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Nearly half a year ago, we introduced our eBook subscription model, also known as the Smashing Library.

Nearly half a year ago, we introduced our eBook subscription model, also known as the Smashing Library. We knew we were onto something good, realizing that the Smashing Library was the next step in offering quality content — at a price you’ll still be able to afford all of the coffee you need to stay up long enough to read the entire library and, of course, the free eBooks.

The Smashing Library Subscription

And our library is getting even more smashing. We didn’t want to limit the library to just our own content, so we are now including a growing number of industry-related eBooks. These books are by authors who aren’t necessarily affiliated with Smashing Magazine but who produce great content. In addition to saving more than half off the regular bundle prices, as a subscriber to the Smashing Library, you will get the opportunity to vote on what we publish next and what new eBook downloads will be automatically available in your Smashing Shop dashboard.

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The Smashing Editor’s Choice

To give you a taste of what to expect from the eBooks in the Smashing Library, we are happy to present you with The Smashing Editor’s Choice: A Smashing Library Treata free eBook that contains a wide range of topics, including new coding techniques, user experience strategies, responsive design and mobile solutions by some incredibly prolific and knowledgeable authors. Well-known names such as Lea Verou, Christian Heilmann and Dmitry Fadeyev have contributed fascinating chapters on various subjects.

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The Smashing Editor’s Choice eBook is only a sample of the kind of quality Smashing eBooks that are available in the library. We select only the best articles, wrap them in a user-friendly layout, and make them available in the three most common formats, PDF, EPUB and Kindle. And because we don’t want to impede your use of the eBooks, they’re all DRM-free.

If you like this eBook, then you’ll love the Smashing Library. Just fill in your email address below, and you will receive access to a download link to your free eBook copy of The Smashing Editor’s Choice, as well as our bi-weekly Smashing Newsletter, which is full of useful tricks, techniques and tweaks.

What Subscribers Think of the Smashing Library

Coming up with the subscription library model took meticulous planning and careful editorial work. Adding eBooks on a monthly basis and keeping up with industry trends take passion. Luckily, we have a lot of that. From the beginning, we had a feeling that the library would be popular, and with the surprisingly positive launch, you proved us right:

“A perfect resource for a full-service Web-dev company. I own and operate a Web development company. This provides a vast store of wisdom for daily operations across the board.” – Taylor Black

"Unbelievable bargain! This is indeed a great offer if you're thinking about purchasing several books and if you want to keep up with current developments. Very curious about what’s yet to come this year!" – Joachim
"The best magazine is up with the best books. I recently received “The Mobile Book.” That was awesome, and I hope this will be 38X awesome. Worth reading!" – Erik Royall
"Great books, nice offer! I already own Smashing Book #3 and was thinking about buying the mobile/coding bundle when I stumbled upon this offer. Been reading (almost) nonstop ever since, loving it so far! Thanks, Smashing!" – Bernd

We try to make the Smashing Library worthwhile by adding new content regularly and by giving you, the subscriber, the choice of what we publish next. All downloads, eBook polls and news are accessible through your personal Smashing Shop dashboard. Have a look at what the library looks like when you’re logged in:

[Inside the Smashing Library _A preview of the Smashing Sh