SmashingConf Fully Online For 2020

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We’re moving all of the 2020 conferences online. We hope this means that more of you can join us for these great line-ups!

2020 has been quite the year, and it’s only July. None of us can be certain what the rest of the year looks like, in particular for travel and events where lots of folks gather together. Given the uncertainty and the success of our online workshop series and Meets events, we’re taking all of our 2020 conferences online. How will that work? Read on to find out!

All of our online conference events will take place on the Hopin platform. We roadtested this platform for our Smashing Meets, and we love the way it allows for social chat and side events alongside the main conference. It’s as close as we can get to an in-person experience.

First Up: The Rescheduled SmashingConf Live!

We will be presenting SmashingConf Live on August 20th-21st. Two half-days, with four talks each day on UX, data visualization, CSS, and JavaScript.

Meet other people in our chat or network on our event platform. Join in on our Design and Coding Tournament, or enjoy watching folks taking part.

Join one of the many sessions! Listen to one of the fireside chats on privacy, web performance, and Machine Learning (ML). Get your website reviewed by one of our speakers.

Take a look at the full schedule. If you have bought a ticket to the postponed SmashingConf Live, your ticket will still be valid. We still have tickets available: register here and we will see you at the event.

We are still scheduling new workshops and repeats of our most popular workshops. Purchase a workshop with your conference ticket and save 100USD.

Then, we have moved our in-person events online. These will be as close as possible to the in-person experience, with side-events, a mystery speaker, and all the fun you expect from a SmashingConf.

September 7th–8th: SmashingConf Freiburg Online

SmashingConf Freiburg Online 2020The Freiburg conference is moving online on the original dates: September 7th–8th. One track, two days and 13 speakers, with all of the actionable insights you expect from SmashingConf. We’ll be running the event tied to the timezone in Germany — making this a great event for Europeans. Check out the schedule, and buy tickets here.

October 13th–14th: SmashingConf Austin (and New York) Online

SmashingConf Austin Online 2020We have combined the programming for New York and Austin as these two events were so close together and similar to each other. We’ll be running this event in Central time, just as if we were all in Austin. Check out the schedule, and buy tickets here. We’d love to see you in October!

November 10th–11th: SmashingConf San Francisco Online

SmashingConf San Francisco Online 2020In PST join us for a virtual San Francisco event on November 10th–11th. The schedule and tickets are online for you to take a look. We’ll be sure to have a great celebration for our final event of 2020!

Existing Ticketholders

We have moved your in-person ticket to the 2021 edition of your chosen conference and in order that you don’t miss out this year, you are invited to the online version of the event you registered for. Two for the price of one as our thanks for your support. If that doesn’t work out for you, we do have options as explained in the email. Didn’t get the email? Drop the team a line at and we will get back to you.

Join Us!

There are tickets now on sale for all of the above events — we are really looking forward to all of them! One thing we have learned with our online workshops is that taking events online means that lots of people can attend who can’t travel to conferences even in more usual times. That’s really exciting, and we look forward to sharing some days of learning and fun with you all!

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