. It was a bloody joke!

  22. 34

    Miguel Carvajal

    June 11, 2010 7:59 am

    Thank you for this very informative article.

  23. 35

    Check out, a webservice which automatically deletes Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn accounts. Here’s what they say about it:

    Liberate your newbie friends with a Web2.0 suicide! This machine lets you delete all your energy sucking social-networking profiles, kill your fake virtual friends, and completely do away with your Web2.0 alterego.

    • 36

      Todd @BinaryHaiku

      June 12, 2010 5:30 am

      Their example of 0 hours 52 minutes vs. 9 hours 35 minutes for manual deletion kind of reinforces this article.

    • 37

      Actually, The Web 2.0 Suicide Machine does not delete your accounts. It does, however, simplify the process of removing some or all of your personal data and changing settings in preparation for “the deed”.

  24. 38

    Is there any way to delete Facebook information that is stored in the public search? I switched the public search to off, but when I search for my full name it still shows in the public search. But I guess that a Google issue that has spidered the information and although I’ve changed my credentials they are still cashed by Google.

    • 39

      Google will eventually remove the reference, but it can take 6 months or so. I do believe you can contact them about removing it, though.

      Anyone know how?

  25. 40

    Great Article really…..thanks a lot =)

  26. 41

    Joe Barstow

    June 11, 2010 8:30 am has a great utility for deleting a user account. In your account settings, a discreet message down at the bottom of the page simply states you can delete your account whenever you feel like it.

    In my opinion the worst experiences are the ones you have to CALL the websites customer service and listen to them try to up-sell you on new services or discounts before you can cancel it. This perpetuates the idea that you can get whatever you want out of a company by threatening to leave. Bad business model imho.

    • 42

      Audible does this. Or at least they did a few months ago when I tried to cancel my account.

      Apparently, there is a Close Account option the first time you delete your account, but if you reopen it, the link is gone, and you have to call customer service to have them delete the account for you.

      The guy I talked to at Audible wasn’t pushy, and didn’t try to persuade me to keep my account, which I appreciated, but it’s just the principle of it. Let me close my account when I want to, damn it!

  27. 43

    Wrong Google logo. Shameful work guys. :-)

  28. 44

    While I agree with some readers that this isn’t exactly Smashing subject matter, it’s still interesting and deserving of a bookmark.

  29. 45

    useful info … thnx mate !

  30. 46

    Unfortunately for me, when I attempted to delete my MySpace account last year, it would NEVER delete no matter how many times I confirmed the email, etc. It was odd… and as for sending them an email to delete it, well, that never came to pass either.

    So what did I do? I googled “MySpace Headquarters” to find some type of phone number and I called it, got a hold of customer service, and explained what was going on to a lady (she sounded like she was miserable at work). She deleted my account for me and it took seconds.

    On a side note — my account was associated with an old login email that happens to read “supngga” and the lady who I spoke to was black. When she asked for my email I spelled it out. Silence.

    That’s my grand experience of deleting my MySpace account, haha.

  31. 48

    Seth Elliott

    June 11, 2010 9:36 am


    Any idea how to get my old “Friendster” account to disappear? It continues to show up occasionally in Google searches of my name….



  32. 49

    Little trick

    To delete facebook account you don’t have to log off in all devices, You can simply CHANGE your PASSWORD, so other logins becomes invalid ;)

  33. 51

    This post is a variety. Nice Stuff – I used to read most of your articles Cameron Chapman.

  34. 52

    As to Wikipedia:
    The difference is that you don’t have to reveal any personal information to get an account and you can work with this account without ever doing so. In case you have posted personal information on your user page, you can easily delete it any time.
    And each contribution you make is done under a Creative Commons License and the GFDL. What you contribute there doesn’t belong to you anymore. And you agree to be named as author under your user name. So you inevitably leave permanent traces, which are documented in the version history of each page.
    So an option to have your user account erased wouldn’t make any sense in the context of Wikipedia.

  35. 53

    Marc Witteveen

    June 11, 2010 10:49 am

    Why not just use Does it all for you.

    • 54

      It says ‘Make sure you’ve Flash Player 10 installed’. (Jokes apart, it’s useful.)

  36. 55

    Nobody mentioned it here, but there’s a very important reason for keeping an account recoverable for some period before deleting it completely!!

    The reason is – security!
    The services you mentioned maintain people’s digital life, social connections, thought process, financial actions, etc.
    If someone happens to break into your account, steal your password, it might take you some hours to days until you notice it, and then some hours to days to actually regain control of it, depending on the site and broadness of the breach.
    Then you surely wouldn’t want someone who managed to take over your account, to be able to delete all the information about you in one second, in an absolutely and totally unrecoverable way!

    • 56

      Not quite sure I understand your reasoning. If you no longer have an account, your non-existent account can no longer be hacked into.


  37. 57

    Thx for this. What about Yahoo!?

  38. 58

    “but unofficial reports say 14 days. To be on the safe side, you may want to wait a month or more before attempting to login to confirm your account has been deleted.”

    So if you want it gone, just never try to login again after fill the Cancelation Form, its safe that way, you can ask a friend to look for you a month later to be sure.

    • 59

      Actually, this is not exactly true:

      * There is a grace period of 14 days before your account is deleted permanently
      * Whenever you login directly on the website, Facebook will warn you you’re still in that grace period an either lets you cancel the deletion request *or* still perform the deletion process
      * Logging in from third party services, even the iPhone app, doesn’t in any way interrupt the process, so you don’t have to get paranoid on absolutely, never, ever logging in again.
      * After 14 days, everything’s gone. You can reregister the same e-Mail, even the Facebook-nickname ( will again be available

      Why I know? Well, I just started the deletion 14 days ago. Now, everything’s gone and I have a new, empty Facebook account. :)

  39. 60

    Thanks for this, good piece.

    Notably absent, deleteing an AppleID (which if I understand correctly is impossible).

    Also should have mentioned suicidemachine.

  40. 61


    June 11, 2010 2:58 pm

    On StumbleUpon, you can schedule your account for deletion, and from that moment on you have 14 days to change your mind. After 14 days, the account is completely deleted. Within the 14 days, you can go back and undo the account deletion. This is how we handle “account deletion remorse”. Hope this helped!

  41. 62

    It should be noted that, even though one may go through the *permanent* path of FB account deletion, it may not be that simple. I had also used my FB userid to “FB connect” in other places. In spite of the FB account deletions, these “FB connections” still chase me here and about over the web.

    I suspect the same would hold true of GOOG, Yahoo! and other such userids used as “Openid” type connections. Beware.

  42. 63

    Bookmarked. Because I have friends and family that don’t see the value in social networking.

  43. 64

    something to keep in mind, when you delete an account in flickr, the comments are left behind. so complete account deletion is not possible.

    • 65

      This is true, but a blank placeholder icon takes the place of your buddy icon and any images used in your comments go bye-bye.

      I have been told that it is possible to export all your data, including comments, from Flickr using the API, though.

  44. 66

    actually for that case, comments on all sites should be editable. but that certainly is not the case.

  45. 67

    According to Facebook, when you delete your account, your post will live on on other people’s wall and applications. Not even suicidemachine can wipe out your footprints…

  46. 68

    Really great article. Thanks for this.

    I’m having to go through the process of figuring out how to go about this for the system I have built.

    It’s a forum/conversation-style system, so if someone deletes their account, it will break the ‘threads’ of various conversations they once participated in.

    I’ll be doing something like replacing their posts with ‘this user no longer exists’ type posts and deleting the actual content they created or shared. Trouble is, is that the replies will often reference them through video/audio etc. no way of getting around that.

    It’s really not as easy as some people think to delete an account on the system side, when their account ids etc are used as foreign keys in so many places around a database – especially in places like Facebook etc.

  47. 69

    First time this question came in my mind after seeing your post that how can I delete my account on these sites.

  48. 70

    Hastimal Shah

    June 11, 2010 8:20 pm

    Thanks you for sharing the information

  49. 71

    Surajit Kayal

    June 11, 2010 9:55 pm

    Very informative. Thank you!

  50. 72

    I’ve previously blogged about user account deletion. I don’t think the reason it’s hard is to retain users. It’s far more likely to be that the architecture of the underlying system has made it hard, combined with no real motivation to make it easy (as opposed to actively opposing it).

    Sites that do tend to make it easy probably do so because deletion requests are soaking up support time.

    Anyway, you can read more of my thoughts about it, including my proposed solution, here:

  51. 73

    Good grief, this article is retarded.
    What next… “How to switch on your computer”?

    • 74

      Darren Williams

      June 17, 2010 12:29 pm

      I totally agree. Pathetic.

      Its a shame, I love this site but you’re giving me more and more reasons to look elsewhere!

  52. 75

    Matt Berridge

    June 12, 2010 2:33 am

    Windows Live…difficulty: impossible!

    No matter what, when you close your accounts down they are ‘held’ for 270 days after closure in case you ‘change your mind’. 270 days?! How stupid is that!

    So you can be phished again in this time and once logged back in, your account gets reactivated!

    I have been trying to close mine down for months after being phished (I have changed my password numerous times) yet all my contacts are STILL receiving loads of spam emails due to the above happening.

    Their support team are useless as well. Very annoying. I simply CANNOT close my account.

  53. 76

    Great to know that. Thanks

  54. 77

    claire stokoe

    June 12, 2010 4:49 am

    Nice post, the Facebook deletion is tough.. i tried a few times until i finally did it.

    I haven’t tried with the rest though, i thought that facebook must be the most difficult, they just keep opening up your account if you try to log back in to test it has been deleted.

    Here is a walk through with screen shots to help

  55. 78

    Digg account deletion – email the support team requesting that they delete your account. They then reply asking you to explain and justify why you want this. You give them a reason. They delete it.

  56. 79 account deletion is very simple. I think… 1 (or 0,5) :D

  57. 80

    Federico Rojas

    June 12, 2010 8:26 am

    I would like to know how to delete an Skype account. I´ve tried a MILLION ways and nothing works. Thanks.

  58. 81

    Robert Rodman

    June 12, 2010 9:57 am

    You article on deleting accounts was very interesting, some time ago I had deleted two accounts
    1- Plaxo
    2- Classmates
    I am still getting updates from both of these sites. How can I stop the updates and emails?
    Thank you
    Bob Rodman

    • 82

      I deleted my Classmates account last week, haven’t heard from them since. Are you sure your account is actually gone?

      I don’t know about Plaxo. I’ve never felt comfortable handing over my address book to anyone other than my ISP/email provider.

  59. 83

    Just put things on your profiles to get banned. Even get someone to report a post or picture. Then let the hosts know your profiles been hacked. Request them to delete it.

  60. 85

    Typepad is another such nightmare – you can’t have your account deleted, but only switched to “inactive”.
    It’s a shame how some web services think they own their users’ data.

  61. 86

    if you want to delete any of your accounts, all you gotta do is just post some porn or something up. THEY will delete it for you. I remember a while back i posted a post on myspace about how myspace sucks, and 2 days later my acct was deleted lol.

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    Great stuff this is a page I will be bookmarking for future use.

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    really liked it very much


  66. 91

    Thanks for the tips. You actually have encouraged me to close my “personal” YouTube account that my I used to share my own videos with relatives and friends, but could not make a good impression to current and future employers.
    I chose to unlink the YouTube account from my Google one, just in case, deleted some videos and chose to close the account… that took a few clicks thanks to your guide.

    • 92

      Just to add that all my videos have been deleted despite the warning message that you mention in the post.

  67. 93

    You forgot to mention Tecnorati.. been ticketing them for over 8 months and still nothing.. and I’m not alone :P

  68. 94

    There is a more fun, almost instantaneous way to be deleted from FBook. I found a more fun way is to break some of the terms. For example, “Be offensive” on some active group walls. I made this suggestion to a friend after suicide machine site was down, after 10 mins, a handful of inappropriate posts to various groups… and presto, he was gone with out a trace.

  69. 95

    Very useful. Thanks.

  70. 96

    Myspace = impossible. I had to send numerous tickets to get my account deleted with not very bright tech support staff.

  71. 97


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    Nice One! Any update related to deleting a orkut A/C?

  73. 99


    June 15, 2010 9:52 am

    Great advice. Keep up the good work.

  74. 100

    Deleting a Paypal account is a pain in the ass.

    I tried to close mine, but there were errors. I emailed support, and actually got responses, but it seems that whoever had responded had a poor attention span, and they couldn’t actually read an entire email. The responses were barely relevant. Eventually I just gave up. I have since deleted the email address that it was associated with, for unrelated reasons, so that was nice.

  75. 101

    Their’s so-many Different way’s these “Scammer’s” get in to you Account’s Via this Internet.
    They Know what their Doing th common Person get’s “Dumb-Founded” when on this Internet They do what ever they Tell them to Do then thier Really F*cked Over

  76. 102

    Schahryar Fekri

    June 16, 2010 6:55 pm

    Thanks :)
    Would be kool if you could mention about Blogger as well.

  77. 103

    I don’t know how I did it, because according to this article it should pretty hard, but I deleted my MySpace account about 6 months ago. Then, I stumbled this, got paranoid, tried to log in to my old deleted MySpace account, and it’s still gone. So, I must have done something right.

  78. 104

    Darren Williams

    June 17, 2010 12:27 pm

    Zzzz…. another ridiculously pointless smashing article – you need to review your author acceptance procedure.

    “How to remove yourself” articles should be confined to the trash, they undermine your readers and make a mockery of the good, well written, articles on this site.

    My personal favourite “How to permanently delete you wikipedia account” the answer “you can’t – its impossible”

    Thinking of submitting an article “how to type using the power of your mind” (you can see where this is going) “you can’t”.

    Tosh. Rubbish. Terrible

  79. 106

    @Smashingmag: Facebook actually publicly tells you that and when your account will be deleted and that the grace period is 14 days.

    Whenever you log in again after having requested deletion, you have the possibility to stop the process (“Cancel request”) or to stay in the process of deletion and get logged out immediately.

    Logging in on the website or from third party tools won’t in any way stop that process in any way.

  80. 107

    thanks for the article, it’s really very useful.

  81. 108

    Other problem with deleting account permamently (from database) that someone can take account name after that, and there may be links on other web-sites that referencing to it.

    That’s why many sites do not allow to delete or change account name (some allow to get another accout associated with first, but it’s usually paid service).

  82. 109

    Frank Drakman

    June 22, 2010 4:37 pm

    Had myself a Facebook page for about 15 minutes before I decided I should probably read through their policies [you know, the ones I’d just casually agreed to by the dozens w/o reading a word?] at which point I realized it was not for me – ever.

    Fortunately I’d already falsified many important details on my page – because deleting the account didn’t appear to be an option at all. Oh, sure – you could go through the motions and even get a confirmation from FB stating that it was gone, but it wasn’t.

    A couple quick searches for myself (using Pipl, etc) turned up the “deleted” Facebook account again and again – and this is weeks, even months after removing the account.

    Finally, I was able to restore the account with some help from FB – then I changed everything; name, sex, loc, age…everything.
    Once I was sure it was all gibberish I deleted it again.

    I too recommend people change their info before deleting these accounts.

  83. 110

    I deleted my facebook account, only after I stumbled upon the link to do it. It said it would take 14 days, apparently to think about what I’ve done.

    • 111

      I deleted my facebook account back on the 13th of June using the steps I found here. Logged back in today, they asked me for confirmation of deletion once again and said it would be scheduled for deletetion EXACTLY two weeks from now….. wtf. Is it illegal for facebook to hold your info hostage? I mean how long does it take to delete?

      • 112

        Facebook does not “permanently delete” your account even though you have requested to do so.

        I had a 2nd account for gaming only and one day I decided to “permanently delete” the thing since I no longer used it over 6 months ago.

        Last week I started playing Mafia Wars again on my regular account and needed an item. Without even thinking about it, I logged into my “deleted account”, clicked on Mafia Wars, found the needed item and sent it to my regular account…

        Then it hit me, I “permanently deleted” the account that I was using at that moment over 6 months ago!!

        All my friends were in tact, all the games were at the same levels, it was just like I logged out 6 hours ago instead of 6 months.

  84. 113

    The YouTube/Google senario is somewhat inaccurate. The two accounts are still separate entities and if you delete your google account, your youtube account remains under the username you signed up with. You have to delete your youtube account manually.

  85. 114

    To quickly permanently delete facebook just post porn on your account and have people report it.

  86. 115

    June 30, 2010 4:02 am

    Gravatar ( is missing from the list. They don’t allow you to delete your account (although you can delete you avatar), meaning they’ll store your email forever….!

  87. 116

    Great instructions! If you don’t want to deal with all that, though, there are other options. For example, you can pay a few bucks to have a company like us ( handle everything for you.

  88. 117

    No Caller ID lol

    July 2, 2010 5:42 pm

    Alternatively, to permanently delete your youtube account within minutes, just upload a small section of porn, and flag it. Your account will be permanently deleted.

  89. 118

    thanks for all this
    but i think for facebook it’s so easy to delete your account

    just be “spammer” or do something against their stupid rules and they will delete your account definitely

  90. 119

    There is a faster way to delete your account from any website and get banned permanently.

    Just become a freaking spammer!!!

  91. 120

    “Out of site, out of mind”

    Either a rookie typo, or a kinda clever pun. :)

  92. 121

    Wow this is a really detailed list of how to manage/delete online accounts! Have you ever thought about how to delete the accounts of a deceased family member or friend?

    I currently am an Intern at, It is a free online service company that provides people with an easy way to pass on their digital assets (facebook, ebay, photosharing, etc accounts) to their heirs when they pass away. We have been compiling a list of how to deal with accounts of those who have passed.

    Let me know what you think?


  93. 122

    this article was really helpful! thankyou! but there is one problem which i can’t find the resolution to. about a year ago, i made a youtube account with a email which i then deleted. then i forgot the password, and i couldnt do ‘forgot password’, as i couldnt open the email account. luckily, the youtube account was saved at logged in on my old laptop, so i was really pleased. immediately, i deleted the youtube account, so that i could reopen it with a good password and current email. however, whenever i try to create an account with the same username, it says that the username is not available. i know for certain that i deleted the account, because when i paste i the url of the channel, it says that ‘this account has been deleted by the user’. is there a time gap before the username becomes available again?

  94. 123

    Nice work, Cameron. Is there a way to delete oneself from My Life, both as a subscriber and someone they list? Thanks.


  95. 124

    Scotty O'Brien

    August 30, 2010 4:27 pm

    Or you could post something against the Terms of Service and be banned! That’s the universal way to have your account removed from any and all of these services ;-)

    EAT AT JOE’S!! lol (against the TOS)

  96. 125

    The problems with Ebay start when you try to switch your account from a business type to a personal account. That proved to be impossible for me so far!

  97. 126

    Thanks for the heads up and information about this, that is the encourage that I need, am so happy to have found this ,Thanks for the article. I liked reading it

  98. 127

    I deleted an account of some poor bebo-esque social networking site about five years ago called hi5, to my dismay i managed to find my account was still on the website two days ago even though it said it had been deleted. I have filed a complaint, and it shows that when you say delete, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gone.

  99. 128

    how do I delete my account in

  100. 129

    Derek Williams

    November 4, 2010 10:37 am

    I could not find a way to do this anywhere on Wikipedia. After hunting around, I discovered one cannot ‘vanish’ or ‘commit wikipediacide’. I understand why they would want to track the usage of the site to prevent fraud or other criminal conduct, but I don’t understand why they cannot vanish a user from public view. Had I realised this at the start of registration, I would *never* have agreed to an irrevocable lifelong commitment to Wikipedia. I respect the site, and use it often, but I don’t wish to have an account any more, at least not one that anyone can see, nor that I can log into. By all means keep archival records, but please leave me right out of it.

    While it is a respected information source, Wikipedia is not the government, so I question its right to hold information about me against my will. No doubt its policy is all laid out somewhere nice and clear, but I did not see it until just now when I attempted Wikipediacide. I’ve yet to meet a single person who ever read all the conditions before entering a parking building, or buying a CD online. Yes it’s our responsibility, but contracts are verbose, lengthy and oftentimes gobbledegook to a busy person, so one tends to assume organisations of such size are acting in good faith.

    Thank you for running this site. Very useful.

    • 130

      Except the license you give your work to wikipedia under explicitly requires attribution, it makes sense you cant delete it.

  101. 131

    Emmitt Fickert

    November 6, 2010 4:32 pm

    Excellent post, well written I must say.

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      I can’t delete my twoo account. It keeps asking on my password which I am very much pretty sure of.

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    This is really helpful and just what I needed. I don’t like when sites keep my information. Thanks for sharing.

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    I have an emergency question here!
    I accidently bought or sold a item from eBay and I really want to cancel it! I already delete the PayPal account! On my ebay page it says I have “1 case” and that is the item that I accidently bought! I want to cancel the item that I bought! I also want to delete my eBay account but I’m really feel cautious that it might get suspended that I unpaid the item that I don’t want!

    Please Help me ASAP!

  104. 135

    how can you permanently delete an aol account?

  105. 136

    Frank the Rabbit

    November 18, 2010 8:48 pm

    For those of you that do not understand why you would want to delete your accounts on social networks and others, read this:

    If you do not care about any of this, then don’t worry about anything. Just keep bumbling through life blindly. As they say… ignorance is bliss.

  106. 137

    How do I delete my account / profile from

  107. 138

    I still love the websites that ask you if you are sure five times before they let you delete an account. I guess it is to prevent accidental deletions, but still funny that you have to confirm multiple times. For your further reading enjoyment, check out blog.realtimemanager

  108. 139

    Here’s another interesting tidbit, anyone, anywhere, can start up an account with your name on it without your permission and the site owners do not have to provide you with any information on the web address used to create a bogus account. Something to think about.

  109. 140

    the easyest way to get rid of any account is to upload pictures of the muslim profit muhammad and repetadly give abuse to people you know will report you, hay presto your account will be disacctivated.

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    please delete my facebook id

  113. 144

    Nice summary of account deletion procedures. For the SUPER lazy, there’s also this service called DeleteMe,, which has people who will do it for you.

  114. 145

    how to delete an account on byond

  115. 146

    how to permanently delete myself on facebook

  116. 147

    Looking at Linkdin’s account deletion process, it states that after account closure you can contact customer service and your account will be reactivated.
    Does anyone know if they actually delete personal information permanently? It doesn’t say it anywhere…

  117. 148

    Wikipedia is easy you just have to get banned. I don’t have an account with them anymore

  118. 149

    For instructions to delete many more accounts, see

    I use this site to check if a site provides account removal *at all*. I’m always anxious to what happens with my personal data if I cannot even delete my account if I would like to… ICQ and Skype don’t allow deleting your profile at all, so your data just sits there forever.


  119. 150

    The explanation for wikipedia is incorrect.

    Legally, wikipedia needs to have some name for every edit. The license all the writing is under requires this. You can have your user page deleted and your account renamed to a random set of numbers.

    “Wikipedia’s reasoning behind this is that all contributions have to be assigned to someone. They can’t have anonymous or orphaned contributions, or it would potentially ruin the crowdsourced and open nature of the site.” Wikipedia does have anonymous (with IP addresses recorder) and “orphaned” (from accounts renamed to random numbers) contributions and always has.

  120. 151

    Epic Question

    April 26, 2011 12:09 am

    How do I delete an account on CNN.COM? The website provides no info.

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    May 22, 2011 11:03 pm

    Hey guys first post! Cant wait to get to know everyone!!

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    Cool stuff you got going on here!

  123. 154

    to permanently delete facebook, begin by unfriending everybody and setting everything for “my eyes only.” If that doesn’t seem good enough, I think you could update your email address — use a new address created especially for the purpose. Then, change your facebook password to something impossible to remember. When it offers to send you a way in through your email, then also set your email password to something impossible to remember.

  124. 155

    You should do a post on deleting accounts from dating sites next. I met my fiance on a dating site three years ago and we both had a heck of a time deleting our account(s) and getting rid of the subsequent suitors and stalkers that remained.

  125. 156

    is there any possibility that an account in facebook would get deleted due to pornographic photos and videos?

  126. 157

    I would really like you to mention thestudentroom on this because this is another site where they will never allow you to delete your account. I can understand the Wiki reasons butit really seems that TSR are doing it just to seem much more popular that it actually is

  127. 158

    This is greatly helpful for novices to dump unwanted sites. The naughtiest sites are in dating business. Some of them do not have any option to even change the password. Some allow you to ‘hide’ your profile but do not allow ‘deletion’ of the profile. Suggest you write about those as well.

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    A very helpful and well written article :)

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    First, I found the information in you post useful. But, then I read the comments and discovered a whole range of account deletion issues. I think that this post and the comments should be made compulsory reading for all those in charge of web sites like MySpace, and Facebook, and the maybe there would be a lot less frustration for users.

  130. 161

    how about deleting craigslist posts?

  131. 162

    Not only is there the problem of deleting accounts, but also deleting the links to your account. I’ve lost track of the number of friends who delete an account to something and then come back a month later with a completely different email or username, but all the links on their forum signatures / portfolio sites still lead to their old account (which is now deleted) as they haven’t updated it. That’s why I used Socially@, the online business card for social networks. If I get a new account for something, I just put the link into my Socially@ homepage and it updates it on all my sites / blog posts / etc. I’m slowly converting my friends to it too, which will hopefully solve the VERY annoying issue of trying to keep track of all my friends’ accounts, and what social networks they are / aren’t a part of.

  132. 163

    Hey i closed my g-mail account and i didn’t know my youtube was linked when i done this.. is there anyway to get it back?! and also ive e-mailed youtube does anyone know how long it will take for them to get back to me?


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    nice article! but the easiest way to DELETE your facebook account permanently (and backup ALL yor data) is

    2 clicks and you’re done!

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    delet my facebook account

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    Thanks for the info. I want to delete my YouTube account (which is linked to Google) but when I do through the procedures, and click on Manage Account, it does not give me the option to delete (or close) account. What is the problem?
    Could you send your reply to my e-mail as well. I am wasting so much time trying to get rid of the YouTube Account. Thanks!

    Article was great and much needed.


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    hi,i want delete my similac account permanently.please tell me how can i delete it.?

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    The instructions in this article are easy to understand and will be a huge help in my efforts to get rid of so much stuff I don’t use anymore. Thanks.

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    I deleted my LinkedIn account over a Month ago, but every time i google my name, that account shows up. I would like it to disappear. Can anyone please guide me through this process.


  141. 172
  142. 173

    Frances Murphy

    October 6, 2011 12:52 pm

    hello my name is frances murphy i wish i would of found this site sooner before third party sites messed up my life through social netwroking media crooks but im glad i did now . i only used it to download ringtones and stuff and also keep in touch with family and adult entertainment sites got me and my family friends teachers in a whole lot of trouble adult porn shouldnt bee on line and neither should acess to peoples personal info from they are the real badies and scam artists who end up ahssling hard working people . thanks this is very usefull i will share this site with my friends and family aswell . now lets see someone steel my id post it on tthird party sites im disabeld you knwo it taking advantage of some0ne vunerable period

  143. 174

    How do you delete a facebook account without having everyone know you have deleted it?


    • 175

      That would be very hard since people will notice you’ve gone if you’re popular on it.

  144. 176

    HI, I am trying to close my hotmail account and and my windows live. Have tried your steps, but when it comes to close your microsoft account it tells me: This option isn’t available for your account…

    Tried going into linked ID’ but there is no linked ID’s that I can delete…. this is really frustrating me by now… will my accounts be deleted automatically after some time when I don’t go into them for a while? Even if I have pictures on them? (which I can’t seem to delete either)

    Thanks for your help, Katja

  145. 177

    I am Tring to deleate completely out of yearbook how do i do this.

  146. 178

    # 1

    Open your Web browser and navigate to the account deletion page on the Yahoo! website. Log in with your username and password.
    # 2

    Verify that the user ID at the top of the page is correct and review the information on the page below, which explains how to end certain……

    Read More click:

  147. 179

    You forgot Bebo =P
    I stumble upon this as I was trying to find out ‘How do you delete friends after they’ve closed their account on YouTube’. I guess you can’t. Same about Wikipedia though, I wish to delete it. And I know – same about Facebook too.

  148. 180

    Ive Deleted My Fb Account. Fb was taking over my life i had lost all my friends due too fb and actually became depressed becuse of fb my own parents had me de friended. i looked and realized this was bad for me and my health i have been off fb for 2 months now ive made new friends i have a bf and im currently off medication for depresssion. this may sound fake but belive it or not facebook almost ruined my life.

  149. 181

    its really professional…. :-) thums up :)

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    Thank you for a great and necessary artical. Also,thank you so much for not putting one of those hideuos social networking widgetts on your site. I especially hate it when it floats over content.

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    want to delete facebook account permenantly

  152. 184

    i deleted my account in skillpages due to vital information i should have not posted..but each time i search my name in google, it still shows in the result with the link..i want to know if it will be there permanently or will it fall out of the search result eventually..for how long..

  153. 185

    thanx 4 helpng me

  154. 186

    informative…anyone hear about a new social network called inspYte? i never have but apparently i get pulled up in a web search for my name like i have an account but i don’t. if i click on the link it redirects me to where it says my name and town and that i’m using this social media, yet it asks me to sign up. problem i have since it appears (and i don’t) i really don’t have an account with them is how i even got associated on a search engine and how do i get off of it? there isn’t a number on the site and they’re so new there isn’t much info out there. can i report them (there is an address on the site) for privacy abuse? if so to who?

  155. 187

    Very useful information, thank you very much.

  156. 188

    I have run across at least 5 sites where I cannot delete the account through any means because they refuse to give contact information. Do you know if this is truly legal? This is one of the sites that has done this. Read here:

    It cannot be legal to hijack all control over closing an account that one has created by joining a website.

  157. 189

    Margot Walton

    January 3, 2012 2:10 am

    I have just created a kik acount which I regret and I want to delete it but how??

  158. 190

    James Steve Faircloth

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    Want to permanently/delete my account from linkin. Reasons retired, not looking for employment.
    Don’t like linkin, it has been a headache to me!!!!!!!!!

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    very informative post., now I know where not to create an account…

  160. 192

    I just submitted a request to close a duplicate account on, and the official customer service response was “Impossible.” What the heck?

  161. 193

    Beware of “deactivating” your account on Twitter. You might want to go and delete all your tweets first.

    Twitter retains your data well after 30 days. I deactivated my account and did not log in for several months. Then I logged in again only to find that *everything* was there: tweets, retweets, followers, followees.

    I know that I did not log on for several months (not from the web, not from a phone). After logging in again after several months, I saw a warning on the site saying I had just reactivated my account. I also got an e-mail about the reactivation. I did not receive any such emails for several months.

  162. 194

    I clear all cookies after I have been online. Still when I do a job search on all of my previous searches are still there. Where does store their cookies. How can I get rid of them, so that my previous searches are not retained? Thanks

  163. 195

    Great post.

    Guess what is worst than having a hard time to delete your account ?
    The popular ‘Tweet for a track’ website ( says you can terminate your account whenever you want – on their “terms of service” – but hasn’t any link on the user’s page in order for you to do it. Hundreds of musicians complaining and…nothing.
    The only way it seems to be the legal procedure…
    So all the musicians who post their music there, better think twice.

  164. 196

    Great posting. Thanks a lot :)

  165. 197

    Thanks for helping to delete accounts on social networking and other popular websites. I really need this. Thanks again.

  166. 198

    instead just hack into one of unsc satellites and and search for urself …u must have a code or something because finding urself is like finding a needle in a garden and then see ur mock location and delete your related privacy content which will only have the links to ur pic or info . this is level 6 crime but they would only track u so better get going from ur permanent place and dispose ur pc or laptop and get ur net account deleted …….hardness greater than level 5

  167. 199

    Hi guys, Could anyone tell me how to get rid of a crap account I created?
    I follow the procedure and it says account deleted, yet people have been able to send emails on that particular adress. I logged in and found it was never deleted, I contacted support, they said since I was a free member, I couldn’t delete it. Everytime I delete the account it shows the account has been deleted but is actually otherwise,

  168. 200


    March 20, 2013 3:35 pm

    I want delete my present facebook account and want to open a new one after sometime can I do so? what to do? plz help

  169. 201

    Baghead Kelly

    March 22, 2013 7:41 pm

    There seems to be a lot of account deletion going on and I’m not surprised.

  170. 202

    Has anyone ever or does anyone know how to close/delete a Winster account/profile?

  171. 203

    Winnie Gonga

    May 29, 2013 10:01 am

    I have deleted my Google Plus profile because on the search button if you search for Winnie Gonga it was showing my pics and images. Iv realised that if I go to google images, my pics are still there. I dont want them to show when someone googles for me, how do I delete them completely so that they are not found on the internet?

  172. 204

    I want to delete my twoo id permanently how can I delete it pls help

  173. 205

    how to delete Boomdizzle account

  174. 206

    Now there is http://www.justdeleteme.con that help u to delete your web service account from web

  175. 207

    i delete my facebook account with

  176. 208 will not delete or deactivate my profile, no matter how politely or how many times I ask. I guess this is how The Daily Mail, a paper based in the UK, can boast they are the most “popular” online newspaper in the world. Am I powerless to do anything about if The Daily Mail refuses to deactivate/cancel my account?

  177. 209

    My name is Sami and my concern is about deleting an account for a site called I signed up at first thinking it would be interesting site where I could chat and talk to people around country and world but it turns out to be a waste of time with useless people hate speech and tribalism that I really don’t care for. Ive tried cancelling my my membership but can’t find an option for on their site, I’ve tried contacting the administrators with no response from them and I really am angry and hope you can point me in the right direction?!

  178. 210

    Tere Solernou

    October 29, 2013 8:35 pm

    As many of us do I have a few accounts of my own. I am very careful where I go, what I click and who or what it is before I even consider to look it up.
    Suddenly one day I receive an email FROM MYSELF? (and since, I have gotten dozens more over the past few months). Something called SONICO. Something I don’t even like the sound of it. I hate how they disregard my rights and use my name to send emails I did not solicit or approved of and advise me they have my pictures here and there…..?.
    See, I never opened an account with Sonico. I never wanted one or needed one. It has always looked to me as a gossiping place without much moderation and I am not
    interested in their website at all. Regardless of not wanting to deal with them, I still keep getting their unwanted mails and their unsolicited comments.
    I have written, I have begged, I have asked to be removed from their customers list.
    To remove myself from it I need my account password which of course I do not have since I never opened an account there to begin with. I am not a kid, I am 65 yrs old and I have been using the Internet for the past 20+ yrs already….
    They don’t offer any alternatives nor do they answer my emails either and there is no other way to contact them because they don’t show their physical mailing address or phone numbers. Not even a customer service link. Right there and then I can see how shady they are…
    They should be sued, wiped out of the internet and never again allow to function. It is of the utmost disrespect to use one’s name and soliciting on my behalf without my consent.
    Thank You.
    I truly am at my witts end!

  179. 211

    This site is a wonderful resource and well-covered tutorial explaining how to delete accounts from popular web sites that you no longer want open. However, one major – MAJOR important scenario was not covered, and of all the user comments replying to this topic, NO ONE brought it up. So, I’ll ask and hopefully, this topic is still active, and I’ll get some helpful advice.

    What do you do about closing all accounts that you’ve never actually used, have forgotten about, and/or are NOT popular websites? I know I have at least over 50 “impulsively created” website accounts over many years, using different computers (so IP addresses won’t help identify you) and long dormant email addresses associated with these accounts. Is there a “best method” for tracking all user data stored on the Internet that a user has no memory of ever entering to create registration accounts, email accounts, shopping sites, blog sites, and all other types of accounts that have personal info that identifies a user?

    PLEASE HELP! This is a MAJOR concern for me, and I want to clean up all unused accounts with my info from the internet.

  180. 213

    i want to block my twoo account as am not using anymore. please help me out.

  181. 214

    im on a site called playtopia .. they banned me for a so called porn picture i sent 5 years ago.they also banned quite a few of us at the time .. i cant get pass the customer support she gets all the mail .. i have been on there sites for 15 years .. and have letters from my friends stating i have never sent pictures like that.. i think it was a set up picture on the top is a picture of me and mt grandson … which was took last year but it is imposed on this so called picture going back to 2009.. i asked how could that be but they just say im not welcome on there site any more .. so i have asked for my profile to be deleted .. the reply was we dont delete banned profiles.. also they were on my profile the other day saying they were testing something .. surely they have no right to go into my profile .. how is stands now is i cant even sign into the site . where all my private pictures are .. and anyone can copy. when i go to sign in ts like i dont have a account there.. but its still on there my friends tell me .. help please thankyou

  182. 215

    jimmy comfort

    January 25, 2014 5:16 pm

    How do I cancel an Inspyte account ??

  183. 216

    This didnt’ help at all!! Your Linkdin information is vague and COMPLETELY UN-HELPFUL!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ggrr

  184. 217

    I joined a dating site almost a year ago and im trying to unsubscribe before the deadline comes around but they keep giving me the run-around.How can i get rid of this site and the charge that will be due soon?Any advice would be appreciated.

  185. 218

    I want to give my Grandson my Android but I want to delete things such as aol account ….. But I only want it deleted from the Android . Not my desktop or Kindle Fire . Can anyone help me please ? Thank You


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