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The Seven Years That Changed Everything

Today is the day when it all started — the day when this little website launched back in 2006. Today, we celebrate our seventh anniversary, and you, dear readers, are the ones who have made it possible and kept us going.

Sorry about that heavy 0.5Mb GIF, but after all it’s our little birthday today and this GIF has been circling around the office for ages now.

Time For A Little Story Link

A couple of months ago, I was on a night train on my way to one of those countless Web design conferences. Being offline with a ridiculous roaming rate is always a good excuse to get some work done, and the music streaming from my good ol’ headphones helped me to focus on the draft of the chapter I was reviewing for our upcoming book.

Further Reading on SmashingMag: Link

At a late stop, a dark-haired guy in his 30s stepped into my coach, politely asking whether the seat next to me was taken, then carefully placing his bag right next to mine. From his bag, he pulled out his laptop, his Moleskine and a set of exquisite Japanese pens — ones you wouldn’t find in any regular stationery shop. He looked like an artist at first glance, but at the same time was running Coda on his laptop.

Once he had everything in place, he pulled out a few books from his bag — all of the usual suspects, I assumed: a couple of Five Simple Steps books, a few printouts with sketches and mind maps, some A Book Apart volumes. Then I kept my breath for a moment — I suddenly glimpsed our very own Mobile Book, still neatly and tightly packed and wrapped.

You see, I’ve never seen someone read our books before then. You know how it is: You create something, send it into the wilderness of the Web, only to be surprised when you discover that people out there actually use this thing whose trail wanders from tweet to tweet, from one designer to the next.

Conversation in a train5
Best things always happen to you when you don’t expect them at all. A random conversation at any point of time can change and redefine everything. (Image credit: Duane Romanell6)

I struck up a conversation with my neighbor, asking him his name and where he comes from, whether he is an artist and what he does for a living, what it’s like to be a freelancer, and what the industry is like in general. He replied eagerly, and so the conversation led from design to development to culture to UX to personal struggles and successes, as the train moved along in the dark night.

“So, how do you keep improving your skills?” I asked.

“You know, experimenting with stuff, playing around with what’s out there.”

“I guess going to conferences as well, then?”

“Yep, that too. And then there is this pretty cool magazine. It’s called Smashing.”

I smiled, resisting the urge to say something.

At some point, the conversation drifted off, and I returned to my editing duties, while my neighbor started drawing in his Moleskine, jumping from one Japanese pen to another as the light was dimming. Suddenly, he slowly leaned towards his bag, reached for the Mobile Book and started examining it. He unwrapped the book slowly and gently leafed through its pages. He kept turning the book from one side to another, helped only by the flagging light from the side of the coach. Not long after he unwrapped it, I could hear a page flip every two minutes as my neighbor was reading the book.

I couldn’t look away. The book we’d been working for almost 10 months was actually being read by someone right in front of me. At this point, I knew almost every single page of the book by heart, and I knew exactly which pages contained grammar or spelling mistakes that our readers had flagged. I didn’t say anything, though — of course.

As the time passed and I continued editing the chapter, I kept hearing the pages flip. The coach was silent and almost empty, yet this little whisper of flipping was full of something… remarkable and meaningful — something that I would remember for a long, long time after that trip.

I spent almost the whole night editing that one monolithic chapter, finishing just before the sun rose, as my neighbor continued flipping through the book every couple of minutes. I will never forget how, upon closing my laptop, I realized that even hours later the Mobile Book was still there, serving its purpose as the night wore on.

Blow Out The Candle!7

Since then, I always remember how worthwhile and empowering every single minute we’ve invested in Smashing Magazine felt in those few hours on the train.

Seven Years — And Counting! Link

This little website was launched exactly seven years ago today. We didn’t have an ambitious goal. We didn’t have a master plan. We just wanted to do what matters to us and provide value to our colleagues, fellows designers and developers out there. That train trip of mine is one of the reasons we are still doing it today. The trip throughout all these seven years changed everything for me, and these years still drive us in new directions and towards new challenges. And for this I am eternally, eternally grateful.

These seven years have changed everything because what we do does matter after all, and because you matter to us.

Our Birthday Present — To You. Link

We put our heart and soul into producing books that we love8 and that you will hopefully love, too. Good is not good enough, and we do everything we can to create beautiful and valuable artefacts of their time and keep them affordable to everyone worldwide.

Here’s To Another Seven Years! Link

The journey has just begun. We have a lot more in store, and we aren’t afraid of new challenges. In fact, we are happy to take this journey with you. A huge thank you to you for being so helpful, engaging and supportive, and for staying with us all this time, and for reading our books on night trains. It means the world to us. You mean the world to us.

Happy Birthday!9
It’s time to make a wish and blow out the candles.
Happy Birthday, SmashingMag10. Happy Birthday, everyone!

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Vitaly Friedman loves beautiful content and doesn’t like to give in easily. Vitaly is writer, speaker, author and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine. He runs front-end/UX workshops, webinars and loves solving complex UX, front-end and performance problems in large companies. Get in touch.

  1. 1

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine.

    Since I moved into the industry just over five years ago I’ve spent many an hour looking through websites for inspiration yet the one constant that I always return to is Smashing Magazine.

    Thanks for the help you’ve given me and he’s to another seven years.

  2. 2

    WOW! Congrats on your birthday Smashing Mag! As this is my browser’s homepage I always love reading the fantastic articles you produce. I’ve just taken up your offer for all those books ;D Early Christmas present for me. Here’s to another seven years and more!

  3. 3

    Hey Smashing-Team,

    thank you for all the great stuff you did!
    After my first visit i really got addicted to your site and your great information you are providing every day.

    I hope that today is the beginning of another wonderful 7 years for you and us…

    Thanks for making the web , what it is now ;)


  4. 4

    Ram Ratan Maurya

    September 5, 2013 12:16 pm

    Happy Birthday Guys!

    All these years, you guys have really done great things to push people ahead. I’ve learnt so much from Smashing Magazine.

    All the best ahead :)

    ( I’ll just grab a beer! )

  5. 5

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!!
    Wish you producing the great books again and again ^^

  6. 6

    Ioannis KarAvas

    September 5, 2013 12:19 pm

    Happy birthday Smashing!
    Since I discovered you, you hold a special place in my Bookmarks ;)
    Keep on rocking!

  7. 7

    Jens Grochtdreis

    September 5, 2013 12:20 pm

    Congrats! This magazine has been worth reading, all the seven years. Even in the dark ages of lists like “The 50 amzing blabla” it was worth a visit, because you searched for your readers after the most interesting sites and tools.

  8. 8

    Has it really been that long already? Wow. I still remember my first time I stumbled upon this cool little site with nifty articles about the web. It was the first time I started considering a career in web design seriously… and thanks to Smashing Magazine, here we are.

    I, like I would assume everyone else here reading this article, would like to thank you for all the dedication that you’ve shown. Congratulations on your birthday, Smashing Magazine.

  9. 9

    Happy birthday Smashing Magazine and thank you to helping students all around the world, like me, to improve and build their future!

    Here’s to another seven years (and more I hope…).

  10. 10

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine.

    Thanks for your good articles!

  11. 11

    Happy Birthday !

    As a developer, I learned many things about design with this magazine.

    Thanks !

  12. 12

    Congratulations on your milestone guys. Like many people, I found your site at random when searching in google, but right away I knew it was something special.
    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. It is really appreciated.

  13. 13

    And what a brilliant 7 years it has been!

    Your website has helped me through college, university, and now in my first design and development job. Keep the awesome content coming!

    Happy Birthday!

  14. 14

    Alles Gute, Vitaly! Es ist einfach nur großartig, dass es das Smashing Magazine gibt. Macht weiter so. Immer weiter. :)

  15. 15

    Michael Shiferaw

    September 5, 2013 12:24 pm

    Happy Birthday Smashing!!!!

    I, working in a particularly difficult environment that I am currently working at can’t help but be amazed by the immense potential you endow me with still, just by reading your articles.

    Keep up the good work and help us be better creatives.

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  16. 16

    Matthew Haworth

    September 5, 2013 12:26 pm

    Congrats :) happy birthday!

  17. 17

    Elliott Rodgers

    September 5, 2013 12:28 pm

    Happy Birthday



  18. 18

    Happy birthday Smashing Magazine and thank you for helping students all around the world, like me, to improve and build their future!

    Here’s to another seven years (and more I hope…)

  19. 19

    I’ve been following your website since the beginning, it’s probably the only one I’ve kept.

    You always have high quality content, although sometimes too much text and information about the subject but nonetheless top quality.

    Hopefully one day we can have Smashing Magazine video shows :)

    Congratulations on you amazing achievements and hope for the best.

  20. 20

    Happy Birthday!!

    I’ve been following Smashing website from Portugal for some years already, and last year I randomly moved to the Schwarzwald just to find out that I live now 60km from you guys :) Small world!

    I keep following your great articles, there is always something on them that keep helping me learn new stuff, be more curious and improve myself as a web designer!

    Keep on the great work and cheers for much more happy years making the web better!

  21. 21

    WONDERFUL GUYS. Great work this year keep it up!

  22. 22

    Anil Kumar Panigrahi

    September 5, 2013 12:32 pm

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine , thank you very much for helping me and other viewers …

  23. 23

    Cédric Eberhardt

    September 5, 2013 12:32 pm

    Happy Birthday, beloved Smashing Mag !
    Thank you for everything and thanks in advance for the next seven years ;)

  24. 24

    Haha~ 7 years , lots of happiness ~ Go ahead , please !

  25. 25

    Happy birthday!

    Wish you another 70!

    Bless you!

  26. 26

    Ahoi & Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!

    Thanks for beeing a great daily inspiration & information source.
    To the next 7 years.

  27. 27

    Happy birthday and keep up the great work.

  28. 28

    Nathan Zahorchak

    September 5, 2013 12:34 pm

    Congratulations! You’ve saved me so many times, I don’t know what I would do without you. Happy Birthday and all the best in the years to come!

  29. 29

    Hey Smashing Magazine,

    Thank you so so much for the awesome work you do. Everything on this website is inspiring and sometimes “Jaw-dropping”. It’s websites like yours that have made me so confident of my design and coding capabilities (It’s not been even two years since I started working as a software developer). But yeah, you guys have been with me since my last years in college and it’s made me even more curious and excited to return here.
    You people are the ones who made me realize the importance of doing good work.
    Wishing you guys a lot more awesome years to come.

    Hoping to get an article published here at Smashing someday ;),

  30. 30

    Andreas Carlsson

    September 5, 2013 12:34 pm


    Everyone in the Smashing team has deserved the spot you now have in our industry! I feel very proud to have been a tiny part of your seven years and think you have done and outstanding job … and tonight I’ll grab a lager and salute you!

  31. 31

    Happy Birthday!!!
    I want to thank you for all the great insight and information you provide daily.
    I learned a lot from your website and books.
    I wish you many more birthdays and keep up the good work!!!
    Thanks again for all your hard work.

  32. 32

    Happy Bday Smashing Mag! You are my inspiration everyday!

  33. 33

    Allison Cameron

    September 5, 2013 12:38 pm

    Congratulations, SM! I don’t know what I would have done without you all these years. You keep us sane and informed!

  34. 34

    Great Website .. Full of new ideas. Making people like to think designing in different design perspective….. Today is Teacher day in India.. and your website is a “Great Teacher”… wishing you many more successful years

  35. 35

    Happy Birthday Guys…
    The SMASH ME! Stress Relief Ball will be a great addition to my home office Toy collection and a great buddy to my Smashing Book Collection :D

  36. 36

    Happy Birthday! To many more years of great content and free knowledge. I <3 SM :)

  37. 37

    Happy Birthday guys !

    I have been reading you since 2008, and never deleted you from my feed, always opening up smashing magazine articles. I have found so much value in this website, especially when I was starting out.
    Keep up the good work !

  38. 38

    Happy Birthday!!

  39. 39

    Happy Birthday – you little smasher you.

    “Thank you” doesn’t really cut it but thank you for all the awesomeness over the last 7 years, keep it coming.

  40. 40

    Happy birthday to you all!!! Every post is an enjoyment and I’m super thankful for all the effort you put into every single thing you do!!! Even this post was a great story I had to follow along. Epic, that you could resist to say anything to your neighbour xD

  41. 41

    Happy Birthday Smashing!

    Thanks for the great work you continue doing :) You guys rock off my socks!!

  42. 42

    Happy birthday. Always inspiring articles :)

  43. 43

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine………!
    I have learned many things and new technologies with the help of you….!

  44. 44

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!

  45. 45

    Congratulations all! Very inspiring site and some great articles being produced! One site that i always come back to

  46. 46

    Happy Bday to Smashing Magazine, Vitaly and the whole team. A huge thanks for you are doing to make the web a better place, and again, I’ll never have enough words to thank you for the opportunity I had to write for you and bring my little two cents to this :)
    I’m sure the 7 next years will be even better !!

  47. 47

    Already 7 years! Happy birthday Smashing Mag and thank you for all the inspiring articles.

  48. 48

    Hey, Congrats!! and Thank you!
    I ‘m following you for nearly 5 years. This is the best resource that I’m referring to – almost every day – and one of the default browser tab in my browser.

    You guys helped a lot in my career, and the way I’m looking in to web. Design.
    To be frank, I haven’t got a chance to own a set of Smashing books my own, but this looks a great deal and I’m gonna order ANTHOLOGY!

    Smashing Rock!!
    – A note from India.

  49. 49

    Norbert Sienkiewicz

    September 5, 2013 1:42 pm

    Happy b-day!

    This site has expanded my horizon, and learned me a lot. Thank you for that, keep on rocking for at least next 7 years!

  50. 50

    Congratulations on your 7th anniversary and best wishes for smashing future. Your eleboration of experience is heart touching and I can feel every bit of it. Being in the similar experience I can only say that the “sound of page flipping” of your work is more pleasing to the ears than any music ever created or heard for awriter.

  51. 51

    Angela Sealana

    September 5, 2013 2:01 pm

    Thank you so much, Smashing Magazine!! I so enjoy passing you along to young colleagues and interns…I feel like you are one of my greatest gifts to them. I work in the nonprofit world, and oftentimes we nonprofit creatives don’t push ourselves enough. Smashing is one source I can always count on to keep me on my toes.

  52. 52

    Sonali Agrawal

    September 5, 2013 2:07 pm

    Happy 7th Birthday Smashing Mag! Wishing for more and more awesome years of articles, inspiration and stuff from you!

  53. 53

    Seems like just yesterday I found out about Smashing Magazine! All the best, keep up the good work and a warm Happy Birthday! :)

  54. 54

    Congrats Smashing Magazine :) and best of luck for the future…

    Have been following since 4+ years now and have definitely learnt from you

    I can co-relate with your feeling as I have also just completed 7 years in my current profession as a software engineer

  55. 55

    Happy Birthday.

    You’re never my first lunchtime website but I never fail to check you out every day :)

    Thanks for the great articles and resources. (My Smashing book is winking at me from my desk!)

  56. 56

    Happy Birthday Smashing Mag, you guys rock!!

  57. 57

    Happy Birthday lovely smash :)

  58. 58

    Happy Birthday!

    I’ve been reading this since you went live.

    Keep up the good work.

  59. 59

    Congratulations on seven years of this website. It’s come a long way in seven years, and the content that you provide is top notch. You all pour your heart and soul into your books, your posts and giving your readers / fans what they want and need.

    Here’s to seven years of Smashing Magazine and many more to follow. Thank you all for everything you do!

  60. 60

    Yep ! Happy Birthday, Guten Geburtstag, Bon Anniversaire (:~D) ★★★★★★★

  61. 61

    Umut Muhaddisoglu

    September 5, 2013 2:52 pm

    You guys are pure awesome. Happy birthday.

  62. 62

    Vicente Sarmento

    September 5, 2013 2:57 pm

    Happy Bday from Brazil! You’re awesome!

  63. 63

    Peter Pottinger

    September 5, 2013 3:20 pm

    Congrats on the 7 years! You don’t need to give me anything, I’ve gotten enough from your blog already :)

  64. 64

    Congratulations on 7 great years and counting. Cody is a very cute stress ball, he sure beats that rubber duck sitting on my desk.

  65. 65

    Happy birthday! (It’s also my sister’s birthday, but she’s somewhat older than 7.)

  66. 66

    Definitely glad I found this site back when it first started. Can’t believe it’s been around for 7 years already. I definitely learned a lot from you guys and purchased a few of your books. Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to all the great new posts and books!

  67. 67

    I appreciate the things you guys write about. Thanks a lot. And congrats on the 7 year mark.

  68. 68

    Happy Birthday Smashing! I read your articles all the time and get so much inspiration and knowledge from them. Keep up the great work!

    And I loved the train story… that must’ve felt so wonderful. Congrats on 7 years, you guys are awesome!

  69. 69

    Happy Birthday, Smashing!! Thank you for being an awesome resource for all things web.

  70. 70

    Happy Smashing anniversary from Morocco! Keep on rocking!

  71. 71

    Happy Birthday Smashing! You’re the first online magazine I open every morning and am very grateful you exist. Thank you so much! Here’s to many more years to come!

  72. 72

    Happy birthday Smashing Magazine!!!

  73. 73

    Congratulations on seven years! Looking forward to another seven years of great content.

  74. 74

    Jessica Bordeau

    September 5, 2013 4:31 pm

    Happy birthday from Cambodia! Hope you have a big sushi party tomorrow for the occasion :)

  75. 75

    Lourdes Cueva Chacón

    September 5, 2013 4:49 pm

    Happy birthday!
    It’s always good to know that I can count on you for most questions of our craft. I was able to buy some of your e-books just recently and they were a pleasure reading and learning. I’m saving to get many more. So happy more birthdays for all of us!

  76. 76

    Clinton Skakun

    September 5, 2013 5:00 pm

    Congrats on turning 7 this year.

    It’s crazy how fast time flies. Perfect reason to start a blog, those passing years turn into something if you pack them with value. The sooner the better.

    All the best,


  77. 77

    Lennard van Diggelen

    September 5, 2013 5:05 pm

    Cool story! I hope to see someone use my website withotu me pointing them towards it!

    Congratz and keep up the good work! :)

  78. 78

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine! Thanks for all the useful tips and insights!

  79. 79

    Happy Birthday! 生日快樂! Joyeux anniversaire! 誕生日おめでとう!

    7 Years… That’s a long time! Thanks for being there for 7 years! I appreciate YOU!

    Congratulations! Best is yet to come!! WooHoo! Party on!!

  80. 80

    Teodor Bjerrang

    September 5, 2013 5:24 pm

    Happy B Day for Smashing Magazine. Amazing work!

  81. 81

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine! I’ve enjoyed Smashing Magazine for several years now, but I had no idea that September 5 was when Smashing Magazine was started. It’s awesome for me, because September 5 is also my birthday! I’ve have about 17 years on you though.

  82. 82

    Amazing story! Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!

  83. 83

    Happy birthday and have a smashing day :) not only do you provide amazing content but you also deliver amazing articles from other sites through twitter :D

  84. 84

    Linwood Subashev

    September 5, 2013 5:32 pm

    7 years?????
    For 7 years you didn’t learn that there is an exchange rates.

    And more important that $7 is not 7 euros!!!!
    This whole thing smells like adobe’s idiots who sells their products in US for let say $600 and in europe for 600 euros…
    VERY disappointing! And off goes the bookmark

  85. 85

    I’m so stoked to share a birthday with you guys! Thanks for the cake!

  86. 86

    I’ve been a reader from the start congrats!

  87. 87

    Happy Birthday Smashing!

    I discovered you through the monthly wallpapers, and shortly discovered how vital the articles & books are to my skillset ;)

    Congrats Smashy Smashers!!

  88. 88

    Tom Giannattasio

    September 5, 2013 5:46 pm

    Holy moly, seven years is a long time! Congratulations Vitaly! You’ve really built something special.

  89. 89


  90. 90


    You’ve been an integral part in my design career and the first website I go to for inspiration.

    I graduated high school back in 2006 and have been following your site ever since.

    Keep it up,


  91. 91

    Happy birthday! I never comment here, but I just felt the urge to tell you that I really love what you do! I check SM daily during my commute back home and time flies that way :)

    Keep up the excellent work you do!

  92. 92

    Smashing is the one site I visit on a daily basis. Don’t change a thing. This is the closest I feel I’ll ever be to being surrounded by people who love web technology as much as I. 8:)

  93. 93

    Happy Birthday to you, you made many internet users happy!

  94. 94

    Happy birthday!
    I hope Smashing celebrates many more years of existence, and keeps up the excellence of contents we we’re used to find here, both on the site and in the books you publish.
    Congratulations to all the Smashing Magazine team!

  95. 95

    Happy Birthday, Smashing! Thank you so much! Seven is a lucky, lucky number!

  96. 96

    Michelle Anderson

    September 5, 2013 6:40 pm

    Happy 7th Birthday! I love this site and the books! I look forward to reading Smashing Magazine products & posts for years to come. Keep up the great work!

  97. 97

    Happy birthday!

    Vitaly, I am so sorry that you could not come to WebVisions Barcelona, but I am really happy that we met the years before at Webinale Berlin.

    Keep on going. You guys are doing a brilliant job!

    Thank you!

  98. 98

    Happy Birthday!!!!
    I believe that designers from all countries love Smashing Magazine!

  99. 99

    Dora E. H. Crow

    September 5, 2013 7:04 pm

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!

    Thank you for sharing your story about the gentleman on the night train who was reading your “Mobile Book”. It is a very heart warming story and shows your readers how much you really care.

  100. 100

    happy birthday!

  101. 101

    I have always found Smashing Magazine to be just the right amount of knowledge and depth. That’s rare.

    Thank you for the last seven years. If ever there was a name more appropriate for a magazine, it remains unknown to me.

    Happy birthday.

  102. 102

    Thank you for a great seven years! Your site is a wonderful resource.

    Here’s to seven and seven times seven more!

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  104. 104

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!

  105. 105

    Ever since I first bumped into this website, it’s been amongst my ‘textless bookmarks’: websites I visit so often that the favicon alone does the trick.

    Thanks for allowing me to procrastinate without feeling bad about it (well most of the times).

  106. 106

    Congratulations Smashing !

  107. 107

    I love all your content and the work you guys do! Web, Print, Twitter, Facebook, all Awesome! Keep up the good work!

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    Happy birthday you guys!

    I’ve been in the industry for over 5 years and, since the beginning, Smashing’s site/content have been an absolute staple to my ongoing learning.

    I wish you all the very best and send my sincerest gratitude for helping me continue to thrive :)

  109. 109

    Love the train story, it’s always great seeing your work out in the wild, and the Codys are too cute! Happy birthday!

  110. 110

    Kinya McDowell

    September 5, 2013 9:39 pm

    Happy Birthday Smashing Mag – thank you for continuing to be an awesome resource!

  111. 111

    Congratulations and thank you for all the hard & great work :)
    Looking forward to the coming 7 years :)

  112. 112

    Amazing work, guys!

    Your content is always inspiring, and useful.

    Thanks for bringing hope to all of us.

  113. 113

    Happy birthday guys ;-) been here since day one and you do get better with age. The number 1 goto resource thanks for 7 years of excellence. Here’s to 7 more :-)

  114. 114

    Happy Birthday! Not sure where I would be without you guys.

  115. 115

    Happy Birthday!!! You guys/gals are awesome.

  116. 116

    Eric Wennerberg

    September 5, 2013 10:32 pm

    Thanks for 7 years!
    3 more years until 10th anniversary, and 6 years until turning a teenager.
    Now thats gonna be fun!

  117. 117

    Every aspiring web professional I have met – reads this.

    Every established web professional I have met – reads this.

    Every Senior web professional I have met – reads this.

    Why read anything else?

  118. 118

    Aleksey Grigoriev

    September 5, 2013 10:55 pm

    Thank you for all of this years, spending here, reading your books, collecting and finding out great things! I’m very glad, that 5 years ago I found this magazine.

    Happy birthday SmashingMag! Thank you!

    Will glad to see you on Yet Another Conference@Moscow this October.

  119. 119

    Christopher Siegel

    September 5, 2013 11:02 pm

    Happy Birthday Smashing Mag! keep up the amazing work!

  120. 120

    Great to have you around Smashing! I’ve learned a lot and continue to learn from you. One!

  121. 121

    Happy smashing birthday from Slovakia! :)

  122. 122

    Happy birthday! Ordered my wife a Cody, can’t wait to see her reaction when it arrives! :D

  123. 123

    Just amazing!

  124. 124

    I have yet to find an on-line resource that beats the quality, timely and valuable content that is provided here every week. Congrats on being alive so successfully these past seven years, here’s to a million more!

  125. 125

    Thank you and Happy Birthday!

  126. 126

    I read every line of this blog since 2008, I just love your articles.
    keep up the great work!

  127. 127

    Happy birthday!! Oh my heart, little Cody is to die for!

  128. 128

    happy birthday!

  129. 129

    Thanks for giving us inspiration all this years SM crew and happy birthday to you guys, keep the good work and keep sharing

  130. 130

    Congrats on 7 (wow!) years! There have been ups and downs over the years, but y’all are doing wonderfully great work! The next 7 years in this industry wouldn’t be the same without what you’ve done for us all during the past 7.
    Congrats again!!

  131. 131

    If I recall correctly I have been following Smashing for 6 of their 7 years and have enjoyed every aspect of it. While I have not got every book I find what is on its website very helpful for the many things I have done during that time. It truly is an asset, Thanks Smashing :)

  132. 132

    Happy birthday Smashing Magazine!

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    I have almost all your printed books because I like the feel of printed paper. And even more if it is about graphic design, web development or magic and misterious articles made by you.

    Have a great party!
    Watch out the hangover!!

    Greetz from Chile

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    It was a long fight and probably still an ongoing one. I vividly remember you defending Smashing when someone called it out at Fronteers (’09?). At that point the ship had already turned around and you already knew what it was going to be: THE resource for anyone starting on the web today.


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    I thought my career in web will not move forward when my teacher said ” Web is “. I struggled to make the design pixel perfect with the and .
    Hope you people also had the same experience.

    Later.. i found smashing magazine which guided me in a perfect way..
    perfect and more perfect. Happy Bday SM !!

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    To seven more years!

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