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23 Splendid High-Quality Free Fonts

Every now and then, we look around, select fresh free high-quality fonts and present them to you in a brief overview. The choice is enormous, so the time you need to find them is usually time you should be investing in your projects. We search for them and find them so that you don’t have to. [Links repaired February/21/2017]

In this selection, we’re pleased to present Homestead, Bree Serif, Levanderia, Valencia, Nomed Font, Carton and other quality fonts. Please note that while most fonts are available for commercial projects, some are for personal use only and are clearly marked as such in their descriptions. Also, please read the licensing agreements carefully before using the fonts; they may change from time to time.

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Free Fonts Link

Homestead is a very distinctive Slab Serif typeface that leaves a lasting impression with its geometric forms and a modern, progressive look. The family is available in 6 weights: Regular, Inline Display, One, Two and Three. Released by the Lost Type foundry with the “name-your-price” pricing scheme. Homestead can be used freely for any personal or commercial use.



Bree Serif Regular8
This typeface is the serif cousin of the playful, charming and versatile type family Bree which was designed by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione back in 2008. Actually, Bree is also the typeface used in the Smashing Cartoons9. An italic font weight of Bree Serif should be available very soon. Released under the liberal OFL license (via

Bree Serif10

Lavanderia is a script font based on lettering found on Laundromat windows of San Francisco’s Mission District. It features numerous OpenType features such as swashes, titling alternates, figures, stylistic alternates, ligatures. It is available in three weights, with Uppercase, Lowercase, Numerals and Punctuation sets. Designed by the talented type designer James T. Edmondson and released by the Lost Type Co-Op foundry. Free for personal and commercial use.



This new gothic sans serif font was inspired by the late 19th century industrial fonts that contained german roots regarding straightness and geometry. Combined with other sans serifs, slab serifs and serif fonts, it catches the eye when used in headlines and short copy texts. Alternate versions turn the font into a perfect partner for modern, technical and contemporary impressions as well as high-quality, luxury and timeless environments. Free to use in commercial and non-commercial projects. Designed by Rene Bieder.




Cassannet is a geometrical art deco typeface available in Regular, Bold and Outline weights, based on lettering seen on Cassandre posters. This typeface contains ligatures, capitals, numbers, small capitals and also titling alternates. You can pay a random amount of money or alternatively send out a tweet or a Facebook post to download the fonts for free.


Valencia is a condensed, art-deco inspired typeface that includes five weights, ranging from hairline to black, with matching obliques for each weight. The typeface has a nice corporate vintage look which makes it a great fit for large headlines and prints as well as any collateral or stationery. Valencia’s distinctive appearance stems from its low horizontal crossbars and its full-circle curves. Released by the Lost-Type Co-Op foundry with the “name-your-price” pricing scheme and hence freely available for personal and commercial use.


Jura is an elegant serif typeface with narrow proportions and distinguishing details. The rounded, wedge-shaped serifs offer a contemporary feel and also achieve to maintain legibility even with its range of small sizes. This typeface is available in four weights: Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic and is available for free download and use.


Nomed Font24
Nomed Font is a free typeface that can help you achieve a modern and sophisticated look in your designs. The triangular geometric shapes may be a bit hard to read but that’s exactly the highlight of this particular style, and it makes the typography unique and original.

Nomed Font25

Nomed Font26

This typeface, designed by Nick McCosker, is a strong yet sensitive slab-serif inspired by letterpress. Its sturdy appearance makes it a perfect fit for posters, headings and taglines, in both classic and contemporary contexts. Released by the Lost Type Co-Op under the “name-your-price” pricing scheme.



Novecento30 (not free anmyore)
This typeface is an uppercase-only font family with some pretty impressive geometric forms that have been inspired by historical European typographic tendencies. It was designed to be used mostly for headlines, visual identities or short sentences — both in big and small sizes. The family contains 471 glyphs and 32 font weights whereas six of the font weights of the wide-version (Light, Book, Normal, Medium, Demibold and Bold) are available for free download and use.




Fjord is serif typeface that has specifically been designed for book publications. It is intended to be used in long texts and in relatively small print size. Fjord features sturdy construction, prominent serifs, low-contrast modulation and long elegant ascenders as well as descenders relative to the ‘x’ height. Fjord performs well in sizes starting from 12px and higher; nevertheless, it can also be a distinctive font choice for larger text headlines and in corporate design. This serif typeface include Cyrillic and Greek characters and is available at Google Web Fonts35. It has been released under the SIL Open Font License, 1.1. Feel free to take a look at the designer’s free font Armata36 as well.


Hero is a crisp geometrical typeface applicable for any type of use: print, Web, logos, posters, booklets. This typeface contains 162 characters and is free for personal and commercial use. Available in the OpenType format for PC and Mac.


Otama e.p.40
Here’s a quite confident typeface to use for expensive and fashionable designs. Strong steams and thin serifs shows similarities to the well-known traditional Didot typeface. This typeface is free for personal and commercial use.

Otama e.p.41

This typeface is a geometric display face which includes OpenType features for an alternate alphabet. The family contains sets for Uppercase, Numerals and Punctuation. Released by the Lost Type Co-Op under the “name-your-price” pricing scheme and designed by Dan Gneiding. If you decide to buy the font for $30 or more, you will get a beautiful Ribbon Specimen Book as well.


Movavi is a sans serif font that is available only in the font weights Black and Black Italic. Obviously, the typeface wouldn’t work for body copy, but it might work nicely in short headings or “groovy” art works. Available for free download and use on PC and Mac.

Download free Movavi fonts45

Satellite is a geometric sans serif font designed by Matt Yow. The typeface can be a great fit for short headlines, short body copy or slogans. Released under the SIL Open Font License.


Open Sans48
Open Sans is a very clean font family by Ascender Fonts. It includes ten styles (Light, Regular, Italic, Semibold, Bold, Bold Italic, Extrabold) and each one consists of more than 900 glyphs: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, many of the regular diacrytic letters as well as “hanging” numbers. Also available at Google Web Fonts49 and released under the Apache License version 2.

Open Sans 50

Mosaic Leaf 51
The glyphs of this expressive typeface are built out of leaves of different sizes. Mosaic Leaf also contains numbers, punctuation and currency symbols. The .zip-package contains PDF, OTF and TTF files; the fonts support Western and Central European encoding, and also Baltic, Nordic and Turkish. The typeface is free to use in commercial and non-commercial projects. Designed and prepared by Lukasz Kulakowski and Zbyszek Czapnik.

Mosaic Leaf52

Mosaic Leaf53

Amaranth is a sans serif font family of four basic styles (regular, italic, bold, bold italic) with individually shaped letter forms that makes typeface more playful. Suitable for both Web and print, longer texts and headings. Available at Google Web Fonts55 and licensed under the SIT OpenType License. Image credit and source: dersven56.


Siruca Pictograms58 (not free anymore: $2,- )
A pictogram open source font made as a part of Siruca signage system designed by Fabrizio Schiavi. The font contains many picograms related to sport, signage, home, social meetings, free time activities and business.

Siruca Pictograms59

Erler Dingbats60
For the first time in the entire history of Unicode standard, the full encoding range for dingbats is now covered by a complete, contemporary quality font. FF Dingbats 2.0 features more than 800 glyphs and is mainly a tool for professional designers and has been created for everyday communication purposes. It includes a wide range of popular symbols and pictograms such as arrows, pens, phones, stars, crosses and checkmarks, plus three sets of cameo figures on round backgrounds. Free of charge. (via fontblog61)

Erler Dingbats62

Further Free Fonts Link

SD Sansimillia63
SD Sansimillia is a playful, yet elegant typeface suitable for many different applications. Originally cut for a local advertising brand, SD Sansimillia is inspired by the Antenna Family built by Cyrus Highsmith in 2007 as well as Erik Spiekermann’s FF Din Family cut in 1994. It is issued in regular, bold64 and black65 weights.

Roboto Family is a linear sans serif font, available in 8 different styles of which each includes more than 900 glyphs — Greek and Cyrillic, too. This font was designed by Google for Andorid and is licensed under the Google Android License.

An elegant serif font designed by Eduardo Tunni. This typeface was primarily designed to be used in longer body copies in printed material. It is simple in structure and has sharp as well as generous counter-shapes which create a medium texture that calls for page color. It can also be used as display typography and is available at Google Web Fonts68.

Last Click Link

Shape Type69
If you are passionate about typography and have fun experimenting with glyphs, then you will certainly like the rather unusual type-design game created by the interaction designer Mark MacKay. The idea of this JavaScript-based letter-shaping game is simple: you get 10 modified letters from various classic typefaces, and you have to try to make them right by dragging curves along their axes. It’s an engaging way to explore what makes or breaks a glyph.

Testing your Typography Skills70

Font-Bot Project71
It is time for your favorite font to stand its ground. The idea is to build robots out of a type face, showcase them and hope others put together a potential opponent. Once there are two font-bots ready to compete against each other, only thing left would be to “let the battle begin!” Participating is not hard, the rules are clear: all robots must be built of type alone (letters A to Z). Let’s see if your font has what it takes to defend its corner. Fight!

The Battle of the Fonts72

Further Resources Link

  • Lost Type Co-Op73
    The Lost Type Co-Op is a Pay-What-You-Want Type foundry. Users have the opportunity to pay whatever they like for a font; you can type in ‘$0’ for a free download. 100% of all funds from these sales go directly to the designers of the fonts themselves, respectively.
  • The League of Moveable Type74
    The open-source type movement for bringing high-quality tyepfaces to the Web. The creators of the project keep releasing quality fonts every now and then so be sure to stay tuned!
  • Google Web Fonts75
    A growing directory of hundreds of free, open-source fonts optimized for the Web. Google also provides ready-to-use snippets for integrating the fonts to your website.

We sincerely appreciate the time and effort of all type designers featured in this post. Please keep in mind that type design is a time-consuming craft which truly deserves reward and support. Please consider supporting type designers who create and release amazing typefaces for all of us to use.

(vf) (il)

Footnotes Link

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  1. 1

    Niels van Tilborg

    January 9, 2012 5:51 pm

    Wow, really nice fonts. And that for free, thank you!

  2. 2

    A lot of very interesting fonts, thanks for sharing this!

  3. 3

    Awesome, thank’s a lot, i’ll go share that :)

  4. 4

    Another excellent and very versatile, usable collection… thank you, Smashing !!

  5. 5

    Julianne Bueno

    January 9, 2012 8:34 pm

    Great collection, I’m really liking Homestead & Lavanderia!

  6. 6

    I love you Smashing. This is brilliant!

  7. 7

    Great review thanks – nice to see a review with a lot of great new fonts, rather than relistings of ones we’ve seen before.

  8. 8

    Photoshop (CS4, 64 bit) on Windows (7, 64 bit) doesn’t seem to understand the different styles of Homestead. Only the style “One” is available (not ‘Two’, ‘Three’, ‘Regular’, etc.). How do I access these variations?

    • 9

      I have the same problem with lost type co-op’s fonts. Would love to hear possible solutions regarding this problem.

    • 10

      Eric "WizKid" Odom

      January 11, 2012 9:25 pm

      I have the same exact problem. Windows 7, 64bit refuses to recognize any variants in .otf fonts I get from LostType. Help in this would be greatly appreciated!

      • 11

        Spot on! .otf formats are not recognised by windows as multiple styles, there is a work around though, if you go to a free service such as font squirrel and convert to web format, it will make the .otf into a .tff which windows will recognise multiple TrueType styles. Hope this helps.

        • 12

          I had the same issue. I went to my fonts folder and deleted the version of Lavanderia that displayed (even though I had installed all three). When I deleted that version, another version instantly replaced it. It’s like they all installed but windows will only recognize one at a time.

  9. 13

    I am in love with Bree. This is an amazing collection of free fonts. Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. 14

    When I saw Lavanderia I knew I had to download it immediately. But did anyone have any issue getting it to look right in Photoshop? My small a’s and e’s end up with a huge curve at the back and don’t fit with the rest of the word.

    Oh never mind, I figured it out. You can access the alternate characters in Adobe Illustrator, but not Photoshop.

  11. 15

    New fonts are always fun! Free fonts are even more fun!
    I’m just giddy!

  12. 16

    Raphael Pudlowski

    January 10, 2012 2:46 pm

    some very nice fonts :) big thanx to all the authors!

  13. 17

    Very good selection of fonts, I downloaded almost all ;) Good work, Thank you.

  14. 18

    I tried downloading the Cassannet art-deco font.
    Wanted to use it for my wedding invitation, no joke.
    Even posted something to my Facebook page, as required, to receive it for free.

    But alas, no font was delivered.

    Anyone else experience this?
    If so, how did you resolve the situation?


    • 19

      Well the link to post it to facebook/twitter was in a pop-up page so maybe you have pop-ups disabled? After you post it using the pop-up box, the link comes up at the bottom of the box.

  15. 20

    Awesome Post! Thanks for the new fonts!

  16. 22

    Fantastic. Instantly added to my ‘inspiration’ folder. Beautiful fonts.
    Saves me a whole lot of time!

  17. 23

    Emir Ayouni (@growcase)

    January 11, 2012 11:06 pm

    Seeing as there are many fonts in this round-up from Lost Type, I thought I’d voice my opinion.

    I think it would be better to do a article on Lost Type and their unique Pay-What-You-Want Type Foundry.

    Their fonts aren’t “free fonts”. They can be. If you’re stingy enough to type “0”.

    What you’re doing by presenting their fonts as “free”, is only encouraging people to pay nothing.

    My 2 cent.

  18. 24

    Ezequiel Lancelotti

    January 12, 2012 3:02 am

    Nice post, nice free fonts and nice re-design!! Congrats Smashing Magazine team, awesome work!!

  19. 25

    I always love these roundups, you guys do great work keeping my fonts folder fresh.

  20. 26

    Paul Langston

    January 12, 2012 1:54 pm

    Some great stuff here – thanks a lot!

  21. 27

    merran fuller

    January 13, 2012 8:31 am

    Great post. Thanks for this. Very useful.

  22. 28

    Was anyone able to download Mosaic leaf font? By the time I got to it bandwidth had been exceeded – would anyone be willing to send it over to me?

  23. 29

    Great selection! A couple of familiar faces and some new ones… thanks for the list!

    A quick question:

    I’ve downloaded Lavanderia and although it says it comes in three weights, I’m only getting Lavanderia Delicate in my font list.

    Anybody having the same issue?

  24. 30

    Awesome thanks for this.

  25. 31

    Great fonts, thank you for sharing.

  26. 32

    For those having trouble with Lavanderia, I e-mailed the lost type co-op, and the font’s creator replied and said to add copies of the font files to:

    C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAdobeFonts

    If you don’t have the Fonts folder (like I didn’t) just create one. This worked for indesign and illustrator, but not photoshop.

  27. 34

    You guys are the best. And a big round of applause to all the designers.

  28. 35

    These are some of the best fonts you guys have ever offered. Thank you!

  29. 36

    Wow! these fonts are so nice… especially Bree Serif Regular
    thank guys

  30. 37

    Novecento does not seem to be FREE on Myfont’s website. Am I missing something or is this an error?

  31. 39

    It’s a really informative topic. i was searching like one of them.

  32. 40

    Sharing is so wealthy. Thanks guys!

  33. 41

    Marcin Białasek

    February 13, 2012 11:53 am

    Does anyone have a link to download all of them?

  34. 42

    Dinesh Kumar Shaw

    February 13, 2012 6:26 pm

    Lovely fonts.Thanks for sharing.

  35. 43

    I love this article, a great resource and interesting descriptions and cool links. Thanks!

  36. 44

    This is by far one of the best collections I’ve seen lately. Very nice!

  37. 45

    Wow! Thank you, beautiful fonts. In process of downloading.
    However, wondering about the font used in your own site, it’s wonderful and so easy to read.

  38. 46

    These are really great resources! I could really use a few of these in upcoming projects! I also found through smashingmagazine and I am really glad this was mentioned by someone previously as I have been able to find about any font available there to try before I buy.

    Thanks again for such an expansive list of fonts I can use!

  39. 47

    Dont advertise free fonts and then ask people to pay for them

    • 48

      That’s kind of the trick. Not all free fonts are created equal. It’s hard to dig up the ones that have multiple weights, like the 3-4 basics, that are free. Here is a list of a few I dug up that could come in handy: It’s more critical for serif than san-serif typefaces because you aren’t really going to use an italic sans all that much. But you will need a bold and and italic (at the least) for your basic serif font, for body copy, to be of any use.

  40. 49

    Not for nothing, but most of these are NOT free…

  41. 50

    Great selection. I think we’re going to use Capability as our corporate font!


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