Free Prestashop and WordPress E-Commerce Theme: Velvet Sky

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Quick summary ↬ In case you’ve been looking for a nice e-commerce theme for your website or any ongoing projects, today we’ve got something for you. We’re releasing yet another freebie — a Prestashop and WordPress e-commerce theme called “Velvet Sky” which has exclusively been developed by DapurPixel for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

The warm, natural brown colours within the theme portray much comfort and will hopefully provide your customers with a very calm and engaging environment in which they can find the items they’re searching for in no time.

Download the Theme for Free!

The Prestashop theme is released under Creative Commons; the WordPress theme is released under GPL. Both themes are free to use for private as well as commercial projects. There are no restrictions; you may modify the theme as you wish. Please link to this article if you want to spread the word!


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  • WordPress 3.1+ compatible
  • Prestashop compatible
  • Custom homepage
  • Horizontal menu and submenu integration
  • Custom slideshow module
  • Combo slider on the homepage
  • One page checkout and guest checkout supported
  • Custom advertisement block module
  • IE7+, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome compatible

Blog-1 (large preview)

Blog-2 (large preview)

Blog-3 (large preview)

Checkout-1 (large preview)

Checkout-2 (large preview)

Checkout-3 (large preview)

Checkout-4 (large preview)

Checkout-5 (large preview)

Detail-1 (large preview)

Detail-2 (large preview)

Detail-3 (large preview)

Detail-4 (large preview)

Detail-5 (large preview)

Detail-6 (large preview)

Detail-7 (large preview)

Home-1 (large preview)

Home page 1 (click for a large preview)

Home page 2 (click for a large preview)

Home page 3 (click for a large preview)

Behind the Design

As always, here are some insights from the designer:

“Attractive! Alluring! Beauty! Desire! Glamour is an impression that we wanted you to have by looking at this theme. Velvet Sky has become an e-commerce theme that provides an atmosphere full of charm. We did a lot of customization; the featured product on homepage, the category product page, the product details. Velvet Sky is our humble attempt to provide a feeling of comfort in shopping experience. We worked hard to make sure that customers can found the items needed without being confused. Support your customers well, and start out by building a personal relation between you and your customers. We hope that you’ll find the theme useful for your projects.”

Thank you, Arrie. We appreciate your work and your good intentions.

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