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Smashing Conf San Francisco

We use ad-blockers as well, you know. We gotta keep those servers running though. Did you know that we publish useful books and run friendly conferences — crafted for pros like yourself? E.g. upcoming SmashingConf San Francisco, dedicated to smart front-end techniques and design patterns.

★ “Busting Myths and Horror Stories Of Designing For The Web!” ★

Curtains up, SmashingConf NYC 20161 is coming! A spectacular performance about failures, successes and superpowers in front-end and UX! A flabbergasting show on fascinating endeavours in web design, with busted myths, horror design stories and wisdom gained from daunting real-life struggles. To the → conference schedule2; don’t miss out our → workshops3.


— ★★★★★ —
About The Show Link

Can you dispel the truth from the lies? Honesty from deception? Myths from heartbreaking real-life experience? Have you figured out responsive design, mobile, pattern libraries, SVG, flexbox, performance, HTTP/2 — and all of the other mischievous, erratic facets of designing for the web today?

Just a SmashingConf show with sparkling lasers last year. How mysterious will the performance be this year?

Damn right: We haven’t either! That’s why the acclaimed Smashing Production group set up a flabbergasting show about disillusions, failures, successes and superpowers in front-end and UX today — what’s worked, what hasn’t and why, with a lot of busted myths, horror design stories, lessons learned and techniques applicable to your work.

Coffee fortune reading with Daniel Burka at SmashingConf ’15.

No boring or dull chatter! It’s a provocative marvel for the eye and the mind, with sensational performance by talented masters of the craft! 2 breathtaking days, 1 astonishing track, 6 mind-blowing workshops7 and 16 spine-tingling speakers8 improving their craft on small and large scales every single day. We embrace respect and tolerance with our code of conduct9.

Experience the once-in-a-lifetime-five-star-show, live on Broadway on 14 to 15 June 2016. Only one show! Tickets available now10limited!11

— ★★★★★ —
Confirmed Performers Link

We’ve traveled the world to find the world’s brightest minds and bring them together to captivate and electrify the viewer! From the deepest fjords of Norway to the remote deserts of Australia, our phenomenal performers will tantalize with their outstanding skills, knowledge and passion!

SmashingConf ny14

Tuesday, June 14th Link

Wednesday, June 15th Link

— ★★★★★ —
Masterclasses Of A Lifetime! Link

From life-guiding survival skills to well concealed techniques and strategies in front-end/UX, the masterclasses by the stars of the show are nothing short of groundbreaking! When signing up for one of those, you save almighty $100 on the regular show entrance fee — better than in any other box office!

  • Alla Kholmatova29
    Modular Design by Alla Kholmatova30 June 13th • We’ve all been there: once a shiny, new, thoroughly crafted website becomes outdated, inconsistent, bloated and expensive to maintain. Can we continue scaling the platfor, without losing its original essence and making it feel like it’s been patched together? Can we keep our code clean, flexible and future-proof long-term? Read more…31
  • Jason Grigsby32
    Real-life RWD by Jason Grigsby33 June 13th • Dispel your fears of media queries, image optimization, and multi-device testing. See how fast and freeing mobile-first, responsive web design can be right now.With Jason’s help, you’ll work independently to convert a fixed-width desktop design to a responsive layout. Read more…34
  • Roy Tomeij35
    SASS by Roy Tomeij36 June 13th • In this full-day workshop, Roy will cover the core concepts, syntax and features of Sass. But more importantly: it teaches you how and when to use them to improve your daily workflow. It’s going to be a hands-on experience, with plenty of fun exercises based on real world use cases. Read more…37
  • Brendan Dawes38
    Data is Dawesome by Brendan Dawes39 June 13th • Data. It’s big. It’s everywhere. It’s also noisy, messy and often ugly. How do you take this data that surrounds us everyday and turn it into something beautiful; something that provokes reaction and is the catalyst for conversations? Read more…40
  • Sarah Drasner41
    Responsive Design Workflow by Sarah Drasner42 June 17th • SVG is just starting to have its heyday. This trend towards heavy adoption means that people should be aware of optimization techniques, how to begin by designing for performance, and how to animate complex, responsive, and beautiful animations with simple and easy-to-debug code for production. Read more…43
  • Josh Clark44
    Scalable CSS3 by Josh Clark45 June 17th • Touchscreens are everywhere now, even the desktop, and this workshop tells you what you need to know to make the most of them. Fingers and thumbs turn desktop design conventions on their head, with the ergonomics of handheld devices demanding entirely new design patterns for both web and apps. Handheld touchscreen design introduces ergonomic concerns that are new to many digital designers; it’s no longer just how your pixels look but also how they feel. Read more…46
  • Smashing Conference New York Workshop47
    Smart RWD Patterns by Vitaly Friedman48 June 17th • In this full-day workshop, Vitaly Friedman, editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, will present practical techniques, clever tricks and useful strategies you need to be aware of when working on any responsive design project. Most techniques are borrowed from mid-size and large-scale real-life projects, such as large e-commerce projects, online magazines and Web applications. Read more…49

— ★★★★★ —
What’s In It For You? Link

Authentic stories, insights and lessons learned by hard-working artisans who have failed and succeeded in their daunting real-world projects!

A hypnosis session with Tim Kadlec at SmashingConf 2015.

What You’ll learn: Link

  • How to write copy that moves and engages,
  • How to build pattern libraries in responsive projects,
  • How to craft modular design systems,
  • How to move away from generic and predictable layouts,
  • How to make use of flexbox for layouts and HTTP/2 for performance,
  • How and when to use a static site generator,
  • How to get responsive images under control,
  • How to organize and structure code for maintainability,
  • How to create innovative SVG animations,
  • How to design for tablets, phablets and TV,
  • How to deal with web governance and digital services,
  • How to improve the UX (and conversion) of web forms,
  • How to make responsive websites blazingly fast.
Convince Your Boss PDF51
“Eight reasons why you should send your incredibly hard-working, deserving employee to SmashingConf” (PDF52). Quite self-explanatory, really.

Don’t let them steal your dream from you! Be brave, be firm, be strong! Use your abilities to convince friends, colleagues, neighbors and total strangers to send you to this mesmerizing performance of a lifetime! You can even grab the “Convince Your Boss” (PDF)53 to tip the scales in your favor — and bring your boss with you, too!

— ★★★★★ —
Get Your Ticket! Link

So, what are you waiting for? The early-birds are flying out at the speed of light! Only a few tickets are left, so snatch your ticket right away54 and get the best seats to the most remarkable show of the year!

Lighting up the magic candles with Josh Clark at SmashingConf 2015.


Get your ticket!5612

Early-birds are flying quickly! Grab yours!57

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Vitaly Friedman loves beautiful content and doesn’t like to give in easily. Vitaly is writer, speaker, author and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine. He runs responsive Web design workshops, webinars and loves solving complex UX, front-end and performance problems in large companies. Get in touch.

  1. 1

    Hi! What about the schedule for the Conference on San Francisco ? I have been waiting for that one since you have it announced.

    Kind regards

  2. 3

    Lance Anderson

    February 4, 2016 4:00 pm

    Any information on a hotel for the NY conference?

    • 4

      Markus Seyfferth

      February 4, 2016 6:58 pm

      We have secured a special group discount for our attendees at YOTEL New York which is

      • $209 + tax (June 12th)
      • $249 + taxes (June 13th – 15th)

      per night.

      They have free (relatively speedy) wifi, incredible views, complimentary coffee and muffins each morning and a lovely atmosphere! Oh, and we’re just 10mins walk from the conference venue!

      For booking a room online, you can book your room → here.

      Otherwise, there are plenty of AirBNB options, too. If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask Cat at !


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