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We are proud to announce our new undertaking, a little extra that will help us make your reading experience on Smashing Magazine better, cleaner and more valuable in every way. Meet The Smashing eBook Library, an annual eBook subscription for our very own Smashing eBooks.

The Smashing Library grants you immediate unlimited access to all Smashing eBooks, released in the past and in the future, including digital versions of our printed books. The yearly fee of $99 covers the immediate access to the complete Smashing library with 38 eBooks — you save up to 70% off the regular eBook prices! We think that’s a reasonable price for a total of 60 quality eBooks during the first year.

The Smashing eBook Library

Web design is an ever-changing industry, and to keep getting better at your craft and stay up-to-date with what’s going on, you need to invest a lot of time and effort in getting reliable, good quality content. Wouldn’t it be great to receive the most valuable and useful eBooks on the best design practices and coding techniques automatically every month? Well, grab a seat—we’ve got quite a sweet deal coming your way!

Smashing eBook Library
Smashing Library Logo

The eBooks contain thoroughly edited and curated ad-free articles written by our well-respected authors—already published on Smashing Magazine or written exclusively for the eBook. We guarantee to deliver at least 24 quality eBooks a year. Even better—you can vote on the topics that you’d like to learn more about, and we’ll prepare eBooks that fit your needs best!

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You’ll receive all new Smashing eBooks (at least 24) released during your subscription period automatically in your personal dashboard. This includes not only our regular Smashing eBooks but also digital versions of our upcoming printed books, and only costs $99 (€89) a year — it’s just two coffees a month.

With the Smashing Library subscription, you will be able to:

  • Immediate unlimited access to the complete Smashing Library with all published Smashing eBooks, including digital versions of the printed Smashing Books 1, 2, 3, 3⅓ (Check the overview of 36 eBooks included in the subscription).
  • Vote on the upcoming Smashing eBooks and topics in the magazine;
  • Get all new Smashing eBooks automatically in your personal dashboard—including the digital versions of all our upcoming printed books (e.g. The Mobile Book and Smashing Book 4);
  • Download the Photoshop/Illustrator/Fireworks Bundle immediately upon subscribing;
  • Receive all eBooks in all formats: EPUB, Kindle, PDF;
  • Save up to 70% off the regular eBook bundle prices.

The Smashing Library: the place where good eBooks live.
Subscribe now! Great eBooks for great Web designers.

Available And Upcoming eBooks

Our eBooks are written by experts in the industry and go through a comprehensive quality review check by invited professionals from the industry. They contain both already-published and exclusive articles from Smashing Magazine’s well-respected authors and experts: Christian Heilmann, Paul Boag, Addy Osmani, Bruce Lawson, Rachel Andrew, Andy Clarke, Aarron Walter, Mike Rundle, Susan Weinschenk, Dmitry Fadeyev, Tom Giannattasio, Marc Edwards—just to name a few.

The eBooks will be useful for both beginners and seasoned professionals. The content is primarily intermediate and advanced level, but the eBooks cover basics as well. On average, each eBook has 20,000 words (or 175 pages in PDF).

Psychology of Web Design cover A sample eBook preview A sample eBook A sample eBook A sample eBook

Already Available eBooks

Here is a brief overview of already available Smashing eBooks. You can find more details by clicking on the titles that you are interested in.

TitleNumber of eBooks
Mobile Design
4 eBooks
Mobile design practices, UX techniques and peculiarities of the Android and iOS platforms.
8 eBooks
Guide to the fundamentals of Web design: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Responsive Web Design.
Web Design
3 eBooks
Innovative Web design techniques and approaches, rules of thumb and guidelines for good Web typography.
5 eBooks
Effective design techniques and practical tips from experts on Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks.
UX Design
7 eBooks
A comprehensive guide for practical UX techniques and psychological insights into how users think.
3 eBooks
Understand the essential components of WordPress and learn how to use them effectively to quickly build advanced WordPress sites.
2 eBooks
Everything you need to know to improve your freelancing workflow: from pitching like a pro to handling your finances properly.
Smashing eBooks
6 eBooks
Digital versions of our best-selling printed Smashing Books. Exclusive insights from the experts of the industry.

Upcoming eBooks

We’ve got the following line-up of eBooks coming up in the next months:

Upcoming TitlesDescription
Web Typography
1 eBook
Best practices and modern techniques for handling type on the Web, including practical techniques and expert tips.
Business Bundle
3 eBooks
Practical insights into the creative process, marketing, customer service, copywriting and leadership.
UX & Game Design
2 eBooks
Overview of interaction patterns and game design techniques for better UX of your websites and apps.
WordPress Pro
2 eBooks
Techniques for building advanced WordPress themes and finding your spot in the new (and tough) WordPress economy.
JavaScript Bundle
3 eBooks
Best practices and recent coding techniques for better performance and maintenance of your JavaScript code.
Your topic
The topic you suggest and vote for in your personal dashboard.
The Smashing Library: the place where good eBooks live.
Subscribe now! Great eBooks for great Web designers.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. Just choose the subscription of your choice, proceed with the checkout and find your eBooks in your personal dashboard: that’s also where you can suggest and vote on the upcoming eBook titles as well as topics in the Smashing Magazine. New eBooks will be available for download automatically at the end of every month. You will be notified about new eBooks via email, of course.

We’re working hard on the new topics and are proud to be able to start you off with the recently released Photoshop/Illustrator/Fireworks Bundle—that’s three brand-new Smashing eBooks to get started with.

Brand new eBook: Mastering Photoshop, Mastering Illustrator, Mastering Fireworks

Why Subscription Model?

When we launched this little website over six years ago, we wanted it to serve one specific purpose: to deliver valuable, reliable, practical insights to people who were building websites just like we were. Time has passed, and many things have changed, yet our deep commitment to this initial idea has never been stronger.

It’s with this commitment that we are proud to announce our new undertaking, a little extra that will help us make your reading experience on Smashing Magazine better, cleaner and more valuable in every way. Meet The Smashing eBook Library, an annual eBook subscription for our very own Smashing eBooks.

Smashing Magazine is and has always been free and independent, a publication deeply committed to quality work and professionalism in the best interests of the Web design community. We are proud of our thorough editorial work, based on principles that are postulated in our Publishing Policy. We don’t take the efforts of our contributors for granted. Every contribution deserves credit and respect, care and attention, acknowledgement and honorarium—which is why everybody involved in the editorial process always gets paid for their work, whether they want it or not.

Of course quality work doesn’t come at a cheap price. You know it, and so do we: Smashing Magazine strongly relies on the page impressions that its articles generate. At times, this reliance can collide with the editorial principles and guidelines that every Smashing Magazine article has to follow.

We have a thorough quality control system in place and we make sure that the article respects the rights of authors, designers, photographers and developers. No hidden advertisements
Smashing Magazine's thorough Publishing Policy clearly states the rules and guidelines of our editorial work. We never publish sponsored articles or paid content; all ads are always clearly marked as such.

We want Smashing Magazine to be all about you. We want to provide a better and cleaner reading experience on the website and we want to invest more in new formats and sections—practical guides, case studies, tests and benchmarks, new regular columns and Q&A, expert advice for newcomers and many others. We want to further improve and enrich the content in the magazine and deliver more valuable content available for free for everybody to use and learn from. And this is where we could use your help.

We never accept donations or gifts, but we produce printed books and eBooks that help us stabilize the financial viability of the website while delivering value to our customers at the same time. By offering you a valuable product, we hope to provide a tangible value for the money you pay when purchasing our products. And before you ask: yes, Smashing Magazine will always remain free. And with your help we want to make our little publication as smashing as we know it can be. How? Well, with the Smashing eBook Library of course.

Why Should You Subscribe?

The eBook subscription has many advantages:

Further your knowledge with quality eBooks!

Receive the most valuable and useful articles on best design practices and coding techniques automatically every month. Web design is an ever-changing industry, so if you want to learn how to get better at your craft and stay up-to-date with what’s going on, learn what techniques are emerging and what practices are changing, the Smashing Library is just what you are looking for.

Decide on the topics of the next eBooks.

With the Smashing eBook subscription, you’re more than just a customer—you are a part of the Smashing Team. You can vote on the topics of the upcoming eBooks and suggest topics that you’d like to see covered next. You will also be the first to receive access to all new Smashing eBook publications—up to two weeks earlier than everyone else.

Mastering Photoshop Successful Freelancing JavaScript Essentials Usability Testing Professional Web Design Mastering HTML5

Save up to 70% off the regular eBook bundle prices!

You can save almost 70% on the eBooks with the subscription compared to buying each eBook bundle separately. Not only does it save you money, but it also saves you valuable time since you get everything in one swoop! It’s worth it—we care about quality content, we care about best practices and we care about delivering the most useful and valuable insights to you.

Immediate access to brand new eBooks.

You do not have to go through the check-out process for every eBook you would like to have—just log into your personal subscription dashboard and discover the latest and greatest bundles ready for download! The eBooks do not contain advertising and are DRM-free—available in PDF, EPUB and KINDLE formats. The best content, for the best price—just waiting for you to be downloaded onto your iPad, Kindle or any other eBook reader.

You support Smashing Magazine.

The high quality of the content on Smashing Magazine is held at the heart of what we do every single day. We’d love it to be only about the content for you, dear reader, not about the page impressions that articles generate. By subscribing, you help us stabilize our revenue which we need in order to operate on a long-term basis. We are dedicated to making your reading experience on Smashing Magazine better in every way—calm, convenient and user-friendly—day by day. We sincerely appreciate your support.

The Smashing Library: the place where good eBooks live.
Subscribe now!Great eBooks for great Web designers.

If you are interested in corporate or educational licenses or have any questions, please feel free to ask us on Twitter or via email at help [at] smashingmagazine [!dot…] com — we’d love to help you out! We sincerely appreciate your support.

FAQ & Support

Of course, you don’t need an eBook reader to read the eBooks—you can read the PDF version on your computer, but the EPUB and Amazon Kindle formats for your eBook readers or tablets are available as well. We’ll renew your subscription automatically at the end of the year so you won’t miss any eBooks, but if you decide not to continue, just cancel the subscription at least four weeks before the end of your subscription.

Don’t worry: you’ll still have access to your eBooks after your subscription has expired! You can always change your preferences in the dashboard. You can find more details in the Subscription Terms and Conditions as well as in our Smashing Library FAQ.