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Monday Morning Design Inspiration

Editor’s Note: Some people seem to have a magic touch when it comes to digging up design goodness. Veerle Pieters1 is one of them. As she explores print and web design, photography, art and type, she uncovers a lot of brilliant gems. And because they are too good not to share, she has compiled a selection of inspirational examples for you in this showcase. The plan is to bring out a new one every month, so let us know in the comments if you like what you see. But for now, please lean back and enjoy!

AT-AT Link

Lovely illustration, especially if you are a Star Wars fan. It’s one of those illustrations that shows its true beauty in the details.

Design Goodness2
Image credit: Tim Hobday3.

Golden Age of Space Tourism Link

Gorgeous space travel posters with a retro feel4. This Grand Tour example below is a flashback to the Voyager missions of the 1970s and 80s. The great composition of overlaying lines and circles is what I love most, and the perfect color palette is the icing on the cake.

Design Goodness5
Image credit: Gizmodo86.

Historic Sites: Mars Link

This poster depicts a future in which humans settled the red planet long ago, and are now running historic tours. I am a sucker for illustrations that show the essence of their themes using only basic lines and shapes.

Design Goodness7
Image credit: Gizmodo86.

Texas State of Mind Link

Pretty stoked about this color palette – what a perfect array of colors! Easy on the eye.

Design Goodness9
Image credit: Steve Wolf10.

Firewatch Link

Great illustration with the classic Firewatch game11 palette. Available as a wallpaper for multiple devices. The colors are so perfectly applied you can almost feel the warmth.

Design Goodness12
Image credit: Campo Santo13.

Ultimate Summer Link

A poster depicting the “ultimate summer.” Vibrant and bold work from illustrator Marylou Faure. This is a perfect eye-catcher. It sticks.

Design Goodness14
Image credit: Marylou Faure15.

Shop Magazine Link

Cover for Shop Magazine. I love the many patterns that are used in here.

Design Goodness16
Image credit: Matt Chase17.

Adidas/Piknic Electronik Link

Love the fantasy that these Spanish brothers put in every job they illustrate, and there is always a touch of humor. So good!

Design Goodness18
Image credit: Brosmind19.

Umbrail Pass Link

Lower slopes of the Umbrail Pass in late fall – just a few days before it closed. Amazing scene to ride your bike! Beautiful autumn colors.

Design Goodness20
Image credit: Gruber Images21.

Young Adults (YM ’16) Link

The noise is a nice touch. Combined with the dotted pattern and the geometrical approach, it sets the style of the illustration.

Design Goodness22
Image credit: Adam Quest23.

De Bortoli Prosecco Link

Gorgeous label for De Bortoli Prosecco. Mads Berg has such a cool style, very modernist, and a rather limited color palette. His illustration style is so strong you can recognize it from afar.

Design Goodness24
Image credit: Mads Berg25.

After The Rain Link

Love this colorful Meininger hotel at Berlin Airport. Colourful stripes are my thing, especially if they’re executed in such perfection. I could look at this all day.

Design Goodness26
Image credit: Sebastian Weiss27.

Dwars door Vlaanderen Link

Official race poster for Dwars door Vlaanderen with the photography of Kristof Ramon. This design expresses the cycling race perfectly. Lovely typography and vintage look. Really cool idea to interweave the photo with the horizontal lines.

Image credit: Kristof Ramon4129.

Snowy Mountain Town Link

Beautiful composition and great use of an unusual color palette.

Image credit: Matt Carlson31.

BW House Link

Beautiful place to live and lovely architecture. The composition, colors and setting are just perfect in this photo.

Design Goodness32
Image credit: Artem Bobrov33.

Omega – Spy Gadgets Link

Illustration for an article about historical spy gadgets. Having only a couple of colors at your disposal and still keeping the design rich is a challenge. This illustration shows how strong the result can be when perfectly executed.

Design Goodness34
Image credit: Justin Mezzell35.

Femeie în Verde Link

Illustration for the Italian television broadcaster RAI. Such elegance! The shadow and light via this overlay effect is so perfect. The lines suck you into the illustration.

Design Goodness36
Image credit: Riccardo Guasco37

Circus Link

Inspiring color palette and use of textures. Fantastic composition as well.

Design Goodness38
Image credit: Elena Lazutina39.

Brabantse Pijl Link

Official race poster for the Brabantse Pijl cycling race with the photography of Kristof Ramon. Beautiful composition, colors and typography.

Design Goodness40
Image credit: Kristof Ramon4129.

Maine Winter sunset Link

That moment that Mother Nature pulls out all the stops. A photo that evokes a strong emotion has my approval.

Design Goodness42
Image credit: Mike Gowen43.

Guardian Weekend Fiction Special Link

Illustration for the short story ‘Her Share of Sorrow’ written by Tessa Hadley. Love how the tree is done. Shadow and light can play a very important role in illustrations. This illustration is a perfect example.

Design Goodness44
Image credit: Thomas Pullin45.

Ural Link

Very inspiring how all those colourful shapes make up the motorcycle.

Design Goodness46
Image credit: Elena Lazutina47

Block City Link

Super solid work! The wood structure is very well executed. Excellent use of colors too. It’s like a construction made of squares, lines, triangles… It’s a lot all together and yet it’s not too busy, because the colors are well applied and everything is perfectly positioned. It makes it very inviting to look at… and to play with if these blocks were real.

Design Goodness48
Image credit: Matt Carlson49.

Peace Link

Such an excellent combination of shapes. This illustration is pure geometry on its own. The limited palette using only flat color creates perfect contrasts.

Design Goodness50
Image credit: Steve Wolf51.

Opinion on advertisement Link

Smart use of halftones and overlapping colors. It creates a special atmosphere which sets it apart.

Design Goodness52
Image credit: Daniela Olejníková53.

Swimming pool Link

Totally in love with the tones in this picture. The cherry on the cake is the two women with just a tad of color.

Design Goodness54
Image credit: Maria Svarbova55.

Landscape with calm Link

Original trees and textures. Simplicity is key, but details matter in a good illustration. The challenge is to know where to add these small details and accents. This illustration shows it well, both in color and in texture.

Design Goodness56
Image credit: Mutsumi Kawazoe57.

Mint Link

One of the cooler isometric-style illustrations I’ve seen.

Design Goodness58
Image credit: Rocket Boy59.

MyCheffy Illustration Link

An original approach to faces. This one is just so fun to look at, and you keep on looking at the small details which are so well executed.

Design Goodness60
Image credit: July Pluto61.

Wild West Link

I like native American Indians and horses, especially if they’re illustrated in such a beautiful color palette and style. This is an editorial piece on motoring for GQ France.

Design Goodness62
Image credit: MUTI63.

Super Growth Powder Link

With spring on its way this is just what we need. Beautiful geometry and color palette. Strong illustration in its pure simplicity.

Design Goodness64
Image credit: Savy Bergeron65.

Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood Link

The custom lettering and the painterly style work so well together on this album cover.

Design Goodness66
Image credit: Matt Vergotis67.

Stockholm 67 Link

Visual communication in its simplest form. Never gets old. So strong and eye-catching!

Design Goodness68
Image credit: Bo Lundberg69.

Southbank Link

Tom Haugomat’s cinematic poster for luxury apartments in a Southbank high-rise. Love how this one illustrates a room while the walls are invisible. I love the way the colors are applied with such contrast. It sucks you in.

Design Goodness70
Image credit: It's Nice That71.

Grand Teton National Park Link

Part of a poster for the Grand Teton National Park. One poster of the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series, a celebration of the US National Parks. This illustration uses different pattern and texture techniques combined, which makes it really interesting to look at.

Design Goodness72
Image credit: 59parks.net73.

Beautiful dawn Link

The tranquility in this one is super super strong. Nature has its way with its color palettes.

Design Goodness74
Image credit: Pexels75.

Forest Road Link

My favourite kind of dirt road. That light is beautiful!

Design Goodness76
Image credit: Pexels77.

New York snow Link

Photographer Dave Krugman caught some stunning pictures during the last blizzard in New York. Great color inspiration in there too.

Design Goodness78
Image credit: fubiz79.

Strade Bianche: Donne Link

Gorgeous inspiring photo of the rolling Tuscan hills shot during the women’s cycle race of Strade Bianche shot by my friend Ashley Gruber.

Design Goodness80
Image credit: Strava81.

Les Salins 2015–2016 Link

Brilliant combination of photography and graphic design.

Design Goodness82
Image credit: Samuel Guigues8583.
Design Goodness84
Image credit: Samuel Guigues8583.

The High Authority For Transparency In Public Life Link

Illustration for a French agency that works to prevent corruption (Haute Autorité pour la transparence de la vie publique). The shadow play is lovely. An excellent execution of shadow and light can elevate an illustration to a whole other level!

Design Goodness86
Image credit: Léonard Dupond87.

Lookout Link

Beautiful! Wouldn’t mind having a break at this lookout. This illustration has it all: shadow and light are perfectly executed, the color palette creates the exact mood it needs, and the details are all over the place – you can’t get enough of it.

Design Goodness88
Image credit: Matt Carlson89.

Stacked Link

“Stacked” is an approach to the large post-war housing estates in Berlin, often built in the form of tower blocks in a fairly uniform fashion. However, when looking closer you find a lot of variation. This photo just looks like a perfect illustration.

Design Goodness90
Image credit: Malte Brandenburg91.

The Last Utopian Link

Love the science fiction touch to this. Brilliant texture usage as well.

Design Goodness92
Image credit: Sam Chivers93.

The Biggest Story Link

Inspiring illustration for a children’s book based on Bible stories. The colors are just so appealing, and the details in the patterns, lines and textures are just gorgeous.

Design Goodness94
Image credit: Invisible Creature95.

Mystery Project 76.1 Link

Super clean work and effective use of a limited color palette. The internal patterns are a nice touch.

Design Goodness96
Image credit: DKNG97.

Love And Romance Link

Impressive character design and I like how the long curvy lines perfectly describe the body’s form.

Design Goodness98
Image credit: Made by Radio99.

Monsters book cover Link

The colors, the characters, the textures – they’re all so well used.

Design Goodness100
Image credit: Patrick Ledger101.

Modern Reformation Link

Everything is perfectly arranged in this one.

Design Goodness102
Image credit: Owen Gent103.


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Veerle is one of the fascinating minds behind Duoh!, whose love for design in all its various forms shines through. She is a graphic/Web designer hailing from a small but beautiful European country called Belgium. You can follow her on Twitter and read her blog at

  1. 1

    too specific of a point of view for a regular feature. most of the collection is very busy. curate for inclusiveness of styles with a higher barrier for display. the vintage space travel posters are inauthentic but fit with the hyper kinetic overall aesthetic of the collection.

    maybe to make it a regular feature, theme the list (e.g. shapes, palettes, seasonal, etc.) so it’s less rando and the pov is mitigated.

    i sound like a d*** i am sure, but is a nice collection.

    • 2

      “the vintage space travel posters are inauthentic”

      Can you elaborate? I’m not sure what inauthentic means in this context.

  2. 3

    Love the idea of bring out a new one every month

  3. 4

    Beautiful list! So cool to see Eric Nyffeler’s wolf in there!

  4. 5

    This is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing more!

  5. 6

    Cheriyan Manalel

    March 15, 2016 7:08 am

    Really Awesome…waiting for more..:)

  6. 7

    Inspiring, yes, and intimidating! Wow, great work!

  7. 8

    The NASA posters are part of a free series Visions of The Future. I was really excited to see some of them on here. For once I actually can’t wait till Monday!

  8. 9

    Loved it. Nice to see this type of post to kick start a Monday.
    Hope to see more!

  9. 10

    L.chand Shrestha

    March 17, 2016 4:38 am

    Very Creative Coolest Collections…Looking for next post!

  10. 11

    Loved this, thanks!


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