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After two years when almost everything moved online, 2022 marks the return of in-person conferences. In fact, SmashingConf is back: coming to San Francisco and Austin in June, Freiburg (Germany) in September, and New York in October.

At Smashing, we love the web. That’s why we publish articles and books, run workshops and events around everything web. We love seeing what we all can do to make the web more accessible and usable. We also love organizing and attending online events, with our SmashingConf Live last year, and of course, our online workshops are here to stay!

If you are feeling a “but” coming, you are quite right. We love online, but we love offline, too. Human connections are just so different with in-person events. In fact, everyone working on this little website hasn’t met in person for over 2 years now, and we are deeply missing you, our dear friends around the world, who’ve been joining SmashingConfs over the years.

SmashingConf SF 2022
Meet SmashingConfs 2022: SF, Austin, Freiburg and New York.

Of course, we would never organize an in-person conference if we felt that we couldn’t run it safely for everyone involved. Therefore all our conferences will be for vaccinated attendees only, and we will closely follow local Covid-regulations to make sure we all stay safe, whilst having fun.

So for 2022, we are coming back — with in-person SmashingConfs and workshops. And of course, you can save up to $150 off with a friendly Smashing Membership.

SmashingConf SF 2022

Online + In-Person

$ 649.00 SmashingConf In-Person + Online

June 21–22, 2022. Early bird tickets.
Only 50 tickets at this price.

Online only

$ 200.00
SmashingConf Online

With all video recordings, of course.
Save $50 off with Smashing Membership.

That’s SmashingConf SF, a friendly, inclusive 2-days-conference for designers and front-end developers. For San Francisco, we are very excited to welcome Brad Frost, Miriam Suzanne, Cassie Evans, Pablo Stanley, Sarah Drasner and Farai Madzima already — with more speakers announced soon. In the meantime, jump to all topics.

SmashingConfs in 2022

That’s not it though! For 2022, we have a few more conferences planned, including a shiny new SmashingConf in Austin, and a legendary SmashingConf at the outskirts of the Black Forest in our hometown Freiburg, Germany.

  1. SmashingConf SF 🎺
    June 20–23, 2022
  2. SmashingConf Austin 🤠
    June 27–30, 2022
  3. SmashingConf Freiburg (Germany) 🥨
    September 5–7, 2022
  4. SmashingConf New York 🎩
    October 10–13, 2022

If you’ve never been to a SmashingConf before, here’s just a quick reminder of what it’s like.

SmashingConf Barcelona, back in the day, what feels like centuries ago.
  • Front-end, accessibility, UX and design,
  • Single track, two days, with 6 sessions a day,
  • 13 knowledgeable and friendly speakers,
  • Full captioning in English,
  • Practical and hands-on sessions,
  • Friendly, open, and accessible,
  • A lot of networking and fireside chats,
  • In-person workshops on front-end and UX.
  • Jump to all SmashingConfs in 2022 →

Hands-On In-Person Workshops

Most attendees take the opportunity to add 1 or 2 workshops to their SmashingConf experience. Hosted the day before and the day after the conference, we organize quite a few full-day in-person workshops on front-end and UX.

We are still working on the final line-ups, but expect topics such as web performance, accessibility, front-end and design patterns for complex UIs. Adding one or two workshops to your conference ticket provides you with a quite healthy discount, too.

A photograph of three speakers sitting with the audience and chatting at SmashingConf Toronto
From left to right: Sarah Drasner, Brad Frost and Phil Hawksworth at SmashingConf Toronto.

Can’t Make It In-Person?

Of course, we understand that not everybody is able — or willing — to join us in person. However, you can watch the SmashingConf online, with access to all live sessions during the event, and video recordings after the event, including full captioning.

And of course, we still would love to invite you to our online workshops as well.

We Hope To Meet You Soon!

Thank you so much for your patience throughout all this time, and we can’t wait to meet old and new friends, in the venues around the world this year around. SmashingConf 2022, here we come!

Stay smashing, everyone!

SmashingConf SF 2022
Smashing Editorial (vf, il)