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284 Carefully Crafted Pictograms: The Entypo Glyph Set For Free

After endless suplications from the design community Daniel Bruce finally finished his update of the Entypo Glyph Set1 — a free set of universal 284 carefully crafted pictograms for regular design projects. The icons are available as EPS, PDF and Photoshop PSD files as well as desktop typefaces (TrueType, OpenType) and Web fonts. [Links checked February/18/2017]

Entypo Glyph Set2

Download The Set For Free! Link

This set contains a large collection of glyphs for all occasions and uses — common pictograms that shouldn’t be missing in anybody’s arsenal. Each glyph was drawn and optimized to make sure that it fits the overall style of the suite. Overall, the set contains 284 pictograms. You can use this glyph set freely for commercial and personal projects.

The freebie is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license3. You are free to distribute, transform, fiddle with and build them into your work, even commercially. However, please always credit the original designer of the set (in this case, Daniel Bruce). The Social Extension glyphs are subject to the trademark and copyright laws of their respective companies.


Entypo Sizes Preview

Behind The Design Link

As always, here are some insights from the designer:

“The first Version was released in February 2012 and had around 120 glyphs. Actually, the only reason why I designed it was that I myself needed a well-designed pictogram suite for my own projects. I also wanted a suite with a more illustrated style than the ones available out there. So I started with the 20-30 glyphs that I needed at the time — ending up with 120 glyphs. And since I already had done the work, it was an obvious choice to release them free to the Web design community we all are a part of. Let’s say it was my chance to give something back.

So now — 7 months and 83.000 downloads later — it was time for an update. During that time, many people asked for new glyphs that they felt should be a part of the suite. This, together with my own ever-expanding need for pictograms, has led to Entypo 2 with over 280 glyphs.

The update has brought:

  • Over 150 new glyphs
  • Improved design of many of the old icons
  • A new social media extension
  • Improved hinting

When selecting what social media services should go into the Entypo Social, it was important for me to include services from non-Western societies as well. That’s why Entypo is the first suite where you can find pictograms for QQ, Renren, Sina Weibo, Mixi and VK. And true to the phrase “carefully crafted” I haven’t just copy-pasted the logos of all services into the suite. I have actually redrawn most of them so they are optimized for a size of 20×20 pix at 72 dpi.

The hardest pictogram to draw was strangely enough the key glyph. It sounds pretty straightforward, but getting the perfect shape of a modern key that would go well with the rest of the suite took me quite some time.

My favorite pictogram is the trash can. It has a very distinct look to it and sets it apart from all other icon fonts. The trash can is also one of those pictograms that have depth. You might notice that Entypo is a mix of flat glyphs and ones with a bit of perspective.

— Daniel Bruce

Thanks, Daniel! We sincerely appreciate your time and efforts! You can follow Daniel on Twitter8 and on Dribbble9.

Further Reading on SmashingMag: Link


Footnotes Link

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  1. 1

    Looks like a good set but why isn’t there a png version of this?

    • 2

      Clumsy Hamster

      November 4, 2012 2:15 am

      Since you have the PSD you don’t need a PNG version. You can just create it yourself.

      • 3

        Some of us don’t have Photoshop

      • 4

        So if i want to use like 20 on my designs or just not all of them, i need to get them out 20 times? Seems a bit illogical to me

        • 5

          Kevin O'Connor

          January 25, 2013 10:06 pm

          It’s funny when someone goes out of their way to make something so great, for free, and people get mad that they didn’t get the specific size or file type that they are accustomed to using. Instead of complaining you could try not being TERRIBLE and learn to use photoshop.

          • 6

            Just a Developer

            November 29, 2013 4:58 pm

            My thoughts exactly. Thank you!

            Also… a designer, who doesn’t have Photoshop? I know sometimes it pays to go against the grain and fight conformity… but really?

    • 7

      Vitaly Friedman (editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine)

      November 4, 2012 10:30 am

      You can use the Web font to embed the scalable icons into your website. That’s the point of the set actually.

    • 8

      LOL, I would choose Vector over PNG any day! As someone already pointed out Photoshop can help you create those darned PNGs.

  2. 9

    Justin Megawarne

    November 4, 2012 11:15 am

    Doesn’t using a Web font break the semantics of the HTML page? Or is there a Unicode point for “Sina Weibo” now?

    • 10

      Embedding webfont icons doesn’t necessarily break the semantics. Keep the element usable and semantic without the icon and then embed the icon using *:before or *:after. A small trade-off but works well. :)

      (Of course this doesn’t work for situations where the icon would be a standalone element, single PNGs would be useful for that purpose.)

  3. 11

    So glad to see Sina and Renren on there. I’ve had to dismiss a number of other sets for omitting those two.

  4. 12

    Thank you!

  5. 13

    Mehrdad Nassiri

    November 4, 2012 9:55 pm

    Nice Job,
    i’m using font-awesome right know, but entypo is pretty cool too …
    Thank you …

    • 14

      We had to move over to Entypo because Font-Awesome isn’t maintained any more. Wouldn’t be an issue but the Twitter logo they use is several months out of date!

  6. 15

    All hail Daniel Bruce !

    I’ve been using Entypo 1 in almost every project ! It’s addictive ! Even the logo of the set looks like a pill :D

    Thank you Bruce!

  7. 16

    wow sweet post and thanks to share..

  8. 17

    Great post and thanks to share.

  9. 18

    This is the most beautiful set available under a cc license. Sharing is caring. Daniel you ROCK!

  10. 19

    you have just made my day. thank you. great set.

  11. 20

    Nice font, but in Chrome on Windows it doesn’t render entypo social pack. Any idea why, or how to fix this?

  12. 21

    I’ve downloaded the full zip file both from this site and the author’s site, and both zip files seem to be “broken”. They do extract, but I get a bunch of errors. Not sure if this is because I’m on a Windows machine and maybe there is some OSX/Linux stuff in there that doesn’t play nicely on my file system, or if the compressed file is somehow not compatible with 7-zip? Am I the only one getting this problem?

    • 22

      I also got this problem.

    • 23

      Yup, same problem here only I’m using WinRar and still got the problem. My guess is that it’s a mac -> windows naming problem. Everything did seem to extract ok, unless the files themselves are corrupted

    • 24

      Yep, same problem here. I suspect that it has to do with over-looking us poor schmoes on Windows 7. I’d love to use these new icons but not until I can install them and test them out. Wonder if they’ll fix it for us?

  13. 25

    This was an awesome collection. I regularly used it in my projects.
    But the difficulty for me is typing the icon using the font in Adobe Photoshop .[ I cant see the icons in Win7 character map ]
    At last i found a website to copy the character directly and paste it to Photoshop

  14. 26

    Found solution. Ignore errors, install opentype fonts, then their should be visible in Windows (tried, and now I see all characters for ex. in MS Word) For browser Windows support, create own @font-face (generator) using OpenType fonts. This should help.

  15. 27

    Thanks Entypo & SmashMag!

    (I know it’s a lame comment, but I’m honest with it..)

  16. 28


    I need to know if i can use them in a commercial project, a template for selling on a website, i also read the “You are free to distribute, transform, fiddle with and build them into your work, even commercially.”
    Can i use them ?

  17. 30

    Thank you! I am trying to build a resource folder and I love this typeface!

  18. 31

    The Icomoon App (URL: has an excellent feature of pick-and-choose the icon characters the user is interested in and creates a downloadable icon font files with its corresponding unicode characters for referring them in a HTML or CSS files. I was glad that the font icons are displayed from icomoon font file in latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE 10, Safari and Opera.

    Open the URL provided above and click on the “Start the App” link at the top of the page to pick-and-choose the icon you like.


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