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Freebie: A Workspace Illustrations Kit (AI, PNG, PSD, EPS and SVG)


Today we’re happy to release yet another freebie: a set of 60 lovely workspace illustrations of items that many web and graphic designers use every day: tablet and desktop computers, Apple Watches, cameras, Moleskine notebooks, headphones, pens, pencils, pairs of glasses — even coffee cups and cookies!

The complete set of illustrations
The full kit of workspace items. (View large version)

The set has been designed by Anastasia Kolisnichenko, from Minsk, Belarus, and released free for Smashing Magazine’s readers. Feel free to use all these elements and others for your projects. Grab what you need for a poster or website. You can customize everything you want: stroke width, size, color, shape — everything.

Moleskine notebooks
The kit includes many items you’ll find in a designer’s or developer’s workspace. From Moleskine notebooks… (View large version)

Each illustration is provided in five different formats (AI, PNG, PSD, EPS and SVG). So even if you don’t work with vector graphics, you can still easily use the illustrations to create great designs in any graphics software.

Apple Watches
…to Apple Watches… (View large version)

The kit is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. As long as you don’t resell bundles of the illustrations, you can use the illustrations for anything you need.

Desktop and laptop computers
…to desktop and laptop computers, plus much, much more! (View large version)

Download The Elegant Vector Kit For Free! Link

Insights From The Illustrator: Link

I really love beautiful headers with workspace elements. I think it will be very useful for every web designer — who like my style, of course ;) Working on illustrations of Apple Watches, iMacs, iPhones and so on was really pleasant for me. I like to help people express their ideas. I hope my work will help web designers in their work.

Sincere thanks to NastiFunny (Anastasia Kolisnichenko) for releasing the illustrations — we’re very grateful for your talent and generosity!

(ms, vf, og)

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    Well, I think Anastasia owes a coffee from anyone uses this excellent piece of work.

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    What a beautiful project! Great job Anastasia. I hope there will be more freebies from you:) Good luck!

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    These are terrific, thank you so much!

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    This is what I’ve looked for. Very splendid kit, thnx Anastasia !

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    very useful, handy and great work..

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    Well thanks for sharing your Freebies every time. Have been found of reading your blogs and come across it very frequently.

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    Can’t see any practical application for this set, in my field of experience. There’s some beautiful artwork there – I hope many people do find a good use :)

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    Beautiful work, thanks for sharing!

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    What a beautifull illustrations! love them!

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    Love your illustrations Anastasia .. Thank You

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    Cool ideas..just starting out..

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    I think it’s an amazing work! Thanks for sharing.


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