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An Interview With Rémi Parmentier: A SmashingConf Austin Speaker

SmashingConf is coming to Austin, and in this post, we bring you an interview with one of our speakers, Rémi Parmentier, who will be presenting on HTML email and aiming to solve all of your email creation woes.

We are so excited to be bringing SmashingConf to a new city this year. We’re bringing you SmashingConf Austin and we have a fantastic line-up of speakers.

Check out this post, where we introduce our new venue of Austin and share an interview with Miriam Suzanne, and last week’s video interview with Zach Leatherman. This time we speak to Rémi Parmentier and find out what he will share with the Austin audience.

Rémi will be talking about HTML email at SmashingConf Austin. See you there?

We’ve invited Rémi back to share more of his knowledge because he was so popular at SmashingConf Freiburg last year, and in the webinar he presented to Smashing members. You can find all of that content, including a full transcript of the webinar in the post “Become An HTML Email Geek With These Videos From Rémi Parmentier”. Also, take a look at some of Rémi’s articles on the subject.

Tickets Are On Sale Now!

If you want to join in the fun, tickets are on sale. Last year, we sold out three of our conferences well before the conference date, and popular workshops also fill up fast. Just saying!

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