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With so many people — including our workshop leaders — working from home, we thought we would bring our Smashing workshops from our home offices to yours.

We had to postpone our SmashingConf in San Francisco until 10th–11th November 2020 and, like so many of you, our team will be staying firmly put at home for the next month or more. However, we know that many of you are still hoping to develop your skills, and we had workshops ready to go. We decided to find a way to bring the workshops to your home office, trying to keep as much of the live experience as possible. So, meet Smashing Online Workshops.

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Remote, live, interactive and practical. That’s Smashing Workshops.

We have two workshops to announce today, and if there is demand, we hope to be able to bring you more of the workshops you might be missing from our live events. By doing so, we hope we can help you continue to learn and interact with the speakers and each other, and also help out our workshop leaders who are losing income by being unable to run their workshops in person right now.

Upcoming workshops

Apr 2–17, Thu & Fri, 9–11:30 AM PDT
Smart Interface Design Patterns with Vitaly Friedman.

You’ll study 100s of hand-picked interface design examples in this one. We’ll be designing interfaces together, starting from accordions, to mega-drop-downs, sliders, feature comparisons, car configurators — all the way to timelines and onboarding. And: we’ll be reviewing and providing feedback to each other’s work. This workshop is spread over five days, 2h each day, with a huge amount to learn and take away.

Apr 14–15, Tue & Wed, 9–11:30 AM PDT
CSS Layout Masterclass with Rachel Andrew.

Over two days learn the key skills you need to learn CSS Layout and put it into practice in your work. A mix of theory and pragmatic advice in terms of how to deal with browser support.

Your Questions Answered

We know that a big reason why people come to Smashing Workshops is the chance to ask questions of the expert, and perhaps have a sticky issue they are facing at work discussed in person. It’s certainly one of the reasons I love leading workshops. Every time I teach CSS in-person, I learn more about the ways people are using CSS, and the challenges you face. So each workshop has dedicated time for chat and Q&A. We hope that you’ll bring your questions and ideas to the room, talk with us in the workshop, and learn from your peers, too.

Join Us

We hope you’ll join us as we bring our workshops online, there is some special early bird pricing for the initial registrations. We’d also love to know which other workshop topics and speakers you would like to see online. Read more about the workshops and sign up here.

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