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What’s the state of HTML Email, Vue.js and Next.js? Would you like to level up with modern CSS? What are new, smart interface design patterns we could use? Let’s figure it all out together with our brand new online workshops alongside our free community meetups.

You might know it already, but perhaps not yet: we regularly run friendly online workshops around front-end and design. We have a couple of workshops coming up soon, and we thought that, you know, you might want to join in as well. All workshops sessions are broken down into 2.5h-segments across days, so you always have time to ask questions, share your screen and get immediate feedback.

A friendly Smashing Cat as Captain, sailing in the ocean.
Meet Smashing Online Workshops: live, interactive sessions on frontend & UX.

Live discussions and interactive exercises are at the very heart of every workshop, with group work, homework, reviews and live interaction with people around the world. Plus, you get all video recordings of all sessions, so you can re-watch at any time, in your comfy chair at your workspace.

Upcoming Live Workshops (Nov 2022 – April 2023)

What Are Workshops Like?

Do you experience Zoom fatigue as well? After all, who really wants to spend more time in front of their screen? That’s exactly why we’ve designed the online workshop experience from scratch, accounting for the time needed to take in all the content, understand it and have enough time to ask just the right questions.

Our online workshops take place live and span multiple days across weeks. They are split into 2.5h-sessions, and in every session there is always enough time to bring up your questions or just get a cup of tea. We don’t rush through the content, but instead try to create a welcoming, friendly and inclusive environment for everyone to have time to think, discuss and get feedback.

There are plenty of things to expect from a Smashing workshop, but the most important one is focus on practical examples and techniques. The workshops aren’t talks; they are interactive, with live conversations with attendees, sometimes with challenges, homework and team work.

Of course, you get all workshop materials and video recordings as well, so if you miss a session you can re-watch it the same day.


  • Workshops span multiple days, split in 2.5h-sessions.
  • Enough time for live Q&A every day.
  • Dozens of practical examples and techniques.
  • You’ll get all workshop materials & recordings.
  • All workshops are focused on frontend & UX.
  • Get a workshop bundle and save $250 off the price.

Bonus: Free Online Community Events

Dive deep into discussions around accessibility and design systems with our upcoming online events — free for everyone, so please do bring your friends along!

Smashing Hour
From SVG to performance, and color preferences to pizza toppings — join Vitaly and Sara in their lively and thought-provoking conversations.
Smashing Meets
Meet Smashing Meets: Design Systems (Tue, Nov 15), our regular online gathering — this time all around design systems.

Thank You!

We do our best to ensure that our online workshops are worth your time. We’d sincerely appreciate it if you could spread the word with your wonderful colleagues and friends.

Thanks for staying smashing and take good care of each other!

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