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Coworking Spaces Around The World

If you’re a footloose creative soul searching for a more affordable and friendly space than a typical rented or home office, coworking could work for you.

Coworking spaces are popping up in cities all around the world. They allow freelancers, small business owners and independent workers to rent a working area that is shared with others. The setup is usually more casual than the fixed rental agreement you would get in a dedicated office space.

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Business-savvy spaces also offer workers the option to upgrade to a private desk or an office space, letting the coworking facilities grow with your venture. Most also have additional business services, and all offer a creative environment for you to meet fellow freelancers and clients, to collaborate and work.

From coworking spaces geared to nurturing the next generation of tech unicorns to boutique offerings, coffee shops, amazing workshops, art galleries and even a beach locale, we’ve scoured a hundred coworking spaces across the world.

Some Of The Best Workspaces Can Be Found Here: Link

  1. New York, USA5
  2. San Francisco, California, USA6
  3. Austin, Texas, USA7
  4. Toronto, Canada8
  5. Berlin, Germany9
  6. London, UK10
  7. Stockholm, Sweden11
  8. Singapore Island, Singapore12
  9. Bangalore, India13
  10. Rest Of The World14

1. New York, USA

New York has a vibrant coworking scene and offers a huge range of options. Making the most out of the lack of space in the city, NYC has shoehorned dozens of coworking spaces into its streets to embrace the city’s entrepreneurial spirit. Demand is high, and waiting lists are the norm for the most popular spaces.

1. Alley15 Link

  • Locations: Three spaces in Chelsea, Midtown and 1407 Broadway
  • Description: “We’re more than just an office. We’re a community with a workspace.” Aimed at freelancers, the tech startup space and all established businesses, Alley offers a range of business services and perks, from events to tech support to workshops and classes, all housed in its impressive spaces.
  • Pricing: Daily membership is only $25/day and a monthly membership can cost $450/month for a shared space, $650 for a dedicated desk and $2,200 for a private office space.
Alley’s Midtown spot (View large version17)

2. Con Artist Collective18 Link

  • Location: Lower East Side
  • Description: Need an uber-creative coworking space? The Con Artist Collective is an shared space for creative pursuits for artists, designers, writers, makers and programmers looking to connect and create, share and sell their wares. The space hosts weekly gallery night parties, and the workspace is open 24/7 with all of the necessary tech and creative tools.
  • Pricing: Short-term plans range from $14/hour to $299/month, and long-term plans go up to $229/month for unlimited access.
A Con Artist gallery night in full swing (View large version20)

3. Coworkrs21 Link

  • Locations: Three offices in Brooklyn (Gowanus), the Financial District (FiDi) and Flatiron on East 23rd Street
  • Description: Offering 24/7 access to a range of dynamic workspaces, the locations house beautiful open lounges, shared desks and private office suites. The open and comfortable atmosphere aspires “to curate stimulating and flexible work environments that foster creativity, growth, and success.” Coworkrs members range from freelancers and creative agencies to tech startups and even high-growth established companies such as Farmigo and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Pricing: A day pass is just $40. Open workspaces start from $350/month, dedicated desks from $450/month and private office suites from $750/month.
The Gowanus space (Image: Keziban Barry) (View large version23)

4. Croissant24 Link

  • Locations: Access to 30+ coworking spaces around New York City and beyond
  • Description: In this novel and flexible service for coworkers, you can find an “open seat” from a range of workspaces on the Croissant website or app and then check in. Users check out when they leave and can reserve a seat an hour before they need it. Perfect for those who want a little variety in their working life, and Croissant has also just launched in Boston and DC.
  • Pricing: $39/month for an “intern” member (10 hours a month), $99/month for a part-time member (40 hours a month) and $299/month for a full-time member (unlimited use).
The Harlem Collective is one of the many workspaces offered by Croissant. (View large version26)

5. Ensemble27 Link

  • Location: Midtown Manhattan
  • Description: A huge open space with simple decor, with private offices, conference and event facilities and lectures and workshops. Workers also get “Tuesday treats,” when homebaked goodies are handed out at 3:00 pm every Tuesday, as well as a host of other perks.
  • Pricing: An open desk starts from $35/day. Permanent desks start from $450/month and private office suites from $2,000/month. You can also opt to pay for a virtual office, where you can send and receive mail or book conference rooms for a set price of $50/month.
The Ensemble space (View large version29)

6. Fuelled Collective30 Link

  • Location: Soho, Manhattan
  • Description: The Fuelled Collective offers a huge, dedicated and rather trendy desk space, with communal areas and nine old library-style meeting rooms and two phone booths. This space will definitely keep you fuelled with free popcorn, year-round ice cream and a free snack bar. Not to mention the ping-pong table.
  • Pricing: Membership rates are between $450 and $800.
The Fuelled Collective’s space, featuring the infamous popcorn maker (View large version32)

7. Projective Space33 Link

  • Location: Two locations on the Lower East Side, with another planned for Williamsburg.
  • Description: Uber’s NYC branch has its roots in the LES space, which is a 7,200 square foot minimalist loft, and the Freemans space is housed above Freemans Restaurant and features wooden antique tables, with handcrafted cocktails available.
  • Pricing: A day pass costs $40, and memberships start from $95/month for casual workers, $225/month for communal membership and up to $555/month for dedicated membership.
Projective Space’s location is on the exclusive second floor of Freemans Restaurant on the Lower East Side. (View large version35)

8. The Farm Soho36 Link

  • Location: Soho, Manhattan
  • Description: The Farm is an Americana-inspired high-tech space decked out in barn wood salvaged from Missouri. The space features five conference rooms, a treehouse, unlimited coffee and printing and a dedicated nap room. The Farm also houses Blueprint Health, one of NYC’s largest healthcare technology accelerators, which makes it a hub for health care technology and wellness startups in the city, but it welcomes every hard-working entrepreneur.
  • Pricing: Shared desks start from $250/month and dedicated desks from $400/month.
Welcome to The Farm Soho (View large version38)

9. The Yard39 Link

  • Locations: Six locations across Manhattan and Brooklyn, including the Upper West Side, Flatiron North, Flatiron South, Herald Square, Lower East Side and Williamsburg.
  • Description: The Yard is “where modern professionals come to work” and features welcoming lounges, great event spaces and dedicated conference rooms, all adorned with original artwork.
  • Pricing: Open coworking starts at around $250/month, dedicated desks from $350/month and private offices from $500/month. A virtual membership at $100/month is available, offering unlimited shipping and receiving at one Yard location and one hour of conference room time each month.
The Yard’s Flatiron space (View large version41)

10. WeWork42 Link

  • Locations: 25 locations across NYC, from Harlem to Williamsburg, with five more in the pipeline, plus global spaces
  • Description: WeWork is a global coworking facility with spaces around the world. Originally set up in New York, WeWork offers beautiful, collaborative spaces, a digital app to connect with its 50,000+ members, as well as access to services such as healthcare, accounting, legal advice and training.
  • Pricing: Prices are based on location, but in New York they’re around $45 for a one-day membership, $350/month for unlimited access to workspaces, $450/month for a personal desk and $650/month for a dedicated office for one person.
WeWork Meatpacking office (View large version44)

2. San Francisco, California, USA

San Francisco nurtured some of the world’s original coworking prototypes back in 2006. Such spaces now flourish in San Francisco thanks to this early adoption, the high cost of real estate and the city’s rockstar reputation as a cutting-edge tech hub. Whether you’re chasing Google’s coattails or are a creative freelancer looking for a bit of human interaction, San Fran has some of the world’s coolest coworking communities.

1. Design Spaces45 Link

  • Location: Mountain View
  • Description: This stylish coworking office offers membership to small startups that are looking for office space and are eager to grow their business. With an outdoor work area, free CalTrain shuttles and regular “wine and design” events, it’s a beautiful space adorned with trees and a range of working environments.
  • Pricing: A business address is available for $95/month, a flexible membership is $250/month, a designated desk is $450/month, and office spaces are available on request.
Inside the Design Spaces spot (View large version47)

2. Hatch Today48 Link

  • Locations: Harrison Street and Broadway
  • Description: Hatch Today houses more than 150 tenant companies and 400 individuals in its two locations. Both spaces are furnished elegantly and offer great networking events, knowledgeable staff to answer your questions or make you a brew, monthly happy hours, as well as a range of office environments from conference rooms to private offices and flexible workspaces. Members get fast Wi-Fi, all coffees, teas, soft drinks, granolas and cereals, sparkling water, snacks and fresh fruit, 24/7 access and unlimited use of seven conference rooms, with up-to-date video conferencing equipment.
  • Pricing: Desks start at $350 per month, and private offices are available only at Broadway, starting at $1300.
Hatch Today’s Broadway location (View large version50)

3. Hattery51 Link

  • Location: SOMA district
  • Description: The Hattery looks after its members with perks such as a health and wellness program that includes a daily chef-prepared lunch, a pet-friendly environment, weekly yoga, running and basketball clubs, weekly farm box deliveries and a monthly happy hour. With a community and workspace for entrepreneurs, 13 conference rooms and a fantastic kitchen space, this dynamic office promotes a culture of innovation, education and community.
  • Pricing: A desk is $875/month
The Hattery’s coworking area (View large version53)

4. Makeshift Society54 Link

  • Location: Hayes Valley
  • Description: Offering 1,000 square feet of space and a napping loft, this stylish, productive workspace is furnished with a mix of large tables, desks and soft seating, so you can work where and how you want to. With a range of community activities and great support for freelancers and small-business owners, this space encourages collaboration and networking in its airy space.
  • Pricing: One day per month is $30/month, one day per week is $90/month, three days per week is $200/month, and five days per week is $350/month.
The bright, open Hayes Valley space (View large version56)

5. NextSpace57 Link

  • Locations: SOMA district, with seven more locations in other US cities
  • Description: The San Francisco NextSpace offers a flexible range of working options with a friendly and connected community, from private office spaces to dedicated workstations, flexible cafe seating to day-pass packages. The community is a diverse mix, including members from the startup scene, B2B services, digital advertising, non-profits, fashion, technology and software development, and the engineering field, to name a few. There are plenty of networking events and a ton of community benefits, too. So, if you like your coworking spaces friendly and flexible, this is the place for you.
  • Pricing: A mailbox is available for $60/month, a day pass is $25, cafe seating is $375/month, workstations are from $475/month and offices from $1,300/month.
A coworking area (View large version59)

6. Nomad-A-What60 Link

  • Location: Clay Street
  • Description: Nomad-A-What is a small international coworking community for digital nomads, travelers and startups with an adventurous spirit. Aimed at nomadic entrepreneurs who are visiting San Francisco, it has an extensive assortment of things like monitors, keyboards, headphones, whiteboards and flat-panel displays, as well as a small travellers hostel, Pacific Tradewinds. It also offers free evening space for meetups, classes and presentations for up to 25 people. And if you use the app and are trust-verified, you can gain 24/7 access to the site. Verification can be achieved if you have a strong online social presence and a verifiable body of work or a startup you are working on, for example.
  • Pricing: Monthly membership is only $200, day rates are $20 (if you use the Nomad-A-What app61), and meeting rooms can be rented out for $25/hour. There’s also a $0.10/minute tariff with a $5 minimum and $25 maximum per day if you just want to pop in. Or go to to get a free day pass.
The friendly Nomad-A-What community (View large version64)

7. PARISOMA65 Link

  • Location: SOMA district
  • Description: A coworking space capable of hosting 120+ freelancers and entrepreneurs, PARISOMA supports its growth through a range of community events, classes and partnerships, with a vast network of mentors, alumni and partner organizations. There’s also a PARISOMA X TechShop SF66 membership, giving users the benefits of regular membership, plus unlimited access to $1 million worth of machines, tools and sophisticated 2D and 3D design software at the TechShop SF facilities.
  • Pricing: An open space is $345/month, a dedicated desk is $595/month, and private offices are $1,250 to $3,500/month.
The PARISOMA space (View large version68)

8. Sandbox Suites69 Link

  • Locations: SOMA, South Park and Union Square (coming soon), with extra spaces in Downtown Berkeley and Silicon Valley.
  • Description: Sandbox Suites offers freelancers and small-business owners a range of office environments to knuckle down and work. With weekly community events, free coffee, tea and water and access to classes, workshops and networking events, the spaces have a five-minute phone policy in its public area to cut down on excessive chatter, giving these spots a peaceful environment.
  • Pricing: Virtual offices are $75/month, an open-space desk is $325/month, private desks start from $525/month, and team memberships are also available. Day rates are $20, and meeting rooms can be rented for an hourly or daily rate.
The SOMA space (View large version71)

9. SHARED72 Link

  • Location: Bryant Street
  • Description: Housing a community of creatives, SHARED has all of the amenities of a traditional coworking space, with additional maker spaces, featuring a fabrication space, a shared workshop with a range of tools and equipment, as well as classes and events.
  • Pricing: Weekday access is $225/month, weekend and evening access is $100/month, private spaces are between $1,200 and 1,700/month, and workshop access is $1,000/month.
SHARED’s flexible working environment (View large version74)

10. The Vault75 Link

  • Location: Jackson Square, with another Vault in Brooklyn, NYC, in the pipeline
  • Description: The Vault is a collaborative workspace and innovation hub with state-of-the-art workspaces, resources, talent, knowledge and networks to help startups grow better and faster. There’s also a built-in bar, exercise room, a library, a yoga space and a range of other perks, events and resources in this former Ghiradelli chocolate factory.
  • Pricing: Memberships are per month. A one-month commitment is $670, a three-month commitment is $640/month, and a six-month commitment is $610/month.
The Vault’s breakout area (View large version77)

3. Austin, Texas, USA

Austin followed San Francisco’s lead and caught onto the coworking revolution relatively early. With dozens of spaces in the city, the sites try to stand out from the pack by providing neighborhood hubs and targeting specific industry sectors; for example, Open Source Coworking targets the tech industry, and the Helix Coworking Lab78 is for those working in the life sciences.

1. Capital Factory79 Link

  • Location: Downtown Innovation Zone
  • Description: Capital Factory is an entrepreneurial hotbed. You could start with a coworking membership while you’re still perfecting your business ideas and looking for a cofounder, and then upgrade to a dedicated desk or small office once you get some seed funding from the onsite Accelerator program and the more than 100 local mentors. Amenities include an on-site gym, stocked kitchen, games room, device lab and video recording studio.
  • Pricing: Coworking memberships start from $200.
The bustling Capital Factory coworking space (View large version81)

2. Chicon Collective82 Link

  • Location: East Austin’s old Third Street Bus Depot
  • Description: The Chicon Collective is self-described as a motley crew of “designers and developers, lovers and fighters, musicians and makers, hackers and bakers, saints and transgressors.” It’s a relaxed place to work, connect and play, with a range of events (from Arduino classes to whiskey tastings), two conference rooms, dedicated desks, an event space a 3D printer, a weight room and indoor and outdoor basketball courts. They are currently transitioning into an “ALT Space” and moving into a location four times the size of where they are now. There will be a dedicated maker and hackerspace, a 5,000 square foot event space, a workshop and amenities built to accommodate their growing creative community of professionals.
  • Pricing: $50/month for five days of coworking, $100/month for 9:00 am to 5:00 pm access, $200/month for 24/7 access, $350/month for a dedicated desk, and private rooms ranging from $1300 to 2000/month.
A Chicon Collective event (Image: @natalieanders84) (View large version85)

3. Createscape Coworking86 Link

  • Location: Central Austin
  • Description: Createscape is a coworking and open workplace environment for freelancers, startups, remote teams, non-profits and small businesses. With designated desks, a coworking space, a private conference room and discounts on studio and equipment rentals for video and photo shoots, it also lets you try before you buy with a free day trial.
  • Pricing: A day pass is $20, a general membership is $150/month, and a desk membership is $300/month.
Createscape’s coworking space (View large version88)

4. Fibercove89 Link

  • Location: South Lamar district
  • Description: This former professional dance studio combines extreme bandwidth, a full-service cafe and bar, and acoustically appropriate work areas. Fibercove prides itself on its connectivity and productive workspace. It provides a variety of different workstations, from focused seated work areas with 27-inch monitors to teaming tables to standing desks, as well as eight meeting rooms and an event space.
  • Pricing: A day rate is $35, a five-day pass is $150, a 10-day pass is $250, a membership is $500/month, and you can get a trial day pass for free.
The spacious Fibercove coworking area (View large version91)
  • Locations: Two spaces in north and central Austin, with another location, Link Flex, planned for May 2016
  • Description: “Bringing the sexy back to the workplace,” the Link Coworking and Link Too93 locations were built with coworking as their sole focus. Both spaces offer flexible environments with plenty of outdoor space, Link Coworking is an open-plan coworking space with meeting rooms and conference rooms, always staffed and open 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday. Link Too is open 24/7, with biometric readers, dedicated desks and private offices. Link Flex will bring together Link’s need for community and the industry’s need for private office space under one roof. The offices will house anywhere from 1 to 12 people, with prices starting from $1,200.
  • Pricing: Rates differ depending on the location and the level of service. At Link Coworking, rates start from $300/month. A freelancer punch card for 10-day access is $500, and everyone also pays a $200 membership fee in their first month. For Link Too, a dedicated desk starts from $500, and private office spaces are also available.
The Link Coworking location (View large version95)

6. Open Source Coworking Link

  • Location: Central Austin
  • Description: Aimed squarely at the tech industry, Open Source provides a peaceful space for developers and engineers to focus on their work. It also hosts a range of events, from a “ping-pong throwdown” to workshops on legal and technical advice.
  • Pricing: The flexible membership for part-time workers is $165/month, a full-time membership is $200/month, and a dedicated office is available on request.
The peaceful Open Source Coworking space (View large version97)

7. Orange Coworking98 Link

  • Location: South Austin
  • Description: A friendly neighborhood space, Orange Coworking offers a huge free parking lot, complimentary coffee and tea, gigabit fiber Internet, lunch options within walking distance, and a fast-growing, diverse, friendly, hardworking community. Orange is home to startups, established companies, business and life coaches, and freelancers of all sorts. Meeting and conference room rentals, business classes and events are available to both the Orange community and the general public.
  • Pricing: Monthly memberships are available, or you can drop in with a day pass for only $27.
Orange Coworking’s space (View large version100)

8. Patchwork Austin101 Link

  • Location: Mueller neighbourhood
  • Description: Patchwork is a boutique coworking space, covering 1,200 square feet, split into a few rooms. Members can also take advantage of some great perks in the wider building, including two pools, a gym, a lounge, a movie room, a games room, a business center, a full kitchen and Bluetooth speakers to share your tunes with everyone. There are also plenty of green spaces, a variety of seating options, some great community events and a free introductory week if you want to test out this space.
  • Pricing: It starts at $22/day, $200 for 10 days, unlimited use for $350/month or $1,950 for six months. You can also rent meeting rooms.
Patchwork’s charming space (View large version103)

9. Tech Ranch104 Link

  • Location: North Austin
  • Description: Aimed at the city’s entrepreneurs, Tech Ranch has private offices, coworking and reserved desks and space rentals for events, meetings, meetups or workshops. The Tech Ranch also strives to drive global collaboration with connections from Japan to Mexico and offers coworkers membership into its community groups, a free community lunch each week, discounted event and meetup rental rates, and complimentary coffee, tea and light snacks.
  • Pricing: A basic coworking membership (four days of working) is $75/month, a standard membership (unlimited use) is $150/month, and 24/7 access is $200/month. A dedicated desk costs $375/month, and a 10-day punch card is $130.
The Tech Ranch’s coworking space (View large version106)

10. TechSpace107 Link

  • Location: Austin’s Central Business District, with other campuses in New York, Orange County, San Francisco and Los Angeles
  • Description: With two floors and 28,000 square feet of beautifully designed flexible workspace, TechSpace Austin offers a collaborative coworking environment and private office suites for small to mid-sized businesses. Amenities include dedicated conference rooms, lounge areas, an outdoor deck and a large event space. Fully scalable and interconnecting office suites are paired with TechSpace’s enterprise business technology platform, which includes private data networking, burstable bandwidth and enterprise-class Wi-Fi.
  • Pricing: Prices are $25 for a day pass, $375 for a FlexSpace membership and $425 for a dedicated desk membership. Pricing varies for private office suites; please reach out to Mallory at for information and availability.
TechSpace’s Austin locale (View large version109)

4. Toronto, Canada

Toronto is eager to embrace and celebrate coworking, with the city holding its first “coworking day” in February 2015. Some spaces listed form part of the Coworking Toronto Collective110, and more tech-oriented places are popping up regularly.

1. BrightLane111 Link

  • Location: King Street West
  • Description: Housed over three floors in a historic brick and beam building, BrightLane offers a flexible working environment, from an enclosed office to a dedicated coworking desk bathed in bright natural light. There’s also a rooftop terrace with a barbecue, a wellness room, neighbourhood discounts and craft beer available on Fridays in this dog-friendly space.
  • Pricing: The daily rate is $30, with desks available from $450 to $575/month. Private team offices are also available to rent, starting at $1,100 per seat per month.
One of BrightLane’s working areas (View large version113)

2. Centre for Social Innovation114 Link

  • Locations: Three spots in Toronto: The Annex (720 Bathurst Street), Spadina (215 Spadina Avenue) and Regent Park (585 Dundas Street East). There is also a center in NYC.
  • Description: Providing workspace and community to Toronto’s social mission sector (nonprofits, for-profits, cooperatives, artists and activists working to make the world a better place), the Centre for Social Innovation offers private offices, private desks and shared desks. There’s also a weekly “Salad Club” at each location for members, unlimited coffee and tea and 24/7 access. The spaces host a huge range of events, from book launches to conferences and workshops. But space is just the beginning: Members of CSI get access to exclusive programs designed to accelerate their success and amplify their impact, everything from microloans to free half-hour consultations with experts in law, business and design.
  • Pricing: Hot desks range from $125 to $250/month (depending on usage), a private desk is $450/month, team space is $850/month, and a private office is $880/month. A community membership is just $30/month.
The Centre for Social Innovation (View large version116)

3. East Room117 Link

  • Location: The Riverside neighbourhood
  • Description: The East Room is a boutique coworking club for freelancers, creative professionals and small businesses. Whether you’re working in technology, art or design, this space promotes collaboration with regular incubators and events. Members also have access to meeting and lounge spaces and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Pricing: “Club” membership with access to the open lounge is $250/month, “Resident” membership with access to a dedicated desk is $500/month, and a “Resident 2” membership for small teams of workers starts at $1,500/month.
The East Room (View large version119)

4. Gizmolabs120 Link

  • Location: Downtown, next to St. Patrick’s Station
  • Description: This coworking space and innovation hub is for tech startups. Aside from the usual desk setup and office facilities, the space also has a small workbench for electronics assembly, a server for hosting and testing, and a small 3D printer to help with prototyping. Other perks include health insurance and free tea and coffee.
  • Pricing: A day rate is $30, a part-time membership (for access three days per week) is $200/month, a regular membership (five days per week) is $300/month, and premium (24/7) access is $400/month.
The Gizmolabs coworking space (Large preview122

5. iQ Office Suites123 Link

  • Locations: 140 Yonge Street and 250 University Avenue
  • Description: iQ Office Suites provides a range of space solutions for customers who desire unique, character-filled, high-quality work environments in convenient, transit-friendly downtown locations. A mix of private offices, dedicated desks, virtual offices, meeting and event spaces are all available, alongside coworking facilities featuring contemporary designs and furnishings, enterprise-grade technology and friendly, attentive support staff.
  • Pricing: Prices for office and desk space range from $599 to $7,900/month, depending on the unit size and configuration. Coworking rates start from $29/day.
Inside 250 University Avenue (View large version125)

6. Project Spaces126 Link

  • Locations: King West and Camden Street
  • Description: These founder-friendly coworking spaces in downtown Toronto are for entrepreneurs, artists, designers and other freelance creatives. Facilities include 24/7 access, premium tea and coffee, flexible terms, and an optional health and dental plan. There is also a range of events for the community, from marketing master classes to sports screenings and “Drinks and Demos” evenings.
  • Pricing: A networking membership is $45/month, a lounge membership is $200/month, and a desk is between $350 and $395/month. Office memberships will be offered shortly.
The Camden Street spot (View large version128)

7. MakeWorks129 Link

  • Location: Toronto’s west end
  • Description: This coworking studio offers creative professionals an on-site prototyping lab that is fully equipped with a laser cutter, a laser engraver, a 3D printer, CNC milling and electronics equipment. Members get discounted access to the prototyping lab with design assistance, and this highly creative space also runs a weekly “Drinks and Demos” night.
  • Pricing: A community membership for hot desking is $200/month, and a dedicated desk space membership is $350/month.
The MakeWorks space (View large version131)

8. Riverdale Hub132 Link

  • Location: Toronto’s east end
  • Description: The Riverdale Hub houses a variety of social enterprises, unique rental spaces and environmental initiatives. Whether you need a green coworking space, are a yoga teacher in need of a studio, are seeking an elegant event space or want to rent a gallery for a community art show, this creative space is housed in an environmentally innovative building with solar hot water and geothermal heating. The Hub is also home to The Social Gardener Café133 (which uses fresh ingredients from its rooftop garden and offers discounts to coworkers), and the coworking space is open concept, with reclaimed wood desks and comfy couches and chairs. Hot desks, designated desks, meeting tables, lounge areas and two enclosed offices are available.
  • Pricing: Hot desks range from $80/month for 50 hours to $250/month for unlimited access. A part-time designated desk is $5/hour, and a full-time designated desk is $400/month. Offices start at $1,100/month.
The Riverdale Hub (View large version135)

9. The Artless Hub136 Link

  • Location: 477 Richmond Street
  • Description: A community-run shared studio and creative space to work and play with the arts in all of its forms. Housed in a cozy loft space, The Artless Hub is hidden upstairs in a commercial building overlooking Toronto, with plenty of natural lighting and an inspiring decor. There are regular socials, workshops and cooking nights, as well as a creative tools library, plenty of work tables, and free tea and coffee.
  • Pricing: Two types of membership are offered. An “artless creature” for discounted workshop access has prices starting from $95/year. Coworking prices start from $63/month for 20 hours to $125/month for 100 hours.
A “Paint and Wine” event at The Artless Hub (View large version138)

10. The Foundery139 Link

  • Location: Downtown
  • Description: This fully accessible coworking and event space is aimed at artists and entrepreneurs in all industries. Members get access to high-speed Internet, two private conference rooms, two kitchens, a rooftop patio, a garden, a lounge, a public art gallery and COHIP health insurance. In partnership with Creative Blueprint, the space hosts a series of events and workshops, from hackathons to art exhibitions and live music.
  • Pricing: The day rate is $25, the part-time hot desking membership (10 days per month) is $190/month, and full time is $290/month. A designated desk is $440/month, and private offices start at $890/month.
The Foundery in Toronto’s downtown (View large version141)

5. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of Europe’s biggest startup hubs, and the coworking scene has blossomed to offer dozens of flexible spaces. The majority of spaces have an eclectic and lively vibe to match the creativity of the city’s residents, complementing some more traditional environments.

1. Agora Collective142 Link

  • Location: Neukölln
  • Description: Agora provides a range of hip and inspirational spaces for coworkers in a range of creative fields. Workspaces are housed in a spacious and bright building across five floors, including a vibrant working room, a silent working space, a multifunctional room and a garden. There are also various evening workshops and a charming café. Agora welcomes people and projects that reflect the values of its community: diversity, self-organization and social ties.
  • Pricing: A day pass is €16, a five-day pass €60, a part-time membership €138/month, a full-time membership €184/month, and a fixed desk €248/month.
The Agora Collective café (View large version144)

2. Ahoy! Berlin145 Link

  • Location: Mitte
  • Description: At Ahoy! Berlin, you can rent a single desk or a team office and have full-time access to the space’s startup community. With more than 3,000 square metres for hard work and serious play, the space also includes a bar and cafeteria, features reclaimed furniture and offers business services, including accounting and tax services and company registration.
  • Pricing: A coworking day ticket is €15, and a monthly pass is €190 (excluding taxes). Lockers, a business address, and a 24/7 address come with a small additional monthly cost. Conference rooms can also be rented for between €20 and €50/hour, and the main event space for €150/hour.
The main Ahoy! Berlin space (View large version147)

3. betahaus148 Link

  • Location: Kreuzberg, Berlin, with other betahaus spaces in Hamburg, Barcelona and Sofia
  • Description: Spread over 5,000 square metres and five levels, the betahaus is a massive coworking space set up for independent, creative professionals. With a range of environments to match every working ambience, it offers coworking spaces, a community space, meeting rooms, teams rooms and an event space. There’s also a hardware lab, a wood workshop and a cafe, which you can use as a non-member if you fancy trying out this bright, colourful space.
  • Pricing: Coworking is priced €15/day, €89/month for a part-time (12 days per month) membership, €159/month for a full-time (5 days a week) membership and €299/month for a team room. E-lab and woodshop memberships are also available at €309/month or €850 for three months. The day rate is €29.
One of the betahaus coworking spaces (View large version150)

4. Blogfabrik151 Link

  • Location: Oranienstraße
  • Description: Blogfabrik is a coworking space with a very different business model. Bloggers, Instagrammers, photographers and videographers pay for their workspace with their content, which appears in the space’s Daily Bread magazine. Members also get access to a photo studio and video-editing suite, as well as law and tax advisors. Open workshops, readings and networking events are also held in the adjoining event space.
  • Pricing: See above
A selection of Blogfabrik’s spaces (Image: Christoph Neumann153) (View large version154)

5. co-up155 Link

  • Location: Kreuzberg
  • Description: co-up provides desks, Wi-Fi and a friendly community for independent workers, most of whom are web and software developers. Occupying the third and fifth floors in a classic Berlin factory, this space is divided between the third and fifth floors with three coworking rooms, one lounge and a larger event space. The space supports community skills-sharing and underrepresented groups in tech, with events open to all and reduced prices.
  • Pricing: Single day passes cost €15, and meeting room rentals are €20/hour or €150/day. All prices can be seen on
co-up’s space in action (View large version158)

6. Mitosis159 Link

  • Location: Neukolln
  • Description: Mitosis is a friendly coworking space run by a nonprofit collective. You’ll find a diverse range of workers here, from programmers to artists, and there’s also the office dog Arturo, if you prefer canine company. The space also runs art exhibits every two months, and there’s a meeting room, free coffee and printing, too.
  • Pricing: A floating desk is €120/month.
The Mitosis space (View large version161)

7. Office Club Berlin Prenzlauer Berg162 Link

  • Location: Prenzlauer Berg
  • Description: Housed in the stylish Prenzlauer Berg locale, this space has more than 100 fixed and flexible desks, office rooms for up to four people, conference rooms for up to 16 people, a bistro and telephone boxes for undisrupted conversations.
  • Pricing: Coworking membership starts from €29/month for two-day access, €69/month for four-day access, €99/month for six days and €199/month for a full month’s access. Fixed desks are available for €299 or €399/month in a private office, and conference rooms can be booked for €5 or €10 per person per hour.
The coworking space at Office Club Berlin Prenzlauer Berg (View large version164)

8. St. Oberholz165 Link

  • Locations: Rosenthaler Platz and Zehdenicker Straße, with apartments and a cafe also available in the Mitte area
  • Description: The St. Oberholz name is often associated with the well-known café at Rosenthaler Platz, which is famous for its large number of MacBooks. It is an established creative hub in central Berlin, with an international reputation as the coworking spaces where startup companies such as SoundCloud and HelloFresh took their first steps. The second St. Oberholz was opened at Zehdenicker Straße 1 at the end of 2015, which is especially popular among coworkers because of its modern design and the new Espresso Lab. St. Oberholz also owns a cafe on Helmholtz Platz, where you can grab a coffee, use the superfast Wi-Fi and stay at one of the space’s beautiful apartments, which are based in an idyllic little courtyard out the back.
  • Pricing: A virtual office is €79/month, a “night owl” tariff is €99/month, and a regular coworking membership is €189/month.
St. Oberholz (View large version167)

9. Spott Box168 Link

  • Location: Wedding
  • Description: This coworking boutique has a homely vibe and houses a photo studio, exhibition rooms, a conference room and a kitchen. Aimed at the creative coworker, it’s for those who want to work, collaborate and “do it all.”
  • Pricing: You can rent a desk for €170/month. Or hire the photo studio for €35 for the first two hours and €15 for every hour after that, or for €170/month.
The inviting Spott Box space (View large version170)

10. the workspace171 Link

  • Location: Mitte/Kreuzberg
  • Description: Housed in a beautifully repurposed 19th-century building, the workspace has 58 desks across 13 offices, conference and meeting facilities, as well as mail handling, scanning and printing services. The owners are also collaborating with ArtBerlin172 to showcase the work of local artists in the workspace, and they have a “Contemporary Food Lab” canteen with a range of gastronomic delights.
  • Pricing: A day pass is €10, part-time rates are €45/month for five days or €80/month for 12, and a full-time pass is €150/month for a flexible desk or €250/month for a fixed desk, with extra services available at an additional monthly cost.
The workspace’s art in action (View large version174)

6. London, UK

With more than 100 spaces and 2,000 desks, London is a coworking hotbed, according to figures from Coworking London175. Whether you’re looking for a simple space or an accelerator or incubator program, the UK’s capital has it all. Prices can get a little high as competition increases and larger outfits embrace coworking, but you’ll never struggle to find a spot.

1. Central Working176 Link

  • Locations: There are six sites in central London (Bloomsbury, City, Whitechapel, Shoreditch, Farringdon and Paddington), one in Manchester (Deansgate) and one launching in Cambridge in 2017 (which will be the UK’s largest innovation centre, delivered in partnership with Trinity College, Cambridge).
  • Description: Central Working provides nurturing communities for growth across its UK network of clubs, facilitating collaboration between members, providing advice and making introductions to valuable external contacts. Central Working is so confident in its service that it offers a unique guarantee: If its staff does not provide you with a valuable, meaningful business connection in your first 30 days, they will refund your first month’s membership fee.
  • Pricing: Memberships starts at £99/month.
Central Working’s Bloomsbury site (View large version178)

2. Google Campus179 Link

  • Location: Shoreditch (Google’s other campus spots are housed in Madrid, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Warsaw and Tel Aviv)
  • Description: Google’s space for entrepreneurs, this location features a cafe, coworking floors, a main event rental space and a device lab, where developers can see their work tested on a range of devices and platforms. The accelerator space hosts several startups, bringing entrepreneurs together to collaborate and build their businesses in one shared location.
  • Pricing: Coworking is run by Google’s partner TechHub180, which charges £275 per month per desk. A flexible membership is £375/year for occasional desk use.
Google Campus’ Device Lab (View large version182)

3. Huckletree183 Link

  • Locations: Shoreditch and Clerkenwell
  • Description: Promising to “make your workspace your muse,” Huckletree’s vibrant spaces offer creatives an area to freelance, start up and collaborate. With endless tea, coffee and water, Huckletree’s spaces are filled with hot desks, breakout areas, event and learning zones, pitch rooms and dedicated office spaces. Regular events, meetups and workshops are held to build a strong community spirit.
  • Pricing: For hotdesking, pay-as-you-go rates are £35/day, a flexible plan is £200/month, and an unlimited plan is £350/month. A dedicated desk costs £450/month, a private office costs £600/month, and tailored plans are also available. Prices listed do not include VAT.
Huckletree’s Shoreditch space (View large version185)

4. One Alfred Place186 Link

  • Location: West End
  • Description: A private members club located in London’s West End, One Alfred Place offers 10,000 square feet of coworking space flooded with natural daylight. Promising “a better way to do business,” the space features individual workstations, four private boardrooms, three meeting rooms, showers and lockers, bespoke furnishing, original contemporary art, workstations and boardrooms, a first-class restaurant and bar, and free smoothies to members. It’s a stunning space, co-owned by Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason.
  • Pricing: An individual six-month membership is £850 (+VAT) for 60 days usage, and a one-year membership is £1,400 (+VAT) for 120 days usage. Corporate memberships are available for £6,500 (+VAT) for a minimum of five employees for 120 days usage, and subsequent members can be added for £1,000 (+VAT) each.
One Alfred Place (View large version188)

5. Rainmaking Loft189 Link

  • Location: St Katharine Dock, with two more spaces in Berlin and Copenhagen
  • Description: The Rainmaking Loft in London is dedicated to supporting startups with a highly collaborative and inspiring environment, at a significantly subsidized price. With six meeting rooms, a 150-seat event area, a ping-pong table and breakout areas, the space also offers Amazon Web Services credits and access to the other European offices.
  • Pricing: £349 + VAT per month
The Rainmaking Loft in London (View large version191)

6. Rockstar Hubs192 Link

  • Locations: The Shard, Medius House (West London) and Aldgate Tower (East London), plus access to thousands of spaces worldwide
  • Description: Rockstar Hubs International is an entrepreneurial hub, offering a huge range of mentoring, consulting, sales and marketing, and other business services. Members are encouraged to run their business within the Hub. In return, the Hub provides entrepreneurs with in-house mentors whom they can approach on a daily basis, as well as regular networking and workshop events. You also get access to a range of international spaces, from the likes of Regus and WeWork.
  • Pricing: Packages start from £200 per month.
The Rockstar Hubs International logo (View large version194)

7. Spacehop195 Link

  • Locations: Multiple spots across London and the rest of the UK
  • Description: Instead of working from home, how about working from someone else’s home? Effectively the Airbnb of the coworking world, Spacehop enables homeowners to rent out their home while they are away at work to someone in need of a coworking space. Highly flexible and offering some truly unique locations, Spacehop started in London and has since branched out to the rest of the UK. It’s suitable for those who want to work solo, cowork or start up.
  • Pricing: Prices vary depending on the location used, but most start from just £10/day.
One of Spacehop’s more unusual spots: an office on a barge (View large version197)

8. The Clubhouse198 Link

  • Location: Grosvenor Hill and Grafton Street, Mayfair
  • Description: Looking for something a little upmarket? The Clubhouse has two high-end offices on Grosvenor Hill and Grafton Street, offering hot desks, flexible meeting areas, private meeting rooms and lounge services. Designed to meet the requirements of growing businesses of all shapes and sizes, The Clubhouse provides a professional and luxurious space with complimentary Wi-Fi, refreshments and a dedicated team on hand to attend to your every need. Regular events and talks promote collaboration, and an online platform allows members to exchange ideas and collaborate remotely. The Grafton Street location is due to move to 8 St. James’s Square at the end of May; the space will be twice as big as the current one, with larger meeting rooms and an interactive innovation hub.
  • Pricing: Memberships start at £950/year and go up to £3,850/year, depending on how regularly you use The Clubhouse. Corporate memberships are also available for four members, costing between £5,950 and £8,250, and there is a day rate of £65. All prices listed exclude VAT.
Welcome to the Clubhouse (View large version200)

9. The Trampery201 Link

  • Locations: Old Street, Bevenden Street, Tower Bridge and Hackney Wick
  • Description: Aimed squarely at the creative sector, the Trampery blends the diverse architectures of its four sites with funky interiors, featuring contemporary and vintage items, dotted with artworks and plants. The resulting spaces feel like a home, not a factory. Each building houses a community of technology and creative enterprises, including software, design, travel, retail, the arts, fashion, media, research, consulting, policy, social enterprise, publishing and a dozen more fields. These spaces are eager to house businesses that want to take part in a thriving community. Member-driven events, hangouts, lessons and activities are held across the sites to drive collaboration, including a monthly cash-bar cocktail club.
  • Pricing: Full-time membership costs between £180 and £450/month (+VAT) depending on the location, and drop-in memberships are available at certain locations on request202.
The Trampery’s Old Street site (View large version204)

10. Warner Yard205 Link

  • Location: Clerkenwell
  • Description: A coworking space aimed at tech entrepreneurs and investors, Warner Yard houses two dozen startups in its three-storey space in the heart of London. With free tea, coffee, fruit and snacks, six meeting rooms and free beer after 6:30 pm on Fridays, Warner Yard gives every member access to a community of tech startups, angels and venture capital funds.
  • Pricing: £350/month (+VAT).
Warner Yard’s space in Central London (View large version207)

7. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm’s coworking scene is rapidly expanding, with eight new spaces opening their doors in the last year. A specialist hardware space called THINGS is the newest example, opening at the end of March, and other spaces offer a great mix of relaxed atmospheres and innovative startup hubs.

1. Cafe&Co208 Link

  • Location: Södermalm
  • Description: Combining the creative and relaxing atmosphere of a café, ergonomic seating for working and an environment that encourages networking, Cafe&Co is “the creative hub of Stockholm.” With a great cafe, office space and conference rooms, it’s a great creative spot for freelancers, entrepreneurs and the self-employed.
  • Pricing: Prices start from €10 for half a day to €400/month for your own fixed desk, with a range of options in between.
The Cafe&Co coworking environment (View large version210)

2. Coffice211 Link

  • Location: Södermalm
  • Description: In this fun and creative meeting place, you can sit down with a good cup of coffee to work or use one of the two meeting rooms and library, which you can rent per hour, half day or full day. The extensively stocked coffee shop forms the heart of this space; members are able to get a discounted brew, first dibs on work spots in the lounge area and access to the kitchen and a range of events.
  • Pricing: Membership is 1700kr/month (excluding tax), and you must sign for a minimum of three months.
Welcome to Coffice (View large version213)

3. Epicenter214 Link

  • Location: Two buildings in the heart of Stockholm
  • Description: Epicenter is a “house of innovation,” creating the soil for the fastest-growing digital ventures, corporate ventures and entrepreneurs and home to international superstars. There is an excellent café, comfortable lounges, state-of-the-art conference facilities and a range of working environments. Flexible coworking workspaces are available in an open landscape, alongside open offices, studios and private offices. There are also innovation labs, corporate innovation exchanges, tailor-made activity programs, opportunity-scouting, match-making, corporate venture development and an area to facilitate entrepreneurial projects. From the spring of 2016, Epicenter will also be cohosting a series of events with speakers from Singularity University’s faculty and alumni.
  • Pricing: Memberships from SEK 2,500/month

An Epicenter coworker (View large version)

4. Hour Office215 Link

  • Location: Södermalm, Sofo
  • Description: Located in a lovely bright room with high ceilings, Hour Office charges only for what you use, or you can sign up to become a member. Featuring superfast Wi-Fi, unlimited speciality coffee, tea, snacks and office supplies, you can also rent out “the gallery” to create your own popup shop. There’s also a cozy rental meeting room, with space for six people and windows facing the backyard.
  • Pricing: Non-member rates (including taxes) are SEK 2/minute, SEK 100/hour, SEK 250/half day, SEK 350/day and SEK 600 for a discount card for 10 hours. Membership is SEK 990/month for 50% off the hourly rate, or SEK 1,990/month for unlimited office space. The gallery can be rented for SEK 1,000/week.
The Hour Office space (View large version217)

5. Knackeriet218 Link

  • Locations: The Old Town, with another space due to open in May 2016
  • Description: Situated in “The House of the Large Church,” Knackeriet has its own coworking floor in a building dating back to the Middle Ages. With seven rooms, a ping-pong table and a cozy kitchen, the space is like a second home, with views of the Royal Castle, the Parliament, and the Large Church. This space is open 24/7 and has a range of members from the web and design world, among other fields. Members get their own keys and so can use the space whenever they need to.
  • Pricing: In the range of SEK 2,900 to 3,900/month.
Inside the Knackeriet space (View large version220)

6. Kolonien221 Link

  • Location: Telefonplan (Hägersten)
  • Description: Here is a coworking space and office hotel in Stockholm for freelancers and companies with a range of flexible solutions. Rooms can be rented, and a desk (either a hotdesk or a permanent desk) is available in an office shared with 80 other companies over 3000 square metres. There are plenty of opportunities for networking with members, including designers, developers, photographers and marketers.
  • Pricing: A flexible hotdesk in a shared room (20 hours per week) is SEK 1,495/month, and a fixed freelance desk in a shared room starts from SEK 2,495/month. Private rooms are also available, starting at around SEK 4,995/month.
The Kolonien space, Stockholm (View large version223)

7. Sup46224 Link

  • Location: Central, near Mood
  • Description: Aimed at Sweden’s next startup stars, Sup46 offers a member-based community to 50 handpicked startups, and competition for space is fierce. Covering 2,000 square metres, Startup Membership includes round-the-clock access to “fix” or “flex” seats, and non-members are welcome to visit the “open hangout” space to have a cup of coffee, network and play some ping pong. There are also around 250 events225 per year, from inspirational talks to hackathons, courses, mingles, matchmaking and competitions.
  • Pricing: Pricing is available upon application226. More than 20 applications are received per month, and roughly 10% are accepted.
Sup46 in action (View large version228)

8. The Castle229 Link

  • Location: Slottsbacken 8
  • Description: The Castle is one of Stockholm’s biggest coworking spaces. It is located in the old town, next to the royal palace with 1,500 square metres divided into five floors and approximately 200 members working on different projects and companies. It’s got high-speed Internet and great coffee. But what’s even more important is its “soft” values: The philosophy behind The Castle is that everyone should feel welcome and be a part of the community. “All in all, we truly believe that feeling secure at work leads to performing better.”
  • Pricing: A flexible desk for two days per week is SEK 2200/month. A flexible desk 24/7 is SEK 3400/month. A fixed desk 24/7 is SEK 5200/month. All prices are subject to 25% VAT.

The Castle coworking (View large version)

9. The Park230 Link

  • Locations: Sveavägen 98 and Hälsingegatan 49
  • Description: The Park is a personal and creative coworking space with offices, event spaces and conference rooms in two attractive locations in Stockholm, accommodating 300 coworkers. Facilities include concierge service, a free buffet breakfast every Friday, an end-of-summer party and the usual coworking facilities, such as private offices, dedicated desks and mobile membership. There are also conference rooms for up to 70 people and large event spaces including a terrace.
  • Pricing: N/A
The Park in Stockholm (View large version232)

10. THINGS Stockholm233 Link

  • Location: KTH Campus, downtown Stockholm
  • Description: A coworking space for hardware startups, THINGS is a new venture that focuses on tech, including wearables, the Internet of Things, medical technology, and 3D printing and scanning. Featuring a range of first-class facilities for developing prototypes and testing wares, the space is independent of investors and manufacturers and runs partnerships with a number of Swedish exporting companies.
  • Pricing: SEK 2,000 to 3,000 per seat
THINGS Stockholm is one of Stockholm’s newest coworking spaces. (View large version235)

8. Singapore Island, Singapore

Land is a sparse commodity on Singapore Island, so finding a roomy working space can be difficult. Since Singapore’s first coworking space Hackerspace opened in 2009, many other spaces have sprung up, providing workers with some stunning environments.

1. Collective Works236 Link

  • Locations: Cecil Street, Capital Tower and a third bespoke space in the pipeline
  • Description: For entrepreneurs and small branches of international businesses, Collective Works is a beautiful spot tailored to boost creativity, with its flexible floor plans and vibrant lounges. It enables concentration with quiet spots and encourages collaboration with casual “huddle areas” and formal meeting rooms.
  • Pricing: Prices range from $240 to $750/month, depending on usage and facilities.
A Collective Works space (View large version238)

2. Hackerspace239 Link

  • Location: King George’s Building, just off Lavender Street
  • Description: There are hundreds of hacker spaces around the world, and Singapore’s version brings together communities of tech, science, digital arts and electronic arts. Offering the option to cowork during the day, Hackerspace also holds regular events, meetups, presentations, workshops and movie nights for the local community. The space is popular with tech startups and has a range of facilities, including three 3D printers and a bank of development boards to boost collaboration.
  • Pricing: Regular members pay $128/month, hotdesks are $256/month, and resident desks are $512/month. Add-ons such a rented locker spaces and an office address are also available for a small additional monthly fee.
One of Singapore Hackerspace’s events in action (View large version241)

3. Hired Turf242 Link

  • Location: Lavender
  • Description: A relaxed coworking space for creatives, Hired Turf is housed in a two-storey open-concept office, with 20 seats and a medium-sized meeting room. It also features a fully stocked kitchen with an honesty jar, each item being just $1, a barbecue on its expansive terrace and a range of business services for budding entrepreneurs.
  • Pricing: Prices are $25 for a day pass, $100 for 25 hours per month, $350/month for a work desk and $499 for a personal desk.
Hired Turf’s impressive terrace (View large version244)

4. Impact Hub245 Link

  • Location: Prinsep Street, Rochor, plus over 75 international locations
  • Description: Home to a thriving community of entrepreneurs, creatives and techies, the Impact Hub contains up to 160 coworking and permanent desks, eight team rooms, six hi-spec meeting rooms, three soundproof Skype booths and flexible event spaces that can hold up to 200 people. An in-house café, a communal pantry, hot showers and a nap room, as well as an internal online portal to connect members are all available in this edgy, colourful yet homely space aimed at the startup space. A second space is due to open in June, taking over 10,000 square feet of beautiful heritage shophouse real estate located in the heart of Singapore: Cuppage Terrace. The new space is designed by the same award-winning team behind Facebook and Twitter’s offices.
  • Pricing: Memberships start from $345/month for 80 hours of coworking space, going up to $770/month for a permanent desk. There is also a starter plan for just $85/month, and private offices can be rented.
Singapore’s Impact Hub (View large version247)

5. Makespace248 Link

  • Location: King George’s Building, just off Lavender Street
  • Description: Makespace provides an open, collaboration-driven environment for individuals and businesses. Situated in an old neighbourhood of small-scale manufacturing and fabrication trades, Makespace is a singular space, subdivided into six zones to accommodate different personalities, disciplines, and working styles. These work environments include back-to-back worktops for close communication within small groups, a break area, a main meeting and event space, a serious work zone, a calm discussion environment and a wet zone with bike racks, lockers, showers and other practical necessities. The space draws inspiration from its neighbourhood with an apt mix of textures, materials and work zones to shape its unique identity and aesthetic.
  • Pricing: Daily rates start from $20 and monthly rates from $220. Drop-in rates for non-members are $30/day.
Makespace, Singapore (Image: Jeremy San) (View large version250)

6. Workhouse251 Link

  • Location: Little India
  • Description: The Workhouse coworking space has been carefully designed with creative startups and small businesses in mind. Housed in beautiful steel structures, the space has shared office spaces and rentable facilities for events, meetings and conferences. With an online collaboration forum, weekly socials and an outdoor terrace, Workhouse is a social space aimed at creative minds.
  • Pricing: Membership costs between $300 and $450/month or $40/day.
The outdoor terrace at Workhouse, Singapore (View large version253)

7. Springboard254 Link

  • Location: Central Business District (CBD)
  • Description: This contemporary office and coworking space has a range of services for independent workers and startups. Located in the heart of the business district, Springboard provides “a one-stop service to set up your business in Singapore.” SpringBoard is the ideal environment for startups to grow their business, network and exchange ideas with other small companies.
  • Pricing: Hotdesks start from $250/month, a coworking desk space from $500/month and a private office rental from $2,750/month. You can hire the roof terrace for events on request.
The Springboard roof terrace in action (View large version256)

8. The Co.257 Link

  • Location: High Street, with another two spaces in Kuala Lumpur
  • Description: The Co. is located in some of the region’s most creative neighbourhoods and makes the perfect spot for work and play. Offering ecosystems of flexible desks, private suites, meeting spaces and event venues, this space is home to a diverse mix of professionals, from freelancers and entrepreneurs to high-growth companies. It also hosts regular talks, workshops and networking events tailored to its community. Another space is due to open in Duxton Hill, Singapore, shortly.
  • Pricing: Prices are $600/month for a flexible desk, $700/month for a private suite and $800 for a designated workstation booth.
The Co. in Singapore (View large version259)

9. The Working Capitol260 Link

  • Location: The Working Capitol
  • Description: Aimed at the creative and technical fields, this coworking space offers works a range of “micro-environments,” including meeting and conference rooms, private phone booths, a beer garden, a cafe, a well-stocked pantry, showers, professional services and a network of skilled mentors and inspired entrepreneurs. Choose from furnished private offices, permanent desks with built-in lockable storage, and flexible seating options.
  • Pricing: Workspaces start from $2,300/month, work desks from $872.05/month and work spots from $449.40/month during peak times, or $149.80 for a virtual office.
The Working Capitol, Singapore (View large version262)

10. Woolf Works263 Link

  • Location: Boat Quay/Clarke Quay
  • Description: Woolf Works is a shared workspace for women freelancers, business owners, writers, remote workers, flexi-workers, consultants and entrepreneurs. A strong and vibrant community of women has grown here, giving members the chance to “balance a growing business with a growing family.” Woolf Works was named after Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own — a nod to the fact that women often need a separate space to produce art. The space features regular business and social events, with complimentary coffee and tea and printing facilities.
  • Pricing: A community package is available for $500/year or $50/month. Monthly rates start at $200, going up to $600. The six-month “back to work” package is priced at $2,600.
Woolfworks Coworking Singapore264
The main space at Woolf Works can seat up to 50 people theatre-style or 24 at tables. (View large version265)

9. Bangalore, India

Bangalore’s startup scene is growing steadily, and the city has opened a range of coworking spaces to meet demand for its social entrepreneurs. The small neighbourhood of Kormangala houses several startup offices, coworking spots and coffee shops, with other spaces dotted around the city.

1. 91 Springboard266 Link

  • Location: Koramangala, with another five hubs in other Indian cities
  • Description: Located in the heart of Bangalore in Koramangala, this coworking hub is spread over an area of 27,000 square feet, with seating capacity for around 300 members. Members get access to a plug-and-play office space, a café, a gaming and chill zone, knowledge and networking events and a host of discounted service offerings from the space’s value partners. This hub also has a special scholarship program for tech startups supported by the state government, providing subsidized membership upon selection.
  • Pricing: Aside from the scholarship members, a subsidized student membership is Rs.2,999/month. The part-time membership is Rs.4,999/month, open workstations are Rs.7,499/month, and private cabins are Rs.8,499/month. Meeting rooms are available for rent, and a day pass is Rs.499, with virtual office spaces at Rs.2,199 and a “Batman” rate for those that want to occasionally swoop in and use the space during evenings or weekends and have a virtual locale.
The Koramangala coworking space (View large version268)

2. Bangalore Alpha Lab269 Link

  • Location: JP Nagar
  • Description: Alpha Lab offers virtual membership for those who need a mailbox service and a couple of hours of meeting time. For those who want a traditional coworking space, the offices are brightly decorated and offer a host of features for the startup space, including tech meetups.
  • Pricing: Full membership (a full month access) costs Rs.4000/month, a virtual membership (mailbox facility) is Rs.1000/month, a guest membership (five days access) is also Rs.1000/month, and a daily membership charge is Rs.250/day.
The Bangalore Alpha Lab in action (View large version271)

3. BHIVE272 Link

  • Locations: Four spaces in Indiranagar, Koramangala and HSR Layout
  • Description: BHIVE offers coworking spaces, fully furnished office space and on-demand meeting rooms, with high-speed Internet and unlimited tea and coffee. With great community-focused spaces with regular speaker events, membership includes access to cross-industry mentors.
  • Pricing: Location-based pricing comes in at around Rs.350/day, Rs.2,000/week and Rs.5,000 to 7,000/month for hot desks and Rs.6,000 to 8,000/month for dedicated desks. Student and weekend discounts are also offered.
A BHIVE space in Indiranagar (View large version274)

4. CoWork Cafe275 Link

  • Location: Kaikondrahalli
  • Description: Quirky and fun workspaces that feel like a home away from home, the CoWork Cafe is open 24/7 and offers a range of services, including laptop rental and superfast 100 Mbps Internet.
  • Pricing: Rs.300/day or Rs.4,000/month
The CoWork Cafe workstations (View large version277)

5. CoWorkIndia278 Link

  • Location: Three facilities at two locations in the HSR Layout, with 24/7 access
  • Description: A great option for freelancers, budding startups and offshore offices, CoWorkIndia currently has more than 70 businesses on its books. Whether you are one person with an idea or part of a team, CoWorkIndia offers shared desks, exclusive rooms, furniture, electricity, power backup, UPS, broadband Internet, leased lines, housekeeping and security. All premises have a cafeteria and kitchen.
  • Pricing: Charges depend on the facility and location. A non-AC plug-and-play space starts at Rs. 3500/month.
A CoWorkIndia space (View large version280)

6. Hustle CoWork281 Link

  • Location: HSR Layout, with two offices in Koramangala and Indiranagar planned
  • Description: Members have access to over 100 benefits in this shared workspace, with unlimited tea and coffee. Hustle also organizes daily events from industry experts, venture capitalists and mentors.
  • Pricing: Common desks are available for Rs. 250/day or Rs. 5,000/month. Dedicated desks are also available, with prices available on request.
The Hustle CoWork shared workspace (View large version283)

7. Jaaga284 Link

  • Locations: Jaaga Startup (Richmond Road), Jaaga Study (Kodathi: outside the city) and Jaaga DNA (Malleshwaram)
  • Description: Offering three core tracks — Startup (for entrepreneurs), Study (for web and app-based courses) and DNA (for urban community initiatives) — Jaaga is an established coworking space. Startup is aimed at startups and is housed in a city center penthouse, surrounded by trees. Startup is a coworking space and peer incubator that responds to the needs of collaborative space, networking and mentorship amongst new entrepreneurs. It focuses on need-driven initiatives and curates its community accordingly, as India’s oldest existent coworking space. It has housed hundreds of startups and hosted over a thousand events since 2009. Features include high-speed Internet, networking, peer-led mentoring and targeted programming to one of the strongest entrepreneurial communities in Bangalore.
  • Pricing: The Startup track prices are Rs. 4,200/month for a silver membership with flexible seating, Rs. 5,200/month for a gold membership with dedicated seating and Rs. 6,200/month for a platinum membership (prices include taxes), with dedicated seating in a small shared office.
The Jaaga space (View large version286)

8. NUMA Bengaluru287 Link

  • Location: Ashok Nagar
  • Description: This workspace has a central location and offers flexible service, whether you want to work in a quiet corner or surrounded by fellow creatives. The NUMA brand offers coworking spaces around the world, and Bangalore’s space has a busy social scene, with Tuesday movie screenings and events covering topics from theater workshops to design master classes. NUMA also runs an acceleration program to mentor startups and a range of events for budding entrepreneurs.
  • Pricing: Day passes start from Rs. 300, monthly passes from Rs. 6,500, and you can hire a room starting from Rs. 45,000/month. Meeting rooms can also be hired on an hourly basis, and a virtual office is available for Rs. 2,000/month.
The NUMA Bengaluru workspace (View large version289)

9. Social Offline290 Link

  • Location: Central Bangalore, with Mumbai and New Delhi spaces also available
  • Description: Blending the best of an office and a cafe, Social Offline is a collaborative hub for innovators and artists to work and play. The workspace sits above the main bar, and the monthly fee is redeemable against food and drink purchases — so it’s a great deal. But Social Offline only operates on monthly fees and requires an application, so you can’t just walk in.
  • Pricing: The cost is Rs. 5,000/month (plus taxes), with a food and drink credit of Rs. 5,000 — so, the workspace could, effectively, be free.
A snapshot of Social Offline (View large version292)

10. WorkBench Projects293 Link

  • Location: Halasuru
  • Description: WorkBench Projects is branded as a “maker space”, which is basically a public area reclaimed from the government to create a workshop and coworking space. The 5,000 square-foot area is now targeted at those in product design, electronic arts, digital fabrication and green technology, and it is equipped with Wi-Fi, desk areas and specialized machines, including a 3D printer and laser cutter. Training is offered for the machinery, and there’s also an outdoor area that holds regular practical workshops.
  • Pricing: Monthly memberships start at Rs. 3,000/month, and a weekend membership is Rs. 2,000/month.
The WorkBench Projects space (View large version295)

10. Rest Of The World

The coworking scene is not restricted to these handful of cities. Hundreds of spaces are opening up around the world, as cities recognize the financial benefits of encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit. You’d struggle to walk into any city around the world and not be able to find a coworking space. Here are a few enterprising spaces.

1. BizDojo296 Link

  • Locations: Auckland297 and Wellington, New Zealand, with another in Christchurch in the pipeline
  • Description: BizDojo is a coworking and collaboration network offering specially designed workspaces for individuals and teams in the creative and high-tech industries. Residents get access to learning programmes, international speakers and the support of a curated, collaborative community of likeminded humans.
  • Pricing: Pricing depends on location, but hot desks are available for around $299/month, permanent desks for around $690/month and pods from $1,499/month.
BizDojo’s colourful space (View large version299)

2. CocoVivo300 Link

  • Location: Panama
  • Description: CocoVivo is in a remote, beautiful location and has opened its doors to independent workers and larger teams looking for a coworking stay. With comfortable accommodation for up to 20 people, Wi-Fi, two kitchens, an indoor meeting space and an outdoor meeting space right above the Caribbean Sea and its world-class reef, the resort offers a range of activities, from wakeboarding to snorkelling to team trips to Isla Zapatillas and Isla Bastimentos.
  • Pricing: Costs are $75 to 130 (USD) per night, with private transport to the island. Pick up and drop off is $70 (USD).
CocoVivo’s stunning surroundings (View large version302)

3. Cross Campus303 Link

  • Location: Cross Campus Downtown Los Angeles opens May 2016, adding to the existing communities in Santa Monica and Old Pasadena.
  • Description: This brand new 33,000 square foot campus, centrally located across the street from the 7th and Grand Metro station, features beautiful floor-to-ceiling wraparound windows and a “California modern” design that creates a bright, productive vibe. With a fully serviced bar, showers and a rejuvenation room, Cross Campus also has a packed schedule of events focusing on startups, tech and a range of other themes.
  • Pricing: Memberships start at $150/month for part-time, a full-time shared workspace is $350/month, and a reserved desk is $500/month. Office memberships are also available for two or more people.
An artist’s impression of Cross Campus (View large version305)

4. Draft306 Link

  • Location: Paris, France
  • Description: Combining an arts and crafts studio and a coworking spot, Draft is a great collaboration space filled with tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters and sewing machines for budding designers and technology enthusiasts. Fellow coworkers’ creations are displayed in the space, which also has an on-site bistro, beautiful outdoor terrace and the usual office spaces for coworkers to open a laptop and work.
  • Pricing: Hot desks are available for €180/month, and a full-time membership is €600/month. Day passes are also available and are €120 for 10 days.
The Draft space (View large version308)

5. Hub Australia309 Link

  • Location: Sydney, Australia, with other HUBs in Adelaide and Melbourne and worldwide
  • Description: This versatile shared office and coworking space has private desks, studios, flexible coworking desks, meeting rooms and quiet spaces, with a focus on growing small businesses. The airy, industrial space features astroturf rugs and a ping-pong table and hosts regular, weekly social and business networking events. Membership gives you full access to Hubs in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, plus more than a dozen locations abroad, such as Singapore, San Francisco, New York and Shanghai.
  • Pricing: A range of options are available, including eight days hotdesking for $300/month, 24/7 access to a dedicated desk for $650/month, or dedicated spaces and private offices for your teams.
Inside Sydney’s HUB (View large version311)

6. JoziHub312 Link

  • Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Description: JoziHub is a great environment and community for early-stage technology entrepreneurs and small businesses. With an ongoing calendar of workshops, talks and learning sessions relevant to technology entrepreneurs and young businesses, the space also provides members with access to a network of innovators.
  • Pricing: Rates start from R800/month or R100/day per person.
Welcome to JoziHub (View large version314)

7. Makers of Barcelona (MOB)315 Link

  • Location: Two spots in Barcelona, Spain
  • Description: MOB is a collaborative, creative community housed in 1,000 square feet of airy, light space. MOB collaborates with an in-house community -managed maker space, MADE, with fully equipped and innovative tools, such as 3D printers, arduinos and other high-tech devices. Hosting more than 120 makers, the MOB team places a huge emphasis on building and activating this community through daily internal activities, such as its monthly “Surprise Sandwich Day” and the Afterwork club. Aside from the coworking and maker space facilities, MOB also has classrooms, meeting rooms and an events venue.
  • Pricing: A full day pass is €130/month, and half-day morning and evening passes are €80 and €60/month, respectively. 24/7 access to a dedicated desk is available from €230/month.
Makers of Barcelona in action (View large version317)

8. Reaktor318 Link

  • Location: Warsaw, Poland
  • Description: This old-fashioned villa in Warsaw is where startups and freelance developers come to work, collaborate and network. The large open space offers a ping-pong table and an amazing garden, suitable to work in during the summer months, alongside the usual desks and office spaces. Reaktor is famous for organizing events such as OpenReaktor monthly meetups and Reaktor open office hour sessions with mentors.
  • Pricing: There is a flat membership fee of 600/month PLN + VAT, which is negotiable to startups, and the daily fee is 40 PLN.
Outside Reaktor’s space (View large version320)

9. The Thinking Hut321 Link

  • Location: East Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Description: The Thinking Hut’s premises were once filled with horses but now house a range of coworking humans, making up a creative network of entrepreneurs, freelancers, writers, designers and developers, to name a few. The Thinking Lounge regularly serves up tasty treats for members in its light and airy space, with meeting rooms and a range of working environments available.
  • Pricing: A day pass is €20, and unlimited use is €230/month. Other tariffs are €165/month for three days a week or €75/month for one day a week.
The Thinking Hut’s spacious interior (View large version323)

10. WORK Saigon324 Link

  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Description: This coworking space, creativity school and cafeteria is based in Saigon. The quiet environment is run by a bilingual staff and features fiber-optic Internet, designer chairs, tables and sofas, a projector and screen, a swimming pool, a garden, a charming coffee bar and a kitchen. A diverse community of workers use this space, which runs occasional barbecues and maintains a contact wall for people looking to make a connection. The creativity school also runs a jam-packed calendar of evening and weekend classes on topics from copywriting to VJ-ing.
  • Pricing: Private offices start at VND 8,000,000/month. For drop-ins there is no membership fee; just buy a cup of coffee or some lunch.
Inside the WORK Saigon space (View large version326)

Do you know of any other coworking spaces with something special? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. 1

    Bart Goselink

    May 26, 2016 10:35 am

    Wow, great overview Gemma! How did you gathered all this information?

  2. 2

    Shivanand Mohanty

    May 26, 2016 10:53 am

    Wolf Works in Bangkok would be a great addition to your stellar list. Cheers!

  3. 3

    Hubud & Dojo Bali!

  4. 4

    Great article on coworking spaces around the world! For anybody looking for a coworking space in Beijing, China, I have written a blog post on the Top Coworking Spaces in Beijing.

  5. 5

    Ahaaa woah great list Gemma!

    +1 for Balinees’ comment “Hubud and Dojo Bali” – those are two of my faves (the Acai bowls at Dojo will change your world).

    We’ve got just under 2000 coworking spaces featured over on in over 600 countries (and growing every day!). We’re kinda like Tripadvisor for coworking spaces with a focus on member reviews.

    So if you’re looking for spaces in other cities around the world, check it out :)

  6. 6

    Pavel Ševčík

    May 26, 2016 12:35 pm

    Nice places! You should definitely czech out (pun intended) Paper Hub in Paralelní Polis, Prague. It won “CBRE Meeting Room of the Year” contest last year :)

    • 7

      Pavel, you are right, Paper Hub seems to be an amazing space: their furniture is made out of paper and you can only pay with bitcoin there! They also have a hackerspace, 3D printing lab and a speciality cofee bar. A must when visiting Prague…

  7. 8

    Katherine Delorme

    May 26, 2016 1:52 pm

    Great piece. Those are some nice looking coworking spaces. It was cool getting to check out those from other parts of the world and even the ones in New York.
    There are a few coworking spaces where I am currently, Orlando.
    The one I can name off the top on my head is Canvs, if you ever wanted to check that out, in case you expand the article or create a part two.

  8. 9

    Robyn Flach

    May 26, 2016 2:31 pm

    COCO Coworking spaces would be a great addition to this list. Three wonderful locations in Minneapolis, MN, one in St. Paul, MN and a new one opening in Chicago, MN. They also have reciprocal agreements with several other coworking spaces around the US.

  9. 10

    Never heard about Breather?

  10. 11

    Ed McCready

    May 26, 2016 3:34 pm

    Great article, well done. Another to add to your list would be The Digital Hub in Dublin Ireland. Fantastic location great networking and great facilities.



  11. 12

    Kostas Kapenekakis

    May 26, 2016 3:48 pm

    Another great addition would be “The Cube” ( in Athens, Greece.

  12. 13

    the one i’m a member of, from istanbul ;)

  13. 14

    Rootstone Creative in Leavenworth Washington is a great Co(mmunity) Workspace in our little town.

  14. 15

    Kevin Brennan

    May 26, 2016 5:56 pm

    The Commons in Calgary, Alberta is an excellent co-working space. A great variety of professionals work there. Group learning lunches. Private, shared and temporary desk options. Great owners too.

  15. 16

    Gaston Lasarte

    May 26, 2016 7:10 pm

    Well… If you are in Buenos Aires, you defenitely need to visit
    A very nice place with a lot of options to feet every need :D

  16. 17

    Aaron Matthew Kaiser

    May 27, 2016 1:31 am

    WeWork has locations in multiple cities and membership in one supposedly gives you access to any of them when you are traveling.

    • 18

      Aaron Matthew Kaiser

      May 27, 2016 1:32 am

      Ack, nevermind. You mentioned it already. Missed it in my first read.

  17. 19

    Fantastic, I don’t even know that there is such a nice place in Vietnam.

  18. 20

    Gemma, this is a fantastic compendium. Thank you! Look out for Covo, a new space opening in July in San Francisco. It has it’s own bar and coffee shop.

  19. 21

    Jen McGahan

    May 28, 2016 10:52 pm

    Wow, Gemma, nice work compiling this article! Co-working space is on my radar, and it’s really cool to see all the varieties out there. Thank you.

  20. 22

    Jakub Cígl

    May 31, 2016 1:37 pm

    I miss the most popular Coworking in South Bohemia :)

  21. 23

    Eva Janssen

    May 31, 2016 3:49 pm

    And what about Belgium? Check us out @
    We invest in a real community and we stand for: “CONNECTING THE DOTS (SKILLS)”!
    No parking issues at our place and we’re open 24/7. Come and join us!

  22. 24

    Pretty neat list Gemma.
    I’m not very aware of co-working spaces here in S.A but Jozihub does seem pretty interesting – I know that with my country being in the 3rd world and all, these types of offices will be adopted a little slower than the rest of the world…but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    With many start-ups adopting the remote-employee strategy, such as our FreeWebsiteBuilder team, I know we’ll be seeing a lot more interesting shared-office setups.

  23. 25

    Nour Akalay

    June 8, 2016 11:21 am

    There is also in the beautiful coastal city of Taghazout in Morocco (one of our best surfing spots by the way)
    It’s an English speaking space mostly but being in Morocco, French and Arabic are also in use.

  24. 26

    People are more and more moving towards freelancing and working remotely. The emergence of freelancing websites and remote clients has provided lot of online work . I also once worked remotely for dial a home doctor , a home doctor service in Australia.


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