September In All Its Facets (2020 Wallpapers Edition)

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New month, new wallpapers! In this post, you’ll find inspiring wallpaper calendars for September 2020. Created with love by the community for the community.

September is just around the corner and, well, that means it’s time for some new wallpapers! Since more than nine years already, our monthly wallpapers series is the perfect opportunity for artists and designers from all across the globe to challenge their creative skills and dive into a little project just for fun. What tools or techniques they use — be it illustration, lettering, or photography — and what stories they want to tell with their designs is entirely up to them. This always makes for an exciting and unique collection of wallpapers each month anew. And, of course, this month is no exception.

In this post, you’ll find wallpaper designs for September 2020, created with love by the design community for the community. All of them are available in versions with and without a calendar and can be downloaded for free. A big thank-you to everyone who shared their artworks with us — we sincerely appreciate it!

Last but not least, to cater for some extra variety, we also included some favorites from past September editions at the end of this post — timeless treasures from the archives that are just too good to be forgotten. Enjoy!

  • All images can be clicked on and lead to the preview of the wallpaper,
  • We respect and carefully consider the ideas and motivation behind each and every artist’s work. This is why we give all artists the full freedom to explore their creativity and express emotions and experience through their works. This is also why the themes of the wallpapers weren’t anyhow influenced by us but rather designed from scratch by the artists themselves.

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“With the end of summer and fall coming soon, I created this terrazzo pattern wallpaper to brighten up your desktop. Enjoy this month!” — Designed by Melissa Bogemans from Belgium.

## September Vibes

“On September 1st, the first day of school in our country, schoolchildren across Serbia would write about what autumn feels like in their neighborhood. Usually, it’s the imagery of fallen leaves rustling under the feet, foggy and chilly mornings with the sun breaking between the murky clouds, a muffled sound of a chainsaw cutting firewood somewhere in the distance, the smells of fruits and vegetables being prepared for home canning. Autumn is the season of serenity, quietness, and reflection.” — Designed by PopArt Studio from Serbia.

September Vibes
## Sunset Paradise

“‘Spin me a sunset paradise; Make it glisten in the sun; Give out love and happiness; Free to each and everyone; The kindest smiles and faces; Everywhere that we look.’” — Designed by Anh Nguyet Tran from Vietnam.

Sunset Paradise
## Better Days Ahead

“A hopeful message we all need right now.” — Designed by Andrew from Portugal.

Better Days Ahead
## Changing Of The Seasons

“Enjoy the warm sunny days and sleepy autumn evenings brought about by the change of seasons.” — Designed by LibraFire from Serbia.

Changing Of The Seasons
## Never Stop Exploring

Designed by Ricardo Gimenes from Sweden.

Never Stop Exploring
## Bi, And

“September includes both National Ampersand Day and Celebrate Bisexuality Day, which seemed like a perfect match. This features a bunch of my favorite ‘&’ designs, to celebrate the happy and loving relationships that bi people can have with… anyone. Of any shape, size, gender, and orientation. They’re all valid. (Flag pairings cheatsheet, left to right: bi & proud LGBTQ, also-bisexual, lesbian, straight, asexual, intersex, nonbinary, transgender. Not even trying to be a comprehensive list.)” — Designed by Erin Ptah from the United States.

Bi, And
## Weekend Relax

“Since we are mostly staying in this summer, I’m looking forward for the weekend to enjoy drinks with friends!” — Designed by Robert from the United States.

Weekend Relax
## National Grandparents Day!

“On the 13th of September let’s celebrate National Grandparents Day! They are there to coo over us as babies, to fuss over us toddlers, guide us as kids, and offer love and advice through the teen years and beyond. So take the time this September 13th to say thank-you to your grandparents for all the love, care and fussing they provide through our lives.” — Designed by Ever Increasing Circles from United Kingdom.

National Grandparents Day!
## Create More

“Don’t ever let anyone else define you or your potential to do great things. Get out there and prove those naysayers wrong!” — Designed by Hitesh Puri from New Delhi, India.

Create More
## Oldies But Goodies

Be it the golden colors of late summer days, a favorite song, or, well, cats — below you’ll find a selection of September wallpapers from the past that are just too good to gather dust somewhere down in the archives. Please note that these designs don’t come with a calendar.

Finding Jaguar

“Nature and our planet have given us life, enabled us to enjoy the most wonderful place known to us in the universe. People have given themselves the right to master something they do not fully understand. We dedicate this September calendar to a true nature lover, Vedran Badjun from Dalmatia, Croatia, who inspires us to love our planet, live in harmony with it and appreciate all that it has to offer. Amazon, Siberia, and every tree or animal on the planet are treasures we lose every day. Let’s change that!” — Designed by PopArt Studio from Serbia.

Finding Jaguar

Flower Soul

“The earth has music for those who listen. Take a break and relax and while you drive out the stress, catch a glimpse of the beautiful nature around you. Can you hear the rhythm of the breeze blowing, the flowers singing, and the butterflies fluttering to cheer you up? We dedicate flowers which symbolize happiness and love to one and all.” — Designed by Krishnankutty from India.

Flower Soul
### Autumn Rains

“This autumn, we expect to see a lot of rainy days and blues, so we wanted to change the paradigm and wish a warm welcome to the new season. After all, if you come to think of it: rain is not so bad if you have an umbrella and a raincoat. Come autumn, we welcome you!” — Designed by PopArt Studio from Serbia.

Autumn Rains
### Maryland Pride

“As summer comes to a close, so does the end of blue crab season in Maryland. Blue crabs have been a regional delicacy since the 1700s and have become Maryland’s most valuable fishing industry, adding millions of dollars to the Maryland economy each year. With more than 455 million blue crabs swimming in the Chesapeake Bay, these tasty critters can be prepared in a variety of ways and have become a summer staple in many homes and restaurants across the state. The blue crab has contributed so much to the state’s regional culture and economy, in 1989 it was named the State Crustacean, cementing its importance in Maryland history.” — Designed by The Hannon Group from Washington DC.

Maryland Pride
### Fresh Breeze

“I’m already looking forward to the fresh breezes of autumn, summer’s too hot for me!” — Designed by Bryan Van Mechelen from Belgium.

Fresh Breeze
### Summer Collapsed Into Fall

“The lands are painted gold lit with autumn blaze. And all at once the leaves of the trees started falling, but none of them are worried. Since, everyone falls in love with fall.” — Designed by Mindster from India.

Summer Collapsed Into Fall
### Summer Ending

“As summer comes to an end, all the creatures pull back to their hiding places, searching for warmth within themselves and dreaming of neverending adventures under the tinted sky of closing dog days.” — Designed by Ana Masnikosa from Belgrade, Serbia.

Summer Ending
### Funny Cats

“Cats are beautiful animals. They’re quiet, clean, and warm. They’re funny and can become an endless source of love and entertainment. Here for the cats!” — Designed by UrbanUI from India.

Funny Cats

Do You Remember?

“My wife tells me ‘You have a song for everything!’ and this month was no exception. Earth, Wind, and Fire’s happy, danceable tune was the first thing to come to mind. For me, the catchy beat and memorable lyrics are such a contrast to the month that heralds the first day of autumn, ushering in a ‘temporary death’ yet with a certain, not-too-distant re-quickening. It’s the 22nd this year, so we took liberties with that excerpt. Ironically, co-writer Allee Willis claims no significance to the date, stating, in an interview with, ‘It just sang better.’” — Designed by Brian Frolo from Cleveland, Ohio.

Do You Remember?

Bear Time

Designed by Bojana Stojanovic from Serbia.

Bear Time

Cheerful September

“Wanted to create something colorful and happening for this month.” — Designed by Ciara from India.

Cheerful September

National Video Games Day Delight

“September 12th brings us National Video Games Day. US-based video game players love this day and celebrate with huge gaming tournaments. What was once a 2D experience in the home is now a global phenomenon with players playing against each other across statelines and national borders via the internet. National Video Games Day gives gamers the perfect chance to celebrate and socialize! So grab your controller, join online and let the games begin!” — Designed by Ever Increasing Circles from the United Kingdom.

National Video Games Day Delight

Listen Closer… The Mushrooms Are Growing…

“It’s this time of the year when children go to school and grown-ups go to collect mushrooms.” — Designed by Igor Izhik from Canada.

Listen Closer… The Mushrooms Are Growing…

Dream It

“September for many is the month when school begins so it’s important to be positive and have an optimistic spirit about the goals one has for the upcoming year.” — Designed by Teodor Dovichinski from Macedonia.

Dream it


Designed by Ricardo Gimenes from Sweden.


Record Of Strings

Designed by Cédric Bloem from Belgium.

Record Of Strings

Stay Or Leave?

Designed by Ricardo Gimenes from Sweden.

Stay Or Leave?

Put Some Green Everywhere

“I took this photo in Chaumont, France, at the garden festival. For example, plants and concrete are in good association in that corner. That’s why I think we should put more plants in the cities and everywhere.” — Designed by Philippe Brouard from France.

Put Some Green Everywhere

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