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Poster Design Contest “Redesign The Web”: The Best Entries

Yes, it’s time to announce the winners! A couple of weeks ago we had announced the “Redesign The Web” Poster Design Contest1 that encouraged you to design a thought-provoking poster. We wanted to encourage everyone to actively get involved in making the Web a more accessible and usable place today.

Among the entries, many have picked up the idea of the globe. We received clean and minimalistic designs, complex artworks, illustrations, inspirational quotes and call-ups, as well as a comic strip. One participant even produced a poster using only HTML5 and CSS3 (including the bleed and trim marks inside the print style sheet).

We’d like to sincerely thank all the contributors who had taken on this challenge and had sent us their work! Overall, we’ve received over 150 entries, and in a thorough review process, selected 35 of the best entries (which are now presented in the article below). And trust us—it was no piece of cake to choose the best from many excellent poster submissions. Of course, the owner of each poster owns all the copyrights for their artwork.


Rafal Tomal5 — Redesign The Web Link

Redesign the Web Poster6

Hugo Tobío — Boiled Web Link

Redesign the Web Poster10

Danae Botha14 — Limit is the Sky Link

“I believe true simplicity is achieved through regressing to a child-like state. It’s about seeing what is really there, as well as all the possibilities available. Deriving joy from the uncomplicated, and rejecting the clutter.”

Redesign the Web Poster15

Bonzzu19 — Webworld Link

“Redesign the Web one pixel at at time; redesign the world one individual at a time. The gap between digital and analog is disappearing fast and we have the power to change the world for the better.”

Redesign the Web Poster20

Radomir “Wingerie” Kupfer — Redesign the Web Link

“It’s simple, but everyone who’s connected to Web development will surely understand the message.”

Redesign the Web Poster24

Congratulations to all the winners of the contest! You should have been contacted already. We sincerely appreciate your time and support!

Below, you’ll find more selected entries submitted by our dear readers across the world for the “Redesign The Web, Redesign The World” contest.

Selected Entries

Kimberly Passmore28 — Rhythmatical Link

Redesign the Web Poster29

Jacob Greif33 — Redesign The Web Link

Redesign the Web Poster34

Maren Katelaan — Redesign The Web II Link

Redesign the Web Poster38

Gautam Bambolkar — Evolution Link

“We have been evolving right from the day life on Earth began. It’s the human urge to think, ideate, innovate, change, and think again. Initially, we travelled in person to communicate, to share. Then came the revolutionary Web, wherein we achieved virtual communication. Desktops, PCs came into action. Communication changed, people moved, the Earth reshaped. Now we are inside the world of mobiles and tablets; a wireless world indeed! The world is constantly shaping into a new form. Hence, we, the Web transformers, ought to change the way we say things. The need is to redesign the Web, and the world!”

Redesign the Web Poster42

Mark Dewdney — Redesign The Web Link

Redesign the Web Poster46

Melda Wibawa50 — Redesign The Web, Redesign The World Link

“The Web is like a virtual city, with its streetscapes and furniture. HTML 5, CSS 3, Social Media, etc. form the ‘WEB’ city. This city has to be well organized and designed in order to function well. By redesigning the city we can achieve a better organized world.


Redesign the Web Poster51

Vidhi Mehta — Redesign The Web, Redesign The World Link

“My concept behind this design is a ‘tree’ to redesign the Web, redesign the world. Redesigning of the Web involves using greener technologies by working collectively to use elements that will be less hazardous to the environment. If accomplishing this, then I truly believe we have redesigned the ‘world’ by redesigning the Web.

The tree denotes collective working, growth in terms of better design, and that we are all connected to the same root, indicating that we redesign the Web (and hence the world, together). I have modified the red dot in your typography with a green leaf saying “lets begin” to mark the enthusiasm of redesigning the Web.”

Redesign the Web Poster55

Maren Katelaan — Redesign The Web Link

Redesign the Web Poster59

Teo Yu Siang — Join the Revolution Link

“This poster design—titled Join the Revolution—is inspired by Maoist ‘Red Revolution’ propaganda posters, hence the very texture-rich and grungy, old-world feel. It’s designed to feel distinctly oriental and reek of imperialism—meant to instill a sense of higher purpose and exhilaration in the Web revolution. At the center of the poster, there’s this giant symbol that represents the revolution to redesign the Web and the world—kind of like how the star represents communism. The triangle stands for delta, the mathematical symbol of change, while the globe represents the Web (and the world). Together they form a symbol of change and hope for a better Web—and thus, a better world.”

Redesign the Web Poster63

Alexander Katin — Keep Calm Redesign the Web Link

“I’ve come up with a no-brainer idea—it’s not original, beautiful or unique; the whole thing is just a tribute to the famous British wartime poster.”

Redesign the Web Poster67

Johannes Ippen71 — Redesign the World Link

“Instead of designing it in a classic DTP tool, I tried to utilize HTML and CSS. I wanted to create a beautiful layout, and export it with a print style sheet into a print-ready PDF file (including generated bleed and trim marks).

It’s more of an experiment to see if HTML and CSS are already usable for the production of complex editorial/poster designs.”

Redesign the Web Poster72

Marko Srdoc77 — HTML Globe Link

“Here is my modest design contribution to your Web poster contest.”

Redesign the Web Poster78

Courtney Starr — Web Wide World Link

Redesign the Web Poster82

Kevin Riedy — Redesign the Web World Link

“Yep—that’s Arial, Baby!!

Curious, after it’s all over, how many went with this paradigm.”

Redesign the Web Poster86

Chris Zappala—Redesign The Web Link

Redesign the Web Poster90

Mecury Brand Mission94 — W Link

Redesign the Web Poster95

Ian Caie — Flash Link

Redesign the Web Poster99
Posters available in: download in A3 size (PDF)100, download in A4 size (PDF)101

Anita Mercy—The Masked Coders Link

Redesign the Web Poster105

Jin Wook — Click Click Done Link

Redesign the Web Poster109

Grzegorz Norberciak—Webld Link

Redesign the Web Poster113

Ian Caie — Mouse Link

Redesign the Web Poster117

Jose Luis Elizalde121 — Redesign The Web Link

Redesign the Web Poster122

Lourdes Irizarry126 — Redesign The World Link

“To help redesign the world I created a “Webtopia” App, where form and function unite. Using vibrant shapes as basic building blocks, I organized the town into an infographic-style pie chart, with equal parts technical and creative. The result is a clean, engaging, productive and functioning town. Influenced by travel and my favorite surroundings, I used both modern and traditional elements to create a well-balanced, multi-dimensional world.”

Redesign the Web Poster127

Steven Quinn131 — Redesign the World Link

Redesign the Web Poster132

Marcus Marritt136 — Designing for a Narrative Link

Redesign the Web Poster137

Paul Johns141 — A Fresh Coat of Paint Link

“My concept for this design is a floating city that represents both the world and the Web. This golden city has been created atop the ashes of a crumbling old city. The gold city is a representation of good design, best practices, cross-browser and platform compatibility, and the implementation of Web standards. Gold is used to represent the highest caliber quality and value, and the orange hue is a nod to Smashing Magazine.

The crumbling city beneath represents sub-par design (outdated coding practices and incompatibility across browsers and platforms). The clouds in the background reflect the status of this Web/world, fading up from dark and polluted to airy and clean. The ‘good’ city is slowly melting downward, so eventually there will be nothing left of the original city. This represents the hopeful concept that thoughtful, well-planned design will overtake careless, poorly executed design. Once standards and good designs take over everything, the floating city (the world) will have been redesigned as well.

I think it’s important that the city represents both the world and the Web simultaneously, to show that they are intrinsically connected. The Web is the world’s way of communicating and interacting, so the more efficient the Web, the more efficient the world. The more beautiful the Web is, the more beautiful the world will be.”

Redesign the Web Poster142

Sergio Nakamura — Huella Link

Redesign the Web Poster146

Vinícius de Thomaz Domingues150 — Redesign The Web Link

Redesign the Web Poster151

Yankale Hochman155 — The Web as a Butterfly Link

“The Web has been developing very fast. In a short time, we believe that development can be compared to a caterpillar (or silkworm) that has been transforming itself into a cocoon. But there is still one step more in the evolution: the step, where a complete Web becomes light, fast, functional and as attractive as a butterfly. This last step is in our hands. Let´s make it together.”

Redesign the Web Poster156

Zachary VanDeHey160 — Leave Your Mark Link

“My idea is pretty simple, redesign the web redesign the world is all about leaving your mark. I’m a firm believer that great web design can create feelings and emotions. In the same way that music and literature can move people to change and take action so too can web designs. Take hold, reload, and leave your mark.”

Redesign the Web Poster161

Inspirational Interpretations By Five Well-Respected Designers

By the start of the contest, we presented you striking and inspiring interpretations from five well-respected designers. For your convenience, these are now also available for download.

Nick La165 Link

Nick La166 interprets the Web as an earth-like eco-system. The Web is situated in an abstract, futuristic environment, with colors and elements that convey an almost mystical atmosphere. The interpretation has a visionary quality to it and shows a touch of Jules Verne. Have you noticed how Nick managed to have both dinosaurs and tweets in one artwork?

Redesign the Web Poster

Larissa Meek Link

Larissa Meek’s first poster concept is strongly geometric and bursts with color. “I wanted to capture the essence of what a more beautiful world would feel like based on the statement ‘Redesign the Web, Redesign the World,'” says Larissa. The result sure catches the eye.

Redesign the Web Poster

Larissa Meek’s second concept shows another interesting approach: visualizing the various elements that the Web currently consists of. The poster captures techniques such as CSS and HTML, workflow elements such as storytelling and also the daily realities of the professional designer (such as deadlines, coffee breaks and ideation). All elements are interconnected in a clever composition using just two main colors: red and orange.

Redesign the Web Poster173

Simon C. Page178177 Link

Simon C. Page178177 is known for his abstract geometric styles. His poster design is made up of a variety of shapes and structures that are fundamental to the Web—the world being one of them.

Redesign the Web Poster179

Ricardo Gimenes183 Link

Brazilian designer Ricardo Gimenes’ concept relies on Smashing Magazine’s familiar cartoon style and introduces what might be considered a <redesign> tag.

Redesign the Web Poster184

Veerle Pieters188 Link

Veerle Pieters’ cover design for our Smashing Book 3189 reflects the various elements that a redesign has to balance with the various building blocks of the Web. Read more about Veerle’s ideas190 behind the design and the process and read more about the printed Smashing Books 3 and 3⅓191.

Design by Veerle Pieters192

Be Sure To Join In Next Time! Link

Thanks to all who have participated in this contest. There will be more contests and goodies coming up soon, so be sure to stay tuned! And you might want to check out our previous contests as well.

Sincerely Yours,

 —  The Smashing Team


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The Smashing team loves high-quality content and cares about the little details. Through our online articles, Smashing Books, eBooks as well as Smashing Conferences, we are committed to stimulating creativity and strengthening the web design community’s creative forces.

  1. 1

    These all look great, but I did notice there are at least 2 typos in different posters. Unless I am mistaken valid definitely doesn’t have an e at the end.

    • 2

      Also, sadly, perhaps a wrongly attributed quote. I love Jin Wook’s design, and the quote as well, but it sounds too modern for Einstein, doesn’t it? Three minutes of Googling turned up that it is probably by E.F. Schumacher. I hope this beautiful piece doesn’t perpetuate an error.

    • 4

      Noticed this as well … lol.

  2. 5

    Awesome collection! Could definitely see many of these as desktop wallpapers too. :)

  3. 6

    ref the Mouse from “Ian Caie — Mouse”, sorry to say, but that doesn’t look like a mouse, it looks more like a typical crude illustration of the male genitals.

  4. 8

    What are some other contests that are coming up?

  5. 9

    Toan Nguyen Minh

    August 2, 2012 1:45 am

    Many cool posters. I liked the design Larissa Meek. Very interesting and creative.

  6. 10

    They’re all beautiful, and congrats to everyone shown here, but that first one by RAFAL TOMAL is really top notch!

  7. 11

    Wow, so many great pieces of art! Bravo! I don’t like your winner picks, but that’s ok, I really believe they were hard to pick!

  8. 12

    Katy Nemkovich

    August 2, 2012 9:24 am

    These posters are beautiful, but what bothers me is that most of them do not convey any meaning.
    My favourite one is Click Click Done. Redesigning the web is not just applying nice fonts and sexy textures, it is about making it simpler.

  9. 13

    Patrick Alpert

    August 2, 2012 11:46 am

    Call me weird, but I like to try to peer into the mind of the artist when I see their work. When I note simple words in a funky font, I think that anyone can do that. However, when I see a creative picture that immediately makes sense to me and says all that needs to be said, I am impressed. That, to me, is the challenge an artist is faced with. Not to be too picky, but only a few really do that for me in this collection, and my favorite is that of Lourdes Irizarry.

  10. 14

    almog shemesh

    August 2, 2012 1:35 pm

    lovely designs! thanks to all for sharing.

    my fav:

  11. 15


    If I were to pick one and run with it, it would be GRZEGORZ NORBERCIAK’s.

    It not only is simple, but portrays present clutter (and code clutter) and beginning of contrast (between where we are and where we are headed). Intuitive!

  12. 16

    All turned out great, but I love Larissa Meek’s concept. Can’t wait to print it out and put it in my office. Thanks Smashing Magazine!

  13. 17

    I love Ricardo Gimenes’ concept :)

  14. 18

    @Radomir “Wingerie” Kupfer – Must have wallpaper!!!

  15. 19

    People who have comments like that should not be browsing website about design and creativity

  16. 20

    I’d love to print a few of these and hang them in a frame. What size poster frame do I need for these? I can’t seem to find any frames in the A3/A4 sizes.

  17. 21

    All great entries! My favorites were Maren Katelaan’s and Simon C. Page’s posters.

  18. 22

    My hands-down fav is Rafal Tomal. Love it!

  19. 23

    Am I the only one that thinks JIN WOOK pulled a fast one. Just glance at the word “click”. I am also 5 at heart :)

  20. 25

    Stephan Poppe

    August 3, 2012 11:21 am

    Please do not hesitate to share any posters that deal with the “Redesign the Web – Redesign the World” topic. We are always open to new ideas.


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