Freebie: COVID-19 Icon Set (56 Icons, AI, EPS, SVG, PNG)

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Every once in a while, we publish freebies related to different occasions and themes. We hope that with this icon set, every designer will be able to find their own use case and contribute to saving lives. Free for personal and commercial use. Get the free icon pack (backup).

In the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists are tirelessly working on vaccines and medicine against COVID-19 in laboratories. In the meantime, the entire world is waiting for good news while people worldwide are hardly waiting to unite and return to a peaceful life. For now, we can still only observe the regime of social distance, self-isolation and wearing masks.

Free icon set with icons to use in fight against COVID-19. (Jump to the icon pack)

The team wanted to contribute to the ongoing fight against COVID-19 and has designed a set of vector icons dedicated to the Coronavirus, or specifically, COVID-19. Anthony Tyschenko and Dennis Machuca took part in the design of the icons.

The goal was to save time for designers who create visual materials to inform people. The well-known stickers remind you to wear a mask and keep your distance. From information material for airports and train stations and simple pointers to help people find the next spot where they can get tested, to badges for hotels and restaurants that an object has been disinfected, and so many other use cases. Jump to the free icon pack.

A Little About The Design Progress

The complete design of icons, from the idea to the final product, took place in two stages. At the first stage, sketches were drawn on paper, and then transferred to digital format in the Paint Tool SAI 2.

The very first sketches of the icons, cleaned up and polished. (Large preview)
The first sketches of the icons, once scanned and opened in Illustrator. (Large preview)

Once the sketches of all the icons were ready, the work moved to Adobe Illustrator. And at this stage, the icons were polished and adjusted.

Adding color to the icons, step by step. (Large preview)

Flexible Customization

We tried very hard to design all icons with great attention to detail — but also with fast editing in mind. You can easily change the path, stroke width or corner radius of any icon right inside Adobe Illustrator within just a few seconds.

  • 56 icons in total
  • 4 file types (AI, EPS, SVG, PNG)
  • 3px editable stroke
  • 2 styles (v, filles outline)
  • 256×256px (PNG)
  • Smooth corners
  • Easy to edit and scale
  • Fully editable
  • Free for personal and commercial use, but please always provide an attribution.
A preview of the set. (Large preview)

Great Balance And Scalability

All of the icons are balanced among each other. You can control stroke weight and corner rounding at any scale with regular scaling (or use the Scale tool to get proportional scaling).

A preview of the set. (Large preview)
A preview of the set. (Large preview)

Download The Icon Set For Free

Editor’s Note: Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Please note that this set is available for download on and is royalty-free for use in both personal and commercial projects.

You can find more details in the license. Please also remember to provide attribution, so if you would like to spread the word in blog posts or anywhere else, please do remember to credit the designers and provide a link to this article.

A big thank you to the creative folks at — we sincerely appreciate your time and efforts. Keep up the brilliant work!

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