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Best Of Halloween: All Things Spooky

      Whether or not you celebrate Halloween, there is something magical about that special spooky day, surrounded by mystery, horror, scare and trick-or-treat candies for kids and adults alike. In this post, we celebrate the creative side of Halloween with those of you who are also planning to celebrate with friends. The post features artists around the world who have been creating wonderful illustrations dedicated to Halloween.

      Whether or not you celebrate Halloween, there is something magical about that special spooky day, surrounded by mystery, horror, scare and trick-or-treat candies for kids and adults alike. The modern-day spirit of Halloween shines through in its tradition; everyone can dress up like a monster, superhero, or nearly anything else. It allows our imagination to unfold and lets us be whatever we want to be — for that one very special day (and night).

      In this post, we celebrate the creative side of Halloween with those of you who are also planning to celebrate with friends. The post features artists around the world who have been creating wonderful illustrations dedicated to Halloween. Even if you aren’t a big fan of Halloween, we can almost guarantee that you’ll decide to celebrate by the end of this post. Don’t believe us? Well, let’s see!

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      Dressing Up

      Here’s a wonderful digital illustration that was created by Hyoju Park. She used the Procreate app on her iPad Pro to bring these two sweet cats to life, along with their not-so-amused pumpkin.

      'Halloween Project' by Hyoju Park
      Illustrator: Hyoju Park

      Voodoo Dolls Series (Pt. 1)

      Some folks like to challenge themselves. Sylvian Drolet is one of them. This little voodoo doll is just one of the terrific characters that came to life while he worked on The Voodoo Doll Series. His aim was to reunite well-known characters, superheroes or famous people all into one illustration style. We only have one thing to say: Mission accomplished!

      Illustrator: Sylvain Drolet

      Halloween Kids

      This illustration was done for a kids’ magazine called “Galeb” (Seagull). The Slovenian artist, Marko Rop, focuses mostly on children’s book illustrations, and this one was his first Halloween-themed piece of art done with the help of his Wacom Intuos tablet. Brilliant work!

      'Halloween Kids' by Marko Rop
      Illustrator: Marko Rop


      What’s Halloween without sweets, right? Well, Lindsay Dale-Scott sure didn’t want the muffin and cherry to miss the party.

      'Drawlloween' by Lindsay Dale-Scott
      Illustrator: Lindsay Dale-Scott

      The Friendly Witch

      The colors and texture on this witch are spot on, wouldn’t you agree? Although we think that she looks a bit too kind for Halloween, you never know, she may already be planning which spell to use next!

      'Drawlloween' by Lindsay Dale-Scott
      Illustrator: Lindsay Dale-Scott

      Halloween Skater

      As Loreta Isac is a fan of longboards herself, she decided to combine one with a pumpkin, a shoe, and a bone in one illustration. Simple objects with beautiful simplicity and a brilliant combination of colors.

      'Halloween Skater' by Loreta Isac
      Image credit: Loreta Isac

      Let It Rain Candies

      Let’s be honest: If these seven adorable children showed up at your door on Halloween, you’d probably give them all the sweets they asked you for. An impressive use of colors in this illustration, with love for detail. This piece was created by Junissa Bianda for the 2016 Halloween Tr!ckster showcase.

      'Trick or Treat' by Junissa Bianda
      Illustrator: Junissa Bianda

      Kids Halloween Characters & Elements

      The main accent colors of this illustration are blue, violet and orange. They perfectly convey the spirit of Halloween, don’t they? Daria Danilova recently created these characters for Halloween, along with patterns and templates for greeting cards.

      'Kids Halloween Characters and Elements' by Daria Danilova
      Illustrator: Daria Danilova

      Pumpkin Patch

      Lovely use of autumn colors by Caley Hicks. A fantastic pumpkin patch illustration that is quite simple yet contains a good number of detail.

      'Pumpkins' by Caley Hicks
      Illustrator: Caley Hicks

      Creepy Pages

      Now here’s a cute idea Rawan thought of. She took an old medical book and cut out a few spooky ghosts. The result is brilliant, and the teeny tiny little spider gives a great touch to it, too!

      'Halloween' by Rawan S.
      Illustrator: Rawan S.

      Spooky Pet Ghosts

      Well, these two are definitely an eye catcher. Carlie Burton presents these spooky floating pet ghosts as a perfect example of going beyond reality and expressing the message of Halloween directly.

      'Spooky Pet Ghosts' by Carlie Burton
      Illustrator: Carlie Burton

      Happy Pumpkins

      Some lovely subtle gradients and textures in these three happy pumpkins. The floating leaves and the soft shadows perfectly capture the atmosphere of a golden autumn day.

      'Drawlloween' by Lindsay Dale-Scott
      Illustrator: Lindsay Dale-Scott

      Halloween Time!

      These adorable little characters are definitely ready for Halloween. Pamela Barbieri created them specially for a magazine for kids.

      'Halloween Time' by Pamela Barbieri
      Illustrator: Pamela Barbieri


      What a fantastic take on illustrating a mummy. Maria Keller created this little guy for one of her personal projects, and we’re sure glad she did!

      'Mummy' by Maria Keller
      Illustrator: Maria Keller

      Juan Lobito

      Here’s a mischievous (but so adorable) little boy who apparently really enjoys his wolf costume, aka Juan Lobito. Great details in the illustration showing ‘movement’ in the ears and tail.

      Juan Lobito by Iaam Adriana Amaya
      Illustrator: Iaam Adriana Amaya

      Dressing Up The Olson “O”

      Ever considered dressing up letters for Halloween? Well, Tyler Genovese did, and he did it quite well. These illustrations of the Olson “O” are all vector illustrations made in Adobe Illustrator. Spooooo-ky!

      'Dressing Up The Olson O' by Tyler Genovese
      Illustrator: Tyler Genovese

      Zombie Boy

      This guy seems to be excited about eating brains. As his creator, Zyrick Kerwin Bati, states: “Run before he catches you and eats your brains out!”

      'Zombie Boy' by Zyrick Kerwin Bati
      Illustrator: Zyrick Kerwin Bati

      Return Of The Dead

      A fantastic animated illustration of a zombie’s hand that almost gives you goosebumps just by watching it.

      'Return of the Dead' by James Millington
      Illustrator: James Millington


      Inspired by the classic “Bride of Frankenstein”, Belia Simm decided to create a minimalistic illustration of this iconic character.

      'Frankenstein' by Belia Simm
      Illustrator: Belia Simm

      Frankenstein Monster

      Another version of our well-known Franki with an interesting color palette.

      'Frankenstein' by Jen Rich
      Illustrator: Jen Rich

      Costume Kids

      Trick or treat, smell their feet! These kids are getting groovy with their creepy costumes and delightful masks. Go on, give them something to smile about.

      'Costume Kids' by Robert Blankenship
      Illustrator: Robert Blankenship

      Cats of Halloween

      Another great illustration by Caley Hicks. This time it’s a beautiful pattern of Halloween-themed kittens.

      'Cats of Halloween' by Caley Hicks
      Illustrator: Caley Hicks

      Happy Halloween

      A nice Halloween collection with spooky characters and graphic elements. This digital set can be used for greeting cards, invitations, magnets, posters, or any other objects. Get inspired!

      'Happy Halloween' by Anastasya Mutovina
      Illustrator: Anastasya Mutovina


      Here’s a lovely variety of ghost characters that could be used as stickers or as a pattern for a wallpaper or even a T-shirt. Definitely some inspiring choices of shapes and lines in this creative illustration.

      'Boo' by Corey Reifinger
      Image credit: Corey Reifinger

      Social Zombies

      Zombie /ˈzɒmbi/ (n.): A person who is or appears lifeless, apathetic, or completely unresponsive to their surroundings. This meaning of a zombie clearly explains this amusing illustration. As Chris Fernandez, the artist, states: “Dead or alive, you gotta collect dem likes!”

      'Social Zombies' by Chris Fernandez
      Illustrator: Chris Fernandez

      Spooky Halloween Wallpapers

      Our round-up of monsters, pumpkins, zombies and everything else you might want to see (or not see!) on your desktop. Wallpapers for your scary Halloween party.

      Wallpapers for Halloween
      Looking for a spooky wallpaper for Halloween? Browse here!

      Halloween Goodies (Free)

      Flat Trick Or Treat Icons

      This creative icon set is available in flat, line and color designs that are sure to enhance your designs. Free for personal use. For commercial use please contact the designer.

      Illustrator: Olga Hashim

      Halloween Icons

      Free Halloween icons (available in AI and Sketch formats) that have been designed in three different sets: flat, line and colored. Thank you, AomAm!

      Image credit: Salinee Pimpakun

      Happy Halloween Icon Set

      Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to add a few scary and fun icons to your projects. Here’s a set of 19 icons that are all available in AI, EPS, PDF, SVG and PNG formats. It was designed and created by Manuela Langella and is free to be used in private as well as commercial projects.

      Illustrator: Manuela Langella

      Cute Icons For Halloween

      With this free Halloween icon pack you get 30 cute pumpkins, zombies, candies and monster icons as Adobe Illustrator vector icons, SVG icons and PNG files in 32px, 64px, 128px, 256px and 512px. The vector source files are 100% editable.

      by Leonardo Moncaleano
      Illustrator: Leonardo Moncaleano

      40 Vector Halloween Icons

      40 Halloween-themed vector icons which you can use for your next design. Included are AI, PSD (smart objects), EPS and PNG (2000×2000px) files. Perfect for fashion patches, pins, stickers, badges, temporary tattoos, and almost anything else.

      '40 Vector Halloween Icons' by Kavoon Me
      Illustrator: Kavoon Me

      Cartoon-Inspired Halloween Icon Set

      This special Halloween icon set was inspired by classic cartoons. The icons come as transparent PNGs in five sizes: from 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128 up to 512×512 pixels. Spice up your website or application with a spooky Halloween atmosphere.

      (View icon set)

      Did We Forget Anyone?

      There are so many more talented designers out there, and unfortunately not everyone could fit in today’s post. Please feel free to share their (or your) work with us in the comments section below.

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