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After a photo contest we received around 350 entries from all over the world and only 70 could make it onto the poster we’ve created exclusively for our dear fans. As promised, the 10 most creative and original submissions will be awarded with a printed poster!

Three weeks ago we launched a photo contest and asked everyone to submit a creative picture of the object that fuels their creativity and inspiration. For all of you who have participated, thank you so much for taking the time and thought to interpret your object in a creative way. We did not only enjoy the brilliant photography that you sent us, it was also inspiring to read your thoughts on the story behind all these objects.

We received around 350 entries from all over the world and only 70 could make it onto the poster we’ve created exclusively for our dear fans.

As promised, the 10 most creative and original submissions will be awarded with a printed poster. The ones who have been selected will be contacted via email very soon — if not already! If you’ve followed our submission guidelines, your inspiring picture has surely made it to our jury. And if you find your object among the 70 pictures on the poster, you’ll see that your name has been included among the names of all the contributors that made this poster possible. Of course, the owner of each photo owns all the copyrights.

The Smashing Magazine 2013 Photo Contest Poster

Inspiration Around Us: The Smashing Community Poster 2013

Preview And Download

Below you will find a larger version as well as an exclusive version of the poster in PDF format:

Our 10 Winners:

“Lead, Tin, Antimony, Wood & Plastic” designed by Adam Pócs:

This is a metal movable type I acquired when I studied typography on Moholy–Nagy University of Art and Design. This small piece of the history of printing resides above my monitor in the peaceful company of a wooden letter “O” and a plastic “Q” key saved from a computer keyboard representing the ever changing tools of the written human culture. The actual background of the image shows a part of my CD collection wall.

“Stationary Crane” designed by Holly Lambert:

I love origami paper cranes and up cycling paper, so I combined the two and decorated my cubicle with paper cranes made of old maps and a variety of call for entry posters. I even have a Starburst wrapper paper crane!

“Take a Bite Out of Your Task List” designed by Jen Riehle:

This frog is a little paper clip. It has a small spring and can clasp papers in its mouth. It sits on my desk, and has ever since high school when my mother gave it to me. She got it as a child so I’m sure it’s quite old. I should probably put it away and not use it but it’s too cute and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

“Together” designed by Ratul Mukherjee:

I was visiting one of my friend’s relatives house. They have travelled around the world and the house contained lot of interesting pieces collected from other countries. The picture is of two tooth-picks’ holder from Paris. They were really cute and I was playing around with them as if I was a kid. They were designed so as to hug each other when placed face to face. And when I looked at these two inanimate objects hugging so sweetly, I envisaged love, friendship, care ,solidarity, peace. I believe we were also designed so as to hug each other when placed face to face but some of the blue-prints got lost in translation.

“Ma’Guitar” designed by Santanu Karar:

Ma’ guitar is not a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who I am. ~ Joan Jett

“My bottle of creativity” designed by Stefania Peter:

Colours, rare lights make me inspired. They give me a strange, but very good feeling when ever I see such photos or real life scenes. It took me some time to get such bokehs, till I got an idea to use Christmas tree lights in the background! Those lights were exactly what I was looking for. When I was a little girl, I spent many hours near our tree and enjoying the lights and colours. Probably, that’s why I get inspired when ever I see similar photos.

“Traces” designed by Janina Imberg:

I’ve taken a picture of my old and dirty shoes I was obviously wearing way to often. But they are carrying so many reminders of every step I took, so they are a kind of inspiration. And actually I just like their worn out look.

“Morning duo” designed by Jovo Milanovic:

What would be most inspiring object that would spark my creativity than mug of coffee? Hm, well thats true, but watch for big “S” on picture. That “S” simbolize Smashing magazine. There is no morning on work that would start without daily dose of coffee and daily dose of SM :) Cheers

“My Keyboard” designed by Konstantin Meier:

Music has always been a great inspiration pool for me. So when I get stuck in design process, instead of clicking trough css galleries, I often start playing keyboard.

“Pantone Catalyst” designed by Rebecca Miller:

A photograph of the brilliance that Pantone inspires.

Some Of The Best Entries:

“Check Mate” designed by Jerry Locke:

This is a photo of a famous check mate called, “Hippopotamus Mate” which can seal a match in 6 moves. The photo symbolizes a quick turn of events that can change an outcome. Hopefully, one is on the right side of the check mate.

Designed by Nicholas Koh:

This is a photograph of a lil’ mini-bonsai that lives happily on my work desk. Two of its lower branches seem to reach out to you and have that ‘pom-pom’ effect, which always serves to cheer me up whenever I take a look at it. I also enjoy inspecting its network of constantly-growing aerial branches that weave around towards the soil… there’s just something about it that’s so mesmerising!

“Hour-Glass” designed by Chris Preen:

I use this for concentrated bursts of totally non-distracted and unplugged work.

“Play for inspiration” designed by Jeffrey Lu:

Playing games is not just about having fun and passing time, but for me they are quite educational and make me a better designer. They are a great source of inspiration and design reference and problem-solving material! This is a photo of my Nintendo 3DS XL playing Fire Emblem: Awakening, a game I’ve been playing almost everyday for the past month and more! Great Turn Based Strategy game! :D

“The Foosball Table” designed by Harshad Methrath:

We, the staff of MP&A Advertising Agency take out our stress or enjoy a break over a game of foosball. I personally use it when I have hit a creative wall and I need to get away from my system. It always helps.

“Threads of a Colorfull Life” designed by Jofy Baby:

The picture depicts the different emotions of one’s life which consists of colors of joy, sorrow , love , envy etc. Our life is too like these threads that bind us with these emotions in different phases. P.s All rigths reserved

“Repotting Day” designed by Jennifer Cui:

Because I feel unproductive.

Designed by Margaret Martin:

Clay meets my wild daughter with unlimited imagination. Result: paintbrush vase. Flowers wilt anyway.

“The Butterfly Effect” designed by Marvin Christopher Moloczek:

One butterfly at the right time and the right place can create a storm with a flap of its wings. One coffee at the right time at the right place can help to create a storm of creativity. One butterfly, which had coffee at the right time - pretty much any time - that’d be interesting.

“Keep on typing” designed by Mickael Mao:

Because we tend to forget things, one of the way to capture them is to write them.

“Perritos” designed by Monica Molina:

In the south of Chile we call those clothes hanger “Perritos”, (spanish), in English means little dogs.

“Music, I love you…” designed by Nik Aximov:

When I begin to create something, the only thing I need is music. I don’t drink and smoke, the music and love are the only sources I use in my works:)

“Milk & Cookies” designed by Oana Mangiurea:

My reminder of my inner child. Keeps me creative wihout having to fear of what others have to say regarding my work.

“iCreativity” designed by Olivier Jousset:

What better object in 2013 may represent the creativity and the inspiration… a tablet of course !

“This fuels my creativity!” designed by Per Swantesson:

Photo at sunset on my terrace in Guanajuato, Mexico

Be Sure To Join In Next Time!

Thanks to all who have participated in this contest. There will be more contests and goodies coming up soon, so be sure to stay tuned!

Yours sincerely,

The Smashing Team

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