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Useful Print And Online Magazines For Web Designers

One of the advantages of working in a creative industry is the number of designers and developers who take their craft seriously. The design community shines in one regard in particular: the design community seems to be less willing to hoard knowledge and skills. Instead, we present them, elaborate on them and keep improving on each other’s techniques — among other media — magazines and books.

In this overview of useful magazines you’ll find everything from purely online publications to monthly, glossy print editions, where all subjects relevant to art and design are being investigated in colorful, eloquent detail.

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The Manual4
Three beautiful A5 handcrafted hardback books-magazines a year, each one with a bit over 100 pages. The Manual delivers intelligent and critical thinking, and voices on the “Why?” of Web design, taking the reader to a deeper and richer level of work. Published by Andy McMillan, edited by Carolyn Wood, and designed by Jez Burrows, you can get it for 25$.


CODEX, The Journal of Typography6
An infrequent 164 page magazine with feature articles, book and typeface reviews, interviews, type history, essays and type design — from typography experts. The first issue was released in spring of 2011, the second one is coming out in summer of 2012. The Codex magazine is only available in print and PDF version (8$).


Offscreen Mag: The People Behind Bits and Pixels8
Offscreen is a high-quality print magazine created, edited, designed and published by Kai Brach, issued three to four times a year, and available online for 17,90$. With each issue built around six lengthy interviews, it explores the off-screen life and work of people who create websites and apps, and tells their stories of creativity, passion and hard work.

Offscreen Magazine9

A magazine dedicated to visual communication, graphic design and typography. It is aimed at both professionals and beginners in typography, font design, graphic design and education, as well as marketing and visual communication specialists. The magazine is published quarterly. All 34 issues between 2003 and 2008 are also available in PDF.


“If you could only use eight typefaces for the rest of your life, which would you choose?” This is the core question of 8faces, which — amongst many others — is asked to leading designers from the fields of Web design, print design, illustration and type design. With each issue (printed on heavy stock and pressed at just 2000 limited editions), this is definitely a collector’s item, and only 19£. Designed and edited by Elliot Jay Stocks, 8faces is also available as a PDF.

Image credit: Typetoken15.

A quarterly journal about design and technology. Each issue contains three well-researched essays with opinions from day-to-day practitioners who speak out on contentious issues. Distance comes in both digital and print formats (digital 5$, print 15$), the digital bundles contain ePub, Kindle, and PDF editions.

Distance - 2nd Issue
Distance - 2nd Issue
Image credit: Brent Knepper16.

Process Journal17
The Melbourne-based quarterly publication Process Journal exhibits designers and their work on 96 pages (at a format slightly larger than A4). These high-quality prints (25$) and their congruent iPad app are dedicated to the artistry of design.

Process Journal18

Ferocious Quarterly19
A printed publication (with a handy size of around A5) featuring illustrators, graphic artists, short fiction authors and written text. Ferocious Quarterly calls itself an ongoing exercise in curation and collaboration, and has been released yearly since its first edition in 2010 (12$).


Ammo Magazine22
The independent, UK-based Ammo Magazine is dedicated to illustrations and their creators. This cute little A6 Landscape publication (with thick 160 g pages) displays it feature illustrations in full color on 64 pages and for the cute price of 5£. Best of all, the editors refuse to let editions go out of print. Find it in their shop, in print format only.

Ammo Magazine23

In Graphics is a printed magazine from Berlin that features only infographics. It’s released twice a year, and bilingually in German and English and available on Amazon for 14,90€. Its 96 pages cover challenging topics from politics and economics to architecture, TV shows, culture, entertainment and the environment — very interesting and fascinating content for visual people who have a love for details.


An autonomous publication designed and cared for by students and dedicated to showcasing student and graduate artwork (both on and offline). Plog is issued four times a year, in print, and with a limited run of 1000 issues. It can be ordered online (or purchased in many leading stores and universities around the UK) for 3£.

Image credit: Booooooom.com28.

This Australian Adelaide-based magazine talks about design, culture and lifestyle around the world — all in a small-world context. Collect is about people, “neighborhoods” and a revival of quality print media. This 64 pages print-only publication comes out every two months for 5$.

Collect Magazine30

IdN Magazine31
A publication for creative people which wants to be exactly what its initials declare: an International designers’ Network. The magazine features creative designs, works, projects and events from around the globe. Each issue is sold world-wide (17,50$), published bimonthly, available in English and Chinese, and connected with feeds such as iTunes Podcasts and Video. Each issue comes with a DVD, which presents a theme-based, visual compilation of IdN magazine.


Hacker Monthly33
The print magazine version of Hacker News34 features the top-voted articles from it’s mother-website, ranging from coffee guides to design and coding philosophy — anything goes. Available in glossy print (9$) and various digital formats (3$) (PDF, MOBI, EPUB) this magazine is often gorgeously illustrated, curated by Lim Cheng Soon.

Hacker Monthly35

A fair-minded magazine that celebrates cultural diversity and deals with current social issues through an abundance of photography and unambiguous text. With its single-subject publications, Colors explores each theme with creative virtuosity on non-glossy, recycled pages. The monthly publication is available in print in most book stores or via an iPad app.

Colors Magazine37

Online Publications Link

Think Quarterly38
Google’s Think Quarterly looks like an online magazine (but Google calls it a book on its website). The articles are in-depth insights and outlooks on the digital future from visionaries, heads of industry, innovators and experts. It’s issued about three times per year, and with a very good look: clean lines and minimalism mixed with colorful art and images.


This online-only publication presents the works of Germany’s best designers and firms. Even though it requires fluency in the German language, the content of this magazine is varied with serious journalism, and is well worth browsing if you can read the language. The content ranges from design industry facts and news to interviews — of which there are many — focused around one main theme in every issue.


Appliness is a digital magazine edited by passionate developers for passionate developers. Available on iPad and Android tablets, and funded by Adobe.


The Great Discontent is a journal for artists, by artists, and about artists. This online publication concentrates on interviews focusing on subjects that are close to the community’s heart — creativity, risk and connections. This illustrated journal churns out a new interview every Tuesday.


Method and Craft46
This small magazine focuses on the “making-ofs” within the design industry. Their contributions take on an educational aspect when they discuss the techniques or motivations behind design pieces in different formats — articles, interviews, videos and notes. Available only on the website, this journal continuously publishes new and interesting content.

Method and Craft47

Contents is an online magazine about content strategy, online publishing and new-school editorial work. It’s aimed at everyone who creates, edits, publishes, analyzes or cares for internet content. The issues run six to eight weeks, and each one has a set of annotations that links to thematically related work.


.net magazine50
.net magazine is one of the most respected online magazines for Web designers and developers. The articles feature general news in the industry, tutorials, interviews as well as practical tips and techniques for everybody who is designing or building websites. A (beautifully designed) print edition of the magazine is available as well.

.net magazine51

GOOD Magazine52
GOOD is a very well-done online magazine, a collaboration of individuals, businesses, and non-profits who — besides doing many other great things — have made this magazine “for people who give a damn”, and care about what is sustainable, prosperous, productive and creative.

GOOD magazine53

TXP Magazine54
TXP Magazine is the mouthpiece and discussion center to the world the good ol’ Textpattern project. With two issues already published and one issue every two to three month planed, this publication aims at providing the best publishing system conceived, discusses topics with the community and features expert in the field. However, TXP also features topics that aren’t directly related to Textpattern, so even if you aren’t using the CMS, you might want to check the magazine as well.

TXP Magazine55

Form And Future
This magazine’s tag line says it all; “A Journal for New Designers”. This small online publication specializes on featuring interviews with accomplished designer. Their goal is to allay fears of beginners and help them stay the course. This very young publication releases several interviews per month.

Further Resources Link

Magpile is a Web community for magazine lovers. In it you can browse through your friends’ lists of publications, show off your own stockpile of magazines and put together a wish list of issues you’ve been craving to read. With it’s growing wiki-like database of publications. Magpile represents one of the most comprehensive archives of Magazine titles.


No Layout58
No Layout is a no-frills digital library for independent art and fashion publishers. Freely accessible from any platform, all featured magazines are all only readable online. It is meant as a promotional and archive tool for any topic-related media.

No Layout59

Mag Is In60
This dynamic Italian project is an archive as well as a prophet of contemporary independent magazines. They are dedicated to spreading consciousness about the excellence of current magazines. The creators are planing to complement their online presence with an exhibition to introduce indie magazines to non-expert audiences.

Mag Is In61

Counter-Print is committed to promoting art and design related products. While this is not a free website, they sell all sorts of educational materials that a designer might need. From posters to vintage books, their large selection caters to designers’ specialized requirements. All of their materials are in print formats.

What Publications Do You Read? Link

What print and online publications would you recommend and why? An important magazine is missing? Share your tips and pointers with the community by leaving the comments below!

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  1. 1

    Offscreen Mag gets a massive thumbs up from me.

  2. 2

    I love Appliness!

  3. 3

    Juuso Palander

    August 16, 2012 6:36 pm

    I ordered the digital subscription of Hacker Monthly and the first issue was solid gold! It’s fun how much insights and inspiration you can get from a collection of articles.

    Thanks for a good listing :)

  4. 4

    I couldn’t agree more and it makes me so happy I chose this career!

  5. 5

    Christopher Garrison

    August 16, 2012 9:16 pm

    I have to plug Uppercase magazine here. It’s beautiful, tactile, and a nice break from the normal design mag. Articles feature fringe design like different takes on the theme of rain.

    It’s like relaxation for the design brain.

  6. 6

    People pay for magazines in digital format? Why?

    • 7

      Vitaly Friedman (editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine)

      August 16, 2012 10:01 pm

      Because they deliver quality content and quality content is always very expensive to produce.

    • 8

      For the same reason people buy ebooks. It’s easy and convenient to download them to a tablet, or e-reader and keep them with you wherever you go.

  7. 9

    Thanks for some extremely nice reads I hadn’t heard of before

  8. 10

    Great list! I think there is also one which should be in this list too

  9. 11

    Thanks so much! The material that you’ve posted is so useful for my own learning!

  10. 12

    Fantastic list!

    It was a lovely surprise to see our Plog Magazine up amongst all the other brilliant publications.
    Thanks guys.

  11. 13

    Great list. Some I already subscribe to; most I don’t. Yet.

    The obvious missing link in your print collection is *net*.

  12. 14

    Thank you for this post!!! It is very good!!!

  13. 15

    Ouch! No .net mag? I know I used to edit the magazine, but that’s a little harsh.

    • 16

      Vitaly Friedman (editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine)

      August 18, 2012 11:53 am

      Ouch! Our mistake, Dan! Just added the .net magazine to the overview. Thanks for the heads-up, Dan! We love (both print and online) versions of .net mag!

  14. 18

    The print magazine ‘net’ seems like a very big miss here, I find it essential reading every month.

  15. 19

    you forgot one, Smashing Magazine! :)

  16. 21

    I run The Testing Planet, a publication (online and print) with the focus on ‘software testing’.

    We print it in newspaper format. Love to see all the other formats and designs here, a great source of inspiration.

  17. 22

    Justus Magazine – is a personal (print) favourite from Australia. Every page is something amazing.

  18. 23

    Gordon Burnett

    August 20, 2012 7:51 am

    Desktop Magazine ( is a great Australian based design magazine that’s definitely worth a look.

  19. 24

    Sorry guys, but the list above without eye is not complete:-)

  20. 25

    Great list – and quite a few new ones for me. Also, don’t forget from where quite a list of more or less independent magazines and other publications can be read (e.g. try searching for “Illustration” which will yield a few nice publications). Also worthy of mentioning could be e.g. Digital Arts magazine (offline + online + website) and Computer Arts (offline + online + website).

  21. 26

    Melvin Thambi

    August 20, 2012 9:22 pm

    Black Book is missing!

  22. 27

    It’s not necessarily a magazine, but they produce great artist interviews and inspiring content to look through:

    I always look forward to their ‘Total Tuesday Textures’ and ‘Friday Fresh Free Fonts’

  23. 28

    Nice list! I have a subscription to Computer Arts Magazine. I might switch it up to .net for the upcoming year though.

  24. 29

    What about — Computer Arts —

  25. 30

    There is a Russian one online journal about design and digital art:

  26. 31

    Here is a another great magazine about architecture, interior design and culture:
    It is in german but there are lots of great photos in each article.

  27. 32

    I’m the co-founder of an online publication about design entrepreneurs called Kern and Burn. I invite the community to check it out. Especially our 100 Days of Entrepreneurship. There’s a printed book coming soon.

    Thanks for this wonderful list.

  28. 33

    Hey Smashing Magazine! I know this is an old post, but I’d invite you to check out Revision Path (! I just found out about this site a few months ago; they highlight and interview black web designers and web developers and graphic designers. Some are text and some are podcasts. I’ve found out about a lot of great folks I’ve never heard of before and it’s really inspiring!


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