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The Smashing Book #5

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Showcase of Beautiful Photography


Sometimes, a picture can be powerful enough to be inspirational material all by itself. To provide you with some inspiration for the upcoming week, this sunday we feature some truly beautiful and impressive images from talented artists and photographers worldwide.

Whether in black and white or in colors, they are all related by a strong sense of composition and an emphasis on lightening and colors work. All images are linked to their sources, which you are encouraged to visit. Other work of the photographers we have featured here is certainly worth discovering as well. Please notice that some images are available as prints as well.

Beautiful Photography Link

Amazing sleeping beauty, where the beauty is actually also the beast, by Peter ツ. Prints are available as well.

Beautiful Photography - dreaming2

Blue Sky3

Blue Sky4

Far And Away5

Far And Away6

Inside Capitol Hill7

Inside Capitol Hill8

The Endpoint9
By Jeannette Oerlemans.

Inside Capitol Hill10

Falling Up11

Beautiful Photography - 12

Song of Tide13
By Wira Nurmansyah from Indonesia.

Beautiful Photography - Song of Tide14

By Earl A. Jones.

Beautiful Photography - blue16

Bunny Bokeh17
Happy bunny bokeh wednesday, by Little Miss Patricia.

Beautiful Photography - bunny bokeh18

The Cat19

Beautiful Photography20

By tanakawho.

Beautiful Photography - abstract22

Ink Sea23
By Hermin Abramovitch.

Beautiful Photography - ink sea24

Fan’s Eye25
A macro shot by LauHi.



Beautiful Photography - falltuer28

By Konrad Bąk30.

Beautiful Photography - 31

Ant, The Driver32
By Raphael Guarino.

Beautiful Photography - 33

A purple leaf34
By National Geographic.

Beautiful Photography - 35

Flower Petal36
By Alistair Campbell.

Beautiful Photography - flower petal37

By Wysseri.

Beautiful Photography - keeper39

Who Feels Love40
By Ciuky.

Beautiful Photography - who feels love41

In The Mood 4 Love42
By Antonio Navarro Wijkmark.

Beautiful Photography - in the mood 4 love43

By Kleemass.

Beautiful Photography - tunnel45

By Skarphéðinn Þráinsson.

Beautiful Photography47

Susanna Majuri48
A disturbing yet insteresting serie of images by Susanna Majuri.

Beautiful Photography - susanna majuri49

San Torini50

San Torini51

By tEdGuY4953.


blue canary55
By Ursula I Abresch.

blue canary56

Bearded Dragon57
A macro shot by LauHi.

Bearded Dragon58

Ant (by Unknown)
Please let us know who is the author of this image in the comments.

Beautiful Photography

Light Paintings by Twin Cities Brightest59

Beautiful Photography60

Last Click Link

The Plugs61
Well, that’s not a beautiful photo per se, but we are confident that this image will spark your imagination for a more productive workflow — at least when it comes to handling cabels and plugs!

thank you god for showing me this picture xD62

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Footnotes Link

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  1. 1

    The first one is really amazing :)

  2. 3

    really cool the blue sky photograph is really pleasing


  3. 5

    Great post… Photography can be a great source of inspiration during a creative burnout. Looking at these pictures surely refreshed my mind during this dry hour…

    However(with all due respect) i suggest you guys maintain the regular flow of articles rather than inspirational showcases and lists. Not that it is bad or anything, but I’ve been seeing such posts umpteen times on the web and I need to read more thought provoking articles on SM than these. I also see that this is a weekend post so I’m not going to go berserk on this :)

    As a regular reader, i get really enlightened by reading your articles and learn new stuff everyday. Although, I must admit that these pictures are good on a dull sunday evening.

    Please don’t take this personally guys.. :) and I apologize if I irked any of your readers..

    • 6

      Vitaly Friedman

      July 11, 2010 6:08 am

      Richie, indeed, this is a weekend post. Regular work days are dedicated to thought-provoking articles.

    • 7

      with all due respect (as well) I disagree, I have noticed a trend of articles aimed to programers and developers rather than designers (I guess that’s what readers want), but; since I’m a designer I prefer inspirational showcases than web security tips or whatever… that’s why I check SM on weekends. nice list!!

      • 8

        As a designer myself, I have to agree with Alfredo. It’s these types of showcases that I always enjoy and awe at, that keeps me coming back to Smashing.

  4. 9

    Fan’s Eye is simple, but elegant. Simplicity wins for me!

  5. 10

    Thanks Alot, I’m really inspired.

  6. 11

    Thanks for this post. Cool ones… Blue Sky & Blue Canary :-)

  7. 12

    These guys know what they’re doing, post production!

  8. 13

    Awesome collection. I really like to catch a break from business once in a while, even though this kind of post still works for inspirational purposes and sparks creativity. I love photography! Very inspirational to me. Thanks guys!

  9. 14

    Thank you very much smashing, these are really fantastic.. I am now picking up my camera.. :)

  10. 15

    “The Artist” has a watermark showing copyright by Konrad Bak and a websute. Is he the website owner as opposed to the photographer?

  11. 16

    The bottom-right credits the photo of the painter to Konrad Bąk of at least. Is this not right, since you’re asking the the artist?

  12. 18

    Awesome Pics

  13. 19

    Kitsch as kitsch can!
    Usually Smashing Magazine puts its emphasis on high quality works. These photographs might be technically very well executed, but there is much, much better photography out there.

  14. 20

    The first one gives me a big shot, especially in the hot summer day,cool.

  15. 21

    Awesomeeee listtt

  16. 22

    Moksha Solutions

    July 11, 2010 1:17 pm

    thanks for such a great collection

  17. 23

    And they said I would have to leave my computer to se nature’s beauty. HA! It came right to me.


  18. 24

    I love the colors in some of these photos!

  19. 25

    Thanks a lot to SM for the post!!! I specially liked Far And Away, Falling Up, Song of Tide, Bunny Bokeh, Ink Sea Ant, The Driver. Really amazing photographs and very good inspirations.
    Keep posting articles like this.

  20. 26

    all are nice. l love this post.

  21. 27

    Some really amazing photos! I really love seeing some of these uber colorful macro works. Really fantastic stuff. I agree that some of the content matter is a bit cliche, but that only increases the impressiveness of these works. To make the mundane, or overused ideas seem new again takes a lot more skill in my opinion. Really great!

    Alec Schmidt
    Graphic Designer / Art Director
    Overscored / Phoenix, AZ

  22. 28

    The first shot of the dreaming husky is absolutely beautiful. The colors are amazing. That’s a truly inspirational shot.

  23. 29

    nurul amin russel

    July 11, 2010 10:42 pm

    nice share

  24. 30

    More of these!

    btw: Finished the smashing book yesterday. Good one!

  25. 31

    Most of the pictures are excellent. Still, there are loads of amazing photography out there enough for a whole new category ;) I would also love to see some portrait photography showcase.. Thanks, a great weekend post!

  26. 32

    I loved the ‘Blue sky’ one. Its Greece, isnt it?

  27. 34

    Last picture Wins…..

  28. 35

    Last click,
    Darn good idea.

    What rock have I been living under all these years!

  29. 36

    go to deviantart, click on “order by popularity”
    save images and URLs
    go to click on “latest popular”
    save images and URLs
    goto couple of other sites do the same

    here is this article probably took about 15 minutes
    good job !!!

    • 37

      Vitaly Friedman

      July 12, 2010 3:23 am

      These photos have been bookmarked over 4 months. I am sorry if you feel that this post took about 15 minutes to prepare. Please notice that it is not an article, it’s merely an inspirational post.

  30. 38

    Thanks, this article really helps me learn about web design and development – NOT. Another worthless article from Smashing.

    • 39

      Vitaly Friedman

      July 12, 2010 3:21 am

      JN, please feel free to ignore this post. It was an inspirational piece, and it was published on Sunday, so this is a weekend post. I am sure you’ll find many other interesting pieces on Smashing Magazine.


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