Now Live: Your SmashingConf Toronto Playlist

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It’s hard to capture the experience of being at a SmashingConf, however, we have made the videos from our Toronto event available so that everyone can learn from the insights our speakers shared — many of them coding live on stage.

We have edited and prepared the video from SmashingConf Toronto, and it is all now live for you to watch and learn from. To get a feel for the event, watch our compilation. We think that it really captures the atmosphere of a SmashingConf!

Day One

The Day One Collaborative Doc created by attendees is full of takeaways from the first day of the conference. You might find some of those notes helpful as you watch the video linked below.

Speaker NameTalk Title
Brad Frost“Let’s Build A Design System” (Video)
Sarah Drasner“Let’s Write A Vue App From Scratch” (Video)
Phil Hawksworth“JAMStack: Silly Name. Serious Stuff.” (Video)
Jenny Shen“Build Bridges, Not Walls: Design For Users Across Cultures” (Video)
Chris Gannon“Make It Move! Create A Web Animation From Scratch” (Video)
Kristina Podnar“Help! I’m Your Ailing Website. The Digital Policy & Standards Rehab Hour” (Video)
Steven Hoober“Authentic Digital Design By The Numbers” (Video)

Day Two

Check out the Day Two Collaborative Doc for more resources and thoughts shared by our attendees and speakers on the second day of the conference.

Speaker NameTalk Title
Phil Nash“Diving Into Service Workers, Live” (Video)
Jules Forrest“For The Love Of The Grid” (Video)
Dan Rose“Seeing The Pages For The Components” (Video)
Diana Mounter“The Secret Lives of Color Systems” (Video)

Some of the speakers shared additional resources, or GitHub repos to go with their talks. You can find all of the relevant links here.

You can also find all of the video in the Vimeo showcase for SmashingConf Toronto 2019, and we have a lot of videos from previous events for you to explore.

If you would like to be part of the SmashingConf fun next year, we already have tickets on sale for SmashingConf San Francisco 2020. The rest of this year’s events (New York and Freiburg) are already sold out! There are a few workshop-only tickets available for New York 2019, but be quick!

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