77 Hand-Drawn Space Icons That’ll Take You Into Unexplored Territories (Freebie)

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A free icon set with everything related to space: rockets, space shuttles, meteors, stars, and everything else you might come across on a space mission. Available in SVG, EPS, AI, PNG.

When you were small, haven’t you ever dreamt of becoming the commander of a space mission? Of exploring outer space and seing the Earth from above? Well, you might not have made it into an actual space shuttle, but maybe you still carry this fascination for everything extraterrestrial inside of you. Great! Because today we want to take you on your very personal trip to space. Buckle up as you’ll become the captain of the command center — and maybe you’ll even make the acquaintance of an actual alien, too. Imagination has got no limits, right?

To take you into unexplored territories, Agata Kuczmińska designed a free set of 77 space icons with planets, meteors, strange creatures, technical equipment, and other things that might cross your way on a space mission. As a special goodie, the set also includes a selection of fan art icons with familiar fellows from sci-fi movies and TV.

All icons carry Agata’s characteristic hand-drawn style and come in three versions: outline, color and sticker. You can download them for free in SVG, EPS, AI, and PNG formats.

Space Icons
(Full preview)

Please note that this icon set is released under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 - Attribution 4.0 International. This means that you may modify the size, color, and shape of the icons. Attribution is required, so if you would like to use the icons, please do remember to credit the designer and to link to this article if you want to spread the word in blog posts or anywhere else. Just to be safe: Use the icons from the Fan Art section for personal projects only. If you use them in commercial projects, you’re doing it at your own risk. Reselling of the icons isn’t allowed.

A Closer Look At Some Of The Icons

Space Icons close-up
Rockets, space shuttles, satellites — the set includes everything a space lover’s heart could possibly wish for. And more. (Full preview)
Space Icons close-up
The Fan Art section features familiar creatures like Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, and Chewbacca, for example. Just to be safe: You better use these only in private projects. (Full preview)

Full Preview Of The Icon Set

Space Icons
(Larger view)

Insights From The Designer

"I’ve been making hand-drawn icons for a while now, and I always wanted to make a Space set, partially because I’m a huge sci fi fan but also because I could let my imagination run free and invent things that are not real, or are they... tum tum tuuum. ;) Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy the icons and make awesome stuff with them. And if you love the icons make sure to visit my site for more good stuff!"

Download The Icon Set For Free

A big thank you to Agata for designing this wonderful icon set — we sincerely appreciate your time and efforts! Keep up the fantastic work!

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