Photo Contest - Holidays Around The World

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A couple of days ago, we launched a photo contest in which you could submit a photo of how upcoming holidays are celebrated in your city.

For those who have participated, thank you for taking the time to shoot the photos and sending them to us.

We’ve received hundreds of pictures from all over the world and we have to be honest and say that it was really hard to pick only ten winners! All winners have been contacted. Of course, the owner of each photo owns all the copyrights.

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Photo taken by Dorin Moise: Brussels, Belgium.
“All made by swinging a simple LED Christmas light decoration from IKEA…”

Photo taken by Dorte Fjalland.
“This photo is taken in London, UK.”

Christmas in California

Photo taken by Angela Henderson: California, USA.
“My kind of Christmas…on the coast of California.”

Photo taken by Sankar Govind.
“This was taken at the Empire State Building, New York.”

Photo taken by Ken Thorsteinsson: Whitsunday Island.
“The image was taken at Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island. Christmas seems to be a bit different here in Down Under.”

Photo taken by Dennis Vieira.
“As a fulltime RVer, i gotsta light up the motorhome! Peep the wifi antenna! ;)”

Photo taken by Maya Bielik.
“My photo was taken in Tel-Aviv, at the Silvester party at my house!”

Photo taken by Doug Cornett: Richmond Kentucky, USA.
“Smells of the holidays…”

Photo taken by Wesley F. Oliveira: São Paulo, Brazil.
“Christmas in love…”

Photo taken by Denys Mishunov: Tønsberg, Norway.
“A Ukrainian girl who speaks Russian and lives in Norway :) The text says “Happy New Year” in Russian.”

Merry Entries

Photo taken by Hoang Nguyen Khanh Nhat: Quang Nam Province, Vietnam.
“This picture is taken from Hoi An acient City…”

Photo taken by Jordan Hilario: Manila, Philippines.
“My entry to the Christmas photo contest…”

Photo taken by Brenda Gottsabend.
“Happy Holidays!”

Photo taken by Melissa Steep: Ontario, Canada.

Photo taken by James Doan: Greenwood, Indiana, US.

Photo taken by Tif Mulally: New York City.
This picture was taken from my first holiday trip to NYC.”

Photo taken by Dear Daniel: British Columbia, Canada.

Photo taken by Sabine Abou Daher: Lebanon.

Photo taken by Māris Meļņikovs: Riga, Latvia.
“In this picture you can see our Christmas fair. Happy holidays everyone!”

Photo taken by Debbie Burkhoff.

Photo taken by Juliette Giannesini.
“Happy holidays!”

Last Click

Photo taken by Kamala Crestwell.

Join In Next Time!

Thanks to all who have participated in this contest. Next up: a coding contest in January. Please let us know in which contest you would participate and stay tuned!

Yours sincerely, —  The Smashing Team

In what kind of contest would you definitely join in?

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